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MemberPraetorianDec-28-2017 7:04 AM


/José Julián Londoño Calle/

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MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 9:42 AM 


MemberPraetorianDec-28-2017 10:17 AM

MrHreviews - Thank you.


MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 11:01 AM

@ MrHreviews,

This saddens me, 

I have enjoyed your videos over the past twelve months, especially those on the Cenobites and Judge Dredd. At times I may have disagreed with any theories or opinions you voiced, but they are yours to voice on your own channel, that you have built.

Now to the topic in hand. You will know that when news hits, be it real, fake, rumor or confirmed that the best thing to do is to check all sources, finding the original source where possible. The claims that have been posted by many websites are not sourced from AvP Galaxy, they are sourced from Blu-Ray.Com user HumanMedia, hence AvP Galaxy's non-mention. Finding this news unlikely I, the author of the article, checked all possible sites for any other information, which is why Screenrant (sourced by John Campea) and react365 (first sourced by Movieweb) are mentioned and directly linked. Throughout the article I urge the reader to take the rumor with a huge pince of salt, and even include the word "Rumor" at the very start of the title of the article, as well as throughout the article itself.

Furthermore, there is no animosity between ourselves and AvP Galaxy and there never has been. Chris and I consider Darkness, Hicks and co. good friends.

Again I remind you that the news was posted under the denomination of "Rumor", and was posted purely to ensure our fans and followers have the most up to date information that is trending, which this was. The article in no way claims the news to be true and actually urges caution in the reader. As such the article and my reporting are not clickbait, farcical, or lazy. I find it sad that you out as the only site claiming this news to be true, when we never did so, and there were a whole host of sites/sources that were/are claiming this news to be true, such as your competitor Hybrid Network whose new video claims that Human Media has been confirmed as a screen graphics designer that worked on Alien: Covenant.


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 11:17 AM



AdminEngineerDec-28-2017 11:33 AM

Mr. H,

You speak as if you are in some way a governing body on this topic or have privileged information to either confirm or discredit rumors as they surface. Fact being you have neither. You are a fan boy like most of us on this site and others with an outlet for your opinion. You very clearly rely on sites like this one and AvPGalaxy and others for your content, so I find it mildly hysterical and egotistical to speak so derogatory towards us and about us.

Secondly, you seem to wish to cause bad blood and drama with a neighbouring site, AvPGalaxy. There is no animosity between us, the admin over there and I have a fine friendship actually and despite Hicks and I having had disagreements in the past, there is no issues between us. Friendly competition is what keeps sites going, it's a motivational factor and we do credit where credit is due. You can clearly see so in each one of our articles, so please stop trying to cause drama between us for the sake of improving your own exposure. It looks bad on you.

Thirdly, please educate yourself on the term "clickbait". If an article begins with a massive RUMOR label, common sense would dictate that the content provided is open for debate and should be taken with a grain of salt. If common sense escapes you that's unfortunate but please stop slandering us and anyone else for reporting on potential rumors. As a fan boy you should know - some rumors prove to be true! This one may not have been but my point is YOU do not know for sure. You are not a studio executive, nor do you have the relationships some of us do with people actually involved with these projects.

In short, I get it, content is slow for Alien news lately. But that's no reason to try and spark up drama between websites and it's also no reason to attack sites for reporting on potential news - especially if they explicitly label the "news" as rumor right off the bat.

Stay kind. Stay humble.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 11:39 AM



MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 11:42 AM

@ MrHreviews,

Firstly, if my response was above to your video was not emotional, though I am known for being blunt I am also known for being neutral and calm, you would know this had you been reporting news for the past six years as I have here.

In your video, you clearly out about, despite that it was MovieWeb that used that source (if one can call it that) first. You also claim there is competition and animosity between this site and AvPGalaxy when, as Chris also states there is none.

Finally, I have only gone on the defensive because you have gone on the offensive, read the article I wrote which is clearly labeled, as I pointed out as - RUMOR. The article as mentioned was to keep our fans and followers informed of trending info, nothing more, and there are no claims that Alien: Covenant was canceled, thus your opinions of my article as clickbait, farcical and lazy are invalid. A criticism, much like a review differs greatly from an opinion. For example, I love Alien, but only critically review it as 2 or 3 out of 5, I find 2001 a bore, but recognize its many achievements and would review it as 4 or 5 out of 5. As such your videos are well edited and well narrated, and usually well sourced, until now.


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 11:45 AM



MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 11:50 AM


MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 12:07 PM

Seriously H,

Quotes, You said, and I quote

"We all know where this originated from, I just noted that you didn't note it. It's important. "

As I have repeatedly repeated this rumor was sourced from, not AvP Galaxy, which I clearly source in the article. Funny that you don't attack John Campea because he didn't cite AvP Galaxy either, and his video covering this was released before my article.

