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MemberPraetorianSep-20-2020 12:57 AM


I am re-writing this post, to correct things, and move away from what was formerly here that I wrote during a 'blackout' episode.
So, if you're reading this and the replies below make no's because I erased the shameful trash i wrote when I started this topic...sorry for any confusion.

You folks have no idea how regretfully sorry I am you saw me in that state...I feel ashamed, and want to make amends, give you all my sincerest apologies and make a statement;

I am DONE with despair.
I am Finished with admitting Defeat and I re-dedicate myself to the franchise and the fandom (That's you good-hearted folks) I have loved for so long and whom have been so welcoming of me...and whom have been patient with my trying to deal with and work around problems that make life more challenging as time goes by.

I will continue on, albeit I have to hand over my works to another to carry the torch for me while I will collaborate from the side.

I tried Cortana for writing by's better I hand things over to a trusted Human.
The Human I entrust my works to, knows them and my writing style intimately.

I am going to do what I can as best I can for as long as I can to keep the Essence and Spirit of ALIEN alive. I have to hope that in time, this franchise will be treated properly by it's owners...look at the awesome work being done in Star Wars with The Mandalorian, right???

I write for the Fandom, NOT for Hollywood. 

The Fandom IS the franchise.

Also, The Force Is The Fandom...just to say.

Because it's about love, of this franchise and the Fandom.

To all of you; *Non-Facehuggery* ((HUG)) and Thank-you for for putting up with me.






18 Replies


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2020 3:34 AM

No matter how much crap they will give us, nothing will take away the first three movies. The novelizations by Alan Dean Foster seem to be good too even though I haven’t read them. Sorry that you feel so bad about it so you have to leave.

Raised By Wolves seems to be boring as F if you ask me, that’s my opinion. If you leave just because people have different opinions then it will be difficult to be a member of any forum. Notice that I don’t claim that’s your reason for it, but the franchise is disappointing right now. You will never agree with everyone. Honestly I have a difficult time to understand what people find exiting about Raised By Wolves. I'm saying this just to let you know that you're not alone about that opinion. No characters + over-relying on androids = shitty TV-show, movie, or what ever, that’s my take on it.

“I grew up with ALIEN and loved it...then, died...“

I kind of agree although there are parts of the movies after Alien 3 that I find alright. Yeah in general there are too much disappointing things right now at least as far as the movies are concerned.


MemberChestbursterSep-20-2020 6:32 AM

>>>I am done with the ALIEN franchise.

"I'm done with X" - the most unreliable phrase in my life. No one I know has ever kept a promise like that for more than a couple of months. You shouldn't even give such vows. Especially if you grew up with Alien and love it. The Alien is already a part of your DNA, your nature. And two minor topics about RbW won't change that. I've been sitting here for over 3 years now and drank a whole toxic bucket about xenomorph and Filthy Alien Fans©. And I'm still here.


>>>I can not and will not be part of a forum glorifying shit like 'raised by wolves'.

Come on - there are only two topics about it. Be positive and take a different perspective - perhaps the fact that Ridley "released" his ideas in RbW will allow us to get a more classic Alien film next time!


MemberChestbursterSep-20-2020 6:48 AM

+1 or -1 doesn't matter. RbW is a temporary phenomenon and has nothing to do with the Alien Universe or this forum. A couple of weeks / months and no one will even remember about this series here.


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2020 7:36 AM

Leto: You said that there were two topics about it and and as far as I remembered it there were more than that. I don’t say that I support RBW because I think that it seems boring but I like things to be as correct as possible. When I say that there are four threads about it I say it to be as factual as possible, I don’t say that to say that I support it. RBW still seems to be really boring even though it might look good.

“A couple of weeks / months and no one will even remember about this series here.”

Maybe, I just think that it should be thrown at the trash-pile.


MemberXenomorphSep-20-2020 8:01 AM

Forum police, you forgot about this one, first mention of RAISED BY WOLVES.

I did not see yet any episode of RAISED BY WOLVES but I am already tired of haters, same as I was tired of Alien Covenant haters.

Get a life, people!

