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The Engineers (Sub Creation)
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MemberDeaconJul-24-2019 9:35 AM

I know similar Topics have been Discussed before regarding out ENGINEERS.  Subjects that have brought up certain Questions about the Differences.

People Felt Disappointed with the Planet 4 Engineers and we had had many a Speculation about them surely NOT being Engineers.

Ridley Scott however had Confirmed they are INDEED our Engineers and he even went FURTHER!  He had claimed that those Engineers on Planet 4 were the Originals!

This surely Indicates that those Planet 4 Engineers or their Ancestors had Predated the Engineers we saw in Prometheus.  When discussing where the Next Movie could go, we had Ridley Scott mention it would be about AI and he referenced that Batty and Racheal (from Bladerunner) were AI which means he views Replicants as AI.

In this Context maybe his Revelation is that the Engineers in Prometheus are basically similar to those Planet 4 Engineers as Replicants are to Humans in Bladerunner.

A Enhanced, Sub-Created Species that are Created to Perform Certain Tasks.

Prometheus was our First introduction to the Engineers, a Technologically Advanced Humanoid Race who are indicated as playing a LARGE ROLE in the Creation/Evolution of Mankind.  Revealed to be Human looking to a Degree, but Physically Superior Looking with White Marbled Skin, they had a Enigma about them a almost Artificial Aesthetic (like a Ancient Marble Statue come to Life).

At the Time of Prometheus we did have our similar looking Elders who appeared to be Older more Frail Versions but as this SCENE is removed then we cant Assume this is what the Elders/Hierarchy would look like.

One Reason for this is that Ridley Scott did-not want to meet GOD in the First Movie, and that Dr Shaw and David would be off to the Planet of the Engineers to meet these beings who are NOT any God.. not in the Traditional Sense.

Alien Covenant takes us to what we can Assume is the Planet of the Engineers (Paradise) what we do see is a World where we meet Engineer looking inhabitants who do-not quite look the Same as our Prometheus Engineers, they appeared to be LESS Enigmatic MORE Human. (was this a Budget Restraint so less was spent on Cosmetic Effects).

The Revelation by Ridley Scott that these guys are the Originals does indicate there is a DIFFERENCE, and while our Planet 4 Engineers look more Human like a Hybrid we also see they have Females, and from Davids Notes/Drawings there was Infants... which means that these guys could Procreate.

The Earlier Concept/Idea that lead to Prometheus was the Engineers were a Ancient Race that had Genetically Engineered themselves to the point they LOST the ability to Procreate, which maybe could lead to Speculation that the Sacrificial Scene was a Project that could eventually allow them to Procreate Again.

Alien Covenant suggests this is NOT the case as far as our Planet 4 Engineers (could they have lost the ability a long time ago? and regained it?).  Ridley Scott had said the Engineers are NOT a Race but a Civilization and he mentioned while there are Different Kinds of Human Races, why cant the same be for the Engineers.  

We could Speculate the Engineers Seed many Worlds with Humanoid Life and then maybe add the desired Results to their Genepool where only the Creations deemed a Success are added?  (thats just Speculation on my Part).

Back to the ORIGINALS comment....

This seems to imply this regarding the Prometheus and Alien Covenant Engineers, which i had speculated does this IMPLY the Enhanced (Übermensch) Engineers from Prometheus more like the Replicants in Bladerunner.

I would like to DRAW your attention to the one Image i posted with the Prometheus Sacrificial Engineer, we can see this ENGINEER lacks any NIPPLES.. could indicate they are not BORN in a Womb....

NOW cast your attention to the DRAWINGS by David and while NOT so HD resolution we can see that the Males and Females and Infants have NIPPLES it is likely these Planet 4 Engineers can Procreate by Natural Means.

This could indeed imply that our Prometheus Engineers are more in common with the Replicants and David (only Organic AI)

If this is the CASE, then it adds some Depth to the WHOLE PLOT and how to look at the Prometheus Mythos and other Mythos and indeed the FALLEN ANGELS remark that Ridley Scott seemed to Label those Prometheus Engineers with.

In Closing....

We could now be ASKING.... so WHICH of these Engineers Created us? and WHY?

Maybe there is YET a even Bigger Curveball to be Thrown!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

113 Replies


MemberChestbursterJul-24-2019 10:18 AM

BigDave Yes there could be the reveal that David goes back in time and creates the Bible stories and every myth based on his exploits, while also creating the human race, his sheep.

Don't fall however to the Hollywood cliches, the notion of Over-man has nothing to do with the body, it is related to overcoming nihilism, which is another term requiring an explanation.


MemberDeaconJul-24-2019 4:11 PM

Oh NO!  not that kind of Curveball!

