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sci-fi movie but !!!

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OvomorphMember14 XPNov-23-2022 3:42 AM

Hello, 2 days ago the 21/11 I was watching a sci-fi movie at n (Nova) Cinema 2 & I was just stucked on the screen but after 15-20min the screen just frooze so I just got mad, I dont have the name of this movie but I can write about that I was looking at about the story.

He was  working with other peoples in a room full of computers and his frend had a beard and glasses, he was a young guy but smart, on day he took his camera an old huge vhs-camera into the mountans and made a self recording on him self.

There was a comet coming down near the woods and it crashed near him and he was filming it a couple of seconds, after this he hears something and that was people with guns 2 guys. He run into the woods and he saw this flying saucer spinning around and he filmed it, he turned around and there was an alien gray standing and looking at him.

He gently recordet this alien that just turned around after 10 seconds and then he just ran and woke up like nothing, he watched his huge vhs carruing around and he saw this flying saucer and this alien and he saw that he flew up.

He ran home and he was looking at his pc-screen and it just disapeared and he concantrated and the screen came back, he showed this movie to his friend that did not belive him and then everything stopped for

I have been looking around the Google and watching the pictures so I just want to watch this movie even if it is a 80s roll haha

Thanks/ Merlin

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OvomorphMember51 XPApr-22-2023 12:01 PM

Hello, Sorry this movie does not tell me anything

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