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AVPGalaxy offers clarification, confirms Humanmedia as a legit source

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NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 6:04 PM

Corporalhicks offered further clarification about reports on Alien Covenant 2 being cancelled on an AvpGalaxy video posted on youtube. He confirmed Humanmedia, whose real name is Carl Braga, did work in Alien Covenant as a graphics designer. However, it has to be taken on account that Carl Braga's first posted his comments on last August and on September.

Carl Braga imdb profile:

Carl Braga's posts on

20 Responses to AVPGalaxy offers clarification, confirms Humanmedia as a legit source


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-29-2017 7:00 PM

Poor screen graphics designer Carl Braga...

Previously, before Alien Covenant, he worked on X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. Nothing until Covenant in 2017...

Probably he won't get a job in the near future - providing that he is a real person.

Was it worth it?


FacehuggerMember357 XPDec-29-2017 7:01 PM

What I take from all of this, is that larger news outlets saw what they thought was a smoking gun and turned a tree into a forest. I think AVPGalaxy has approached this properly. It presented information to fans and forum members to dissect, and as has been done on this site, members are allowed to dissect and comment and through member feedback check the validity of any information claims. After all that is the service sites like this and AVPGalaxy perform. Information is presented, dissected, and an informed conclusion reached.

What I believe has also happened regarding a AC sequel, is that certain aspects of production have been put on hold. This does not mean cancelled, it just means that whilst things could be temporarily up in the air due to the transitional take over by Disney, there will probably be certain elements of production that cannot proceed until full authorization is given by Disney, which I would regard as common sense.

Just because one individual has reported that they have stopped working on a project, does not mean everyone else has.

It would not surprise me if there are future reports of work being put on hold for other movies. There is going to be a period of transition, and I reckon it is anyone’s guess how much this will could affect movie production in general.


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-29-2017 7:06 PM

Is Carl Braga (screen graphics designer) the person behind the user name Graphic Guy in the thread about the Mr H Livestream started by BladeRunner_1982?

Such a complicated story!


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 7:09 PM

Ati I don't think he did anything wrong. And also I have no idea why Screenrant and other outlets took a "Bonus tidbit" from an avpgalaxy news report and the made big news out of that. In my opinion, Carl Braga's post can only mean that the sequel won't be shot in Australia, and that they will use new props. Anything that signals change is positive; I don't want more of the same and we don't need another rushed movie.


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 7:16 PM

Maybe just another graphics guy. Judging by his posts on, I dont thing Carl Braga (humanmedia) would be the type of person who wastes time trolling online.


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-29-2017 7:22 PM

I wouldn't be brave enough at all to claim that Graphic Guy's comments belong to the section of 'online trolling'.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPDec-29-2017 8:42 PM

Trying to inflame the situation though definitely.  


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-29-2017 9:04 PM

Yes IRaptus, something like that.

joylitt mentions in the thread about the Braga posts ( ) that he had contacted Braga yesterday. Then we are informed (by Graphic Guy) in the Mr H Livestream thread that he joined the site yesterday.

Braga is a screen graphics designer and the new user's name is Graphic Guy. That can't be a coincidence.

joylitt started a thread yesterday with the title 'Mr H Is Right', so I'm not surprised that Graphic Guy tried to defend Mr H in his comments.

The mysterious actions resulted in a catastrophe.

joylitt should have been more careful.


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 9:09 PM

Ati wow and I almost made the mistake to point out that you and me had managed to stay out of this...


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 9:15 PM

I did not hit him, It's not true, it's Buuuull****, I did not hit him, I did noo0oot.... Oh Hi, Ati...


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-29-2017 9:15 PM

You are skillful, no doubt.


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-29-2017 9:23 PM

Ati Now talking seriously, did anybody noticed that the "source" of the news posted by avpGalaxy is actually Daszkowski. Yep, our Daszkowski. Did he unearthed the old post and told AvpGalaxy about it? Or he just told them about the Ridley Scott comments only? We should ask him....



DeaconMember10416 XPDec-30-2017 12:46 AM

I think and i mentioned this months ago regarding AC sequel, that it could be that the reception of AC would have made FOX have to take a look and assess why AC did not do well, and at this time it is likely the Plot/Draft for the sequel would have at least gone through 1-2 revisions, the process would go through changes and stuff until a Final One came about, but looking at the time-frame we can safely assume the Plot for the Next movie they clearly had it nailed down.

No doubt at this time they would have been looking at getting the sequel out sooner rather than latter, and so no 5 year wait...   It would be likely RS/Logan had a majority of the Plot Worked out no doubt how they would want it to look, and the process would no doubt had been Polishing the Draft, Planning Shooting Locations and Pre-Planning Production at the time of AC release.

With the Disappointment at the BOX Office, would surely have FOX to meet up with RS/Logan between when they are free to look at what let down AC and to consider the Plans for the Sequel as far as do they Proceed or look at what maybe changes would be made.

