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Important reading: Everything that explains \'Alien\' and it\'s connection to \'Prometheus\'.

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MemberXenomorphAug-20-2013 6:12 PM
I am asking the senior members to post links to any media that explains the relation ship between alien , alien DC to prometheus. The star beast script to lovecraft literature etc and also what basic concepts ie canon that needs to be understood prior to reading posts on this forum. Please add anything that you might consider necessary. Please assist. Thank you I will also use this thread to keep record for myself of anything I might find interesting. You see in the passage of time who will remember the spiders web next to the holographic console etc. I just read today about a scene where Dallas and Ripley got sexual in the lifeboat. Never even heard of that before and I believe there are many thousand of fans out there who hasn't either. I highly recommend reading the Weyland Yutani archives and xeno alpha 07 s blog over there . I still have a long way to go !! Enjoy !!!
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MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 12:34 PM

here's big dave's encompassing theory .

i like it.


MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 12:36 PM

we need more of them.


MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 12:45 PM

This thread created by me explores the possibility that Prometheus was a rip off avp.....


Please read the thread before you comment - it's not meant to be negative.


possibly p1 could be considered a plot device whose main purpose was to show what the sj was - a bald humanoid with a cthulian type creature suit - and that the goo and aliens may have biological dna similarities.  just to get shaw and david alone on an alien vessel to go to the engineers home world.


point ? 


perhaps p1 is only part of an unfinished movie . 


all that idiotic behaviour cant be always explained which only leaves it deliberately left to .....


but certainly p2 feels like a 2 nd episode that doesnt want to come.....


MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 12:51 PM

this thread is where this post comes from .


it was written by shambs


I agree BigDave! The crossover should be closer to what were the comics and video games (In fact, I'd like to see a reboot of AVP in the future :p).

And Yeah, There is much controversy and difference of opinion in this franchise, and there is no real consensus of what is canon and what is not. So just for fun, these are the types of fans in my opinion:

Purists: Only Alien is canon. Basically they don't give a shit for the rest of the franchise. Also they love Giger.

Postmodern Purists: Prometheus and Alien are canon (probably because both were made ​​by Ridley Scott/Giger). They hate Cameron.

Hardcore Fans: They are legion, and they accept the first three films of the franchise, but hate Alien R, Both AVP films and Prometheus. They love Hicks.

Selective Purist: For those who only accept Alien and Alien 3. They don´t care who made ​​the film, what matters most is that the work maintains its original essence.They hate the Queen.

Fans with Open Mind: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien R and Prometheus are canon. They love Ripley.

Fans with very very open mind: Everything is canon, EU included.  They love the Predalien.


MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 12:52 PM

interesting summation by shambs


MemberXenomorphSep-01-2014 1:07 PM

now this thread was created 20 august 2013 a little over a year ago with the purpose of establishing what was to be read / known if i was to understand what lies behind the creation of alien and in doing so (if assuming p1 and alien is in the same universe) establishing a body of or reference that might help understand how prometheus relates to alien.

has this succeeded in doing that ?


you tell me.


so if any person thinks that there is a defacto "you have to know this or that " to be considered "knowledgable" as with regards to the alien universe - they definitely havent shared to the extent i would have expected them to.


i find that strange - no offense.


well i guess velaquen and xeno alpha 07 might have something to say about that. 




on various posts though



(who basically got me thinking after indicating that the prometheus was to a large extent the starbeast script - this really got me going to create this thread - she also has indicated many other things not related which really never was credited for)

big dave 



have contributed




very much appreciated


now at least i have a starting place to go and read and study .


i hope this thread might help others as well


thanks to all for making this site what it is


MemberDeaconSep-01-2014 3:40 PM

Thank You...


Yes there are some connections to be made but then there is a lot we simply cant be sure about...  There has to be some connection between the Engineers Bio-Tech, inc ships and Space Jockey Suits and the Xeno or what ever the Xeno originates from..

Then maybe there is a connection between the Engineers and the Goo (Sacrifcial) that ties to the Xeno/Bio Tech.... but thats something that does not have to be the case...

