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What if the "current" Xenomorph was generated through David?

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OvomorphMember32 XPDec-08-2016 10:34 PM

Once again I was thinking about the plot involving David and the creation of the Xenos. And if by chance, David is contaminated by the Black Goo or a facehugger and generate the Xeno that we know? I thought of this theory, it does not seem to make sense, but I will try to explain my point of view that will make things a bit clearer and more acceptable.

Spoilers and rumors indicate that David is experimenting with Xenos and Black Goo, right.

The crew will be infected and will generate the Neomorphs, the new type of Xeno.

 And if by chance, making contradiction what Prometheus insinuated with the question of "creation turning against the creator" and perhaps David is infected by a Facehugger! We know it's a synthetic, okay.

 But if they remembered and searched again in Prometheus, David left the planet with Shawn without the head! (The Engineer had ripped her apart from her body). What makes me wonder how he's been in Covenant?

The only explanation I could find was whether he or even Shawn, because of the lack of components needed to repair David (who knew how to operate the engineers' technology), used black goo to make David recover, so he just did not Recovered its head back in place and returned to be a simple synthetic, but a synthetic well "semi-organic", to have anatomy similar to humans (due to the similar physical design). So, the same after having his head repaired and his body improved, he turned on Shawn, killed her (or immobilized) and took control of the Juggernaut (or the betrayal of the androids turned into body-fighting between them, causing perch The control of the Juggernaut and the fall of the spacecraft on the new planet). With Shawn dead or immobilized, he began experiments with his body, preserving him for his experiences with black goo. With the film, he manages to create the Neomorphs using the new crew as hosts, but it is revealed to him that he had done another, more complex experiment where the classic eggs and facehuggers emerge after infecting the crew at a final moment David dies), it is shown that he had had contact with one of his experiments, that turned against him "indirectly", being thus, by having its semiorganic body, a Xeno manages to emerge of David and becomes the current Xeno In which we know.

Now why do I say this? For it would justify the Biomechanical system of the Xenomorphs, its acidic blood, as well as being beings that live only in function of the species, that is, only reproducing and killing everything that is in its path, the perfect organism, without emotions, as the Created by Weyland. Anyway, this is just my theory, it may sound crazy, but it's still interesting. What do you think? I want to hear from you!

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