So in effect, it would have not been a CANCEL but more a Put on HOLD, and Ridley Scotts comments appear they have a Idea, Plot, Concept as far as the Story and how it could look, but at the moment of these comments FOX had likely put the immediate plans on Hold...

What i am saying is it appears during the Post Shooting and Editing of AC, no doubt FOX/RS etc had a Plan of where they will take the next few movies going to link to ALIEN it would appear FOX had Green Lit the Production for a Sequel to begin regarding getting the Story Finished, and then planning Schedules for Ridley Scott etc.   And so no doubt when RS had been conducting Interviews after the release of AC around May-June it would appear they had got far as far as a Draft, and it appeared that they would have estimated Shooting to take place June/July 2018.   And would have been in the Final Processes of Polishing a Draft and sitting down to discuss the look and feel this Draft would be taking.. so the next stages would have been no doubt Pre-Production as far as Concepts, work towards how to begin putting what is in the Story to Screen Psychically.    And for a Movie expected to shoot in the Summer of 2018 then indeed Pre-Production would have been to started in the Autumn

So it appears plans was going ahead..... RS comments suggested this , but then the Drop at the Box Office would no doubt have led FOX to hang on and assess the Total Main World Box Office and Reception and no doubt at this time it would be likely FOX put it on HOLD but not CANCELED

So as far as the Carl Braga goes, it could appear that he may have been asked to take part or knew someone who would have taken part in Pre-Production, but due to the reception of AC no doubt that FOX had Cancelled that Planned Pre-Production. 

We dont know what was in the Warehouse, but for them to apparently sell up around September, would be a bit rash and could be seen as a Total Cancellation... but to me it would be more likely a case of the Project being put on HOLD indefinitely and so any limited work done or equipment to be Auctioned off is possible and would have to mean IF THIS IS TRUE that FOX would have no Plans to Produce the Movie  within the next 6 Months.

Another thing is the Disney Take over, this does not just Come out of the Blue.... so there is a chance that after the Summer, those at FOX would know of the potential for a Sale... if this is the case and looking how disappointing AC was... then surely they would not want to begin Production on a Movie that could be Canceled or require a Change of Direction while they have invested Time and Money in Part Production.

As far as Blomkamp... he has used this time to Tease his Works again, in the hope Disney could consider his route, which fits right up Disneys Alley....

So our Franchise is not Dead.... but expect it to become a PG-13 Fanboys Flick.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


NeomorphMember1541 XPDec-30-2017 12:59 AM

BigDave I think you are right. If AC had been a success, they would have started pre-production pretty soon. It would have been 2 movies practically made back to back, with the same shooting locations, props etc. But AC faltered at the box office, so the production was put on hold. The least AC transnpires into the sequel the better, in my opinion. The new movie need as totally different style, less whimsy with the characters, higher stakes, and specially less of David and more of the ole Alien vibe.


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-30-2017 1:31 AM

You have to look at it from FOX and Ridley Scotts POV..

RS was committed to getting parts of his Plans for the Franchise done, but FOX felt instead of steering away from Alien we have to connect to it, so they had sat down changed things a bit but i feel when they proceeded with AC and Logan/Harper worked on the Drafts, that no soon as this was Finished and Shooting was under way.  I think RS/Logan had sat down and had the idea of where this was going next.

AC was not set up to be a stand alone movie, it was done to set up a 2nd movie and then a 3rd one before we connect to ALIEN, you can be sure they had a good idea of how these next two movies would go, you can be sure that the sequel to AC we have RS/Logan pretty much having a majority of the Plot/Plan down by the time AC was being ready for release.   

The Marketing the Hype, i think FOX felt that they corrected what made Prometheus not do so well, and i think FOX would have felt that AC would at least make back the same % of Prometheus even making more.. I think FOX would have estimated a good $400M+ return.

And you can bet some degree of Pre-planing and Production had been underway certainly during the Marketing for AC, because i think FOX assumed this movie would certainly make AT LEAST the % Profit of Prometheus.   I think we could safely assume they would have liked to see ALIEN Covenant do well, and then have it set up for a sequel to be released in 2019, to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of Alien

Sadly the Box Office and Reception has effected Plans, and you can understand why FOX put stuff on Hold..

Blomkamp would not have started to show off more of his Concepts, if FOX was not being taken over, but with Disney Take Over, i think he now thinks there is a chance Disney could be interested in following on with a Alien 5 instead....  

The BOX office is what caused AC Fate....  if the movie made $450M+  we would get another one, its about the $$$$$ Look at the Last Jedi, if this movie only made 1/3rd of what it has, then it could Force them to rethink the direction for the next movie...  but as it is doing well Financially, they are not going to be too concerned about how the Plot is basically a injustice to the Original series.

Money Matters, and for a Disney owned Alien Franchise, i think Queens, Eggs, Xeno's  Ripleys and Power-loaders are more interesting for them than David and Engineers.

Next Movies in the Franchise?

