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Alright! New episode of the Xenomorphing podcast

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MemberNeomorphMar-23-2022 10:19 AM

Even though Prometheus is a mixed bag it's worthy of attention because of the new things. The Engineers were riveting and how they connect to the space-jockey. It looked more H R Giger compared to Alien Covenant. The black goo is alright as a part. It's not a directly linked alien-prequel but it's OK. There are no ties to Ellen Ripley (thanks).

David the android was well done and better in Prometheus compared to Alien Covenant.

They have a guest, it's nice to hear different views. Prometheus is like Alien Versus Predator in the way that it's interesting with new things. It's better than the AVP's and Alien Resurrection. Check it out if you want, I like it. Let's see if we can give it 100 downloads or maybe more. 1. download with a number 2. Download big green button There it is

2 Replies


MemberNeomorphMar-23-2022 10:22 AM

On android phone



It worked for me, no virus or similar


Two - download





One  - My phone

Two - Downloads


Three - Install


Four - Open


search for apps& games


Podcast downloader


Use for example podcast player - open


Search podcasts


The hive mind a xenomorphing podcast


There it is


Download button


 If you can't see some of this text then mark it and you'll see, not sure why it happens.


MemberPraetorianMar-23-2022 7:45 PM

Yeah, Prometheus was leagues better than the first AVP movie. I love the idea of AVP but the way it was handled by Paul W. S. Anderson, almost ruined the idea of AVP for me.

I'll have to start listening to this podcast when I am not busy with my AVPU fan-fiction

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