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My opinion on Scott and the next movie
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MemberOvomorphFeb-07-2018 1:44 PM

Alien awakening? What? So now there's gonna be like a Hindu guru xenomorph with a beard and flowing robes teaching meditation and spiritual awakening throughout the Milky Way? Or a benevolent and peaceful Buddhist xenomorph monk teaching the Mahayana or Zen? Don't call it awakening. We covered the force awakening in Star Wars already.

Also, is the next movie really gonna be the same formula plot? A ship arrives on the next planet, some crew member(s) gets impregnated via facehugger or sick with xenomorph microbes again, there's some issue with androids and the surviving crew barely escape the planet alive...again. I think it would be cool to have a different plot for once. Cameron did the same thing in Avatar...heavy on the eye candy, light on plot originality and depth.

Your thoughts? What direction would you go with the story?


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MemberDeaconFeb-07-2018 3:25 PM

Behold the Space Jockey ;)

Indeed AWAKENING does sound a odd Title, but its not so bad if it fits in context with what the Plot would revolve around.   The only way Awakening would fit within context to a Alien movie, would be some kind of Awakening and if we think of this regarding the Xenomorph, then really should Covenant had not been called Awakening?

Would a movie set prior to  Alien Covenant that covers what David did when/after he arrived on Planet 4 until the point of his First Xenomorph Egg not have been a AWAKENING?

So its a odd choice for a Movie that follows Covenant, but requires another movie before we get to the events of ALIEN, so the only Awakening is maybe the movie will at the end either Bring us to the Bio-Mechanical Version of the Xenomorph that ends up in Alien, and show us how the Eggs on the Derelict came to be...   for example are a Evolved Version of those on Planet 4

Or Awakening refers not to the Xenomorph but other elements within the Franchise, such as a Awakening of the Agenda/Plot behind the Companies interest in the Xenomorph, perhaps revealing AI as playing a massive Role in the Company unbeknown to Mankind.

I feel the Title more suits a movie set prior to Alien Covenant.. or one after the Sequel.. so



Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant Sequel



So i feel Awakening as far as a Title in Relation to Progression of the Plot (Xenomorph Origins, leading to LV-426) is more fitting to either prior to Alien Covenant or the movie set prior to Alien.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-07-2018 3:36 PM

As far as Direction goes, they have to be careful really, as we dont want to see basically another Alien Covenant, or Aliens kind of Flick.

Right now we are 17 years prior to ALIEN, it appears the set up is David will be off to Origae-6 which means he will arrive there in the Year 2112 so 10 years prior to ALIEN.   David has but just TWO Face Huggers and if his Creations end up on the Derelict, then in the space of 10 years the following must happen.

*Davids Creations at some point and in some way will become in their THOUSANDS

*A Engineer Ship has to come into play, and have somehow at sometime those Eggs Transported aboard it.

*This Ship has to be heading towards the Zeta 2 Reticuli System, which we can assume is NO-WHERE near Origae-6

Ridley Scott has informed us the Next movie will have been less focus on the Xenomorph and more so on AI, it also would have pondered what kind of World would David Create?

There will be 3-4 incoming Parties, one if which will be the ENGINEERS after they arrive at Planet 4 and Discover what has happened to that place and wish to find who was responsible.

The other Parties is unknown but ONE has to at least be connected to the Weyland-Yutani Company which David has informed them of his Experiments and Creation.

The movie would require at LEAST one more Sequel before it could drive us into ALIEN

So this does set us up a certain direction, i cant see the Movie being set a lot on the Journey to Origae-6 and so cover 7 years of David on the Covenant, David interacting with Daniels, or David simply Churning Out Egg after Egg on the Covenant.

I think Daniels Role would be Doomed, but she would likely be used for Davids Creative Agenda just as Dr Shaw was, i also CANT see David playing a ONE Handed Android and then putting on a Show to the other Colonists, Charade as Walter and covering up what happened in Alien Covenant..  not without Suspicion unless David Repairs himself with Walter Parts or Builds a Walter and Uploads his Soul into it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberOvomorphFeb-07-2018 4:18 PM

Thank you for your detailed responses. I just have issue with the word "awakening". Why not Alien Evolution? That's really what's going on here, right? We're seeing the xenomorph evolve to its eventual endpoint or it's full potential. What kind of world would David build? We saw what he did on the Engineers home world. He would continue these experiments. I don't think he would allow any of the colonists to come out of cryo sleep without being impregnated or infected. Those are all potential hosts for his new creations.