Because the Sacrificial Scene looks to be many millions of years ago and maybe a Billion as far as the movie.... (Spaights draft it shows the Scene would been about 2-3M years ago), but as far as the movie and Lindeloffs draft we do not see any Bio-Tech and we only see the Goo in Sacrificial Form that my theory from what i have gathered is a Bio Agent that purely is used to break down DNA so into a substance that can then pass on that DNA and at same time Evolve what ever lifeform it comes into contact with.

The whole Xeno connection and Bio Tech could be something they found latter, and i suspect the Engineers may have borrowed their Bio-Tech from experiments on some kind of Bio-Mechanical Organism they had came across but thats open to debate.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-01-2014 3:51 PM

Carrying on from my posts, it appears that Fox U-turn on the Goo is that it is one and all the same and that depending on the situation and methods of how it contacts a Organism, it has different effects....

Ingestion in Large does, break down a Organisms DNA into a matter that then reforms and starts to create life that carries the DNA of the Organism who consumed it.

Small Dosages it mutates some cells that is able to hybrid some cells to take on genetic traits not to dissimilar to the Xenos. While the Organism who ingested the small dosage seems to go through a state of Biological Break down, Molecule at a time, like the Larger dosage just taking longer.

Inhaling the Mutagen results in mutation of cells leading to some kind of evolution and also aggression. Off course we see Fifield did not inhale it or the Worms, they actually had contact with their skin.

Thus Fox could be trying to show that the Mutagen contacts the skin, then it causes the Genetic Material of the Organism to mutate and Evolve and somehow takes on Xeno Traits.

But using this to look at all clues in the franchise and make links you will just hit brick wall a lot...

But Fox are going further in that this Goo is actually what DNA is formed from and is in essence the Building Blocks of all life... It be interesting to see how they are going to push this aspect in future movies, but the Comic book will show us in some part what the Goo actually is and does.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconSep-01-2014 4:38 PM

Going back to maybe the intention of this thread...

I have seen some connection that indeed latter movies borrow or base off some unused parts of earlier movies drafts.
Could these earlier drafts hold clues?

Alien was based of Star Beast, and in essence if we look at the Alien DC, we see that a lot of Alien is based off Star Beast apart from the description of what the Organism looks like.

In Star Beast the Face Huger did not look the same, it never came from a Egg and it did not look the same in its stages of growth, but it had the same stages.

A Vessel holding the Parasite that implants Embryo into a Host, A Chest Buster Stage, and a Adult Stage, then some how it then tries to Mutate and Change a Captured Victim to become more Vessels.

In Alien the Vessels (Eggs) are part of Cargo Hold of the crashed Derelict Craft and its Pilot a Giant Humanoid yet Alien looking Skeletal remains is dead in the Pilot Chair.

In Star Beast and indeed plans for Alien was that the Ship was landed and not crashed, and that the Vessels were stored and came from a Temple found on the Planet/Moons surface. They was being taken to the Ship when the crew got infected with the Organism within the Vessels.

Its interesting to point out that in Star Beast we see many elements used in Prometheus..

1)     A Temple.... This temple has a Sacrificial Altar Room where some Organism was Sacrificed in order to allow the Organism in the Vessels to carry out its Life Cycle. On the walls was Mural and Frescos that depicted the entire Organisms Life Cycle. And in the room are many leathery Urns that are the Vessels for the Organism in Star Beast. And also this Chamber had a breathable environment and Oxygen.

Prometheus has a Temple that also has a Altar and that also has Urns on in Prometheus they are not Leathery but more Ceramic and contain the Black Goo Mutagen. And this temple had a breathable environment too.

2)     In Star Beast they find a Dead Giant Being that had become victim to the Organism within the Vessels (Urns) they take the Skull of it back to the Ship.

In Prometheus the crew do the same with one of the Engineers heads and find the Engineer had became infected with what ever was in the Urns.

3)     We see that the Star Beast Mural shows us a Organism that is similar to Shaws Baby Trilobite grown up that attacks the Last Engineer... The depiction and description of the Organism that is held within the Urns in Star Beast looks a lot like Shaws Baby Trilobite when it is first pulled out of Shaw.

The above are 3 elements in Star Beast that some how make it into Prometheus that did not directly make it to Alien as far as the Star Beast Draft and early Alien one had described them. i.e Skeletal Alien life form remains, the Urns, a Temple containing the Urns and Mural showing what could happen to anyone infected by the contents of the Urns.