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberNeomorphSep-20-2020 8:06 AM

SuperAlien: It's not about being a forum-police, it's about having different opinions. I haven't seen anyone in this thread telling people what to think, people don't need to agree with everyone about everything. If people think that RBW is crap then they should be allowed to say so. To me it seems to be boring and I won't stop saying that since it’s my opinion.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2020 12:21 PM

To be blunt...

I will really miss you folks, the're all such great people and I really enjoyed my time here because all of you made it good and fun and special to me.

But there's been some things happening in my life, and I guess I just can't take the strain anymore...

This is NOT a 'suicide' thing....

It's an 'I'm losing the war' thing, and as it progresses it's affecting my personality, making me into someone 'not myself', I'm becoming something of a monster and I don't want to be around people I love, respect and call protect you from what's happening to me.

I'm not giving any details, but everything that has a Beginning, has an Ending.

Mine is coming. 

I am so sorry for what I've said the past few days...I don't remember writing those posts, that's an example of how this is affecting me and it's likely to get worse as this overwhelms me.

It's frightening, not being able to rely on being who you are and I don't want to be like this, but there's nothing that can be done, no medications, no surgery...nothing.
It's like being Mrs. Jekyll and Hyde...and Mrs, Hyde comes out unpredictably and I hate it so much....especially because there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I love you all, I really do, for having made my time here fun and special and feeling like 'Home'. ((HUG)) <3

I'm going to take your words of encouragement and support and remain here if you will continue to have me here.

If you all think it best that I leave, I can and will accept that decision--and I will understand it.

Again, I am sorry for what's been going on with me lately, for the posts that I made, and if I hurt any of you please accept my sincerest and most regretful apologies.







MemberNeomorphSep-20-2020 12:45 PM

BWW: To me you're welcome here, yes we might not agree about everything alien-related but that's just fine. I appreciate the different stories about how people got into the franchise, what they like and don’t like. When someone's a writer I can look at what they write about and honestly I find it interesting how people can bring up different themes and have their own ideas about the franchise.

Life can be difficult sometimes, it’s a human thing. We all deal with it in different ways. About you not being able to remember writing those posts I'm not a psychologist but you were probably under a lot of stress. Maybe you could try to get some help for that if needed.

Get back here if you want to and if you need to take a break then do so. I appreciate that we all have our own story with the franchise, you bring your perspective which is fine. Stay around and contribute to this board if you want.


MemberPraetorianSep-20-2020 12:54 PM


Thank-you ((HUG))

It's a 'hardware' issue...physical disruption of areas of the brain. The cause of it is something progressive that there's just no way to treat/cure/fix...and it is Mortal.
There's other symptoms; shaking hands, tremors, etc.. The way it disrupts my memory/personality I was warned about...but experiencing it, is something I wish NO one ever has to go through.

I'm not going to come out and say it, but I think you can get the gist of what I am speaking of.






MemberPraetorianSep-20-2020 1:47 PM

I am not going out without a fight.

My health issues...they are what they are. Fine.

I will work around them, I will entrust my Realms and Works to a person I trust with my life.

My works will never make me famous...but now and then across the years to come, some lonely fan of this franchise will find my works on some late-night search, hoping for something good...and find my efforts, and a link to this Alien Oasis so they can find what I have; A group of really great people.

I Write For The Fandom.

The Fandom Is The Franchise.

And I love you all, my friends.

Come what may, I'll keep the flame, essence and spirit alive as best I can.






AdminPraetorianSep-20-2020 9:04 PM

@Blackwinter-witch I hope you're ok, if you need anything PM me, i'm almost always around. Please keep your chin up and don't despair, and don't give up your dreams because of this, take a break and come back to it. That said, it's sad to see you leave but you are always welcome back. I really hope you find peace and happiness you deserve. 


I would also like to say, because I think it needs addressing; Ridley Scott didn't create "Raised by Wolves", Aaron Guzikowski did.

Don't get me wrong, I love Ridley Scott, but it seems like his name is overshadowing the actual creator's and I really feel like Aaron Guzikowski should be given the credit he deserves.

Here is a nice article about how he came to work with Ridley Scott on the project:  Raised By Wolves creator wants to know what will "Lead us out of the darkness"

'Speaking of sci-fi characters and fear, you get the master of that — Ridley Scott — to open the first two episodes of your show. How did that come about?

