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ALIEN: Acquisition (The Future of the Franchise)

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DeaconMember10416 XPDec-14-2017 12:27 AM

I think Disney will in time explore the FOX Sci-Fi Franchises this i think is a certain, when they are acquiring the rights they will be acquiring the rights to these Franchises too.  Disney had purchased part of the Marvel Franchise in 2009 (Marvel Entertainment)  were they had agreements to make Marvel Movies with 20th Century Fox (X-Men Primarily) but the other Marvel Movies (Marvel Studios) such as Iron Man and Avengers etc are already part of Disney.

So Disney has these Comic Book Franchises it has utilized and now it looks like it will have all Marvel Franchise Rights with the acquisition of 20th Century FOX (X-Men/Fantastic 4) and we know Disney has Purchased the Star Wars Franchise too.

Star Wars is a Sci-Fi Genre but its also a Action one too, but its different in a way to the Comic Book Marvel Film Adaptions...   Disney has other Movie Companies and Franchises too, and will gain more when it completes a take over of 20th Century FOX


The ALIEN and PREDATOR Franchises are different to the Marvel and Star Wars ones, they cater for a different Audience and Age Group, I dont think Disney would try and make these Franchises become something similar to the Super Hero Comic Book Franchises, or the Star Wars especially the New Trilogy kind of movies.

ALIEN and PREDATOR reach out to a different Audience than those, and i dont think Disney will try and make these Franchises more Kiddy Friendly, they NEED something a bit DIFFERENT something more ADULT

So the ALIEN and PREDATOR Franchises offer Disney something different to put out there, these Franchises are different to the Marvel Movies and Star Wars and i cant see Disney trying to make them appear similar or appeal to the similar Fanbase.

ULTIMATELY....  This means Disney WILL explore and expand both the ALIEN and PREDATOR Franchises, i think this is for certain, HOWEVER we cant be sure when they will EXPAND upon these Franchises, i think Disney will see how the New PREDATOR Movie Performs and then see how this movie does compared to those before it... they will then assess the Predator Franchise based on how the New Movie does.

When it comes to ALIEN i think they know how HUGE a Hit ALIEN and ALIENS were something just Worked with those movies, that after Alien 3 just seemed to loose its Shine... Alien Resurrection not going down too well.

Ridley Scott's attempt at a Franchise Prequels where he attempted something different with PROMETHEUS did not go down to well with some Critics, yet it Financially was a Success, But to many ALIEN Franchise Fans it was just not really enough of a ALIEN movie, hence we got ALIEN: Covenant and this movie did not become a Commercial Success, not as much as they expected and while RS may feel the Reintroduction of the Xenomorph is one reason for the down-fall, and he wishes to explore some themes he wanted to do with the Prometheus 2 sequel....  and he wishes to explore AI more, i feel looking at the criticism aimed at Alien Covenant that for the majority its the Pursuit of AI and being about AI rather than the Xenomorph is the biggest gripe people seem to have for Alien Covenant.

And so i think with Disney taking ownership, they will be assessing what Fans want, its a case of will they do what RS wants, maybe not if they feel his direction is taking things to far away from the ALIEN feel. I think Disney will be looking to do what ever will MAKE MONEY but they also would be up for trying something a bit different too, which is what they have done with the New Stars Movies, they are not a direct like for like with the Original 3 movies of which the New Franchise is a continuation, while Star Wars was about Luke, Solo, Leigh and threw in Chewbacca C3PO and R2D2 the New Franchise is changing these things, as the BIGGER Picture within the Star Wars Franchise is the FORCE and thus the JEDI and the SITH but the movie also has to have Storm Troopers and the Similar.

And so i think when Disney look at the ALIEN Franchise they will look at what the Franchise really was about, and while some may think its about Ripley, it is not... Ripley is no more a part of ALIEN as Luke is with STAR WARS and its not about David, he is to ALIEN as maybe Vader is to Star Wars.

The Star Wars Franchise can Spit out movie after movie, but they will all revolve or should revolve around the FORCE but then you can have expanded Universe Movies, which can be close like Rogue One or Further from the events of Star Wars like the Han Solo movie that is being wrapped up.

so the ALIEN Franchise in this Context has to be about the ALIEN and i think it needs to look at the Roots... which is and will always be that Derelict Ship, the Space Jockey Pilot and the Xenomorph Eggs and while Prometheus tried to expand the Universe by Expanding the Space Jockey/Derelict as far as Engineers/Technology it did not do enough to show the Xenomorph

I think Disney will attempt to get things back on track, they will realize RS is trying something NEW and that the Prequels will be something NEW and address the events that lead up to ALIEN i think Disney will realize the Xenomorph Origins and how any prequels link to the EVENT in ALIEN that is the Derelict will be something they would likely still be interested in. But i think Disney will look at what they feel may have gone wrong since after Alien 3 and i think they will look at the BASICS of the Franchise.. like how STAR WARS was a saga about the FORCE i think Disney need to assess and see what the BASICS of the ALIEN Franchise is.

