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Some rumor about Awakening

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ChestbursterMember896 XPJan-12-2019 3:32 AM

Apparently Waterston is still in the dark about the sequel



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ChestbursterMember896 XPJan-12-2019 3:47 AM

same thing on bloody disgusting


PraetorianStaff2414 XPJan-12-2019 2:54 PM

thanks for the share ignorantGuy

What I read from that is Waterston finds what she knows about the plot for the sequel interesting enough to be more than happy to be involved. Maybe this suggests that Daniels character may be significantly involved in the sequel and not just butchered like Shaw.

But then Im sure the intention after Prometheus was that Noomi Rapace would have a more significant role too.... 


DeaconMember10193 XPJan-12-2019 3:26 PM

This seems to indicate to me that even as of NOW there is no updates on any sequel to Alien Covenant, but it appears that Katherine Waterston was likely to have had some role to play, makes sense because a second movie in a row where the Female Protagonist is killed off/plays no part leaving only David as the Surviving Cast Member may not be a wise move!

It seems she is aware of some of the Plot as of the time during the weeks following Covenants Release.  She did indicate way back then that she heard Rumors (means she had i idea of some parts of where they was taking the sequel) but then she also said or she could wind up in a Body Bag.... which to indicates she is aware things are subject to Change!

I think we can assume this may be in reference to what happened to Noomi Rapace, as in a Movie may END and set up a Plot to follow that would continue with the Actress but that things could just as easy change and they have NO role to play at all....  Certainly its unlikely that within the 6-12 months after Prometheus that Dr Shaws role would have been so little.

What i noticed from some of these Articles is they speculate again that Alien Awakening was going to be about David rocking up to LV-426 and then Engineers turn up for a Good Old Fashioned Slug Fest!

I have always been drawn to this being only SET-UP in the next movie, so that any such Slug Fest would be in TWO Movies time.

I cant help but think Ridley Scotts TV Series Raised by Wolves may have a number of Elements he wished to explore in the ON ICE Sequel.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3047 XPJan-12-2019 7:44 PM

I think this is old news.Actually i'm pretty sure SCIFIED ran this story some months ago.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


ChestbursterMember896 XPJan-12-2019 9:10 PM

ninXeno426 No it's not. It is a new interview in which she says more or less the same thing.


DeaconAdmin19707 XPJan-12-2019 9:36 PM

Technically it is a new interview, so for the sake of chronicling news I'll front page this. Thanks IgnorantGuy!


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2019 10:05 PM

So there really is nothing new; however, it is good to see interviews being conducted. It shows that there is still interest.


PraetorianMember3047 XPJan-12-2019 10:20 PM

Ah ok.But i do remember her saying the same thing roughly six or so months back.The news it would seem is unsurprisingly no new developments since then.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


ChestbursterMember896 XPJan-12-2019 10:36 PM

ninXeno426 She could get a call half-year before the movie release to appear in a marketing short. 


ChestbursterMember896 XPJan-12-2019 10:36 PM

ninXeno426 She could get a call half-year before the movie release to appear in a marketing short. 


TrilobiteMember8212 XPJan-12-2019 10:43 PM

It also sounds like she is not allowed to say anything beyond what she said lest she suffer lawyers' wrath. I suppose the same could be said for Fassbender and McBride.


DeaconMember10193 XPJan-13-2019 2:42 PM

I think trying to Ponder what kind of Information Miss Waterston knows about the sequel to Alien Covenant, we have to consider at what point had she Privy to any information, during Shooting, after Shooting had Finished, during the Promotion for Alien Covenant?

Because depending how much RS and other working on the Project had discussed where it would go next, and at which point Miss Waterson heard the last of anything... could have a bearing on what she knows.... Because ideas can Change from Shooting, Editing and Movie Release.

