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MemberDeaconAug-04-2021 6:52 AM

With the Prequels giving us the MAIN PLOT that the Space Jockey Race are a Humanoid Species who HAPPEN to be our CREATORS.

And so this is a Plot that is Very Based on the Chariots of the Gods, where our Various Mythos/Religions all STEM from (our Interpretations) of the Interaction and Visitations by our Creators a ALIEN RACE from the STARS.

Would you have LIKED to had seem more about the Engineers and HOW they had Connected to Ancient Mankind as the Potential Source to all our Mythos and Religions?

By this it could be to SHOW them going to other WORLDS and Interacting with other Primitive Civilizations and show them Teaching them, Evolving them and maybe even Subjugating them. (seeing these Species on those Worlds having Worship the Engineers).   And so you DONT have to go back with Flashbacks to Ancient Earth... but that is a OPTION.

Or is this Aspect of the Engineers something you would NOT be Interested in Seeing Explored?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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MemberFacehuggerAug-04-2021 8:37 AM

I'd love to see that kind of thing explored further, because the Galaxy is vast and may be teeming with all manner of amazing organisms and civilisations, both old and new. I'm not talking about Jabba the Hut or Jar Jar Binks. I'm talking about proper alien stuff that requires real imagination.

Frankly, I'm getting a little bored of movies with humans in space. My ideal movie would be set two hundred million years in the past (one Galactic rotation) featuring Engineers marauding across the cosmos. They'd be "educating" and wiping out worlds with gay abandon. And we'd maybe see it spelled out in black and white that they're all about genocide and are inherently one step up from being racist. And why is this? Well, there's a question. Shaw wanted to know why they hate us so much. So would I!

I suspect they consider themselves to be "pure", and can't tolerate the impure. Perhaps for good reasons. Maybe in the dim and distant past a great evil pervaded the Galaxy and the Engineers fought tooth and nail to eradicate it, perhaps with the help of technology from an even older (and long gone) civilisation.

In this movie there wouldn't be a human in sight.

Of course, that kind of stuff would never be made by Hollywood. Far too way out. But I'd make it if I won the lottery!


MemberXenomorphAug-04-2021 6:31 PM

I like the Chariots of the Gods link.......But not sure I want to see any of it.

Maybe something like hox is proposing.  The Engineers are using these worlds to cultivate humanoids in order to feed them down the maw of a enormous godlike entity.....Earthlings are over-ripe and need to be harvested?  trillions of humanoids, scattered about multiple galaxies should produce a whopping amount of electro bio-mass! Yum!


MemberDeaconAug-05-2021 5:58 AM

I think both Replies are getting AWAY from WHY those Engineers who Visited us had led the WAY to our Various Religions and Mythos.

At some POINT in the Past they were FOND of their Creation, they had Invested a LOT of Effort and Time to get to Mankind/Humans and had Invested Time to Nurture and Teach us STUFF (they Obviously would NOT want to Teach us ALL of their Knowledge or allow us to USE all of their Technology).  It seemed they GREW to Hate us (who is to say they did) but we had FALLEN OUT of Favor with them after they had Spent Thousands of Years where they seemed Content with us.

But you GUYS wanna see something DARK and ALIEN ;)

And well..... we Expect the Franchise to Expand to HORROR/ALIEN

Well its OPEN to Expand in anyway, and so DO WE KNOW as to WHY we was really Created?

so you could have it that we was Created for some Sinister Purpose, but a Group of Engineers had instead saw POTENTIAL with us and WHY should we be USED and Treated the way we was....  and so a GROUP of Engineers could have taken some Humans to Earth, and began to Nurture us..... 

Be like someone Rescuing some Piglets from a Slaughter House and taking them to a Place to become PETS...  It could be like someone say taking some Replicants or Androids like David and thinking they should NOT be treated how they are and then attempt to SET-UP a Colony where the Replicants/Androids can be Free to be Treated like Humans..... (but ALAS this could POSE a Problem down the Line, where you then could think THIS WAS A BAD IDEA... and have to Destroy them....

And so YES you could Explore something like that..........

Some of the Interpretations of the Sumerian Mythos have the Theory that the Gods (Anunnaki) had a Servant Race called the Igigi and this Sub-Creation had Rebelled and so the Anunnaki had Created Mankind to REPLACE the Igigi to do the HARD WORK etc..... but eventually the Gods began to allow us Freedom and they Nurtured us and Taught us Knowledge...

