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Will Alien: Covenant introduce Xenomorph Egg Morphing?
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AdminEngineerJun-04-2016 11:36 AM

A deleted scene from Alien depicted Ripley discovering Dallas cocooned along the inner walls of the Nostomo, with a massive egg encasing his body - as if digesting him from the inside out. He uttered the creepy words "Kill me" before Ripley torched him. The cocooning concept was carried forth in James Cameron's sequel but the egg-morphing never made its debut on-screen.

As fellow member Aorta has addressed in previous topics, the concept of something slowly digesting you from within, slowly transforming you into something else grotesque is far more terrifying than being trapped on a ship with an Alien.

We saw an essence of this transformative bio-former material in the form of the "Black Goo" in Prometheus. Whose to say the Engineers didn't fashion their bio-former after the natural morphing abilities of the Xenomorph? Or what if the egg-morphing is an adopted trait of the Xenomorph's creation from the Engineer bio-former?

There's still so many theories about how and why this trait could exist and I'm hoping we get a glimpse of it in Alien: Covenant, do you?

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MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2016 12:07 PM

YES. Or something similarly awful. And I think there's a good chance we will. Ridley's already displayed a taste for moving beyond MORB norms as we know them, and I think taking back the canon as well (within reason, everybody. It wouldn't be a bad thing, really.).

I'm hoping something even more strange and terrible is on the menu for A:C!

Edit:  I do believe that the Liquid is at the very least a variant of something naturally produced by the MORB.


MemberPraetorianJun-04-2016 12:55 PM

o wow




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



MemberPraetorianJun-04-2016 1:09 PM

Brett was dead by the time he was egg-morphed, but poor Dallas was still alive, looking over at Brett with the realisation that he was about to be transformed. Imagine the pain and horror of feeling that process! What could be worse than that?

I really want to see some egg-morphing, and I think the process could connect to the way the Juggernauts are formed too!

Different species being morphed would produce slight variations in the size of the eggs- for example, Engineers would make for bigger eggs. I think that also ties into the variety of urn sizes found in the Ampule Room.



"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


MemberOvomorphJun-04-2016 1:22 PM

I can see where they get their ideas from ...

Very similar (although without Alien goo) happens on Earth ... the life-cycle of butterflies ... eggs hatch ... the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis within a few days ... the caterpillar then digests itself, starts to break down inside (enzymes turn the caterpillar into a 'soup' like substance) ... some of the 'imaginal discs' are left behind, which survive the digestive process ... there’s a pair for the antennae, a pair for the eyes, one for each leg and wing, and so on ...

Sorry, my nature head was on at this point ... I like to breed moths & butterflies, now and again and photograph the process ... it's fantastic ...

Right back on track ...


MemberPraetorianJun-04-2016 1:37 PM

So the eggs the face huggers are born in, are literally the hosts? and thats why they appear leathery?  




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



MemberOvomorphJun-04-2016 1:42 PM

@Blade ... that would be a good assumption ... the chemistry involved would seem very complex ...


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2016 2:34 PM

I wonder if there's still some shred of the host's consciousness left in the facehugger, left to sit for potentially thousands of years. :D

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJun-04-2016 3:57 PM

Unfortunately not. because todays audience just don't have the stomach to deal with it.

The egg morphing scene in ALIEN was very disturbing (one of my favourite scenes of the whole film!) and introduced us to something far more sinister and ALIEN than we could even begin to comprehend in our reality.

The experimental times of the 70s and 80s punk generation is gone.

The poster was good though!


Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJun-04-2016 4:34 PM



The poster was good though!



MemberXenomorphJun-04-2016 8:19 PM

I don't think it's a matter of audiences being able to stomach it.  Things like Saw and Hostel are popular.


The problem is trying to sell it to an audience expecting eggs to come from queens.


MemberFacehuggerJun-04-2016 9:12 PM



Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJun-05-2016 2:28 AM

@S.M; I think you're correct actually. Ignore my last two comments.

But there's still the fact that it is described as an adventure/thriller, not a horror. So no i don't think we will see a scene like the egg morph scene.

The poster was good though!



MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 5:25 AM

the scripts point to
Eggmorphing as how the
Eggs got on the Derelict


MemberDeaconJun-05-2016 7:54 AM

I am not sure what you mean by Scripts?

Alien was intended to follow the route of being based off Star Beast where Egg Morph was the final part of the Life Cycle, when the draft became Alien they was at that time still hopping to go for the similar route and that the Derelict and Egg Silo where two different locations.  But the idea had evolved from being a race who stumbled on the Eggs, to then being a race who had some connection with them.

But i think it see the point as far as Alien in that the concept of Egg =>Face Hugger => Chest Buster =>Adult => Egg Morph => Egg

Could had pointed to the Eggs being on the Derelict by the same means, how exactly was not really explored.. i.e where Egg Morphs carried to the Cargo Hold once they became Eggs.

Then Aliens came along and gave the Queen and a idea that the Queen may have laid those Eggs, which i think its wrong.. a Queen may have laid them at some other place and then we saw them transported to the Derelict.

