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Alien: Covenant

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Alien: Covenant

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Alien: Covenant MUTHUR Featurette! (New Footage)

Alien: Covenant MUTHUR Featurette! (New Footage)

We're excited to unveil a new featurette for Alien: Covenant today! Focusing on the Weyland-Yutani A.I. computer system dubbed MU-TH-UR (or MUTHUR/MOTHER), this featurette gives us a look at some new footage of the Covenant ship's interior as well as some dialogue between Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and Tennessee (Danny McBride) as they interact with and converse with MUTHUR. However, as the video alludes to, it would seem MUTHUR may not always have the crew's best interests in mind... The final shot shows Daniels approaching the stow-away Xeno/Protomorph. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Alien Covenant: MUTHUR from Chris Picard on Vimeo.

Once a higher quality version is online, we'll be sure to let you know!

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23 Fan responses to Alien: Covenant MUTHUR Featurette! (New Footage)

Inquisitor Fifield

May-03-2017 1:01 PM

Daniels needs to clear her throat more often, her voice gets dry so fast hehe

Burke, Carter J.

May-03-2017 1:06 PM

Wow, intense! That Alien looked like a practical suit, sooo cool! I'm really looking forward to what they did with the Xeno and also stoked too have a brand new creature in the mythology with the Neomorph.


May-03-2017 1:13 PM

Anyone else mad at themselves for watching this?


May-03-2017 1:27 PM

They finally brought back MUTHUR. Now I'm really excited for this movie.


May-03-2017 1:49 PM

Nice little tidbit to snack on while waiting The Day. :D TY for posting it!!



May-03-2017 3:34 PM

Still think that's Ms Weaver!

Stan Winston (deceased)

May-03-2017 4:08 PM

get that in the era of Alexa and Google Home, a natural language voice conversation is en vogue. But this inadvertently makes Alien look absurd for not having MU-TH-UR help the earthlings.


May-03-2017 4:39 PM

I don't think it makes Alien look bad in any respect.

It's the difference between going into a High end BMW shop and having everything be nice versus going into a small time backwoods mechanic and having your invoice either handwritten or typed up on an ancient dot matrix printer.

I.E. Special Folks on Alien Covenant colony ship vs. Space Truckers on a beat to hell mining facility.


May-03-2017 4:43 PM

Oh Dear.... Game Over Man!!!!

Big Spoiler... if you read into it a lot...

Adds up to the extended Synopsis that was released but then disappeared...


May-03-2017 4:46 PM

Also confirms the Shot with the Cabin on the lake, with the Record Player is part of the Covenant, i cant figure any reason for how it gets to the Surface apart from..

1) Drops off the Transport Rig as Tennessee comes to the rescue but the shots seen where he approaches its not got a Module on it, but it could have fell off prior.

2) Parts of the ship end up on that Planet after the events of Alien Covenant... which then makes us wonder, do they really escape in the ship?  Do they trap the Xenomorph in a Module and Blast it to the Surface?



May-03-2017 5:06 PM

Name of the song, please!


May-03-2017 5:26 PM

Aurora - Under the Water


May-03-2017 6:27 PM

Very good QL! MUTHUR is off for some crew questions, so is happening again!


May-03-2017 7:01 PM

I get the feeling that Walter or David takes over muther somehow and is the one that will set up order 937 for the nostromo,not weyland-yutani.


May-03-2017 8:42 PM

With 7 days to go before I see the most anticipated movie in many moons, I am now on self-imposed lockdown from eyeballing any more spoilers.

Won't stop me from reading though ;)


May-04-2017 6:50 AM

Anyone else notice they dubbed over what was actually being said?

Galaxy Dave

May-04-2017 9:27 AM

Waterston's voice bothers me and too many MUTHUR questions, so annoying.  Like a whiny kid.  The music was too poppy.  And it's the first alien I ever saw that sounds like an elephant!  This just went down a couple notches for me.  Just sayin'.


May-04-2017 9:27 AM

It hit me very warmly, leaving a strange and subtle buzz . . . 

Galaxy Dave

May-04-2017 9:31 AM

Maybe Ridley should have Denis Villeneuve direct the next Alien movie.  He's great!

Galaxy Dave

May-04-2017 9:32 AM

The alien sounded like an elephant.  Interesting to see people are okay with that.

Chicken Xenomorph

May-05-2017 6:41 AM

Can someone explain why people think the alien sounds like an elephant, it only hissed and im pretty sure an elephant does not hiss


May-06-2017 4:57 AM

Something seems to be wrong with the embed, the video was unavailable to me here. I did check it out elsewhere tho, and wanted to comment.

It all looks really good to me, I'm like, stupid excited about seeing this movie. I need prometheus mysteries to be fleshed out and can't wait to get more.

I also have been reading all kinds of Internet articles claiming Sigourney Weaver is the voice of muthur, all these folks saying that it sounds like her. I never once got that impression, but it intrigued me so I did some research.

The voice is ceedited on IMDB to be that of Lorelei King. Well, some of these articles even claim that this is just misdirection, they don't want to reveal it is Sigourney. Well... to that I say "y'all crazy" just do a Google search of Lorelei King and listen to any of her voice work and you will know immediately that it is most certainly her doing the voice and not Sigourney Weaver. That is all.



May-08-2017 2:21 AM

Of course it is not Sigourney.  It never was during pre-production and wasn't in the finished film, which I saw last night.

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