And so you could go with something like that.... we was CREATED to Serve a Purpose but then we had been Allowed more Freedom and Knowledge.

You merely make that Purpose as something thats NOT to go and Mine for Gold, to Plow the Fields and do all the Heavy Lifting to Build the Gods their Monuments and Buildings..... 

You could make this Purpose that we was Originally Intended for as something Sinister...

IF we say Explore the Engineers as being a Sub-Servant Race to a ALIEN RACE lets say the Starbeast, were the Engineers are USED as Hosts but in Return they are allowed some kind of Civilization.  And so like say the HUNGER GAMES where the Districts have Sacrifices Chosen to take Part in the GAMES..... well with our Engineers the Price for their Creation or being allowed to LIVE would be that they would have to OFFER some Sacrifices from TIME TO TIME to allow their Masters to Procreate.

so THEN you either have TWO OPTIONS...

1) These Engineers Rebel against this and the Starbeasts using the Engineers go and Sub-Create our Race to Replace the Engineers in the Sacrifice.

2) The Engineers go and Sub-Create us and USE us to become the Sacrifices instead.

You then get to a Point where either some Engineers take PITY on us, maybe their Masters are Gone?  And so they then Decide to become the New Gods and allow us more Freedom and Civilization so we then Serve them as our GODS.

Or as above but the Engineers take some Humans away to EARTH.

IF the LV-223 Engineers are a NEWER Race Created to Serve the Engineers, to Sacrifice to Create Worlds so the Engineers can have Humanoid Races to Nurture and Raise and in Return are Worshiped as GODS.

At some Point those LV-223 Engineers could become UPSET with this and see THEY are Superior to the Engineers and Humans, and they Form a Cult to BRING BACK their Creators (Original Engineers) Master... the STARBEAST and that could Explain what was going on with LV-223.

So there are WAYS to Expand/Explore the Engineers, on ONE HAND you can look at the Worlds they Visit/Seed and Nurture and see them Proclaim to be Gods to their Creations.. (THIS THREAD)

And on the OTHER HAND you can look at other Engineers who are Interested in such HORRORS like we saw on LV-223 and WHY as in THIS THREAD

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-05-2021 4:42 PM

"..the HUNGER GAMES ..."


There could be competing Engineers factions, each tasked with nurturing their own pet race. The winner is the one who raises his 'pets' to the highest technology ( only nurturing allowed,  no cheating with tech bumps ). The winner gets a large statue placed among the worlds.

These worlds are abomination to some ( LV-223 Engineers ). These 'pet' races must be eradicated or set free.


Think I'd elevate ants. Make a ant world. Trillions and trillions of super intelligent ants.


MemberNeomorphAug-06-2021 5:00 AM

"Would you have LIKED to had seem more about the Engineers and HOW they had Connected to Ancient Mankind as the Potential Source to all our Mythos and Religions?"

If it's executed well, if the characters are of good quality, and the story makes sense, then yeah. Someone should be above the Engineers to make them more mysterious. One major issue with both movies is that important scenes are left out, for example there was a version of the sacrificial scene in Prometheus that of course made more sense where we saw some Engineer speak and there were many there. The story from what I've read (scripts) was alright, the execution wasn't the best.

The Engineers should be expanded on, they are the best that has come out of the prequels. Unfortunately they were reduced to a cameo in Covenant and therefore a lot of interesting things that could have been there were wiped out.

Not only would I like to see the connection that you mentioned BD but I would also see more of their society, military, religion, and so on. There's a lot to expand on so there's no reason why they can't go back to it in whatever form it might be. Hopefully we'll see them in a future movie.

Make them interesting and scary, in that way you keep the horror-angle that's important in the franchise.

Going to other worlds, maybe they have some of them like slaves, like the empire has in Star Wars? Maybe they use them as test subjects to do whatever. Create life to use it as a tool for an agenda.

"Or is this Aspect of the Engineers something you would NOT be Interested in Seeing Explored?"

Get the story and characters right, it has to make sense. Don't cut scenes that are important to the story just for pacing because that ruins it. Expand the franchise, there is more to it than Ripley and Xenos.