Yes many other stuff from Star Beast made it to Alien, such as how the Chamber that held the Leathery Urns temperature is like the Tropics, which is what Kane Described the Egg Chamber as feeling.

So could Star Beast Answer some of the Questions of Prometheus.... maybe maybe..

How.. well if Prometheus borrowed so many unused parts from Star Beast what other parts from Star Beast did we see in Prometheus or that could show us something about Prometheus...

Here is two to start us off..

1)     Star Beast seems to show us the Giant Race who was the crew of the Derelict Alien craft that set of a SOS, was shown to be a Warning and not a SOS, this fits in with Alien, but the Prometheus part is this.... Star Beast Showed this Giant Race that died at the hands of the Organism found within the Temple, maybe did not create this Organism and simply came across and wished to study it, but that proved to be a mistake.

Could this mean Prometheus part 2 could show us indeed the Engineers did not create the Xeno, well the Origins of it and that it was something they found that they then conducted experiments on to create other stuff?


2)     This Giant Race left a Warning about the place they had found and they had marked out a Triangle Symbol on the Control Panel of their ship, a Triangle that proved to be a depiction of the Temple, and thus maybe a Warning... see this Temple... avoid.

Could this be interpreted as the Star Maps may indeed also be a Warning from some of the Engineers, like do not come to this place?

But then before the Engineers wanted us dead we had the older findings by Shaw and Holloway including the 35’00 year old Star Map...

Could LV 223 had been a Watch Post, that the Engineers watched over us from? Could it had been Tera-Formed so that we can one day arrive there to find our creators? Or was it a place Tera-Formed so that we was abducted over time to be taken there for experiments?

So maybe it was first a invite, but then a War Broke out and a Rebel Faction then changed LV 223 as a place of death and so some Engineers came down to Warn us... thus early Pictograms was a Invitation or simply a way that this Engineers said we are from here?

Then after a War, some stopped the potential destruction of us and then Warned us by showing Same Star Map.. do not come here... or was all along a faction of Engineers coming and Warning us not to come to this place from the Start....

Maybe, as well in Star Beast we are shown these Giant Beings set off a Warning about the place contained something Hostile, that would threaten Survival and do not come down. And they then marked out on the Console before it died a depiction of the Temple. As if to say.. Avoid this Temple.

But the crew of the Snark (Human Ship in Star Beast) thought the Message was a SOS, but how wrong they was... just as in Alien...

So maybe just in Prometheus the Star Maps are not a Invitation but a Warning?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphSep-23-2014 7:04 AM

In this thread I show a youtube video giving some pretty decent answers on all the ambiguity issues


I dont agree with it 100 percent but it is still very good and as they indicate it might make a good case for Prometheus being a very good sci fi movie.


MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 1:59 AM

at this link you can find where i copied this from



After years of litigation, Weyland wins the David patent lawsuit against the Japanese start-up Yutani Corporation, effectively protecting the investments of both Weyland Industries and its shareholders.

DECEMBER 12, 2029

it seems weyland and yutani had dealings in the past with each other.



Weyland Industries introduces the first FTL-capable SEV (space exploration vehicle).

JANUARY 17, 2034


been able to explore very since 2034 then



Weyland astronomers note an area of space appearing very rich in minerals and other natural resources. Weyland expected to travel there within the century.

DECEMBER 21, 2037


so thats what the outer veil is



Weyland astronomers discover multiple moons and a ringed planet just outside the Zeta 2 Reticula System, which are possibly able to support life. Weyland expects to travel there within the century.

MAY 14, 2039



Weyland Industries awarded government contract to build and maintain HD 85512 b Class E Correctional Unit. Prisoners from Earth and other facilities are successfully relocated, and many have since been rehabilitated into society.

AUGUST 18, 2042



Weyland introduces unique expedition security apparatus able to decontaminate indoor and outdoor environments. Apparatus mines surrounding air for flammable compounds, making it ultra light-weight as well as self-replenishing.

JULY 22, 2059



Weyland Industries introduces revolutionary, game-changing language tool. It is the first ever to require no actual learning on the consumer’s behalf.

AUGUST 9, 2060



Weyland Industries earns patent number 17,900,353 for Method and Apparatus for an antigravity device that 3D live-maps any foreign terrain, revolutionizing the pre-process of terraforming and developing new colonies.

