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DeaconMember10416 XPJul-24-2021 8:10 AM

I would like to go back to the MURAL but more Specifically as to WHY the Engineers held this Relief in HIGH Regard.

The Engineers were VERY into Sacrifice, and seemed to have a VERY kind of Ritualistic Culture. We know that Creation played a LARGE role in their Culture.  But then they seemed to become OBSESSED with the Creation/Experimentation with the Black Goo to Create the Horrors we saw in Prometheus with the MURAL above the ALTAR being a Focal Point.

The Explanations we had from those who WORKED on the Mural was that the Engineers had been using the GOO to Create what was in the MURAL and they saw this Organism as something they could USE to Eradicate Life on Worlds they WISH to Clean Up or Destroy.

It appeared in Alien Covenant the Engineers were NEVER turned into such Horrors, as as FAR as a Weapon to Reset Worlds then SURELY the Sacrificial Goo would be more BETTER!

So there REALLY does-not seem any REASON for them to do WHAT they was doing on LV-223 in Regards to Creating such Horrors purely as a RESET Switch or Weapon.

So MAYBE we need to RE-LOOK at it all and come up with a Better Reason for their Obsession.  The Alien 01: The Master Narrative Pitch that Jon Spaights had made had indicated the Engineers had been similar to Mankind in their Past but they had Genetically Evolved themselves, able to LIVE for Longer.

They however had EVENTUALLY lost the ability to Procreate, but they was NOT that Concerned because they Believed they was on the VERGE of something ELSE.

"The Engineers believe themselves to be on the Verge of a Great Evolution; a Transcendence in which they will abandon their Physical Form and flight into the Ten-Dimensional Multiverse as Creatures of Pure Energy"

So our Engineers were MORTAL after all but they had been Attempting to Transcend from their Physical Mortal Bodies.

We know they had Attempting to Extend their Lives but were NOT just Content, they wanted to become IMMORTAL.

How does the MURAL come into this?  I am not sure it does.... HOWEVER... we can Speculate if the Attempts by the Engineers to Transcend to Multi-Dimensions had UNLEASHED something into their Universe.

IF we go with such a Explanation and we TIE this Organism to the STARBEAST... what we see with the Starbeast is a Organism that Procreates by turning a Host into a Spore/Egg, the Starbeast is then REBORN from this Process.

If this Galactic Horror the Engineers had Accidentally Unleashed was a Organism that say REINCARNATED itself via the Egg Morph, then they would be RESURRECTED.

If this Organism (STARBEAST) is able to Genetically Transfer its SOUL into the Egg Morph, then this would INDEED be a Reincarnation/Resurrection.

If we go to ALIEN RESURRECTION what we see with Ripley 8 is that she has some of her Memories from RIPLEY so she is kind of a Reincarnation/Resurrection of Ellen Ripley.  But she also gained some Traits from the Xenomorph which made her Superior to a Human.

If the Engineers are AWARE the Starbeast can Reincarnate then i think they could SEE this as the ANSWER to their Quest for Immortality/Resurrection it would EXPLAIN their Obsession and Experiments.

But we can ASSUME that the Engineers had NEVER really managed to Obtain the same Reincarnation that the Starbeast are Capable of.  Maybe they NEVER got to the Point that we see with Ripley 8.

But maybe they Witnessed the Horrors they became and saw Potential in the Starbeasts DNA to Evolve themselves.  To some DEGREE they managed to Obtain some Traits to their Advantage (maybe the Engineers Suits came from Experiments on the Starbeast).

But they could NOT gain themselves the KIND OF afterlife and Immortality or Resurrection they had HOPED... and NOW Faced with Mankind becoming a Problem and being able to Procreate they could FEAR that WE could become the GODS one day.

so the Engineers then saw the Horrors they Obtained and Created from the Starbeast as being a Horrific Punishment they could UNLEASH on Mankind and other Threats.

Maybe they also saw the Starbeast DNA as more Perfect than their OWN and wished to EVOLVE Worlds with this, instead of their PURE HUMANOID DNA.

I think Expanding the PLOT to something like this would HELP to Elevate Certain Elements and Themes, and it would also OPEN the DOOR to maybe some day seeing WHO are these STARBEASTS.

The Deacon does not have to be the Starbeast but merely ONE of Many Experiments/Creations they had Created in a Attempt to Harness the DNA/TRAITS of the STARBEAST.