We'll see what Ridley has in mind and if Disney will want him to make another Alien film.

Maybe at the very least they could do a cute cartoon where an abandoned baby xenomorph befriends a young boy colonist and they adventure together. The issue of racism or speciesism could be explored as the xenomorph would not be welcomed by the human community. :)


MemberDeaconFeb-08-2018 4:31 PM

Indeed Awakening sounds odd.... it should only be applied really to the Original Creation point, and so that would have been a movie set in-between Prometheus and Alien Covenant...  Ridley Scott had actually mentioned this in a interview.

Ridley Scott Teases Covenant Sequel Title

“It will go Prometheus, Awakening, Covenant.. fairly integral where this colonization ship is on the way….”

I thought maybe this was a Misquote though as he made the same in regards to the Creation of the Xenomorph

“We’ve come back with a very simple idea. Who made them? No one ever asked that question. [Alien] was just about there it is; it exists. And this is what it is … So we’ve reinvented the idea of Alien, I think, which is that Covenant gets us a step closer to who and why was this thing designed to make human beings. And if you think it’s them [the Engineers], you’re dead wrong.”

I think what he meant was "why was this thing designed to KILL human beings"

I think the Term Awakening could be used as kind of a Re-Awakening... and funny enough Ridley Scott had confirmed that Blomkamps Alien 5 was actually going to be called Alien Awakening. which would have revolved around a Plot set 20 years or so after ALIENS and we are Re-Introduced to the Xenomorphs again plus other variants... hence a Awakening.

I have a idea for how to do the next TWO movies, which would start with my Alien Covenant sequel which would actually be called Alien: Ascension 

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-08-2018 4:36 PM

Well you could speculate the route the movie would take would be David just experimenting on Colonist, so that any incoming Human Ship would arrive to discover Thousands of Eggs, and some Xenomorphs.


Ridley Scott mentioned the next movie would be more about AI, than the Xenomorph and it would follow what kind of World would he Create?   If the movie is about David creating loads of Eggs or we arrive in the aftermath where David has Created Eggs, but we only see a few Xenomorphs (because David (in Alien Covenant) had created many more Creations than the TWO Xenomorphs we saw).

But then what movie would it be if a WY Ship arrives at Origae-6 where they just discover Eggs... or they go to the Covenant which has Eggs...?

I am drawn to RS comments about it not being so much about Xenomorphs, meaning that David will actually portray himself as Walter and help the Colonist Set up a New World... before things go to POT!

I also have been reading a lot into the Nature Boy Song that was in the AC Trailer, and Walter's (David's)  conversation to Daniels when she asked "what kind of a World Can we Build?"

His reply... "if we are KIND it will be a kind World"

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberNeomorphFeb-11-2018 8:19 AM

Hopefully we will be given something new but I doubt it. They could look around and try to find influences so we will not be given a lot of the same again. Look at what Covenant did and try to avoid much of that.

I hope that we will be given less David and Better Human Characters, at least some. Alien Covenant had Oram and then who? None other than Oram stood out among the humans, which was unfortunate. David and Walter were interesting but they are androids. Some new monsters would be nice to see but I am afraid that we will see much more of the same that Covenant had namely poorly written human characters and an over-reliance on androids so it will suck donkey dick. Characters over plot, thank you very much. I do not want an Alien Covenant 2 (as far as the quality goes), no way.

About an over-reliance on David I can tell you all this: sure he is a good actor but it is kind of boring to have a sadistic android in 60-70% of the movie. That is too much of the total runtime.

Speaking of the plot, I hope that they will change it so it will not be something involving another Derelict. There should be some different ships at least. There have been a derelict in all Scott's alien movies, this is not a big issue but I heard of that in a podcast and that was right. Something new please. You are right that they must change that because it feels a bit old by now to me.

