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Engineering Prometheus – From Jon Spaihts to Damon Lindelof

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Member1470 XPApr-02-2021 1:34 PM

Made by AVP-galaxy, check it out. I like to listen to the making of the movie, but the Prometheus itself leaves a lot to be desired. This is not to say that Prometheus is totally garbage, but it could have been so much better if they would have left a lot of the cut scenes in.

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Member9759 XPApr-07-2021 7:13 AM

I think there was a LOT of Evolution going on from WHERE they at FOX was thinking, to what Spaights had then given in his Pitch...  A lot of Emphasis seemed to be on the Engineers, it maybe is a case that FOX felt that the Xenomorph should play a ROLE...

Spaights had some Background with the Engineers and Mankind that would SPAN to FAR before our Xenomorph came into Play... which seemed to be that came about as some kind of PLAN to deal with Humanity who had became a Concern/Threat to the Engineers at some point.

We dont have the Full Alien 01 Master Narrative or any of Spaights First TWO Drafts... we are made aware that the 4th (Alien Engineers) is a Evolution of the 3rd.

The Impression i get with Alien Engineers and Alien Genesis is they are a PRELUDE to exploring the Engineers more in a Sequel rather than bringing us to ALIEN and Xenomorphs. I get the impression its a Introduction to HOW the Xenomorphs came to be and then we would be going where David and Watts/Shaw would be going.

What we have to REMEMBER is when making a Prequel, that they would be TIED DOWN to a Run-Time and so when you are going to the FINAL STAGE of what to Shoot you have to ask WHAT are we showing and WHERE are we going Next.

So if we have some Big Background Story/Plot about the Engineers and History that is NOT that Fleshed out in Alien Engineers/Genesis.... we have our Would Be Gods and Creation which we play a Role...

We have the Xenomorph which is some Experimental Biological Warfare that was to be USED on Mankind... but resulted in the Space Jockey event...

So they had to look at WHAT is the BIGGER Picture here and the Xenomorph seemed merely a Engineered Bio-Weapon.  With a Sequel do they then Explain WHY this Weapons was Created in more Detail? Do they show MORE of this Weapon? Do they Spoon Feed the Space Jockey Story more?

Or are there other THEMES/PLOT that should be Explored?

If you took ALIEN ENGINEERS etc and gave more Detail into the Xenomorph Origins and those Experiments on LV-426 then there are other NONE Xenomorph parts that would have to be Dropped or Cut  Back.

The Question is then..... WHERE NEXT?

After you have more Xenomorphs than in Alien Engineers, after you have the ORIGINS of them and WHEN/HOW they got on the Derelict (Alien Engineers teases this but its FLAWED.... it simply contradicts LV-426).

It seemed that the BIGGER PICTURE would be the Engineers and their Reasons for Creation...  and so THEY came to a point and FELT that THIS is what the should Concentrate more on and SET-UP to Explore more in Sequels...

We have after all seen the Xenomorph OVER and OVER.. and ONCE you have the ORIGINS shown its WHERE NEXT?

Each Incarnation seemed to be more about the Engineers than Xenomorph and WHEN they decided to get Lindeloff in to HELP to Rework the Story then he said they should  Concentrate more on the other PARTS of the Plot than the Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph was REMOVED and Connections were TONED DOWN... i think in Part it was the Right Move... but it was TONED DOWN too much.

We Ended Up with a MESS of Ambiguity...

Prometheus was the RIGHT IDEA... it just NEEDED to have a bit more of a Connection/Clue to ALIEN so that the DOOR to ALIEN could be Closed..... but the Story and Execution of Lindeloffs Paradise was also FLAWED.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member9759 XPApr-07-2021 7:35 AM

I will add that Lindeloff is OFTEN used as a Scapegoat there are others at FOX who Pull the Strings and also Ridley Scott wanted more Ambiguity and with Ambiguity does come Discussion and Debate... if Prometheus was NOT at all Ambiguous and Spoon Fed there would be FAR LESS to talk about and the ALIEN  Section of this Website and others would have FAR Less Topics/Debate.

But what we got was TOO AMBIGUOUS.

The General Public and Casual Fans would NOT know HOW this Connects to ALIEN some would have Expected a Movie that Connects to ALIEN that is SET within the same Universe to have more of a Connection.

The Movie Needed more Clues.... it did-not have to SPOON FEED us... or have Xenomorphs it just Needed to have more Clues/Connective Tissue...

This would have Required a LONGER Run-Time... the Deleted Scenes do ADD some Meat to the Bones but they Mainly add more to the Engineers and Change HOW we could Interpret them.

I did do a EDIT that i Lost... which added a few Elements of Alien Engineers, plus some of my Own Scenes/Extensions.

But this kind of Edit would have made the Movie 35-40 Min Longer...


Ive said this before....

FOX should have Followed up with a Exploration/Recovery Mission to LV-223 which would be more ALIENY, more so than Alien Engineers and could have given enough Clues to the Xenomorph and LV-426 while having a BIT of Ambiguity and would have CLOSED the Door to ALIEN.

They then would have FREEDOM to go where David and Dr Shaw are going and look more at the Engineers rather than to Sacrifice them and TRY and give us a NEW Origin Story of the Xenommorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member9759 XPApr-08-2021 6:33 AM

I think its a SHAME that there was  a LOT that could have came about from the Engineers Plot... as EVENTUALLY going for Xenomorph after Xenomorph or similar would RUN OUT OF STEAM!

Looking at what LITTLE we know about Alien 01 Pitch to Alien Engineers, what i can Summarize is the Following.