At the Basics... we know that Alien Covenant is going to lead us to the Back Door of ALIEN which Ridley Scott Claimed would require 2-3 more Movies.  So if we consider that the Plot is INDEED that Davids Xenomorph Creations Eventually end up on the Derelict that lands on LV-426 which the Nostromo Crew then Investigate some 17 years after Daniels has been tucked up in Cryo-Sleep.

That kind of Time-Frame and 2-3 Movies is surely not going to be a simple Plot of Leave Planet 4 and head to LV-426 which are in the same Constellation.

We have the SET-UP that David is in Control of the Covenant Ship, and has informed (as Walter) the Covenant is proceeding to Origae-6 which will take it another 7 years 4 Months.  

Tennessee would believe they have Finally overcome the Ordeal and when they awake, they will arrive at Origae-6, however we know that Daniels had discovered the True Identity of David and this sets up a interesting encounter and scenario because its a case of would Daniels Forget?

If Davids Plans are to TURN the Crew into Xenomorph Eggs, then it matters NOT for David what Daniels knows.. but can we expect such a simple PLOT?

So Potentially at the very least there is some interesting scenarios regarding what does David do with Daniels... if he wishes to CHARADE as Walter, how can he when Daniels is in the KNOW?  And killing her off would make Tennessee Suspicious so ideally they would BOTH have to be killed off...

But you can sense some interest in Daniels from David, and i think he may keep her alive as a Play-Thing.. and when we look at other ELEMENTS from Clues left by David he had said he PLANNED to do to Daniels what he had done with Dr Shaw... and i dont think this means we would just see her Turn up in the Next Movie has a Corpse..

We also know he has just TWO Face Hugger Embryos, and its indicated that eventually Davids Xenomorphs will END-UP on LV-426 on the Derelict at the closure of the Prequels.  Or so it is inferred this would be the case.

But at this point who knew were the Sequel would have gone.... Its only the Advent Viral and Ridley Scotts comments after the Launch of Alien Covenant that maybe shed some light.

David has sent the company information on what he has been doing, and revealed himself, so they are in the KNOW and surely would Investigate but WHERE TOODavid also said he need to Perfect his Queen which means he has to find a better way to Mass-Produce his Xenomorphs?

But Ridley Scotts comments suggest the NEXT Movie would NOT be about Xenomorphs but more about AI (he had also suggested that AI is not solely Mechanical, by suggesting the Replicants are AI)  This does-not mean we wont have Xenomorphs... but with 1-2 more Movies Planned after the Alien Covenant Sequel there was plenty of Screen Time to explore the Xenomorphs in future movies.

Ridley Scott confirmed they are going to the Planet, and what kind of a World would David build... again some think this is LV-426 or LV-223 but then bare in mind the next movie is NOT about the Xenomorph and we have 1-2 more after before we arrive at the back door to ALIEN.

He also then claims that there would be 3-4 incoming parties.. likely in the 3rd Act, and that the Engineers are ONE of these after they arrive back at Planet 4 and Discover the Genocide that David has committed and would be looking for the Culprit.

I am drawn to that some of the Plot may have quite a bit in common with his Raised by Wolves TV Series.. as i mentioned in my Topic Alien: Exodus

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10193 XPJan-13-2019 2:47 PM

Certainly DK....

Even though she may be unaware of what Changes could be made, she would not speak about what she heard about IN-CASE they are still using those ideas.

Such as if she said "well one interesting thing was David leaves me stranded on the Planet and i have to repair Walter and we are stranded until the Engineers arrive"

Or  "David keeps me prisoner and uses my Egg Cells to Produce more Alien Eggs and then he wishes to Evolve her and she, manages to Persuade David that she would accept this and he lets his guard down and i escape"

Those are examples...  so if they was correct she would not mention them just IN-CASE they will still remain part of any Plot when Shooting gets under way..

Even though its in LIMBO... i dont think she would SPILL beans until RS comes out and says he wont be involved in another Alien Movie and the Plot for Alien Awakening has been totally scrapped.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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