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Alien Resurrection script recital/competition! UPDATE! 06 NOV 2017
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MemberTrilobiteAug-23-2017 5:55 PM

Hello Scified! It is time for our second script recital. We did Alien last spring and now we will recite Alien Resurrection. There is a prizey prize for the member who delivers the last spoken line of the movie. Mods, Staff and Admin are also members. (The winner will need to PM me with shipping information).

The rules are pretty simple. You can post a line but have to wait to post another until someone else posts the next line. A caveat is if a line is only one to four words long- in that case, you may deliver two lines.

The winner will be the member whom delivers the final line of the script. Posting that line out of sequence of the script is not a win. The intent is to conduct the entire script top to bottom.

I encourage maximum participation. If I see no activity for approximately 24 hours, I will bump the thread with some random silly stuff. Some off script jocularity is allowed but we should not get too off topic. This competition will be several pages long by the time it is done.

To keep us on the same sheet of music, we will use the script provided by Black Winter Witch and AVP Galaxy.

I will give the first line to get it started and show the proper way to post.


I reserve the right to adjust if things are moving too slowly. ENJOY!

FOR NEWER MEMBERS!!! Here is a link to the last recital in case you are unfamiliar with the general flow:


280 Replies


MemberTrilobiteAug-25-2017 5:37 PM

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-25-2017 5:43 PM

(Perez is so confused and pissed.  He's thinking how much bullshit this is)

But it remember. Why? (says Perez)

(@dk Looks like there is an attraction there in that picture.  Sigourney Weaver looks good there.  Not bad from coming back from the dead.  Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks that!)


MemberTrilobiteAug-25-2017 5:46 PM

(I Moon Girl that is a good capture and suggests attraction. It is also interesting to read the actions in the script that may not be in the movie- like the beginning dream sequence- that would have been great! Sig looks quite stunning in this movie) (I need to re watch since it has been over a year. I forgot how much I like Resurrection).


I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-25-2017 6:09 PM

(@dk I don't see that screen capture you did in the movie.  Of course, there are multiple versions of movies.  I've noticed two versions of Alien and two versions of Alien: Covenant.  I also noticed two versions of Aliens, yet I haven't found the best version and it's been awhile.  Maybe I'm getting Aliens confused with a scene in Alien3.  I haven't seen Alien3 in a LONG time, so that may be the case.  I haven't really payed attention to different versions in Prometheus since it's not on TV very much.  Actually, I don't think it has been on regular TV period.  Alight, well, I'm going to watch Alien: Covenant again.)


MemberTrilobiteAug-25-2017 6:15 PM

Wren- I'm guessing but... collective memory. Passed down generationally, at a genetic level, by the aliens. Almost like a highly evolved form of instinct. An unexplained benefit of the genetic crossing. 


MemberPraetorianAug-26-2017 12:43 AM

Perez-Wait!It has memories!Why does it have memories!

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


ModeratorPraetorianAug-26-2017 1:21 AM

Wren - Im guessing, but......collective memory. passed down generationally, at a genetic level, by the aliens. Almost like a highly evolved form of instinct. An       unexpected     benefit of the crossing..... 

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-26-2017 10:11 AM

(Perez stairs in disbelief, partly out of what Wren is saying and also partly out of the consequences that could come from this "benefit")

Benefit... (says Prerez mockingly) 


ModeratorPraetorianAug-26-2017 6:42 PM

Gedimen - You're not thinking termination?


MemberTrilobiteAug-26-2017 8:37 PM

Perez- Oh boy am I thinking termination.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-27-2017 8:00 AM

(Wren is now worried.  With urgency in his steps to keep up with Perez quick pace, his voice naturally follows the same urgency.)

We don't perceive this as a problem.


ModeratorPraetorianAug-29-2017 2:40 PM

(now that Ash has been purged from the Scified Server, we're back, so.....BUMP)

PEREZ - Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe this species out of existence and for all intents and purposes succeeded, Im not anxious to see her picking up her old hobbies.



MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 3:51 PM

Wren- It won't happen.


MemberPraetorianAug-29-2017 4:48 PM

Gedimam-We won't tell her 

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 5:37 PM

Gediman- Comes down to a fight, I'm not sure whose side she'd be on.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 5:57 PM

(Perez notices Gediman grinning and that just pisses him off even more.)

Perez - And I'm supposed to take comfort in that?

(Perez angirly punches the code and uses the hand scanner to open the second observation room with Gediman and Wren following close behind in entering.)


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 6:11 PM

Perez- Bottom line is, she looks at me funny and I put her down. As far as I'm concerned, number eight is a meat byproduct. This girl here is the money.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 7:19 PM

(On a side note: I wish the breathe password was in the script)

(Perez has a little proudness in him as he looks onto the Queen Xenomorph.  After all, he's in charge of this ship along with her, the Queen Xenomorph herself. Perez, after watching the Queen for a few seconds, starts to speak out of awe and, especially, fear.)

How soon before she's producing?


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 7:23 PM

Wren- Days. Less, maybe. We'll need the cargo.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 7:29 PM

(Perez is now a little frustrated with Wren telling him what we need, but, out of respect, Perez replies...)

It's on its way.


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 7:35 PM

Gediman- Fork.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 7:41 PM

Ripley: Fuck...

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 7:46 PM


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 7:46 PM

Gediman (pretending to correct her)- Fork.

(If a line is four or less words long, you can enter two lines if desired).

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 8:00 PM

(Thanks for reminded me.  I did enjoy typing "F^(%" though.  That's a satisfying one word to me) 

(Ripley cracks a smile, that's if you wanted to say she smiled.  In reality she was just adjusting in her seat and her face moved as she did since Ripley doesn't like Gediman all that much.  She hardly knows him, but it doesn't matter...)

(Ripley than starts to ask the question...)

How did you...

(Gediman finishes what Ripley is saying because Ripley paused since she can't bring herself to ask her question, like he knows what the creation he helped create is thinking.)

How did we get you? (starts Gediman) 

(Gediman starts to take more than enough pride when Ripley is left open mouthed after what he just said, like it was confirmation that he can read her mind.)

Gediman replies, "Hard work.  Blood samples taken on Fiori 16. (with extra emphasis in his tone) On ice.



MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 8:13 PM

(I admit to being a bit envious for not having the honor of delivering the F bomb lol! It was legit too since it is part of the script.)

Ripley- Fiora 16...

Gediman- Ring a bell? What do you remember about that place?

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterAug-29-2017 9:01 PM

(Ripley takes a handful of seconds to think about what this creepy man is asking here.  He's so demanding, she thinks.)

(Flashes of events that took place on Fiori 16 take her minds focus anyways.)

(Ripley stutters) "Came down in the shuttle... it was cold... they didn't make it."

(Ripley now feels guilty)

"They didn't survive," says Ripley.


MemberTrilobiteAug-29-2017 9:05 PM

Gediman- Who?

Ripley- I can see their faces, but... there's a girl...


ModeratorPraetorianAug-29-2017 10:07 PM

Gediman - What else?


MemberTrilobiteAug-30-2017 12:56 AM

Ripley- The cold...and...(touches her chest)...the pain.

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