In all Fairness you really cant rule out more Curve-balls that will UPSET the Fans!  The Space Jockey as David or one of his Creations?   Who knows what RS would have given us...  He had indicated that by the END of the Prequels we arrive at WHO is in the Chair on the Derelict and it was said in a way that seems to indicate he knows who is behind it, and we have seen them (one who Orchestrates it) and his comments could indicate its not as Obvious as a Engineer.

"the notion of Over-man has nothing to do with the body"

Indeed i think we can look at the Übermensch as not meaning Super-Human aka Human Enhancement as far as Physically/Genetically.  So we could look at it as in some other ways that Zarathustra covers.. In that the concept of having to have Gods and a Soul to counter our Meaningless Life...  if i recall right one Drafts or a Comment by someone working on Alien Covenant had indicated the Engineers got upset because we had invented the Notion of a Soul and a Route to Immortality/Afterlife.   so its interesting to look at the Nihilism connection... this is a Realization that Weyland had upon his Death "There is Nothing"

Maybe aspects of Nietzsche as far as his Works and Ideas could be applied to the PLOT?  I am not Expert on his Works, something i will have to do a bit more Research and reading into.

The context i mainly using in regards to Übermensch is the pursuit to Advance yourself, but indeed its interesting to consider this as not only a Genetic Evolution/Goal but a Spiritual/Philosophical one.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJul-24-2019 4:16 PM

By Curveball...

I think we are seeing a repeating Process of Sub-Creation.  That had not Started with the Engineers and maybe does-not End with David.

So by that i mean Revelations could come about that the Higher Level of Creation above the Engineers could come back to be via A.I or indeed a None-Biological Being/Race (Machine if you would).  Not David though lol

Or that maybe the Engineers (even Planet 4) are a Sub-Creation by another Ancient Ancestor of Mankind... meaning they CAME FROM US... or our Ancestors.

For example this is Interesting on the Earlier Concept work for the Cathedral Dome.... TWO Concepts by TWO different Artists.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphJul-25-2019 10:09 AM

Maybe you're right. Some of this stuff was already discussed after Prometheus (Annunaki vs Iggigi, war of the gods, creation of men to do the work of the Igiggi etc.). Sounds reasonable. More so since Prometheus (=Lucifer/Satan) indicated, that there is a tension between two fractions: Zeus vs Prometheus or God vs Luciter/Satan. I hope that he will give the Engineers back some of their majestic appearance - which they lost in my mind in AC (being killed of like that without any form of defense was dissapointing to me).


However this might be a good opportunity: you said again and again, that RS stated the Planet 4 Engineers were the Originals. Please show me the source. I've googled it and this Comment by RS was nowhere to be found! This seems like one of the most crucial comments regarding the Engineer-backstory so please show me where he said that. I'd like to find out more.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJul-25-2019 12:10 PM

Our main admin Chris was formally invited by 20th Century Fox to the premiere of Alien: Covenant. At the premiere, he got to meet Ridley Scott and asked him some questions regarding the film. He asked him about Planet 4 inhabitants and Ridley told him that they were simply the civilians of the Engineer race while the ones from Prometheus were militant types (he didn't publish the interview anywhere for some unknown reason, he just mentioned that in one of my threads). 

As far as the planet 4 Engineers being the originals, I think that was mentioned in the novelization of the film. 

Nevertheless, comparing both factions side by side might imply that Planet 4 Engineers were simply just civilians, the original, pure race, thus why they appeared human-like (their planet is identical to Earth btw). And the Prometheus ones were just enhanced soldiers, thus the whiter skin, blacker eyes, and enormous strength.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJul-25-2019 12:25 PM

There is one interesting little detail, when Daniels, David, Tennessee, and Lope escaped from the planet 4, in the next shot of Covenant orbiting the planet some Engineer letters are visible on the surface.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


MemberDeaconJul-26-2019 4:17 PM

"Planet 4 inhabitants and Ridley told him that they were simply the civilians of the Engineer race while the ones from Prometheus were militant types"

Yeah i have heard RS call them Military a few times, i dont think this adds up but thats for another Debate. Thats because when i look at the overall clues and the Ships i come to the Conclusion they are Seeding Ships.

I will add as far as Original and Military then again we could consider the LV-223 kind are Enhanced, so kind of like a Cross between Replicants and Universal Solider if you would ;)

I am having trouble finding a Source for what RS had said.

I have to try and dig it up.... but he had said those Engineers in Alien Covenant are the Original Engineers, he also had implied that the Engineers are a Civilization and not a RACE.. again i cant seem to Find a Source...

Now did it just Imagine it lol

@Dark Nebula

Nice Catch i can only make out the E the other one below is hard as its not full but could be Engineer Letter Q or R

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestbursterJul-27-2019 5:32 AM

First of all, it’s 2000 years between the Engineer we meet in Prometheus and the Engineers we have a brief view upon in AC. What has happened during that time? What has evolution executed? Have the Engineers changed physically and psychologically? Have they changed in their way of viewing the world and life?