That's hilarious Hox! Jar-Jar Binks as a cameo in an alien-movie! :D

"But you GUYS wanna see something DARK and ALIEN ;)"

Yeah, that's what I'm in it for, more of that and less of a mad robot playing a scientist.

You could have some of what you write about BD and still make it mysterious and alien, the thing is how you execute it. This is where the prequels have been a disappointment, not because of a lack of ideas.

"So there are WAYS to Expand/Explore the Engineers, on ONE HAND you can look at the Worlds they Visit/Seed and Nurture and see them Proclaim to be Gods to their Creations.. (THIS THREAD)
And on the OTHER HAND you can look at other Engineers who are Interested in such HORRORS like we saw on LV-223 and WHY as in THIS THREAD "

I would go with the second option if I must choose because the horror thing is what I'm interested in. You can probably have a mix of both, what should be emphasized is a matter of opinion.

Captain Cold

MemberOvomorphAug-07-2021 4:01 AM

I recall that the original script was supposed to have jesus raised by the engineers or something like that which also makes sense as to why they turned on humanity.


MemberDeaconAug-07-2021 5:58 AM


With the Broad Plot of the Engineers the SCOPE and Potential is HUGE, we get the Impression these GUYS have been around for Hundreds of Millions of Years at the VERY LEAST.... and at a Technological Space Fairing Level as FAR back as then.   We get to see via Prometheus they have a Navigation System that has other GALAXIES and so they have been to Further Places than our Galaxy and the Alien Franchise has but put us in a 20th of 1% of our Galaxy and so we have Barely Scratched the Surface of our Galaxy.. and the Engineers have been and we can ASSUME can go to other Galaxies.

The Background for our Engineers is they like to be Creators, it seems that a Interest in Creating things like Xenomorphs to Destroy Worlds is a MINOR Part of what they do and maybe LIKELY just something that ONLY a Faction of the Engineers were interested in.

Therefor it would seem UNLIKELY our Engineers only ever Lived on Planet 4, and only ever Seeded the Earth and only ever had ONE outpost World like LV-223.

And so you are quite Unrestricted in HOW you can bring Engineers back to the Screen, you dont have to have Engineers who are Located within a 1000 Light Years of Earth.... WHY you could have it SET in the FUTURE or PAST.... if we take Star Wars... its in a Galaxy Far Far Away... but what about the TIME-LINE?  it could be SET like Thousands of Years ago, or even Thousands of Years in the Future it does-not matter and the EVENTS of such a FAR AWAY GALAXY and maybe TIME-LINE means it has NO Impact on Earth.

And so with the ALIEN Franchise as far as the Engineers then you have the same FREEDOM to have a Story that will NOT go and IMPACT the Earth or Alien Franchise at all.

Another way to look at it say 2000 Years ago... you had Various Cultures of Humans on Earth, we was NOT all Located in the Mediterranean and Middle East and so in a Time when the World was NOT as Connected as we are Now, then these Various Cultures that are Separated by Thousands of Miles would NOT all have the Same Culture, Agenda or Ways....

Expand the Earth to the Size of the Galaxy and these Thousands of Miles of Separation become TENS of Thousands of Light Years.... and so in a NUTSHELL what i am saying is you could have MANY Various Places the Engineers are and they DONT all have to have the same Rituals, Culture or Technology etc.

But the BOTTOM LINE is that YES having a Idea/Theme and Plot is a Good Starting Point but if its NOT been Executed Well and the Characters/Writing is Poor then you are NOT going to have any Success.

I think NO matter what you go for then you do have to have some Horror or Terror (this does not mean a Monster Flick) because without then your going to have more of a Fantasy Sci-Fi, and in Context to ALIEN this is NOT what Alien is about but the Engineers Plot leaves the WAY to Expand a Spin Off that is NOT about things like the ALIEN..... its a Case of would this Gain any Interest?  If Prometheus was a Stand Alone with No Connections to W-Y, No Aesthetic of the Space Jockey Suit and Derelict Ship... then the Prequels would NOT be Shackled to ALIEN and the Expectation to be about Eggs and the Sort.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-07-2021 6:17 AM

@Captain Cold

I think it depends what you mean by the Original Script?  We had a Pitch by Jon Spaights, which was Accepted and then he went to Write 8 Drafts (i think) and with some of these Drafts its loosely Indicated by the Coincidence of the DATE that the Engineers had GOT MAD at us because we Crucified Christ.