R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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XenomorphMember1330 XPJul-25-2021 1:26 PM

 'ALTAR being a Focal Point'


I'd like to think the Engineers, in attempting to transcend, glimpsed something that is perhaps guiding them and / or driving them mad( like a Lovecraft cult ). 


Engineers are putting a lot of time and effort in to some scheme and if they haven't figured it out in all this time......Maybe humanity can give them the final boost?




DeaconMember10416 XPJul-28-2021 8:08 AM

"Maybe humanity can give them the final boost?"

Not sure what you mean ;)

As far as Lovecraft like CULT then YES maybe some Engineers had Started a CULT and had Began to take a Interest in the Genetics of some other Organism rather than the LIFE that they are Permitted to Evolve.

Regarding the Engineers trying to Transcend to the Multiverse, this reminded me a LITTLE of the HP Lovecraft Story (FROM BEYOND) so that is WHY i mentioned about MAYBE the Engineers attempted something like this and they INADVERTENTLY just allowed a ALIEN PARASITIC ORGANISM into their Universe.

This Organism being the Genesis Point/Ancestor to the Deacon, Xenomorph etc etc, the STARBEAST if you would, and IF the Engineers saw their Life-Cycle as something that Carried on their Genetic Memory (like Ripley 8) the Engineers could SEE this Organism as maybe their Salvation and Answer to their Mortality.

But this NEVER WORKED... but then some of the Engineers could have been Fascinated by the Starbeast and so they STARTED a CULT to Worship it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPJul-28-2021 9:25 AM

You would think the Engineers are way beyond worshipping anything other than themselves? But then again...Looking at humanity I can see their flaws they passed on to us.....And that makes them incredibly dangerous.



Peter F. Hamilton's Salvation series deals with something along these lines.


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-29-2021 8:41 AM

I think its Difficult to say with WHO/HOW the Engineers would Worship anything or anyone, the Premise of Prometheus was to indicate that its LIKELY all our Mythos and Religion about Gods/Creators had came from our Interaction with the Engineers.

What we saw was these Majestic Looking Demi-Gods who looked like they had been Cast from Marble, their Skin had a almost Beluga Whale like Texture/Gloss.

As we MOVED on and looking at Comments it seems our Beluga Skin Engineers are either Engineers Evolving themselves this way or a Sub-Creation.

The Engineers like the Ancient Pharaohs liked to BUILD many Monuments and Murals that are Dedicated to their Greatness and Accomplishments and so they take a LOT of Pride in what they have achieved but does that mean they WORSHIP anything?  I get the Impression their Culture/Religion is more CULT WORSHIP like.  And so they LIKELY would Worship things and EVENTS of Great Importance to their Evolution, and Advancement but also their Creations.

So the Hall of Heads is Very Important to them, where as on LV-223 we see a Worship and Acknowledgment of NOT only the Engineers but the Horrors that are Related to the Mural/Fresco.  But we KNOW so  Little about them as we have NOT YET gone to see what the other 4+ Temple Mounds would Contain.

If we go by the Pitch by Jon Spaights (Alien 01 The Master Narrative) it gives the Impression the Engineers were NOT TOO much Different to Mankind in their Very Distant Past, but they had become something of a CULT that would SHUN certain things (like Pleasures, Taboo), they became Interested in Attaining Longer Lives and Immortality.

So who knows IF they had Religion and Beliefs similar to what we had in the PAST (and still do), a LOT may depend on their ORIGINS..... which is UNKNOWN.

So maybe they Worshiped their OWN GODS in the Past? But it seems LIKELY they had become more of  CULT where the 10 Hall of Heads Guys are their Founders.

But as we on Earth have had some CULTS and Belief Systems that Worship things that are NOT like 100% Human (or like) then maybe the Engineers could have such CULTS too, maybe those on LV-223 are like the Devil Worshipers or Illuminati or maybe this is something that the HALL OF HEADS guys had Began?

So maybe they or SOME of them had became Interesting in some Sadistic Practices and too a Interest into the Horrors on LV-223, but i feel its MORE to do with seeing something they had Encountered could CHANGE LIFE to something that is TOTALLY different to the Creation, Evolution and Seeding of Worlds that they had been doing.

It really is QUITE OPEN to try and Figure Out as to WHAT the HELL they was up to on LV-223 as FAR as WHEN did this all Begin and WHY.