They had Millions of Years ago been Very Similar to Mankind, they had Evolved Technologically and Genetically to a point BEYOND what we are NOW... they became Intergalactic Space Travelers they had Managed to find ways to Prevent/Stop various Diseases and Ailments and Found a way to Prolong their Lives.

Their Culture and Religion had Changed so that things like Music and Art and Entertainment as it is Seen/Used and Evolved by Mankind over the Last 2000 Years, was something the Engineers had GROWN out of Favor with so they Do-Not view such Arts and Entertainment as we do but they maybe HAD at some point.

They became Focused on Science and Advancement, and took up Engineering other Species after they had Engineered/Evolved themselves to such a HIGH LEVEL.

They were not Preoccupied with other Things that Civilizations would see as a Important part of their being. Certain things that would bring Pleasure and Entertainment where likely Shunned...

Food is Food its basis is to sustain Life its Purpose is to give us Energy to use to Live.  And so they maybe took a Simplistic look at it like that....  (In Space Food Ration Protein Slop is all thats Needed, not a Fancy Banquet).

So they Likely took a similar Stance to other forms of Pleasure/Entertainment.... which includes SEX... which at its Basis is there to Procreate... simple as THAT....  No SEX, then No Procreation!

And so  as a Advanced Species then you could Procreate without SEX... we can do that NOW all we Need is a Sperm Cell and Egg Cell and then we get Test-tube Babies.. in Future we could Incubate Fetus like this... so we would NOT need SEX.

And so at some point i think again the Engineers looked at SEX as being the WAY to Procreate and ONCE they Found a way to do this without the Act of SEX then they saw NO POINT in having SEX and so they Abandoned it.

So i Suspect they GREW out of the NEED/WANT for Certain things and looked at them at their Basics. A Cultural Change of their Ways....

Eventually being a Race who have Engineered themselves to Live for Thousands and Thousands of Years and Procreate without SEX... then eventually then YES their Species could become STERILE...

It seems they was NOT Content with this and they was looking at Gaining some kind of IMMORTALITY some way to Transcend their SOULS to Beyond the Limitations of a Mortal Body/Vessel.    If they had BELIEVED they was so CLOSE to achieving this then they would NOT be Concerned about how they can NO LONGER go and Procreate.. who Needs to Procreate their Numbers if you can become IMMORTAL.

In the Meantime they began to Seed/Evolve Life on other Worlds, even Creating Races that are similar to themselves as they were maybe Millions of Years ago...  MANKIND being one such Creation.

They would VISIT and Nurture these Creations, watch them become Civilizations, Pass on Limited Knowledge and Arts.

Once the Engineers had gained that Transcendence to Godhood that they wanted.. to become Beings who are NOT of Flesh and Blood... they maybe would then allow some Civilizations they Created more of their Knowledge that is NO-LONGER required for beings who are NOW Beyond a Pane of Existence that Mortals have.


Something had Happened to Cause them to View Humanity as a Problem, a Threat maybe?

The Engineers likely NEVER achieved the Transcendence they Desired... they would REMAIN as Mortal, and while they LIVE for Thousands of Years, they can be KILLED and will eventually DIE and being Unable to Procreate they KNOW that their Species will EVENTUALITY go and Disappear.

They maybe saw that some of the Civilizations they Created and Nurtured had shown Signs of Evolving at a Quicker Rate that had taken the Engineers Millions of Years, due to the Fact the Engineers had Engineered and Passed On Knowledge to these Creations..

The FEAR would be there, the Realization that their Creations could MAYBE at some point in Future also Advance and take to the STARS and Gain the Engineers Secrets.

Its likely their Creations had began to LIVE in ways that are AGAINST the Ways the Engineers had turned their BACKS on.  They would Pervert the Basic Knowledge, Arts and Music, they would Pervert the Basic Need to Procreate.  Maybe these Species also showed signs of coming up with their own STORIES, and Mythos, or seeing the Engineers as NOT being so Godlike....

This would be a Concern... and the Engineers likely would VISIT these Worlds from Time to Time, and in the Case of Earth then things could have GROWN really out of Control.

They could have sent down Messengers or Emissaries to try to PUT us back on Track and Steer us AWAY from Vices, and Beliefs or anything that was AGAINST what the Engineers would EXPECT from us....

But we would NOT change our Ways or Accept the Ways of the Engineers, and then IF we would then Punish and Execute or Sacrifice these Emissaries then that would be the FINAL STRAW for the Engineers.


The Engineers would have THREE things on their Minds.

1) Failing to Gain Immortality do they Still Pursue another way to Achieve this?

2) Do they begin to Concentrate on a WAY that they can Regain the ability to Procreate?

3) They would look at a way they can Eradicate any Worlds/Civilizations they see as a THREAT and Rebellious.


Is likely when the Began their Experiments and the USE of their OUTPOSTS on LV-426 (latter Changed to LV-223)  maybe these Experiments were taken in the HOPE of Achieving (1) and (2) but they Certainly had Created something they could USE to Achieve (3).

And so (3) would relate/connect to the Xenomorph but is ONLY a SMALL Part of the Overall Plot/History of the Engineers.

The Xenomorph to them is maybe just as a Assault Riffle is to us... its a Evolution of the Black Powder that can be USED as a Weapon....   Black Powder became a GAME CHANGER in Warfare on Earth.

But their is MORE to Mankind than our Discovery, Invention of Black Powder and the Evolution of Weapons that have came from it.

And so in Context to the Engineers the Xenomorph was again MERELY a Engineered/Evolved Weapon...

And so THIS... is what they THOUGHT about between Alien Engineers and Prometheus that actually their is something BIGGER that you can Explore with the Engineers Plot than merely OH THEY CREATE XENOMORPHS as Weapons of War/Pest Control.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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