ALIEN 5 in the year 2020

AVP (reboot) in the year 2022

Maybe a Alien Prequel to tie in Covenant to Alien but expect it to by-pass a lot of what the next movie would have done.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-30-2017 11:49 AM

'Look at the Last Jedi, if this movie only made 1/3rd of what it has, then it could Force them to rethink the direction for the next movie...  but as it is doing well Financially, they are not going to be too concerned about how the Plot is basically a injustice to the Original series.'

BigDave - I must agree with you again. The Last Jedi is terrible.

It would have been awesome to see the Lucas version of the sequel trilogy. I hope he will be allowed to direct a SW movie again in the future.


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-30-2017 11:50 AM

BigDave - 'Money Matters, and for a Disney owned Alien Franchise, i think Queens, Eggs, Xeno's  Ripleys and Power-loaders are more interesting for them than David and Engineers.'

Probably and unfortunately you are right again. :/


PraetorianMember3378 XPDec-30-2017 11:59 AM

joylitt - At this point I can imagine anything...

Since you are a talented, skillful insider scripter and writer, I can imagine that joylitt, red0guy and Daszkowski are controlled by the same person - or belong to the same 'family'... :/


NeomorphMember1686 XPJan-02-2018 1:22 AM

"What I believe has also happened regarding a AC sequel, is that certain aspects of production have been put on hold. This does not mean cancelled, it just means that whilst things could be temporarily up in the air..."

Canceled or not it seems like they are considering where to go after the disappointment that is AC. With all the reports about where they will go next it seems to me that they are at least thinking about it which is a good thing.

There is no need to rush anything especially with how disappointing Alien Covenant was so they got to improve it this time and that rarely happen when you rush things. I would rather get no movie than one that is like AC. No more robot movies, thank you very much.

Alien as PG-13? No thanks, also I am not very interested in a Blomkamp movie.

“The new movie need as totally different style, less whimsy with the characters, higher stakes, and specially less of David and more of the ole Alien vibe.”

At least I would prefer that to what Ridley suggested would happen. Another movie that would be even more focused on David than Alien Covenant is would be crap in my opinion. I would prefer if they keep as little as possible from Alien Covenant in the next one if there will be any.

"You have to look at it from FOX and Ridley Scotts POV..."

We already have seen that in two movies and they have been underwhelming. I am not interested in their visions, I want a good alien prequel with the monsters and the humans as the focus.

"AC was not set up to be a stand alone movie, it was done to set up a 2nd movie and then a 3rd one before we connect to ALIEN..."

If that is the case they failed because if you want to keep people interested you got to have interesting human characters to connect to and keep more focus on the alien. They totally screwed it up with those two things in Alien Covenant. What we have now is a movie with humans that are not well written and something that focuses on some robots, this is not very much what alien is about. LMAO (at how bad that is)! I will not pay again to see a movie like that, just no. Sure you can try something new but I am not sure of it is smart to keep it too far away from what was first established, something like that.

We got to know the characters better in some clips on the www compared to the movie itself, that is a totally wrong thing to do. Keep the character development in the movie not outside of it. Why did they do that? That was silly

Maybe Fox expected it to do better since it has Xenos in it but gladly it didn't. They do not seem to understand that you need more than interesting monsters to make it good. A movie about robots disguised as an alien movie is not worthy to get that much money. It is about the human experience but they totally misunderstood that with Alien Covenant.


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-02-2018 1:46 AM

It will be hard to avoid David in the next movie, its also hard to bring in Human Characters with how AC ended, the only ways Human Characters can be used, to any effect would be if we are shown Davids Experiments on the Covenant Crew Back Fire and a Section of the Ship becomes infested and is Quarantined

The Covenant then arrives near Origae-6 and another Section of the Ships Colonist are awoken, and go to explore the Ship and then Uncover the Quarantined area and the Xenomorphs get loose. This was one idea i had for how the movie can move on after seeing AC, a movie that would kind of be a Alien 3 in Space, well a Alien 3 meets Alien...  Dark and Claustrophobic where some Survivors Escape to Origae-6 but then we can use this to tie in a 3rd movie...     Funny enough the idea i had would be a Movie similar to Pandorum  i had never heard of this movie when i had these ideas, it was months after when someone mentioned it on here that i managed to track it down and watch.

The only other TWO options to bring better use of Human Characters, would have to be a CHANGE of Heart on Davids Part, where he allows the Colony to be set up, maybe he has a hidden Agenda, but he allows them to set up a Colony but then something has to happen to allow the Xenomorph to be brought back, because these Prequels look like they WILL connect to ALIEN... for this Plot to work, we have to arrive at a time set years after the Colony is set up... we can have Flash Backs and Naration by David to events that happen prior between AC and the Next Movie, much like we had in AC, but the  most of the movie has to be set Months, or Years after the Colony is set up...  but then something happens that would allow for the Xenomorphs to go on the lose....  

THIS ^^^ is the route by idea for the Sequel is taking..

The 3rd option to have good Characters, has to be ONE of the Above ideas to have taken place, but we By-Pass these events and arrive at the AFTERMATH  where a incoming Human Ship arrives after either of those Plots has Passed by and discover the Horrors that Transpired.... this would be a bit ALIENS however.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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