The Broader Plot seems to be about CREATION and EVOLUTION and the Engineers going about and Challenging themselves to see what they CAN go and Create and then Evolve, which also includes them Evolving themselves, to Enhance and Prolong themselves.  And i think IF we look more Closer at Home and to Ourselves i am sure that as well as Conquering the Stars, and Trying to FIX our Home (or Find New Homes) i am sure The Greatest Achievement would be to Genetically Engineer a way where we DO-NOT Fall Foul to Genetic Defects, gain Immunity to Disease and Ailments and where we can Extend the Functionality/Longevity of our Bodies/Organs.... but ULTIMATELY we are MORTAL.

And so to Transcend Beyond Mortality would be the GREATEST Achievement and you can Expect that this is SOMETHING the Engineers had tried in the Past, and Likely Failed, and so IF they Encounter a Organism that gives some Glimmer of Hope at gaining some kind of Immortality or Resurrection  then having the Engineers becoming Obsessed with THIS ORGANISM would make Sense.

Peter Weyland thought he would MEET his Makers so they can GRANT HIM more Life, Gods Never Die.... the Engineer seemed UPSET at what Weyland Wanted the full Dialog the Engineer was to reply as to WHY he (Weyland) should be Granted this.  So the Engineer could take OFFENSE if they had been TRYING to By-Pass their OWN MORTALITY and LV-223 had became a Place they maybe TRIED to Achieve his but FAILED... so seeing a Human who is DEMANDING to HAVE what the Engineers had NOT even Achieved themselves would be Highly Offensive to that Engineer.

So maybe some Engineers saw these Starbeasts as being WORTHY of their Resurrection and that the Engineers must NOT be as they could NOT use or Figure Out as to HOW the Starbeast was able to Reincarnate itself.  The Engineers may have seen the Starbeast and its Genetics as being Worthy and Greater than their own Ancestors DNA and so a CULT had Formed....

They could NOT Yield the Properties of the Starbeast to Gain a Resurrection, but they LIKELY saw Greatness in what the Genetics of this Organism has, and Growing Displeased with their Creations... they saw that the DNA of the Starbeast is the Logical Step of Evolution in Honor of this GREAT CREATURE and while they could NOT go and USE this DNA etc to Attain Reincarnation for themselves they could USE it to Condemn/Damn their worthless Creations (Humanity)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-29-2021 8:45 AM

If we Connect to AC then we see that Humanity has come Closer to Immortality than the Engineers with the Creation of A.I as in David as he is more Immortal than the Engineers and the Further Irony that HE would Perfect the Experiments of the Engineers to Create the Xenomorph with which the DNA of this Creation via a Series of Events that lead to the Ripley 8 Clone.... has gone to show that Humanity using Davids Creation has managed to gain the Resurrection the Engineers could NOT via Ripley 8

Ripley 8 becoming what the Engineers had WANTED to Achieve but Failed.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPJul-29-2021 10:47 AM

Maybe the Engineers sent probes to all the planets, turned over every rock and found NOTHING. Just nice plants and basic life. I would be very disappointed if we don't find advanced intelligent life in the galaxy. This would be like finding out there is no God. 


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-30-2021 9:10 AM

What we can Gather from WHAT we have had Ridley Scott say is that the Sacrificial Scene was HOW they Seed Worlds, it does-not have to be Earth, when we look at their Navigation Maps they can Access other Galaxies.  After Alien Covenant we had RS say the Engineers will RETURN to Planet 4.

And so from this Information i think its UNLIKELY that the Engineers would ONLY go and occupy Planet 4 and LV-223 and also UNLIKELY that the Earth was the ONLY such World they have Seed/Evolved and Interacted with Intelligent Life.

so in Context to the PLOT then i think there is within the Franchise Various Intelligent Species, are they ALL merely Creations of the Engineers, are some Species also those who Created the Engineers... so YES the Door is OPEN to introduce Various other Races/Worlds.

"This would be like finding out there is no God"

I think its OPEN as to IF we would have seen a GOD within the Franchise, it certainly seems the Engineers are NO GODS.... the only Godlike Connection they would have would be IF say Mankind had Evolved Apes to like Planet of the Apes and the Scientist who did this would Indoctrinate those Apes that THEY (The Scientist) are THEIR (Evolved Apes) Creators and Gods.

So Holloway was RIGHT.... and so Humans with the Engineers Tools/Knowledge could become Creators/Gods just as the Engineers saw themselves maybe as.