You claim you have antagonized us when you have only embarrassed yourself, and fallen guilty to the crimes you freely label others in doing so. Finally "Clarifying your stance" reeks of self-imposed superiority, of which no one here, admin, staff nor member can be accused of being. You video incorrectly labels our site and my article as spreading false news, no matter which way you want to cut it. We have clearly identified that to be otherwise, and any self respecting individual would in the least acknowledge their error. Your failure to do so, and your responses in this topic only continue to highlight your inflated ego. I thought I heard a man of reason and wisdom in your videos, sadly it appears I was mistaken.

Bottom line Mr H you attacked us for providing info and the original sources of said info, which we labeled under "Rumor". We have done nothing unsavory, the same however cannot be said of you.


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 12:15 PM



MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 12:17 PM



MemberPraetorianDec-28-2017 12:22 PM

An important factor of the problem we are facing is that readers/fans/commenters usually forget to discover the word ’rumour’ in the titles of the articles in question. Looking at the comment sections we find that most of the commenters believe that the lines of the news articles are facts – despite the warnings included in the articles. These comments prove that the phenomenon mentioned above exists.

I think we need videos and posts trying to find the balance between the extremes.


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 12:24 PM



MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 12:28 PM

Calling my article farcical, clickbait and lazy reporting is an attack and one I take personally, especially when as I have clearly shown my article was none of what you claim.

You attack our site, my article and my reporting, you take insult when I address and invalidate your attacks, you then refuse to acknowledge your inappropriate attitude and behavior, and claim further insult when a negative opinion is aired against yourself. It is clear you do not have the fortitude to acknowledge your error, something many members on here will state I freely do so when the error is mine. I stand firmly in my position, whereas you do not, or as the Yogscast would say...

...I say good day, sir!


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 12:30 PM



MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 1:17 PM

"Rumor: Alien: Covenant sequel cancelled?"

Seems clear enough to me.



MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 2:19 PM



MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 2:25 PM

Deliberate spamming seems a good way to get banned but not necessarily deleted.

Then again, some may not be in a very generous mood right now.


MemberFacehuggerDec-28-2017 2:29 PM

@ dk

Yep. Looks like the rumor’s been cancelled


MemberOvomorphDec-28-2017 2:29 PM



MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 2:42 PM

Maybe the account will not be deleted so that this display can stay for all to see.


MemberTrilobiteDec-28-2017 2:52 PM

Seriously MrHreviews, 

One does not understand "I say good day sir!", does one.

#1 - Check my comment in question in this thread closely, of which was brought to your attention via Twitter by AvP Galaxy's own Corporal Hicks (seriously Hicks, why) - I never said Screenrant didn't source AvP Galaxy, I said John Campea didn't, he as did I only mentioned, the original "source" of this rumor.

#2 - You attacked and my article both in your video and here in this very thread before I had uttered a single word in your direction.

#3 - You have outed us for doing exactly what you did in your video, bring to the attention of alien fans that the trending "news" was a rumor and as such should be taken with, and I quote my article "a huge dosage of salt".

#4 - Rather than apologize for your error in labeling us for click bait and lazy reporting you have continued to act as though you have done no wrong and called uncle the moment you received my opinion of your conduct in this topic in kind. As Harrigan said in Predator 2 "the door swings both ways"; cant take it, don't dish it out. because of your error and your failure to recognize as such, you have lost a viewer today H, because as I said right off the bat "This saddens me."


MemberFacehuggerDec-28-2017 2:56 PM

Now then, let’s just take a closer look at that third paragraph which reveals all. I think this is the one


“Now AVP Galaxy passes along what may be inside dirt on the Alien franchise.”



I’d say this is all about context and the inclusion of those three little words that mean so much “…what may be…”

Of course AVP is cited, but not in a bad way. It’s just passing on some info and what could be so bad about that?

Now having the inclusion of those three little words "..what may be..." should tell us all something really important. That really important thing is freedom of choice. The choice for the viewer/reader to make up their own mind. That is what any good forum is about, and that is freedom of choice and the freedom to accept or deny what is being laid out.


AdminEngineerDec-28-2017 3:14 PM

Lol I'm not deleting any of this Mr H., as your responses continue to solidify our points. You clearly have some insecurities in need of attention. "Fucking delete me" is not a civil response, more like a childish attempt to elicit a reaction. We're known for allowing free speech here, we do not censor comments we don't agree with, but if you fire off slander (which accusing us of being clickbait is in a sense) towards us, you best be prepared to defend yourself as to why when we call you out on it.

Your attitude is very evident of someone who has piggy backed on popular websites and created videos which gained some traction with fans on YouTube leading to you thinking you somehow have stature and influence on this topic. You speak in a condescending manner and as Gavin stated, you do specifically call us out over MANY other sites reporting on this rumor. Your attack on us along with your defense and responses here is evidence of your egotistical character trait. Us pointing that out is not an attack on you personally but merely an observation. You should take it as constructive criticism and use it to improve upon yourself.