Hopefully they will answer the reason for the Eggs on the Derelict but i dont think they have to as long as we know which other ways to get the Eggs... be that by something created that lays them.. or what other means they try to show.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-05-2016 8:03 AM

There was what looks like a Egg Morph in Alien 5 by Blomkamp.. but it was only early stages and so it may not even be a Egg Morph but it looks like they was going that route.

will we see Egg Morph in Alien Covenant?  Im not sure, i think Ridley will try to re-introduce that concept and maybe advance it a bit but i dont think he would rule out the Queen idea.

I had always been led to the idea that logically fits is that a Egg Morph makes a Queen aka Royal Face Huger, it fits more perfect with if the Xenomorph was the perfect life form as far as procreation.

Eggs that are laid by a Queen, are effected by pheromones, or temperature or other atmospheric changes that the presence of would produce different Casts of Xenomorph.

When a Queen, Hive and related pheromones and/or atmospheric changes as far as a hive goes... is not present then the Eggs Produce a Embryo that produce a Drone that then is tasked with capture of Hosts to use their Genetic Material to make a Queen, and maybe also Guards for the Queen and also Hosts for these Face Huggers.

Once a Queen is produced and a hive is started, (construction) these release changes that effect the Eggs to then produce different Casts, i.e Warriors.

Maybe a Queen can influence on Egg to produce a Drone or other Xenos can affect certain eggs to produce a drone.

This is how i saw the Xeno Life Cycle....


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconJun-05-2016 8:05 AM

I think Ridley will show us HOW A XENO can be made, but maybe not How the Original was made and by that i mean the first of its kind. 

Or they could show how this happened as a Flash Back, and then have David Re-create similar events to produce hopefully a slightly different kind.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJun-05-2016 9:32 AM


This topic is asking a very good question!

The ALIEN theatrical cut doesn't show the Egg Morph scene. Why?

Ridley re-introduced it in his Directors Cut probably because he thought it was a very fitting scene. He wouldn't have re-introduced it if he didn't think it should be a part of the film.

When I first saw that scene I can remember being horrified and repulsed by it. But I also thought that it added much more depth to this very ALIEN story. That scene is genius.

But I'm confused! The IMDB site describes it as an adventure, sci-fi, thriller, were-as the Wiki describes it as a sci-fi horror. So which is it?

Ridley has stated that he's planning to "out-do" the chestburster scene from ALIEN, but how can he possibly achieve that? Let's not forget that he said similar things about Prometheus. The Shaw, caesarean scene was meant to "out-do" the ALIEN chestburster scene. Did it achieve it?

It was an excellent scene! (I just didn't like the fact that it looked like a terrestrial creature, a squid. But that's beside the point) 

The fact that James Cameron (sort of) re-invented the life cycle of the Alien, introducing an egg laying machine (the queen,) sort of cancelled out the egg-morphing answer and I think that FOX will continue to run with the queen thing whether we like it or not.

Of course there's always a way to have the egg morph and Queen concepts co-exist. But will they bother to address it?

The first question is:

Is IMDB correct in its description of A:C, (Adventure, sci-fi, thriller?) or,

Is the WIKI correct, (Sci-fi horror?)

If the description from IMDB is correct then I can't see them having a scene like the egg morph scene.

That scene is in the horror category for sure.


The poster was good though!



MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 11:50 AM

Sorry struggling with images

This links to

images of screenshots

Of the giler hill alien script


You can see Dallas indicating
That brett is a spore very
Close to the one in the 


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 11:53 AM

There fore the logical
conclusion is that
the spores in the
Temple were people once.


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 12:06 PM

S.M is correct .

The greater fanbase
probably is expecting
a queen. I like the term
sell. Never thought about
it like that before.

From the 1978 draft 


MemberPraetorianJun-05-2016 12:10 PM

I wouldn't give much credence to how Covenant is described on IMDB Necro.

Anyone can add [unverified] data to that site!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJun-05-2016 12:59 PM

The way the iconic elements of Giger's work were included in the headroom could suggest a preference.

How we all define matters as compelling indeed, what we are all looking for is highly individual. As a woman  I found the C section utterly compelling and the disinterested curiosity of David that lead to that a very hard and disturbing piece of communication. It was for me exceptionally thought provoking rather than gratuitous. At an intellectual level the Trilobite our good friend Mr T and the hammerpede were great visual insights into the nature of interfering with procreative building blocks by supercharging them.

I hope that A C explores that approach further. For me the Queen laying Eggs is a little safe and if we want to get Mr Cincinnati in to the multiplex it needs, like the film to operate on two levels some thing of a hook for the big audience and some thing meaningful for the more demanding.  Personally I would like Eggs Alien.      


AdminEngineerJun-05-2016 1:02 PM

@oduodu, to post images all you gotta do is right click, copy and paste into the text box or click the image icon on the far right. ;) Here's the first image you tried posting below:

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 1:10 PM


Sorry my Blackberry is a 
bit old. It cannot access the
WYSIWYG features.