They felt this was a LITTLE too on the NOSE and to look at it as Jesus was a Messenger and Emissary that is Sent Down to TRY and Steer us on a Track that Pleases the Engineers but we Crucified him.... But RS preferred us to look at it that at this Point 2000 Years ago that Mankind in Many Places had Started to Behave in ways that OFFENDED the Engineers and WHAT they intended for us as far as HOW we should behave.  And so they Decided to Destroy us.

We have to LOOK at the Plot as a Alternative Universe, in our Reality there is NO EGGS on a Rock out in the Zeta Reticuli System or a Outpost that has any URNS/JARS of Black Goo, like the Marvel Universe there is NO SHIELD but more so NO Worlds like where Thanos comes from and Exists.

And so with the ALIEN Universe you can take the Mythos and Religions on Earth and TWIST them to FIT the Plot, they dont have to be 100% as they are in our Reality.

And so Christ would likely had been (in Context to the Franchise) a Human who had maybe been Genetically Modified, Certainly given Knowledge and Tools and Powers that would be seen as GODLIKE by mere Humans.  And so the Engineers could take Humans they deem Special and make them into such Emissaries and send them to Worlds.... and so in Context then Jesus as likely such a being, but the Engineers could have sent down other such Emissaries to other Continents on Earth where the Locals would be more Obeying and Pleasing to the Engineers ways.  And so Mosses would also be such a Emissary too.  But Christ could be ONE they had Bestowed more Power/Knowledge upon.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Captain Cold

MemberOvomorphAug-07-2021 7:28 PM

I think it depends what you mean by the Original Script?  We had a Pitch by Jon Spaights, which was Accepted and then he went to Write 8 Drafts (i think) and with some of these Drafts its loosely Indicated by the Coincidence of the DATE that the Engineers had GOT MAD at us because we Crucified Christ.

They felt this was a LITTLE too on the NOSE and to look at it as Jesus was a Messenger and Emissary that is Sent Down to TRY and Steer us on a Track that Pleases the Engineers but we Crucified him.... But RS preferred us to look at it that at this Point 2000 Years ago that Mankind in Many Places had Started to Behave in ways that OFFENDED the Engineers and WHAT they intended for us as far as HOW we should behave.  And so they Decided to Destroy us.


I was talking about that, however my knowledge is limited on that subject because i mainly know about that from youtube comments and videos. However i agree on the alternative universe theory. We know that the engineers are based on greek statues of "gods" like zeus and hades. Perhaps the "gods" that have been recorded are genetically modified humans or engineers (as you said it before). I honestly think that's the most logical theory so far. Perhaps ouranos the greek "god of sky" is one of their spaceships. This would also confirm how they know about humans crucifying jesus, as there were most likely other engineers/modified humans sent to earth


MemberDeaconAug-09-2021 6:54 AM

I think in Context to the Franchise Universe it is about how ALL the Mythos/Religions are what Encompasses the Engineers, and its our Interpretations that Change with Time that Created the Religions and Mythos.

so its like Chinese Whispers... if you went back before we had Technology like Phones, Internet and even Mass Transport so you go back to say 1066 and say in ROME and someone Creates a Fable a Tale... this is Passed On to Town/Town it then Travels Across Europe and the Middle East to Asian and you have the Potential than in 300-500 Years this FABLE has some Differences from Country to Country and County to County within these Countries.

But they would ALL still have some Similarities...  and this is the same with Various Mythos and Religions they are Different but they ALL seem to have some Common Events and Themes just TOLD in a Different Way with Gods/Creators with Different Names.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory is what Plays on this....

Its a Interesting take and ONE that if we apply it to the Franchise/Engineers is what THEY was going for.

Captain Kirk is NO GOD...........

But Imagine for a Moment that the Enterprise goes back in TIME to say 1000BC and we have the Enterprise go into Low Orbit and so can be seen behind/within the CLOUDS.... then a Away Team would BEAM DOWN.. they arrive and are Confronted by Humans who then ATTACK them and the Away Team would SHOOT at them and Disintegrate One, and Stun Another, and then they would USE one of their Devices to Heal that Human.