More suspense and keep the monsters in the shadow, do not over-expose them like they did in Alien Covenant. Alien worked because they left a lot of that up to the imagination, that is what good horror movies do. The monsters can be developed in different directions but David is getting old to me no matter what Scott says. I don't want a third prequel movie about an android, that is really boring. I hope that they do not want us to support David and root for him, that is just silly. I will not support a mad android but maybe that is what Scott wants us to do I don't know.

More of the Engineers please, and try to make them interesting. Maybe they could make the SJ either an Engineer or something closely related to the Engineers. They had potential in Prometheus but they got to be better done this time. Try to figure out ways to make them a threat and try to show us more about their society, political structures, and religion. Perhaps there will not be much dedicated to that in a two hour movie but at least there could be hints. I would rather have more of them than about David because we have already had one movie about him (which mainly is what Covenant was about, his agenda).

Speaking of the WY, I would rather see them than David because then it could possibly involve some interesting human characters. Maybe someone that does not know about their agenda and that turns against them when they realize it, that could be interesting and could make for some interesting human characters.

A movie about David creating a lot of eggs? That sounds boring to me

What a good post Theseus, thank you. I agree that Alien evolution is a better title.

"I am drawn to RS comments about it not being so much about Xenomorphs, meaning that David will actually portray himself as Walter and help the Colonist Set up a New World... before things go to POT!"

I am already worried that it will suck, someone should tell Scott that a movie dedicated to an android for 65/75% of the total time is a bad idea. Actually there are alien fans that are not that into David, like me but there are probably other persons too. There are different kind of alien fans since this has been around for a while now so I hope that Scott's ego will not kill it because I think that is what is about to happen to be honest.


MemberDeaconFeb-11-2018 2:31 PM

I can sense your frustration Thoughts_Dreams but i think like it or not David is a big part of the Plot, i think the only way to have him not be much of the Movie but the Plot still around him would be similar to how Dr Shaw was a big part of ALIEN COVENANTS Plot..   By that we see nothing of her, only her Body but we get the picture that she was the Big piece of the Puzzle that lead to those Xenomorphs.

So the only way this would kind of work with David would be a Movie set on Origae-6 or the Covenant, after David has attempted to do what ever he had planned, and fell victim to it.   So for example a Human Ship arriving on Origae-6 to discover nothing but a few survivors held up in hiding from the Xenomorph Threat...   Discovering the Body of David that gets Re-activated to give us some Narration to what happened.   And then discovering Xenomorph Eggs... 

Even if we have NO Human Survivors or some managed to get into Cryo-sleep, this kind of Plot above would have the habit of being too similar to a ALIENS meets Alien Covenant... and then to introduce the Engineers, we have to ask how do they interact with the Humans who maybe survived or had came to discover the aftermath of destruction on Origae-6

I will say the Longer Disney leave it the more likely a Plot like above will happen, because every few years that pass is less chance of RS playing a part in the movie Franchise, and also less of a chance of Fassbender pulling off a 35 year old looking Android.

The Problem with this kind of Plot, would be that the Prequels had changed direction to lead us to the events of ALIEN and so if they continue the route that David Created the Xenomorph, even if the Engineers Evolve this to get to ALIEN, then we need a Engineer or other Taller Race to end up with those Eggs on board a Engineer Spaceship that is heading towards the LV-223/426 System.

so the Plot will end with this so we get the Space Jockey, but then its a case of building Human Characters and then what happens to those who survive at the end of the next movie if we by-pass what ever RS plans could be....  and go for a aftermath movie.

If incoming Humans discover what happened to the Colonist/Eggs and David between Alien Covenant and when this WY Ship arrives, but then the Engineers return to interact... we have to ask how/why would any Humans Survive or the Next movie, after the Engineers return... unless they take the same side?

So its tricky really..

UNLESS we get the reveal that when the Engineers return, they are interested in Davids Xenomorph and see it as  a Evolution of the ones they created Thousands of years prior.. if they make this clear that David DID-NOT create the Xenomorph then they would not need to even cover the events of the Derelict as we would then assume it is once again a Ancient Event,

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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