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 1:20 PM

I really like the Egg Morphing.

Maybe the crew of the Covenant are the eggs aboard the LV426 derelict? Caught and morphed in 2114  during a exploration of LV426?.....Kane may have been facehugged by one of the Covenant's crew! Eggs on the derelict seemed nice and fresh.

And It makes me really think ALIENS was a Ripley cryo-dream...She dreamed of a child berthing alien(the Queen)...Dreamed of saving her child(Newt) and killing the big bad(the Queen......maybe Ripley had mother issues?!)


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 1:29 PM


Yes the the facehugger
containing the memories
of the person before
it became alive and
carrying the memories
of a previous life is a
horrifying thought.


MemberTrilobiteJun-05-2016 1:32 PM

Big Dave and I have always shared the belief that the egg-morphing scene from Alien could have tied into Aliens by having the Egg Brett was becoming "lay" a Royal Facehugger (Alien 3: Assembly Cut) that would have used Dallas as a host for a Queen embryo.

I suspect that whatever the Alien did to Brett caused an eerily similar process to what we have seen from the Black Liquid in Prometheus, but I never imagined that the process would have disintegrated Brett into his composite DNA (like the sacrificial Engineer) before reconstructing it into the DNA of the Facehugger.

What I had always imagined was much more macabre, in that the Facehugger would have been composed of parts of Bretts body - his hands for the legs, his spine for the tail, and its internal organs from Bretts own.

I suspect if a link is made back to the egg-morphing idea that Ridley will likely go with the former idea, merging together the ideas from Alien and those of Prometheus.


MemberXenomorphJun-05-2016 2:00 PM

Gavin that is as a good
an explanation as any
I have heard but I am
leaning more toward
them both becoming
eggs. The thing is Dallas
was in agony as much as
I could the deduce from the
Deleted scene. Something
was happening to him.
Something irreversible.
There is definitely a familiarity
To the holloway scene
Where Janek begs Vickers
To put him on the medpod


MemberDeaconJun-05-2016 2:12 PM

The idea in the drafts (Star Beast/Alien) was indeed the Egg Morph, and it is likely that the Spores in the Temple are obtained from Egg Morphing of a Host, who these Hosts where is not known, i could be any creature as all the Organism/Star Beast needed was Genetic Material.

I think when Giger came in to design those Spores his Egg Design was fantastic, very Alien.... however when it came to the Egg Morph it was flawed, if i am right i think the idea was to show One Egg Morph, and one Mutating Human who was starting to Egg Morph and so there may had been no Hosts, and that Dallas would have been changing into a Spore/Egg too.

But they combined both the Giant Egg and Partially deforming Brett into one Prop so that we had what looked more like Brett inside the Egg... and to me this looked a little odd.

But going by the idea and not how visually it was portrayed then the idea would have been that we ended up with Eggs/Spores.   The Hosts DNA/Genetic Material is used to produce a new Spore/Egg.

The actually prop work we got, the Egg Morph was large but who knows maybe over time it would shrink down once its fully formed...  The Xeno/Star Beast essentially effected a Host just as a Mogwai is after its consumed food after midnight, only the Star Beast must do/give/infect something to a Host to get them to become a Pupa that then the Hosts Genetic Material is Evolved into a Face Huger.

This was a idea Ridley liked but it was dropped because Alien had met a number of of budget cuts, they had to relocate the Egg Silo to being a part of a ship instead of a separate Living Cave/Pyramid structure.  Further cuts had to be made to budget that meant they could not pull off the Egg Morph Scene to the standard they liked, and on top of that the pacing of the Scene just broke the movie up in a way that Ridley decided it was not relevant to being needed in the Movie.

So it was dropped, yet the Scene changed the perspective of the Xeno, because if we never knew about this scene or saw it, or even ever had Star Beast and Alien drafts... then the Xenomorph would have came across as purely a hunting/killing machine.

The Egg Morph Scene and the drafts, show us more to the Organism and that its aim was procreation.

Prometheus had similar differences to how you persevere the Plot as far as The Engineers, if you only go by Theatrical and not look at the deleted scenes.

Also some Scenes in Prometheus where changed for pacing, these included the (First Alien) when they find some Worm/Centipede looking Lifeforms... and the finding of the Shredded/Molted Skin of what we have to assume is the Hammerpedes. 

With Aliens as the Theatrical Alien never showed the Egg Morph, it allowed Cameron to maybe go the route of a Queen like a Bee/Ant and Termite... but its also good to mention Ridley referred to the Organism as having Insect Qualities to it but also Serpent too over the years both prior to Aliens and after.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianJun-05-2016 2:16 PM

the egg morphing theory is so much more fun for the cycle, ..and terrifying. I appreciate the queen, but thats James Cameron's and Stan Winston's idea. I'd like to see what Ridley Scott has always imagined.. the egg morphing is something we haven't really brain is entertained at the notion, and can't wait to see what is the hard R ratings' purpose




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop


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