They then SPEAK on their Communication Devices to the Captain... he then Sends down a Replicator to then Make Food for these Humans as a Peace Offering.

How would Humans from 3000 Years ago Interpret that?

They would see like a Chariot or Castle in the Clouds, they would see Human looking beings Appear from No-Where or be Sent Down in a Beam of Light.

They Shoot Fire and Turn one of them into DUST or they just Disappear, the other is Downed and Appears Dead, but then is Magically Brought back to LIFE (maybe they are Beamed to the Ship and Return the Day after Resurrected from Death).

The Humans hear a Voice of these Visitors Leader and YET he is NOT there, they area Speaking to a Invisible Entity who is calling the Shots. These Invaders are Speaking to their God in the Sky!

But they (Enterprise Crew) reveal they are NOT invaders and then begin to Prepare Hot Food from out of No-Where but this like BOX....  and then Heal some Ailments of the Humans with the Enterprises Crews Medical Tools.

To those Ancient Humans these would be seen as Miracles like what Christ had Performed, they could be Interpreted as that way.

And so in Context with the Franchise Universe its likely that Christ was a Human Hybrid who had Tools and Knowledge that was Advanced Technology that the Humans had seen as being Magical and Divine... and so MIRACLES.

"were most likely other engineers/modified humans sent to earth"

Indeed and they could Explain the Star Maps in other Countries that had NO contact with Mainland Europe, Africa and Asia.  like Mayan One, it could be these Cultures had behaved in ways that was NOT that Offensive to the Engineers and THEY had NEVER gone and Turned On or Killed their Emissaries sent by the Engineers.

It makes Further Sense for the Engineers to come down and Collect their Emissaries but maybe some Remained?  It makes Sense for the Engineers to come and Visit the Cultures that are NOT being Offensive and TAKING some of them AWAY from the Earth or their Children (if they had NOT already been doing so) and so IF the Engineers had taken Humans from Earth who are NOT Corrupt etc, then they would have NO Problem with Destroying us... because they have say Obedient/Pure Humans or Infants for which they can Populate another Place with.

Engineers coming back Time to Time to Evolve and Teach us and to TAKE AWAY some Humans or Children makes Sense...  Each Time they give us the Star Map...

I Believe the Map is NOT were the Engineers come from.... its NOT a Warning or a Trap........... its the Engineers showing USE as to WHERE WE CAME FROM... only at some Point this Place (LV-223) had became Corrupt, and Perverted with the Horrors we saw.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphAug-14-2021 10:11 AM


"Therefor it would seem UNLIKELY our Engineers only ever Lived on Planet 4, and only ever Seeded the Earth and only ever had ONE outpost World like LV-223."

Exactly, that's why I want to see some of it, what they have created. If they created life on earth then how does it look like on other planets? What do they have in common with us (humans)? What are some of the differences? Are the differences because it just happened or was it because the Engineers wanted the differences there for some reason?

In case you want to have different movies about the Engineers let's see one movie about planet X and another about planet Y. In this way you can see how they have dealt with different parts of the galaxy (galaxies?)
About horror, not all horror movies are based on monsters so maybe you can replace the Xenos and Xeno-types with the Engineers. This is why I say that you got to keep the Engineers ambiguous and have parts of their culture being unknown. When you show everything then the horror-part disappears. Having androids responsible for the horror is less effective because they are closer to humans than the Engineers seem to be so that was a huge mistake. It wasn't that scary to me, it was a failure with the direction.

"..... its a Case of would this Gain any Interest?"


I just want to speak for myself, yes if the Alien-connection was clear, if the engineers were made scary and interesting and make sense. The characters must be the center-point and be well-written, something that we haven't had since 1992.
"If Prometheus was a Stand Alone..."


To me it would be the same thing, you got to have a good story and well-executed characters which needs to have a good script for it to work. I would probably have many of the same problems with it as a movie on its own as I have with it now. Would I have the same problems with it as a stand-alone movie? Maybe that would be the case but it's about how the movie is executed. Write better characters and don't cut out important scenes just for a stupid run-time. Last but not least show us how it fits in the alien-universe, not some stupid thing like is this an alien-movie? If it's in the alien-universe then be clear with how it's connected otherwise you just cause confusion. Just show some things to make people see that's the case but you don't need to be extremely obvious. Not too obvious and not too vague


MemberDeaconAug-14-2021 5:29 PM

"let's see one movie about planet X and another about planet Y. In this way you can see how they have dealt with different parts of the galaxy (galaxies?)"