DECEMBER 1, 2063




MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 2:21 AM


Weyland Industries earns patent number 18,364,003 for Method and Apparatus for device able to temporarily restart brain activity of deceased individuals.

AUGUST 16, 2071



Based on recent classified findings by Weyland researchers, the company determines the exact coordinates of a new destination for long-time pet project: Project Prometheus. New round of investment is immediately opened and mission planning enters full-swing.

JANUARY 1, 2073


I wonder what classified finding they might be ? The signal detected on lv 426 ??





MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 2:29 AM

From the electronics section about the spectrograph:



This next-generation device, used by Weyland geologists and engineers, surveys unknown planetary terrain in the pre-terraforming process. An Omni-directional laser live-maps 3D topography and sends the detailed scanned images to the viewing platform. A new hyper-conducting spherical shell allows smooth, self-propelled flight in any atmosphere. Polymer film bio-sensors can detect airborne toxins and life forms down to 500 nanometres.


The point here is if the spectrographs stayed in the ampule room they would have detected the virus being released by the ampules??


They scan the room and then leave - they are not in the room when the ampules begin to leak......


i think damon lindelof is highly intelligent - there was some very deliberate and clever writing here.


simply put they should have waited until all the structeres were scanned before going in - that is stupid but not implausable - unscientific but not beyond plausibility- 


enter david and shaw says 



and prior to that


and david says 


Probably knowing what was on the other side or having a very good idea implying he should have adivsed them to do proper tests



weyland programmed david to do that.


so this was the pivotal point in the movie - had david not opened the door they could ..........


none of this is unscientific - it is plainly and simple david who just goes ahead and endangers everyone - plain and simple......




MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 2:50 AM

so taking off their helmets wasn’t an all-out stupid thing to do David should have cautioned against 




Doctor Holloway is correct - which he probably was but where was them robotic laws???


Shaw was the only one who constantly warned tried to do everything correctly by the book - and even this is thrown back in my face as lindelof gets her to "that’s what I choose to believe" making her unscientific again.


This lindeloff is a clever bloke - he has this uncanny ability to make things twist back on itself.


That was the major issue I had with the movie in terms of idiotic behaviour since without this there would have been a much better chance of them exploring the temples and finding out what was going on.


That leaves the configuration of the stars as found in the Isle of Skye cave.




MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 3:29 AM

So what about the configuration of the stars on the Isle of Skye cave drawing?


We now know that weyland corporation had some pretty decent scanning technology as they acquired the Hubble telescope. If the configuration on all the other drawings were say at the oldest say 12000 years old the configuration of those stars would not match up with their configuration as they were 35000 years ago.

I am therefore assuming that if the oldest cave painting was 35000 years old then the configuration would be between those stars as they were 35000 years ago and therefore they would have trouble finding them as they are now or 12000 years ago.

Necronom4 started a thread where it was stated that science destroys Prometheus. 

In this tread scientists claimed that star configurations will change over thousands of years.

So if the star configuration was what it was 35000 years ago then they will be able to see that those configurations would have changed.

if it turns out that the star configuration had a planetoid that was able to sustain life and it was in close proximity to lv 426 that had a signal discovered in 2039 then that would explain why weyland was in a hurry to get there because he was probably aware of what was on that planet as ftl existed since 2034. Why would they not send an android manned mission to investigate???

That’s why weyland decided to fund the mission and I don’t know where they got the info that weyland was put into cryosleep while 75 years old. (Roughly 2065).


He was a genius at stem cell research and cured cancer. He was the world leader at stem cell research. thats why the medpod was there. to remove and implant regenerated organs.


This certainly puts things into perspective. For me at least.


So there is definite logic behind weyland’s decision to fund and go on the mission.



MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 3:45 AM

the crew getting lost and not being able to find the entrance i can live with that as it doesnt add to the chaos david created.


the only other thing is the carbon dating. i heard somewhere that carbon dating works on the basis of carbon 14 half life. the rate at which it decays. or something like that.


but the argument i heard from somewhere was that it varies from planet to planet as not all ecosystems have the same rate of decay. but that 's not a biggy for me.

the engineer had his head decapitated and they were able to establish that it died in that process somehere in the last +- 2000 years.