We know there are different races on Earth who look differently, have different customs. traditions and religions. But we also know that we strive to perfect ourselves, get rid of disease, longevity etc.

Are the Engineers we encounter on LV-223 genetically enhanced or perhaps made in a laboratory in order to perform certain tasks? Or are they just another race and separated by 2000 years between the ones we briefly encounter in AC?

Humanity consists of individuals who are different. They are therefore suited for different tasks: some are strong, some are fast, some are intelligent, some have empathy etc

I think the Engineers on LV-223 were just militaries (we're in the army now :) ) and scientists in their service. The task was to wipe out humanity since we didn't reach the wishes that "the gardeners of space" had hoped for.

The Engineers had left all human strife behind a long time ago. They had understood the folly . . .

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJul-27-2019 6:56 AM

Pretty sure RS described the Engineers as a civilization in the commentary of AC when he was describing the hall of heads.

As far as the Planet 4 Engineers being the originals again, it was mentioned by David in the novelization.

"...with nothing to occupy myself other than the compiling of a simple collection, I began to do a bit of genetic experimentation of my own. Simple cross-breeding, hybridizing, what have you. I like to think that the ill fate inhabitants of this world, the original Engineers, would gaze on my work with approval."

Kudos to this topic:

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


MemberChestbursterJul-27-2019 7:14 AM

Dark Nebula "the ill fate inhabitants" , well David would have snapped a neck right there.


MemberDeaconJul-27-2019 9:26 AM


Certainly there are various reasons for the Differences, the PLOT does indicate the Engineers Seed Many Worlds, Ridley Scott saying some Engineers return to Planet 4 as they periodically come back.  So there would be others out there the Question is are these Guys Seeding Worlds, Teaching Creations Knowledge or coming back from a Holocaust/Genocide of Worlds?

We have to Consider them in relation to God Mythos and so they would Certainly have SET Rules/Ways of Life that their Civilizations would Adhere too both Engineers and other Humanoids.

We could Ponder if those Worlds are KEPT a Certain way, and are Nurtured/Taught to Live a Certain way, we dont know how Long the Engineers Spend between Visits but it could be Hundreds of Years, if its Thousands then the Potential is there for some Worlds to Decide to LIVE differently than they had been Created for.

This Certainly would Warrant the Hierarchy to go and change their Ways and to have a LAST RESORT.

We could also Wonder if other ENGINEER Worlds through-out the Galaxy all SING/DANCE to the Same Tune, so they could have Conflicts with Each other... Certainly could have happened in the Past... and for the Hierarchy then the Creation of a Military to Put things in Order would be IDEAL.

I think we need to LOOK at the Differences, and then LOOK at the Engineers as being a Race who like their Genetic Engineering and then LOOK at Mankind in this Context!

There has been a number of Sci-Fi about the Creation of Super-Human's and Super-Soldiers. It was something that the Nazi's had planned to do. 

If you was a Government/Country who wanted the Edge over your opponents and your Scientist could Genetically Alter Humans to make them 2-3 X Faster/Agile, 4-5 X Stronger, have them Feel NO Pain or Emotion. Have their Senses Improved to like 5X better.

Then on the Battlefield you would have a Advantage of Sorts based on LIKE-LIKE (Similar Armed Humans vs Super-Soldiers).

This would be similar to the Replicants being used like the Universal Soldiers... and so when looking at the LV-223 Engineers we could PONDER if thats what they are...  Enhanced Engineers for a Purpose.

A Problem with Creating Such Group would be IF they realize they are SUPERIOR and become Sentient, you would want some Safe-Guards like a ability to Control them, make sure they CANT Procreate etc.

I think maybe this could be somewhat is up with our LV-223 Engineers.

Something to CONSIDER... is that our Sacrificial Engineer appeared to look the Same.  And so this is where we could WONDER... is this another Purpose of those Enhanced Engineers?  or had those Enhanced Engineers decided to Sub-Create their own Creation (Mankind).

The Differences with the Engineers, and Ridley Scott then saying those on Planet 4 are the Originals does change things a bit.

IF the Elders Scene was Kept and RS never made any comment about those on Planet 4 being Originals, then we would be Drawn to those Planet 4 Engineers as being a Hybrid or Sub-Creation. It would indicate the Prometheus Engineers are Superior and there is NO difference between Sacrificial Engineer and LV-223 Ones.

IF the Planet 4 Engineers had similar Eyes and Marbled Skin as the Prometheus Engineers, then we would consider all the Engineers to be Superior and the LV-223 kind are just more Military Trained.