The SCOPE is there still..............

Do the Engineers do the SAME with other Worlds as on Earth? If so then there is a Chance that these Worlds have some similar Infrastructure and Architecture as Ancient Earth..... maybe in TIME some of these Worlds would be ALLOWED more Technology... if say their Inhabitants are BEHAVING and Pleasing the Engineers.

I am going to ASSUME the Engineers would NOT go allow Many Worlds to Evolve Technologically to Travel the Stars unless these Worlds are Governed by and have a Heavy Engineer Presence on them.....

You can then also go with the OTHER SIDE of the Coin and to Engineer Worlds and Outposts that maybe have MORE of that HR Giger Aesthetic to them.

The PLOT is Quite Limitless......

*We know the Engineers can Traverse to other Galaxies otherwise WHY would they have the STAR MAPS on their Ships?

And so they can Surely Travel our Galaxy with Greater Ease than Mankind in the Years 2100-2200 and also their Cryo-sleep Tech had kept the Engineer Alive for Thousands of Years.

Faster Ships.... and Cryo-sleep that can Sustain for Thousands of Years would mean that Traverse to Deep Space is NOT a Problem.

And IF the Engineers have had these KIND of Technology for Many Millions of Years then its UNLIKELY they are all Bunched Up within Years Space Travel for Weyland-Yutani between 2100-2125 etc.

"you got to have a good story and well-executed characters"

This Usually means you NEED some Humans to Connect too..... which is ONE REASON that Planet 4 was likely on the Door Step to Earth (within a Year).

NOPE! you just Need to PAY more Attention to the PLOT!

The Engineers had Invested a LOT of Time on Humanity.... they seemed Pleased until we became Rebellious and Behaved in ways that Displeased them...

Put yourself in their SHOES............... Destroy that Creation and Restart and LOOSE like Thousands of Years of Effort or MORE?

YES.... if the Engineers had NO MORE NEED for us or our Genes etc...

YES... if the Engineers had Created other Life that is Very Similar to Humans.

Otherwise you would THINK they would SEND DOWN some Engineers to go and TAKE some Humans (or Infants or ways to Obtain Infants) and TAKE them to other Worlds (if they had NOT already done so)....  then DESTROY what Remains.. (Have to think a bit like NOAH and the Flood here).

so lets go back to 2000 Years ago... 1000, 500.......... can we just ASSUME that the ONLY Place where we have Humans is on Earth?

Do we even COME from Earth in Context to the Franchise/Plot?

So YEAH... there was NO NEED to have Planet 4 being so CLOSE to Earth the MAIN REASON was they Needed to have more Humans come into the FRAY before the EVENTS of ALIEN and so Planet 4 needed to be Closer.

Just as there was NO NEED to have David go and Create the Xenomorph he could have Created something thats more SIMILAR but Different but in seeing HOW he had Created his BEAST we could then think..... AH! so maybe the Xenomorph was Created in a Similar Way by the Engineers some Thousands of Years ago (you leave it OPEN and a Mystery).

"not all horror movies are based on monsters"

Exactly.... and with the Engineers Plot you could have a Movie thats SET in the Ancient Past and Very FAR Away..... it does-not have to come down to MONSTERS.

Just because its SET say 25'000., 50'000 Light Years Away or 5000, 50'000 Years ago does NOT mean we cant have any Technology or Humans, as well as other Races etc.  WHY it could be SET in another GALAXY and it could be SET in Thousands of Years Time etc...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconAug-14-2021 6:04 PM

There are a LOT of similar Things/Themes in Various Mythos etc.... so its like in Context to the Franchise (and Ancient Astronaut Theory) that these are maybe DIFFERENT INTERPRETATIONS of the same EVENT.

And so with the Plot then these SIMILAR EVENTS could also had taken Place on other WORLDS.... and THIS is something we can Explore, where you can go more in DEPTH to SHOW us WHAT has Actually Happened and NOT how its been Interpreted and Passed On by Generation to Generation and Spawned Various Mythos.