The ALIEN Franchise has its Ripley/David like how Star Wars has Luke/Anakin but while Star Wars is also about the FORCE, the JEDI and SITH they (Disney) need to look at what is the ALIEN universes Equivalent and i think for this they need to look at the Basics for RS first reasons for doing Prequels.  And so i think they need to look at what went so WRONG with the Exploration of the Space Jockey and continue with this but take it back to something more ALIEN, with Star Wars we have the FORCE which is split between the JEDI and SITH and we also have the Tale of the Empire (its rise/fall and rebirth) we also have the Tale of the Rebels but these things are only a smaller part much like in ALIEN we have the Weyland-Yutani Company, and so when we look at the Rise/Fall/Rebirth of the Galactic Empire/New Order we see something that every part of this rise and fall (well nearly) has featured the Clone/Storm Troopers...  No Star Wars Movie would seem a Legit Star Wars movie without Storm Troopers i am sure everyone will agree... imagine the New Trilogy with NO Storm Troopers or related Technology?  Exactly 

I think this is where the XENOMORPH has to fit with what ever plans for the Franchise DISNEY may have.

They are a Tool (which can come in various forms) that are used as a Weapon by different Factions throughout the History, we see in SW we had the Clone Troopers, which became the Storm Troopers which latter became the New Order Troopers..... in ALIEN we had this Alien Organism, which the WY Company wanted to obtain and control...  the Prequels set in order that the Engineers must have created this Bio-Weapon, with Alien Covenant they gave us a Curve-ball that David Created the Xenomorph but throughout we still have the Xenomorph DNA/Black goo that is created, re-created and then wishing to be obtained by Engineers, David and the Company.

So then all we need now is our The FORCE and for the ALIEN Franchise this has to be exploring the Creation Element behind the Engineers,  they created us or so it appears... the Engineers did not appear to please some, and especially how they are portrayed in AC and i feel they need to ADDRESS the Creation of the Engineers the Hierarchy, who came first Humans? Engineers? are the LV-223 and Planet 4 Engineers similar the same?

We need to look at which Creation came first, Planet 4 Engineers, LV-223 Engineers, Humans and WHO/WHAT is above them..... THIS would be the ALIEN Franchises THE FORCE and while the Force has the Jedi and Sith i think we need to address what Factions are at play above and beyond the ENGINEERS but to NOT FORGET that they cant at least for the next TWO movies delve to Far Away from the Xenomorph, this is the Storm Troopers of the Alien Franchise, they cant abandon how we get to those Eggs on the Derelict in ALIEN much like the Prequels had to show in Star Wars what lead to the Creation of the Empire and its Tools (Clone/Storm Troopers)

ONCE this is done and done right.... then the ALIEN Franchise can explore the Engineers in any kind of context they wish, that has nothing to do with Xenomorphs, for now they have to go the route to ALIEN and then REEL in the Fanbase to see the Bigger Picture of the Engineers and what ever History/Hierarchy is at play but something more ALIEN than those Planet 4 Engineers must come into play.

We can see Expanded Movies like how Star Wars has the Han Solo movie, and in the Alien Franchise this could be about the Company etc, i just feel right now they need to be very CAREFUL to not make it too much about the Company and AI, at the expense of the Engineers and the Forms of Bio-Weapon they created.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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ChestbursterMember902 XPDec-14-2017 1:06 AM


I wonder however what will happen to Foxbender... will he become Disneybender now or will he also sidelined? Will they recast the X-men? Will they make a sequel to Ass assin's Creed?

On the other hand, if they threat this series like X-men and Star Wars we can say goodbye to new and original stuff and say hello to rethreads and hidden remakes (as Logan is a blatant remake of Shane with mutants). They will surely be fine to watch once on HBO or Netflix or their new streaming service, but that's that. RIP originality.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPDec-14-2017 1:22 AM

Agree. It has to be profitable and focus on what made it great in the first place- The Alien. Also, it is not a Ripley story. The beast is not cooked but Ripley is done as painful it is to say.

Even though it came out within a few years of Alien, I am not sure comparing it to SW makes sense. Alien was a really dark movie while SW was more of a feel good adventure film. Obviously, that appealed to the masses. In the bigger scheme of things, who wants to go to watch a movie about death and losing (at least back then)? Over the decades, the numbers seem to point out that the subject matter of the Alien franchise and many darker sci fi movies don't appeal to the masses.

I am cautiously optimistic what Disney will do. I think they would stay within Alien/Aliens since they seemed the most successful in general.

I maintain there is much lore to tap in the franchise via mini series ala Netflix, Hulu etc. 