I’d written the script and I’d brought it into his production company, Scott Free. I didn’t imagine he was going to direct it, just that they would produce it. But he read it and he responded to it — apparently he started drawing the storyboards immediately afterward, which was incredible.

When I heard that on the phone I was like, “Holy s***! That’s amazing, is he really going to do it?” I still didn't really believe it. But before you know it, we were in South Africa shooting. It was amazing, as soon as he got on board it started rolling along like a freight train. He was just having a great time, inspired to tell this story.

My point is, apart from some stylistic choices and directing a couple episodes Ridley Scott isn't that involved. The themes in 'Raised by Wolves' most certainly do not come from him, they come from Aaron.

Here is another great interview with Aaron Guzikowski. He talks about what inspired him to create the show, the themes he chose to use, etc.


MemberTrilobiteSep-20-2020 11:02 PM

Blackwinter-witch It's good to hear you will continue and the links you provided make it easy to view (maybe someone could stickie it). Whatever you write about will be good if you write for yourself first. If you don't like it, it doesn't seem reasonable to expect others would like it. "Tibi ipsi dic vere."

I would like to see you stick around at your own comfort level. That's what most of us do.

You are in the asset column around here so your absence is felt after a while.


MemberDeaconSep-21-2020 4:26 AM


I applaud your Effort and your LOVE for the ALIEN Franchise,  inspite of other things in your Life that has made things Difficult.

I really HOPE you feel better soon x

I think we all have Differences about HOW we feel about HOW the Franchise has Gone and HOW it could have been Different, and i think that  a LOT of the Fan Fiction is ALWAYS a Great Addition to the Franchise to look at other Peoples TAKE on the Franchise and WHAT kinds of Wonders and Horrors they would like us to Envision.

I will have to Invest some Time into Reading your Works, i really do OWE it to myself as it seems you have a GREAT GRASP on WHAT the Franchise should have been like.

I will AGREE with others here that you are Always a Welcomed Asset to this site X

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianSep-21-2020 12:53 PM



Thank-you for your words, I appreciate it more than I can really say!

I might wander off, but I will always return...kinda like how planets have seasonal orbits and like to say. :)

There is some hope...but I had to wait to hear it, and in the WAITING I began to think the Silence equated to No Hope.

So, bright and early this morning, recieved news that there is something to try regarding this problem.

Right now I'm looking up all I can on radiation therapy and it's effects/side-effects on the brain, how best to prep for them to mitigate them, etc, etc, etc..

I have a Weapon now.

I can Fight.

If you can Fight, then you have a chance to Win.

But this experience gives me a whole new appreciation of things like Neomorph spores and related such things...believe me. 

But O'Bannon was inspired to do the chestburster because he had agaonizing bad Chrone's I can say I am in good Creative company. :)






MemberTrilobiteSep-21-2020 11:16 PM


"I have a Weapon now.

I can Fight.

If you can Fight, then you have a chance to Win."

That is profound. IDK if it's part of something you wrote that I haven't seen(it sounds kind of Dillonesque)- but I am going to steal it while giving you credit. 

It's a very matter of fact yet optimistic way of looking at facing life challenges in general.


MemberNeomorphSep-22-2020 3:40 AM

DK: It reminds me of what Dillon said about not begging. "Nobody gave me nothing so I say fuck that thing. Let's fight it!"


MemberPraetorianSep-22-2020 10:33 AM



I'm fairly certain that what I said might well have been said by many folks across time. Haven't looked it up, so for now I'll call it 'Mine' and Thank-you for the credit--even if it proves temporary.

Dillon was a great character and I loved how he went down Fighting.

I'm a Realist, I've never run from the truths of life--even when they're pretty bad, because if you 'run' when things get bad, you end up cheating yourself out of coping/combatting it.

And while my 'weapon' has to be operated by experts and a way akin to the Deathstar's superlaser (Tarkin never pushed the 'fire' button after all) still gives me something to fight back with, and there's my chance to win.

'A fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day.'

I have my Family to fight for, to remain with. To keep this enemy from hurting them. THAT makes me even scarier vs the enemy, right? :D

Yeah, Star Wars quotes...but, hell, they work. ;)





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