Ridley Scott had teased a Question... about that if the Engineers are our Creators/Forerunners then WHAT makes it Possible for Worlds to be able to Host the Biology in the First Place.... he asked WHERE is the BIG GUY...  could this be a Indication of Race/Being or Beings who are ABOVE the Engineers?

some Fans have Speculated that the Mural is a Representation of the Engineers God and Creator, their LORD and they USE the Blood of their LORD to Seed Worlds.  Well there was a Draft that Mentions this but this is SURELY just a Fan Edit.

Fans are looking at the Cruciform Pose of the Mural and Connecting that to the Depictions of Christ and putting 2+2 to make 5 (in thinking this implies GOD).

CHRIST as depicted on the Cross has TWO MAIN Functions of Worship.

1) It is to Acknowledge and Celebrate his SACRIFICE for Mankind.

2) That by Believing in HIM and Following his Ways/Teachings will allow us to ALSO have a Resurrection as he had done.

This is WHY i came to a Theory that maybe the Mural is to Celebrate some Organisms DNA that the Engineers had been Sacrificing (to Create what is in the URNS) and that maybe they saw this as either a Pseudo Resurrection for them, or they saw its DNA as the Next Stage of Evolution for LIFE.

Looking at the PLOT at Large then it seems the Engineers had tried to Evolve themselves to become Superior and Live for Longer but they YEARNED to become IMMORTAL.

It seemed the Engineers had Seeded Worlds with the Creation Tool (Sacrificial Goo) for a LONG LONG TIME.... before they Began to Experiment and Create such Horrors like the Deacon, Xenomorph, Neomorph and the LIKE.

To Create these to PURELY USE against Creations and Worlds you deem a Disappointment or Threat of have Displeased you.... is NOT going to be the Most Efficient Method..... The Sacrificial Goo would be a more IDEAL kind of Reset Switch.  The Black Goo (LV-223) that can Lead to Horrors never mind using Organisms like the Deacon/Xenomorph is a OVERKILL its the NUKE Option it would do the JOB but it would take a LONG TIME before you can Reclaim the Land/World.

so they would have to have some Sinister Agenda they Decided upon, or saw Engineer/Human DNA as NOT being what LIFE should be, or they had a Sadistic Outlook and Hatred towards Humanity that they wanted to INFLICT the Worse Kind of Suffering on us.

I think the Progenitor to the DNA in the Urns/Mural on LV-223 is something the Engineers had NOT gone and Created but something they Encountered.  And so they SAW what this could do to them, and SAW some Potential/Perfection in this Progenitor.

But you could THROW in a Curve-ball of sorts and have the Engineers being the Slaves of this Progenitor Race at some Point in the DISTANT Past.

Either-way i think it would be Interesting to Introduce the Starbeast (a Organism that Predates both LV-223/LV-426).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPJul-31-2021 1:24 PM

"But you could THROW in a Curve-ball of sorts and have the Engineers being the Slaves of this Progenitor Race at some Point in the DISTANT Past."


This is good. The Engineers being the Gods of the Galaxy doesn't excite me. They are plain boring. Seed a world, hibernate, rinse repeat......yawn.    Now, an Engineer rebellion on a hundred alien worlds?! Sign me up!



DeaconMember10416 XPAug-02-2021 7:53 AM

I think it depends on HOW you take the Broader Plot....

*How many Engineer Worlds are there?  Are they in Peace and Harmony with each other, or are some IN or had been in Conflict with each other?

*How many Species have the Engineers Created?  What is the Technological Level of these Species?  Are they or HAVE they been in Conflict with the Engineers?

*Are there other Species/Races in the Galaxy that the Engineers had NOTHING to do with as far as Creation/Evolution?  Have the Engineers had any Conflict with these?

*WHO had Created the Engineers and where are THEY?  And what Relationship did they have with the Engineers, did they have any Conflict with their own Creations? (Engineers)

So YES there is SCOPE for Conflict within the Franchise, as YES just seeing the Engineers going around and Seeding Worlds and Vising their Creations where EVERYTHING is all Happy and everyone is KEEPING IN LINE with the PLAN etc...

All we seem to KNOW is the Engineers (in the PAST) had became UNDONE with their own CREATION/EXPERIMENTS on LV-223, the Horrors they Created could NOT be Controlled and WELL that seemed to be the END of those on LV-223. But we know there are other Engineers in the Galaxy, and well what we are shown is that David has USED the Horrors that BEFELL the Engineers on LV-223, and he had used the Black Goo on Planet 4 to KILL those Engineers and Experimented/Evolved their Horrors to Create a HORROR that could be a THREAT to the Engineers Existence and their Creations (in the FUTURE)

But SURELY that should NOT be all there is to it!  I think its LIMITED if the Engineers only Conflicts and Threats had ONLY came from Humanity getting out of HAND and then the Horrors they Created on LV-223 some Thousands of Years ago.  And their Future Threats coming from Humanity and getting their Hands on the Engineers Technology and Bio-Weapons and from David and the Horrors he has Created.