BUT... they are Different and if we take Ridley Scotts comments (have to dig them up) then it implies that the Prometheus Engineers are a Version that they had Genetically Enhanced, that they Genetically Engineered (from Embryo's) and so similar to Replicants... or that a Group of Engineers had decided to Enhance themselves.

I think in these cases, if we look at the Real Implications of Genetically Engineering/Enhancing Humans for a Purpose or a Group of Humans begin to Genetically Engineer/Enhance themselves....  then their is the Potential for the Enhanced Humans to see themselves as Superior and should be PLACED at the Higher Level than NORMAL Humans... what Massive Implications this could have?

A Part of me is drawn to maybe this being the WOLF and how they renounced their Ways.. (Genetic Engineering or at least a Certain Aspect of trying to Perfect something).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphJul-29-2019 10:50 PM

We have to remember the ship piloted by David was welcomed warmly by the planet 4 Engineers. So I believe if the LV223 Engineers were soldiers, they were their soldiers. Not seen as enemies on planet 4. What was with all the ships from the underground hangar, under the plaza? Were they grounded there following a peace treaty, were they for defense?

I guess only David could tell us more about the Engineers.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


MemberDeaconJul-30-2019 6:32 AM

Certainly they are some Very Valid points, they are things i have discussed before and what kind of draws me to thinking those SHIPS are NOT Military.

But thats maybe for another Topic ;)

But Planet 4 does show us those Engineers are welcoming the Ship back, they seem of NO Concern about the Ship and what it can Carry, which means maybe they are Very Confident that NO-ONE would be able to Hijack their Ships....  and No Concerns that any of their Own kind would Turn Up and USE the Bio-Weapon on them.

So this would indeed imply that as FAR as they are aware there has NEVER been any Rebellion/War against another Faction or if ONE  had happened it is Considered LONG over and so No Concerns.

But there could be other Reasons......

something to Consider is that what we have is Planet 4 seems to have ONLY the One City where these Engineers all Choose (or maybe dont) to Stay, a Single City that at its CENTER they have a HANGER for their Military Ships.

The Engineers in Prometheus was Considered to be NOT so Stupid to Store/Experiment with the Black Goo on their Home-World and so what does that mean for the Ships in the Hanger, are they ONLY Permitted to Land if they have NO Bio-Weapons on board?

Another Question would be if these are GARDENERS of Space then where would they Store the SEEDING SHIP?

Regarding the Hanger and Juggernauts as these were shown via a Deleted Scene, it could be Considered that they MAY-NOT be Canon, in that maybe we have to Accept the Hanger only allows for ONE ship?  But then the Deleted Scene could apply as it Certainly would have been Part of the Original Idea.

It was indicated (i cant remember who by, i think in the Novel?) that the Ships had been Grounded Following the Bombardment as a Safety Procedure.  So that Nothing could TAKE-OFF (likely to Spread the Infection).  While going OFF-TOPIC... is it a case of Permanently or a Set Time and if so could this be Overwrote as far as Protocols

I would say its more Logical that the Scorpion-Ship had something to do with the Control and Once this was Incapacitated it Rendered the other Ships Useless.

"I guess only David could tell us more about the Engineers"

There is quite a lot that we DONT-KNOW and that could be Explored, i hope we get to Discover more about them.

Who knows what Explanation if Any that are given to the Differences, there could be Many Different kinds of Engineers. Indeed Ridley Scott had said more than ONCE that those LV-223 are the like the Military, but years ago he also said this in regards to them, indicating the Elders/Sacrificial Scene are the Space Gardener Variety (yet they all looked the Same).

Back to the OT and the Differences, i think maybe as the Prometheus Engineers (well Sacrificial) lacked any Nipples and they look different, to our Planet 4 ones who have Females and Infants... then i think it is Plausible that those Prometheus Engineers are a Enhanced Variant, they could be CLONED Soldiers, or Engineered like the Replicants were.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Cerulean Blue

MemberFacehuggerAug-09-2019 9:31 AM

I had often wondered why David did not just get another ship, repair it & leave Planet 4. He chose to stay there & do his experiments.  I guess if he had even been able to repair a ship, where would he go?  After Weyland's death, he no longer had a connection to anyone, or anywhere?  He was then able to build his Planet 4 crazy family!  HAHA!!

Thanks again for another great topic Big Dave!


MemberDeaconAug-09-2019 4:47 PM

I think in context to WHY would David remain on Planet 4, this was a Subject of a few Debates in 2017, it was Speculated he had stayed to LURE in more Hosts... but if there was any Luring it was a attempt to GET away from this place... well likely.

The Movie only showed us the Incoming Juggernaut that David and Dr Shaw were on, that was Intercepted by the Mother/Scorpion Juggernaut.   Then David Unleashed the Bombardment, we saw the Engineers suffering the Effects of the Bombardment and that was it.