For Example... we see Angels are Depicted with Wings but the Sumerian Mythos also has their Gods having Wings (in some Depictions) if your a Ancient Culture who have NO Technology, then seeing your Creators etc, Ascend from the Heavens by Various Means.... maybe they are Beamed/Float down.... but a Ancient Person maybe Cant Fathom that... and so the ONLY WAY these Gods/Creators could do this... is they MUST have WINGS... etc.

Burning Chariots, and Riding on Clouds of Fire..... that could be HOW some Ancient Humans would Describe a Space Ship etc.

And so i would LIKE to see the Engineers Interacting with some Ancient Culture and seeing Technology and HOW it is some Cultures then Interpreted it Wrong.  And this DOES-NOT mean you have to go to Ancient Earth?  As the Engineers had likely DONE the same on Many Worlds.

You Mention that Horror does-not have to be about Monsters.... you also do-not seem a Fan of Planet 4 and how it appeared...

WHAT IF... we go to a World, there are Humans or Very Close who are Living some Basic Life, a Ancient Culture and there are Engineers with them, NOT MANY but they are Watching Over them.... Treated like Pharaohs

They can have more Technology than Earth 2000 Years ago but still LIVE in a Ancient Way like Planet 4....   And we see the Interaction... they will Speak in a Ancient Language.... for a BIT with Subtitles then they Speak English for our Benefit.. (Viewer).

Then there is a RUMBLE.... in the Distance we see 3 Juggernaught Ships.... the Humanoids seem to be Excited and Rush Out.... the Engineers well a Few look Concerned its like "well NO ONE had Called me to say they coming to Visit"

The Ships then Land on a Docking Platform... and a Draw Bridge Opens on the Ships....

But we do-not see any Engineers.... we see a Synthetic a David maybe (looks like him) and then Human W-Y Military come out of the SHIP.  The W-Y Company has Gained some Engineer Tech... they have Located some Engineer Worlds (worlds they Seeded etc) and the Company is Interested in the Planet and its Resources....

We see our Engineers are NOT really Malevolent... only WHEN they have to be... we see HOW the Engineers will Nurture and Watch Over their Creations who are LOYAL and Behave....

We get to see HOW GREEDY and WICKED that Humans can be... and it will SHOW US to WHY the Engineers saw we NEEDED to be Destroyed...

The Humans from Earth will bring the Horror..... they may then INFORM the Humanoids on this WORLD the Engineers are NOT their GODS... etc... and that KILLING the Engineers will give these Humanoids Freedom and they can Join the Weyland-Yutani Company well Humanity as like in the Star Trek Federation... but in Reality they just want the Planet and its Resources.

But a Engineer Escapes... maybe Protected by the Sacrifice of some of their Humanoid Creations....

IF we see this Engineer Manages to get a Transmission to other Engineers about WHAT has just Happened...... then HOW are the Engineers going to React?

Humans with Engineer Technology and maybe they also Reverse Engineer some of it could be a THREAT to the Engineers.... this FIGHT will NOT be ONE the Engineers could WIN as Easy as 2000 Years ago!

This could be WAR... a WAR OF THE WORLDS...

So YEAH you could go for something like this.... and SET IT like WAY after ALIENS.. like even 2300 or so..... maybe the State of Earth in Alien Resurrection is a Result of the Engineers coming back?

They are Defeated... but MORE could come again.... maybe the Earth needs a Weapon to Deal with them?  And so maybe thats WHY they Start to Clone Ripley DNA to Obtain the Xenomorph to USE against the Engineers?

You could GO for that.....

But then you DONT have to involve Humans from Earth...... as i have Mentioned on other Topics.... the Engineers maybe Seed Humans all over the Place, or they taken some from Earth some Thousands of Years ago and Seeded on a World thats FAR FAR away and some of these become Rebellious and Hijack Engineer Ships instead?

That CANT WORK?.... surely?  Humans who are NOT from Earth! and HOW would they Speak English?

Star Wars anyone?   In a Galaxy Far Far Away.... and YES we have Humans and WHAT are the Chances they Speak English?

Well they could for our Convenience.... and so WHY cant the same be done with the Engineers Plot?

Plenty more to the Plot that Prometheus had gave us.. (Engineers/Creators) than to just Concentrate on W-Y and their Attempts to get their hands on EGGS!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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