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Did Ash communicate with the big chap?

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OvomorphMember29 XPMay-30-2017 6:54 AM

Just a thought (AC spoiler ahead)...

Now that we have seen David communicating of sorts with both the adult neomorph & the infant xeno/protomorph in AC, it has got me pondering the relationship hinted at between Ash and the original xeno in 'Alien'. He's asked if he tried to communicate with it and somewhat bashfully replies as to let his grave hold some secrets, implying that he probably did. Now that we have actually seen that some form of communication appears to happen between AI (David) and creature (neo/xeno) it has got me wondering as to whether Ash may have tipped off the big chap about what to do should the Nostromo's self-destruct klaxons go off - in other words if you hear 'this sound' then get aboard the shuttle to either ensure survival and/or pick off the remaining crew. I've always found it remarkable how the big chap managed to end up in the only safe place on the Nostromo, and how it seemed to wait there as though it knew to do so. Could this be a result of Ash effectively telling it the score and helping it along, like he was doing throughout? One thing for sure... it would have made for a creepy/memorable scene if so.

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OvomorphMember66 XPMay-30-2017 7:22 AM

I wish...remember it being alluded on in the novel, thought that was such an interesting idea.  Made me wonder how and where in the ship he would do that...could've been something for before the deleted airlock scene with Parker.  Would love to see something like that pop up as a deleted scene


FacehuggerMember437 XPMay-30-2017 11:27 AM

the canon explanation as to why the xenomorph was onboard the narcissus was because it was looking for a quiet spot to die.

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FacehuggerMember141 XPMay-30-2017 12:10 PM

@Resurgence  This explanation comes from some novel?


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FacehuggerMember380 XPMay-30-2017 12:17 PM

I read the Alien novel written by Alan Dean Foster back in 1979 and there is a scene that is not in the movie.  The last remaining survivors after Dallas was killed continued on with the plan for blowing it out the airlock.  Parker sees the Alien by the airlock and tells the rest of the crew over the intercom.  

When they were getting ready to blow the airlock; the klaxon goes off and the Alien gets injured and some acid seeps by the airlock.

It was found out that Ash was the one who turned on the klaxon to prevent the Alien getting blown out of space.

I found the book that mentions it.



FacehuggerMember210 XPMay-30-2017 3:38 PM

It's a "no" from me.


TrilobiteMember8212 XPMay-30-2017 9:53 PM

I didn't read the book, but by movie alone, I saw no evidence, overt or subtle that Ash communicated with BC.


NeomorphMember1823 XPMay-31-2017 1:00 AM

ash was never close enough to communicate with it. he was just trying to make sure the crew didn't kill it


FacehuggerMember437 XPJun-05-2017 3:55 AM

Farlander it did come from the making of alien novel

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