We later saw the Juggernaught Crashed on the Mountain with NO Explanation.

What became of the other Docking Ship was a Mystery but it was in  the Movie just easy to miss...

It could be seen in One Shot, Crashed in the Background and we also had Concept Artist Wayne Haag have a Conversation about it and they said the TWO Ships has a Dust Up (Confrontation) and so thats HOW both of them Crashed.

So we could Speculate this Left David Stranded, but the Deleted Scene did show the Hanger had other Engineer Juggernauts.  It was explained in the Novel that after the Bombardment those Ships were Disabled in order to PREVENT any Infection Leaving this World.

Wayne Haag (i think it was) had referred to the Docking Ship as some kind of Border Control.  So a likely Explanation is as a Safe-Guard the Scorpion/Mother Docking Ship would likely have some Control over the Ships, so maybe once this Ship was Damaged it would Automatically Disable the other Ships.

I would assume the Docking Ship had something to do with WHY it is David cant use any other Ships, because i FEEL he could surely Figure in 10 years a way around their Systems to Re-Enable the Ships....  But if the Docking Ship is the Control/Safe-Guard and its Systems Suffered Damage then its Logical to Assume that David simply CANT repair what ever was Damaged.

If David had been able to Repair a Ship then where would he GO?  I think it depended on his Agenda.. if it was to Destroy then he would aim to either Increase the Number of his Xenomorph Eggs, or simply go and Bombard Earth, this would depend IF the other Ships had any Black Goo, i think that would be a SILLY move for the Engineers.

So i assume if David could get another Ship he would have gone to LV-223 to Experiment with his Xenomorph and to Load Up more Black Goo, well in my Opinion..

But in Context to the OT...

We have to Wonder does only the Enhanced Prometheus Engineers have the USE of the Juggernauts?

We have to also ask if this Place is Considered the Engineers Home-World in General (likely One of Many) then where is the Pebble Like Seeding Ships from Prometheus?

The Engineers abandoned these and Seeding and Converted to Mass Genocide?

Or could it be that the Juggernauts had replaced the Seeding Pebble Ships for a Manner of Tasks?

They could still use those Pebble Ships as other could be throughout the Galaxy we cant Assume the Engineers only have a role/visit or use a Handful of Worlds.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphAug-18-2019 9:00 AM

"There is one interesting little detail, when Daniels, David, Tennessee, and Lope escaped from the planet 4, in the next shot of Covenant orbiting the planet some Engineer letters are visible on the surface."

Actually I discovered this some time ago.

I don't think these are letters but big structures. What their purpose might me one can only speculate. It proves


MemberTrilobiteAug-18-2019 12:59 PM

What became of the other Docking Ship was a Mystery but it was in  the Movie just easy to miss...

Wayne Haag's take is new to me.

I thought maybe there was a connection with the invisible shield somehow with the Docking Ship . When the goo broke through, maybe it disrupted the ship to where it lost its way and crashed. For the Juggernaut, maybe David just didn't know how to land it. 


MemberXenomorphAug-18-2019 5:40 PM

"David just didn't know how to land it. "

Or maybe Shaw realized what David was doing and attempted to take control of the juggernaut?(women drivers!)


I think the change in the Engineers was made for casting reasons...Having a million buff dudes running around would look silly?

Having them look more like us makes it MUCH easier for him to cast future roles for them. Might get a famous actor to play a critical role as a Engineer? Not many actors could play a Prometheus Engineer!


MemberDeaconAug-19-2019 7:56 AM

Well indeed DK it appeared the Goo had hit some kind of Shield... like a Invisible DOME!

If we accept this, well it was-not Very Good at Keeping the GOO out... then maybe the Engineers did-not expect to ever be Bombarded by their own Bio-Weapon.

I think if we accept the DOME/Shield then in Context to Paradise i think this could be another CLUE we are looking at maybe a Interpretation of what the BIBLICAL Paradise was...

A Walled City where the Garden of Eden is Located and the Cradle of Civilization...

Have you ever seen UNDER THE DOME?

I think if we look at those Engineers being the Genetic Stock, that from them is where WE came from and other Worlds, it was indicated that WE was Scheduled for Destruction because we simply WOULD-NOT follow the Engineers Ways that was intended for us...

Differences of Religion, Culture can cause Conflict, Controlling a Civilization to Follow a Certain Intended Way/Culture that is Passed On, Doctrined towards us, this seems the Engineers Intention.

So from Planet 4 perspective, if you CONTAIN your Society in ONE Place you can Watch Over and Maintain they LIVE  by the Rules/Rituals and Culture of the Hierarchy/Elders.