ChestbursterMember516 XPDec-14-2017 5:44 AM

Is anyone aware of any content from companies Disney have took over that have a 15 / 18 rating ?

I mean they have the power to make the most amazing movie but if it has their name on it they will have to be careful. The dumb saying "I just saw it was Walt Disney" so i bought my 4 year old it to watch in his bedroom." he is scarred for life. WD is the devil.  that type of negative **** 

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord


XenomorphMember1318 XPDec-14-2017 5:56 AM

Yep. Big Dave spot on.

Xeno is just a's like having an AK-47 assault rifle as the star of your action movie! 

I have no clue what Disney will do....It's not a toy friendly series.



PraetorianMember3422 XPDec-14-2017 7:29 AM

I believe that it was written that the 20th Century Fox brand will continue under Disney to house the "edgy" movies sherris such as Alien, Planet of the Apes, etc...

Creative Perspective of the Acquisition 

Great analysis of the creative perspective of the acquisition BigDave. The comparisons you make sure break down the component pieces of each respective story into easily understood parts. Thank you.

"We need to look at which Creation came first, Planet 4 Engineers, LV-223 Engineers, Humans and WHO/WHAT is above them..... THIS would be the ALIEN Franchises THE FORCE and while the Force has the Jedi and Sith i think we need to address what Factions are at play above and beyond the ENGINEERS but to NOT FORGET that they cant at least for the next TWO movies delve to Far Away from the Xenomorph, this is the Storm Troopers of the Alien Franchise, they cant abandon how we get to those Eggs on the Derelict in ALIEN"

I believe that the Engineers are a large enough part of the Alien anthology to expand on their influence (movies/streaming series) on/history of the pathogen. The resulting morphs have been shown in many variations but the LV-223 story has to be covered at length and Disney has the chops to do it. This conflict/outbreak that took place millennia ago would be mind blowing with Disney's CGI.

Wouldn't it be great to have Disney make a point with new Alien content that show's it can delivery more edgy content totally unrelated to their other internal story lines?


FacehuggerMember299 XPDec-14-2017 7:56 AM

Monsterzero have you forgot the Kenner Aliens toy series??


XenomorphMember1318 XPDec-14-2017 8:37 AM

Critters5, I have many of the action figures.....but I just can't ever imagine rows of Walmart Alien action toys/figures...maybe a small section....but not the Star Wars/Marvel level.

Hope I'm wrong.


FacehuggerMember299 XPDec-14-2017 8:41 AM

I think this will be a good thing. I can't get any worse than AC or RS plan for Awakening aka David 3. 


NeomorphMember1686 XPDec-14-2017 11:52 AM

If this means that we won't get another movie about a mad robot then I am for it. The problem with Scott is not that he tried something different, the problem is that he didn't give a damn about the human characters but only had his heart in the robots. Nope the Xeno isn't cooked but a story based on androids at the expense of human characters is but I also like that they are trying new monsters.

"... i feel looking at the criticism aimed at Alien Covenant that for the majority its the Pursuit of AI and being about AI rather than the Xenomorph is the biggest gripe people seem to have for Alien Covenant."

This, combined with the fact that the human characters are thin as paper.

I like that they are trying something new with the Star Wars movies, they could do that with the Alien franchise as well. Alien to me is about human characters that get into situations that they are not well equipped to handle (someone tell Scott that). The Alien universe is bigger than Ripley, we have also had interesting characters like Clemens, Vasques, and Morse.

Having more derelict connections and some ideas where the alien came from is not bad, it depends on how they do it and they haven't done it very well in Prometheus and AC. Yes it have been wrong since they did AR, the last good movie was Alien 3.

“... and see what the BASICS of the ALIEN Franchise is.”

Fear of unknown consequences, a greedy company in the background that does what ever it wants to get money. The human adventure, or however to put it.

“what went so wrong with the exploration of the Space Jockey...”

Bad human characters, a lack of explanation of the Engineers and the SJ, and a focus on a mad android above all. A director that believes that he is a story teller, while he is not.

I would like to see more of the Engineer society, their religion, priests, soldiers, their army, science, and so on. They got to be portrayed as menacing and frightening, but still smart, otherwise it won't work and above all it got to make sense while still leaving some mystery.

“… i just feel right now they need to be very CAREFUL to not make it too much about the Company and AI, at the expense of the Engineers and the Forms of Bio-Weapon they created.”

The company could be interesting like something that is important but in the background but I don't care about the AI part.

Hopefully they will introduce some new things but the focus should be on the human characters and how they react when they are exposed to unknown threats.

I totally agree with DK when he says that Ripley is done, time to move on.

“I think this will be a good thing. I can't get any worse than AC or RS plan for Awakening aka David 3.”

LOL! I don't care about that either, F it.

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