But EVERYTHING ELSE in the Engineers History etc has been ROSEY!...... Nope i dont BUY that ;)

Ridley Scott referred to the Engineers in Prometheus as Fallen Angels, this implies that either their Brothers are NOT Fallen, or their Creators are NOT Fallen.  And so it implies that those Engineers on LV-223 had been UP-TO something VERY NAUGHTY and against the WILL of the Hierarchy or are USING the Creation Tool/Fire in ways it was either NEVER Permitted or in WAYS that it SHOULD NOT be used.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-02-2021 8:17 AM

The Purpose of doing this TOPIC was to try and give some Reason for WHY the Engineers had TURNED their Attention to the Horrors of LV-223 and the MURAL rather than to CREATE LIFE like Humans.

I think there are NUMBER of Flaws behind a PLOT where these Engineers had SOLELY Constructed the Outposts on LV-223 to Create a Organism like the Deacon or Xenomorph to USE on Earth against Humans.

Especially IF those Engineers wanted to RECLAIM the Earth back at some point and START AGAIN.

The Sacrificial Scene had SHOWN the stuff that Engineer had Drank would Dissolve and Break Down/Apart the Engineer and so he would be DEAD but his DNA would be what would SEED the World/Evolve the Basic Life on said WORLD.   Well if thats the CASE then Dropping down URNS of this STUFF would be more Effective at Destroying Life on a Planet and then seeing from this NEW LIFE in its IMAGE start to Evolve/Begin.

There are those STAR MAPS on Earth, are they Pointing to LV-223? or are they Indicating say Planet 4 and so Holloway and Dr Shaw had taken the Prometheus to the WRONG PLACE?

If the Maps are pointing towards LV-223 and bare in Mind they have been Shown on Earth for at least 35'000 Years, then we have to ASK as to WHY!

*Where some Engineers trying to WARN us about this Place, but WHY would they WARN about a Place 33'000 Years before the Engineers intended to USE the Black Goo on us?

*Had the Engineers left them as a TRAP so that ONE DAY we would go to LV-223 and get Ourselves into CHAOS/DEATH?  But had they had so more Foresight 33'000 Years prior to when they Intended to BRING DEATH to us that they would leave Clues to LV-223 as a TRAP in case their Plans in Thousands of Years when to POT?

Neither makes much Sense..............

Maybe it was a Fail-Safe just in Case, but then WHY would they INVITE us to the Place, well Leave Clues if this Place would be a HAZARD to us should we EVER go and Discover the Place?

it makes more Sense to me IF we see that LV-223 had some other PURPOSE before some Engineers had began to Dabble/Experiment with the DNA/Genetics of a Organism that the Deacon/Neomorph and Xenomorph can TRACE their Ancestral Roots too.

I also think we have to Wonder was there MORE to these Experiments than to Merely go and Create a KILLING MACHINE?

We have seen W-Y and USM try to Obtain and USE the Xenomorph for its Bio-Weapons Division and FAIL and IF they had Managed to Contain the Organisms, then WHAT is the USE really?

I think trying to Obtain and Experiment with the DNA and Traits would be more Beneficial!  And when we look at Ripley 8 then she could be ULTIMATELY the Ideal Bio-Weapon a Superior Human a SUPER SOLIDER. 

But to then go and Create/Clone many Ripley 8's could give you the Perfect Marine... there is that HUBRIS of them Turning against YOU.  And then you have the Genetic Memory of Ripley, you would want to ERASE/SUPPRESS that.

And so IF the Engineers were thinking of SIMILAR then this makes more Sense about the Horrors/Mural on LV-223.  When looking at what RS has said about the Engineers it seemed that they was MORE interested in Seeding Life on Worlds and Trying to Increase their LIFE SPANS and like Weyland looking for that way to LIVE FOR EVER....

But YES at some point those Engineers became Obsessed/Interested in what they had Began to do on LV-223 Thousands of Years ago (Mural) but i dont think having it that they BEGAN this because they was Pissed Off cus we say KILLED the Space Jesus, and so it was a Act of Revenge... as well DROPPING the Sacrificial Goo would have done the Trick.