So from this POV.... having some Barrier to Contain the Engineers within a Certain Location would make Planet 4 well that City a Walled City as Paradise was described as.

Regarding the Docking Ship indeed for Some Reason it had Crashed, along with the Juggernaut.  Some kind of TUSSLE may have happened that lead to BOTH of the Ships Crashing.


Maybe... when i First saw those Planet 4 Engineers i wondered if it was a Oversight, and that for only a Short Scene it was Easier and Cheaper to NOT make them look like the LV-223 Engineers.  As it was a Short Scene we would NOT notice?

However... we ONLY see the Engineers FACE/HEAD and Hands, and so it would NOT take a lot more time to Paint them more PALE like our Engineers in Prometheus.  It would also NOT cost much to have Black Sclera Contact Lenses put in.

This Level of Make Up as above for Head/Neck and Hands would NOT have taken much Longer, and the Contacts, and WHILE they may lack the Glossy Look of our Prometheus Engineers Still, it would have been much less of a OVERSIGHT!

So i found this ODD.....  that was until RS had said those Planet 4 Engineers are the Originals...

Was this a Response to the LAZY Budget Cutting they did?

Or was this Difference Intentional?

We need to go back to what he said after Prometheus... he DID-NOT want to meet GOD in the First Movie (part a response to the Deleted Elder Scene) so our Prometheus Engineers are NOT the Gods...   He then said that Dr Shaw and David would go to the Planet of the Engineers and meet these beings who are NOT Gods in the Traditional Sense.

So its likely that the Idea was the Engineers from Prometheus are/where a Sub-Creation/Servant to another Species...

As far as them looking like Humans being easier for Future Roles.... it only makes it Cheaper and Quicker than our Prometheus Engineers, but when it comes to Interaction with Engineer and Human, then indeed even with the Planet 4 kind there would be a ISSUE...Size!

So they would either have to USE some Special Effects like in the LORD OF THE RINGS... or Cast Actors who are about 7ft Mark..

Regardless of Prometheus or Alien Covenant Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-19-2019 11:31 AM

"So i found this ODD.....  that was until RS had said those Planet 4 Engineers are the Originals..."


So...You think the Engineers on L-223 are mutating themselves? Using the goo to enhance their abilities/bodies? Maybe they have been banished and the planet 4 Engineers have no idea about the black goo?! 


MemberDeaconAug-19-2019 3:18 PM

I think maybe its something to Consider....

If they are Augmenting themselves we have to ASK, do those on Planet 4 know this was happening? do those Beings/Counsel that was the Hall of Heads know what was happening?

Did either Consent this?

The other option could be they are a Sub-Created Species like say the Replicants were, and again its a case of WHO had Authorized this and are they still in Service/Permitted (those LV-223 Types).

Could the Black Goo had been Different in the Past and Intended, and those LV-223 Types had Engineered it to be Different or Came across something Else they then used the Creation Tools on to Obtain those Traits to use in the Black Goo, had they used these Traits to Evolve Themselves?

Are those Engineers (LV-223/Prometheus) really closer to David, a Sub-Created Species made to Serve/Perform Certain Tasks?  Made in the Image of their Creators?

Yet Made Superior, in every way? do they Lack a Soul?

Well they are Considered to NOT have One by their Creators the Planet 4 Engineers?

Can these Prometheus Engineers Procreate? or are they Sterile?

Maybe like David they became Sentient, refused to see WHY they should Serve those In-Superior Engineers? Their Creators?

Could a Combination of being viewed as Different, not Worthy, a Servant, yet being Superior and NOT being able to Procreate had weighed Heavy on those Engineers Minds (Prometheus kind).

Could they then had seen been Created in the Image of those Planet 4 Engineers as a MOCKERY... where SKIN-DEEP they look similar but on every other Level they are Superior?

At some point they became Fascinated with a Organic Creation like the Deacon and its DNA or its Ancestor and Dedicated themselves to CREATING these NEW Organisms, that are NOT Created in their Image as that would be a Creation in the Image of their Own Creators... HUMANOID.. (Planet 4 Engineers)

So they decided to Create Something ELSE and then Replace all Creation with the DNA of this NEW Creation (Deacon etc) as "Sometimes to Create, One must First Destroy"

So did those Prometheus Engineers want to Create for themselves?  Create Something that would be Superior to anything the Original Engineers had Created, and something that is NOT made in such a Image (Human like).

Could David's Motives have been Similar?

Is David pleased to be Created in the Image of Man... or has he grown to view being Created IN our Image as a Mockery Too?

Maybe the Story of David is a Mirror of those LV-223 Engineers?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphAug-19-2019 4:43 PM

"Maybe the Story of David is a Mirror of those LV-223 Engineers?"

Yeah, I like that!


Planet 4 Engineers were awake and letting their Earth children explore the galaxy...They could have wiped Earth just after the first atom bomb test!

