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*SPOILERS* Clever Design Details in Covenant

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FacehuggerMember437 XPMay-22-2017 4:04 AM

So when I saw Alien: Covenant I noticed a really clever detail when David was dropping the Ampules on the engineer citadel; they were falling in a double helix pattern, like DNA and when I noticed that I immediately began applauding in my head because it was actually brilliant! Did you guys notice any other clever design choices? If so leave them in the comments below.

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair

19 Responses to *SPOILERS* Clever Design Details in Covenant


FacehuggerMember247 XPMay-22-2017 4:36 AM

I remember a creature in David's lab that was in a "cross" position.


DeaconMember10324 XPMay-22-2017 5:25 AM

I thought that was a neat touch too... basically showed us what the Black Goo does... (re-writes DNA) but then alas... the effects was similar to being caught on the outside of a Nuclear Blast... where the Goo did not mutate the bodies or break them down much... but seemed to effect their Synthetic Clothes more lol

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FacehuggerMember385 XPMay-22-2017 5:44 AM

there is a few "subtle" moments i like:

1. In the opening, it was David who sit on the throne chair first.

2. Also in the opening, David play that music piece (forgot the name) and Weyland said without the full orchestra, it sounds kinda bland something like that. Then in the end, we hear a full orchestral version of that piece.

3. Yes the DNA helix, pretty awesome

4. The drinking bird towards the end of the film

5. I love the cave design, I want to live in there lol

6. David's long hair, i was like wtf an android throw hair but it is brilliant. 


XenomorphMember1305 XPMay-22-2017 6:08 AM

Wow! Nice catch! I'll look for it when I see it Tuesday.



lorn malvo

OvomorphMember17 XPMay-22-2017 6:08 AM

In the end, the facehugger embryo looks like a Tree of Life mandala :)

Bubba Zanetti

OvomorphMember67 XPMay-22-2017 10:01 AM

When David says to Daniels: "That's the spirit!".

Nice Blade Runner reference :-).



Acasta Gneiss

OvomorphMember15 XPMay-24-2017 3:38 PM

Wasn't Shaw's "elegy" Davis played on that stupid flute the Prometheus theme?


FacehuggerMember437 XPMay-24-2017 6:10 PM

Yeah it was i thought it was pretty cool.

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


ChestbursterMember731 XPMay-24-2017 6:19 PM

David made a stuffed engineer copy of the statue David that was seen at the start of the film where the android says his name while looking at the statue.


ChestbursterMember731 XPMay-24-2017 6:28 PM

The moment David in Walter disguise puts his hand on Daniels' shoulder after the first xeno is killed on the cargo freighter, his hood catches the wind and moves it upwards briefly. 

David the hooded figure....


ChestbursterMember731 XPMay-24-2017 6:40 PM

Ah I forgot this one, what does the crane attached to the cargo lander look like? 


Yep, exactly like a giant steel inner tongue and jaw of a xenomorph! 

*raises hands, smug face* 

Thank you, thank you.

*literally no one applauds* 


FacehuggerMember139 XPMay-25-2017 1:00 AM

Another details while the black goo ampoules where dropped.

They seem to form a cloud with the shape of a big sphere ac***ulating some critical mass before it finally dropped to the ground and infected the local beings.

Maybe a protective energy shield for the case that some ampoules drop unintended to give them time to evacuate.



FacehuggerMember269 XPMay-25-2017 3:07 AM

Despite what a lot of people seem to get, like Prometheus, there are a lot of cool details like this and lots of references to poems and art correlations that many might miss.

I think it's a shame, because it really does add to the movie.


FacehuggerMember437 XPMay-25-2017 3:53 AM

It does add to the movie and whenever a movie does that I can't help but enjoy.

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


PraetorianMember2674 XPMay-25-2017 4:17 AM

It's the Kubrick influence....Ridley is obsessed with the symbolisim in Stanley's work and he wants to emulate that.

I absolutely love it all!!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


OvomorphMember16 XPMay-28-2017 4:47 AM

I know this thread is focusing on visual symbolism, but I liked the spoken homages to Alien. The Last Super Prologue shows Upworth chocking on some food, just like Caine did in Alien prior to the chest bursting scene. Tenesse even states: "The food ain't that bad", another line from Alien. I liked that Walter says "I've got your back" after a prompt whack to her back stops her chocking.

Lastly, Captain Branso's reason for going to cryo-sleep as he's feeling queasy and "BURNING UP" - a foreboding statement indeed!



FacehuggerMember437 XPMay-29-2017 6:22 PM

Vampire14 every little detail is welcome be it visible or spoken

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


NeomorphMember1984 XPMay-29-2017 7:18 PM

I love how when Walter is stabbed by the flute, he shrivels up into a cross legged position!


PraetorianMember3381 XPMay-29-2017 9:03 PM

"Ah I forgot this one, what does the crane attached to the cargo lander look like? 


Yep, exactly like a giant steel inner tongue and jaw of a xenomorph!"

Neomorph, that was so obvious I didn't catch it at all. Thank you.

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