I think it would be INTERESTING to explore a Deeper Reason to WHY they would be Involved in such HORRORS and WHEN did this all FIRST BEGIN.

As Purely as a WAY to KILL OFF our Species after we UPSET them 2000+ Years ago, just does-not seem to make Sense as far as to NEED to Create the Deacon etc.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


XenomorphMember1330 XPAug-02-2021 4:33 PM

"The Sacrificial Scene had SHOWN the stuff that Engineer had Drank would Dissolve and Break Down/Apart the Engineer and so he would be DEAD but his DNA would be what would SEED the World/Evolve the Basic Life on said WORLD. "


I always assumed this was symbolic. Sacrifice someone then bomb the living hell out of the planet.


"...Trying to Increase their LIFE SPANS..." 

Who wants to live forever in hell? Sounds like this is the path they were taking. Seems VERY counter productive to a long life! 


I'm going to posit that they are immortal. Each time they die, a wave function collapses at the origin of their birth. This signals a massive bio machine that resurrects them and they trundle back to what they were doing.




XenomorphMember1330 XPAug-03-2021 12:02 PM

And to stop the Engineers mass resurrections, someone ( David ?) destroys the bio machine(s)...Making all the Engineers in the galaxy suddenly mortal. 


DeaconMember10416 XPAug-04-2021 6:36 AM

Well i think that is INTERESTING ;)

Certainly you could look at the LV-223 Engineers in this way, if they are Created by some Machine or Process (rather than Born) and for them to be Resurrected would mean they would have to be PASSED ON a SET of Memories/Knowledge.  Because if when they are Created they are a BLANK CANVAS so they have No Knowledge or Memories or Prior Experiences then it would NOT be a Resurrection.... that is UNTIL you Transfer/Program this into them.

So in that CONTEXT then the Engineers would be similar to DAVID, only that they are Organic rather than Synthetic.  I am drawn to that the LV-223 Engineers are a Sub-Created Superior Version that was Created by the other Engineers for a Specific Purpose.

If there ARC is then Similar to Davids, in that they SEE they are Superior to their Creators and begin to ASK to WHY they should Serve and do Mundane or Dangerous Tasks so those other Engineers can Play Happy Hobbits on Planet 4!

This then OPENS UP the Humanity Connection as...

*Are they a Sub-Creation of the LV-223 Engineers as they WANTED to Play God or maybe Create their own Servants?

But we (like them) eventually would NOT behave and Serve our Creator.

*Are they a Creation of the Planet 4 Engineers and those Engineers started to see Humans as Important than the LV-223 Engineers?

So then the LV-223 Engineers became Jealous and wanted to Destroy Mankind or Evolve us into something they could USE to then Overthrow their own Creators.

The Source i had for Prometheus 2 (2014) did describe like Birth Tanks that was like the Sleep Pods in the Matrix, and inside was Humanoids being Grown, which seemed to indicate the Engineers were indeed being Created/Cloned.  This could Explain as to WHY they cannot Procreate.... but being Genetically Similar to Humans they could USE their DNA to Seed/Evolve Life via the Sacrificial Goo.

The Original Idea (2010-2011) seemed to be that the Engineers would LIVE for Many Thousands of Years, but they LOST the ability to Procreate (this Pretty much seemed to be the same in 2012).

But as 2015/2016 came along then the Engineers had Changed, and RS had suggest they LIVE for about 200 Years, and they can Procreate (have Females and Infants) and so.......

IF there is something about the Experiments on LV-223 and the Origin of the Deacon and all those Horrors, and IF this was something the Engineers saw as maybe a WAY to gain some kind of Immortality/Resurrection, or even just a way to Genetically make themselves Superior.

Then that means we have to Question if....

*Are those Engineers on Planet 4 are AWARE of the Horrors/Experiments on LV-223. Or are they Completely in the Dark?

*Had those Engineers on Planet 4 been Aware and Actively Interested in this and Trying to Prolong their Lives but they then ABANDONED it all?

If what RS has said is the WAY they want to go with those Engineers (Planet 4) then they seem Content and Accepting that they are NOT anywhere near IMMORTAL and so they are NOT that Interesting in trying to gain any Immortality and maybe see they have Resurrection from the LIFE that can be Created by their Donation of their DNA (Sacrifice).

I think its OPEN to how they could have Explored it, as FAR as we still dont have all the Answers/Agenda and History of the Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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