Maybe the Engineers on LV-223 were entombed by the Planet 4 Engineers? And David freed the one Engineer from his 'prison cell'?

David almost got Earth wiped and ended up wiping the Planet 4 Engineers!


MemberDeaconAug-19-2019 7:22 PM

That is the Big Mystery....

Knowing IF and WHAT those on Planet 4 knew about LV-223, certainly as FAR as the Experiments etc.

So when Pondering WHY the Engineers never came back to Finish the Job, we have to Wonder did those on Planet 4 or Hierarchy of the Engineers know about the Intended Destruction of Earth and agreed or ordered it?

If they had NO-PART in it, then were MOST/ALL of the LV-223 Engineers killed off?  Leaving the Last Engineer, were there others in other Ships.... gone into Cryo-sleep to Avoid the Contamination/Infection?

I think Regardless WHO knew or ORDERED it... after the Failure... maybe they decided to Abandon the Place...

They Arrogantly felt that without their Help/Knowledge then Mankind would NOT be able to Advance to be a Space Fairing Race... they may think that as THEY had Taught us a Lot of Things, that without them in the FIRST PLACE... we would have been but Cave Men...

so they FELT that there was NO-WAY we would be able to Travel the Stars and we would NOT have Advanced any more than we had 2000 years ago, and we likely would GO Backwards and also Destroy ourselves...

So they just LET US ROT!

It was not quite David who nearly got us Destroyed.. it was Dr Shaw and Holloway and Weyland who allowed this Mission to Take Place.... it would had been likely if Dr Holloway was NOT infected and got Killed that he also would have Ordered David to AWAKEN the Engineer.

I would also say that David had Saved the Earth by Bombarding the Engineers, well Saved it for a while.. as IF he had not... i would be sure the Engineers after they realize where David and Dr Shaw came from and about LV-223 they would Determine that they had to GO and Destroy Mankind... they cant allow us to Roam the Galaxy and go and USE their Technology.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Nathan Adler

MemberFacehuggerAug-21-2019 3:37 AM

@BigDave: Well Ridley did refer to the Engineers on LV-223 as 'elegant, dark angels' so if those seen on Planet 4 are original Engineers, that planet is Paradise and LV-223 perhaps Hell as we know once imprisoned in the underworld they still plotted against Heaven. If we also consider Nietzsche, is the xeno they’re creating their attempt to engineer something "Beyond Good and Evil", that is, an effort to create a philosophy of the future and to prove to those the original Engineers helped create that God is Dead and hope is lost. Is it their attempt to create their own Anti-God/ Spell IV/Baphomet, the LV-223 Engineers perhaps similar even to Knights Templar?


Also, if the original Engineers were involved in our seeding, why would their cave paintings direct us to LV-223 if that was the estate of the Dark Engineers? Also, is Ridley intending to introduce us to Giger’s Lil I/II, Spell II/I, Lilith, etc. and if so how?


MemberFacehuggerAug-21-2019 7:07 AM


The frescos depicts a location in space some 35,000 years ago, long before the Engineers turned on humanity (which we know was about 2,000 years ago).

The Engineers just left their calling card to humans living in primitive societies, that's all. Here's where we came from, since you ask.


MemberXenomorphAug-21-2019 4:22 PM

'Here's where we came from'


Engineers: 'This is where YOU come from', "Seek this planetary system and find your answers!"(death and a movie or two)

I don't think the Engineers came from LV-223 or LV-426?


MemberTrilobiteAug-21-2019 4:25 PM

Yeah- that's one reason I didn't like Shaw much- she thought it was an invitation- sort of arrogant. How convenient for Weyland.


MemberDeaconAug-21-2019 5:45 PM

@Nathan Adler  (welcome back)

I think maybe some of that could be True... "they’re creating their attempt to engineer something "Beyond Good and Evil"

The Fallen Angles Comment depends how we take it and what RS had meant... was he talking in General to ALL the Engineers or just the LV-223?

You see when we talk about a Fallen Angel, we often connect it to a Demon, the Devil and so a Sign of EVIL and Sinister..... but then WHY would Evil/Sinister beings Create Life, but more so spend time to come and Visit their Creation and Interact with them?

The other Context for Fallen Angel... is a Angel that has Rebelled against their Creator and Intended Rules, for this they are Punished...  Cast Out...

So its likely the LV-223 Engineers could be the Fallen Kind... we see that David is playing the Lucifer in Alien Covenant and his Story is maybe a Repeat of what the LV-223 Engineers had been doing/had done.

Unless we look at it as a OVERSIGHT.... then the Sacrificial Scene showed us a Engineer more like the LV-223 kind and NOT our Planet 4 Originals...