Also, if you "don't give a crap about this website" you would have stopped replying, nor would you have posted in the first place, let alone continue to double post and rant now, using curse words and getting frantic trying to get your account deleted. If it didn't bug you, you would log off... it takes 2 seconds to close a tab. Your need to validate your actions shows you feel you have something to prove.

All that you have proven however is that your goal is to profit off of other people's work, whether it's to regurgitate it, report on it yourself or cause a fuss about it.

You're right, you did not need to make a video about this rumor, especially if you knew it was blatantly false. Why fuel the fire? You also did not need to personally target us for spreading the information as we are one of many who did. You also neglected the fact that we clearly labeled the article as rumor and thus, your arguments regarding it being purposely misled information is horribly inaccurate. You also singled out AvP Galaxy and criticized us for not linking them when the rumor did not originate from their site (that's not how this works btw). I did not even pen the article and Gavin obviously did not check their site or get the news first from there anyways.

I don't check Galaxy as often as i used to because some of us have real lives to live and other jobs to work, but when I do if there is news I've missed I happily give credit where it's due. Please check our Predator 4 site you will see I have sourced them numerous times.

Bottom line, this whole fuss was completely pointless. You called us out for whatever reason, you then felt the need to come HERE and attempt to sway our own opinion of ourselves after taking notice of your rather unprofessional and inaccurate "report". That in itself makes no sense. But, it's clear you watch these forums very closely and that's fine, but don't attempt to throw shit our way and not expect to be called out for it.

Drama queens only cause problems and to be honest, I'm well past that stage of internet life. We will report on news, we will report on rumors, we will report on interviews and any little update that comes our way because as a fan site that's what we do. As long as we cite our sources (sources being WHERE IT ORIGINATED FROM lol) and clearly label what the articles are about you really can not fault us. Any attempt to do so will be taken as petty, unprofessional and inaccurate. Welcome to internet journalism.

Feel free to log off though, if you wish to disconnect. If that's too much, you just close the tab instead, it's that little "x" in the top right of your browser in case you weren't sure.

Take care now. Thanks for stopping by.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


AdminEngineerDec-28-2017 3:29 PM

Seems Mr. H didn't feel confident to stand by his words and deleted his comments. Unfortunate.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberPraetorianDec-28-2017 3:50 PM

Batchpool - It's not important at all who cited who. The video in question was made for us, for fans - not against us. Sites like react365 are against us because they create fake news trying to mislead us. These fake news agencies are very dangerous since there are several people who can't distinguish between the rumour and the totally fake either.


MemberFacehuggerDec-28-2017 4:28 PM

@ Ati

Back in November there was a heated dialogue between Andrew Neill of the BBC and Afshin Rattansi from RT which was based around a discussion on fake news and sources. The stance from Andrew Neill was that it is of highest importance who cited who, with Afshin Rattansi taking an alternative viewpoint. What it appears to come down to is censorship. Should we censor fake news or include it in our overall view of things?  I do believe we should all be able to access information that allows each and every single one of us to make an informed choice and to educate ourselves in knowing who we can rely on for accurate information. By the same token, being aware of false news, and knowing the sources by being able to find out for ourselves false news providers, should act to strengthen our trust in those who are truthful and reliable.

“These fake news agencies are very dangerous since there are several people who can't distinguish between the rumour and the totally fake either.”

I totally agree with what you are saying here, and certainly there is a problem in that there are those who cannot distinguish between the rumour and the fake.

I do not have any problem with someone wanting to make videos for the fans that can guide them into looking deeply into the source of any material to check out its validity. That is just good advice. The video did actually raise an interesting point in that how can something be cancelled if it has not even been greenlit, which I found to be quite a fair point for discussion. So from that point I am not just going to dismiss what can be a valid opinion.


MemberPraetorianDec-28-2017 4:45 PM

Batchpool - You are agreed.

Perhaps you remember the weeks after the release of Covenant - I started some threads to show how easy it is to manipulate others' opinions trying to convey the message that one should not believe every line of a forum article.

I think the biggest problem is that there are insider people in the background in most cases.


MemberDeaconDec-29-2017 12:14 AM

Crikey ;)

I seemed to have missed the Party....

I think anything that has no 100% solid proof has to always be taken as Rumor i have seen this site referenced on others as Clickbait... and i dont consider this so, many sites like this have their own debates and own rumors, and even though some dont agree with each other  WALTERMORPH-GATE all rumors should be considered as such and indeed placed as such.. which is what i did with the rumors i had, which i always said take with grain of salt and the only way to Confirm would be if any Concept from 2014 or more so the Pre Logan drafts came to light... until then a rumor is a rumor.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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