Again.... RS said this does-not have to be Earth, it could also had been ANY TIME... and ANY WORLD.. it was to show HOW the Engineers Begin to Seed Life.

So a Similar Event could have Created us by using the Planet 4 Engineers?

It could be the Enhanced Engineers were Created to Perform the Sacrificial Rituals, Replacing the Need to KILL their own kind?

Or they was Created for another Reason or they are a Group who had Engineered/Enhanced themselves and then Decided to SEED themselves... which may be seen as NOT Permitted by the Hierarchy?

Its HARD to tell as it so Ambiguous.

Why those Enhanced Engineers could have decided to SEED/SACRIFICE themselves to Allow the Pathogen which has the Deacon/Neomorph etc DNA to Seed Worlds... a way to Spread a Creation that they deemed BETTER than their own DNA and that of their Creators... Maybe like how David is obsessed with doing the same... Creating something that is NOT like US!

Regarding LV-223 and the Star-Map...

It could be either a case of..

1) They are showing us WHERE we came from, in that LV-223 was a Sand-Box, a Nursery a Green-House they would Further Evolve Creations on, and when Pleased with the Results they THEN... place them back onto the Earth and other Worlds...  so LV-223 was something ELSE before things CHANGED!

2) They was showing us PLANET 4 but for some reason there World was Hidden... so when they arrived at the Zeta 2 System, the only Place that seemed close enough to HAVE a Environment that Supports Life... was LV-223 so they got it WRONG!

Hence the Reason the Covenant Crew was Surprised how anyone would have MISSED such a World like Planet 4 before in their Surveys...

"I don't think the Engineers came from LV-223 or LV-426?"

This was Confirmed in the Extended Scene from Prometheus...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberFacehuggerAug-21-2019 11:21 PM

If you go back far enough, we all ‘came from’ Africa.

David says the Engineers came from somewhere translated as ‘Paradise’. That’s deliberately vague and is not necessarily even a single planet or place. Where and what is Heaven, another word for Paradise?

Regardless of their origins, Engineers obviously travelled to LV-223, and they obviously travelled to Earth. When you leave a calling card you leave your name and address, not where your genes were forged in Africa.


MemberDeaconAug-22-2019 6:32 AM


I think the Prometheus Plot was to indicate that without the Engineers there would be NO Humans... he had said in Later Interviews in 2016 that the Engineers are our Forerunners.

Alien Engineers indicates the Engineers Seed/Sacrifice was to Spread his DNA that infected a Ancient Primitive Humanoid... No Real Detail given...

That could likely be some Early Hominid or Primate in the Chain of our Evolution, where its implied the Engineers DNA is what UPGRADES us to Human. This Evolved Early Ancestor via the Engineers DNA could have been in Africa ;)

Prometheus was more Ambiguous, that Sacrificial Scene was likely to show the Engineers SEED was to be the Catalyst to Evolve Basic Life.

Ridley Scott had said in the Past that the Engineers would come back Over and Over to Evolve us.. Technologically (Knowledge) and Genetically.

If you are a Genetic Space Gardener who is always Evolving your Creations, it would be WISE to have another Location where you can Perform such Upgrades so you only PLACE those you deem Sucsess back to the World your Gardening....

LV-223 is likely that kind of Place... those Engineers did-not need a Environment like we do to Breath, they could do on the Surface with no MASK/HELMET and so WHY was did the Outpost have a Breathable Environment?

This was a Good Point back then.... but with Alien Covenant we could maybe Speculate those Engineers needed the Place Terra-formed for themselves... maybe as well as Humans etc.

Those LV-223 Engineers likely Engineered to be able to Survive the Atmosphere/Environment outside.

Regarding Paradise.....

Paradise is Considered to be... a number of things.

1) Heaven, the Place our Spiritual Soul will LIVE on in, for Eternity (only for those deemed Worthy).

2) A Similar Place where only those who Died with Honor, in Battle and well had Performed Worthy Deeds would spend ETERNITY with the Gods.

3) As above but where the Innocent and Pure would be Permitted to Live for Eternity.

so across Various Cultures/Mythos and Religion those THREE things are what Paradise is Considered, in Various forms depending on Mythos/Religion.

The other Context.... is Paradise is the Location of the Garden of Eden...  a Land that the Cradle of Creation had began... where MAN had came from, a Walled City in some Descriptions.  Were MAN would have Lived for Eternity.... if it was NOT for their Fall and CAST out of Paradise.

We CAN-NOT pinpoint any Particular Myth regarding Paradise, but i think all would have some Similarities and Links to what PLANET 4 is.....

The Engineer had likely indicated that this is WHERE his Origins are from and that he is NOT from LV-223.  So again maybe LV-223 is where our ORIGINS are from.

So the STAR-MAP was like saying WE created you HERE!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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