Posted: 19 May 2015

Ok i agree that Milburn trying to touch an alien creature was stupid

but consider this

from the following link:

start quote

page 52

Milburn and Fifield have bunked down in a new chamber: they slouch against a wall. Milburn sweeps the room with hisheadlamp. Stoops to lift something into the light.

Look at this!

A CENTIPEDE, three feet long and thick as man’s thumb. Its
hard shell is gray. It has a hammer-head like a shark.

Jesus! Put it down!

He leaps back, wild-eyed. Milburn laughs at him. Lets the eyeless centipede wind its segmented body around his space-suited arm. In the flat face, a white vertical slit appears. Changes quickly to a horizontal position; opens enough to suggest a mouth. Milburn doesn’t notice this development.

Relax. Your suit’s bug-proof. Hell,it’s bulletproof.

The centipede spirals around his arm, glittering, its body moving in fluid waves. The blind head quests between hisfingers. Milburn loses his nerve as the thing’s mouth suddenly gapes wide as a shark’s.

That’s enough.

He tries to pull it off. The centipede locks its segments together and digs in with its body. It might as well be made of iron.




Get it off! It’s crushing me!

Fifield pulls out a utility knife. Cuts into the centipede’s body behind its head. A gout of greed ACID spills over Milburn’s glove. Smoke rises as the acid quickly burns a hole through the material. Milburn’s shout of astonishment turns to a wail of agony.

AHH! Help me! Christ!

The centipede snakes into the smoking hole in the glove.

 End quote


The centipede is a known species isnt it ? You wouldnt expect a centipede to be able to eat through a suit that is bulletproof would you ? Was there indigenous species in the caves of LV 426 ??


Once again dumbed down for Prometheus.

Who decided this ? Ridley ??


MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 3:59 AM

Then something else caught my attention. My sister noted David picking up something very small as he entered (i think) the storage area where he went to play basketball. i think he had the basketball with him.

He has incredible eyesight. Why hasn’t he noticed it before?? Perhaps vickers ?? And what was it he picked up??

And then......


Shortly after landing with subtitles on the female computer voice notes that the outside temperature is 2.54 kelvin - as in - 270.16 degrees centigrade.

How was clouds able to exist in such extreme cold?

Is that why ford remarked: Jesus – the sunlight’s heating the water. As I from -270.16 degrees centigrade to – 12 degrees. The spirals in the temples heats the water with sunlight and removes the toxic co 2.


Also Miburn remarks the water is collagenous meaning after googling the word it seems water that contains collagen.

So is that perhaps what remains of anything that consumes the virus inducing cake like substance the engineer drank at the start of the movie?


MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 5:23 AM

Now the big question is: is the information supplied by the weyland industries website considered canon as it is NOT seen in the movie and since even now the definition of canon is not even the same from one year to the next.

In my opinion it is because the same people who created movie created the website or at least the information and was intended to be read with the movie in mind.




MemberXenomorphSep-27-2014 5:30 AM

In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning a chemical agent found by the Prometheus crew. Linguistic components from the original document translated by a Weyland Industries’ cybernetic individual.

this is chemical  A0-3959x.91 – 15 . i guess since it was only 4.2% translated you can more or less ignore it as being useable info.


MemberDeaconSep-27-2014 2:29 PM

Nice work and ill take good look and read monday as i got get some rest for traveling to the NFL Game in Wembley London UK Tomorrow ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2014 1:00 AM


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2014 5:04 AM

There is the nagging possibility that Weyland took the people he did for the purpose of being organ donors.


lets say he say he is close to death as in hours and he says to David go get Ford - i need her heart or liver....


just a thought......


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2014 6:54 AM

That is why David choose Holloway to be his guinee pig because he would not be needed in the event of organ donors and Shaw always remained curteous towards David. he probably knew the mental state of Holloway after being drunk and in his drunkem state assuming that the chemical agent did cause cause people to become more sexually active being drunk and completely demoralised and with an iq of 350 he probably knew that holloway and shaw was a couple that would make it very likely that they would get sexually active. 

No co incendence here.

David knew excactly what was going on or had a very good idea. 

Thats why he saves them because then an organ donor would have to be tested on so to speak.

But then there 's that bloke Lindeloff again - he gives holloway a chance - he asks him:

What would you be willing to do - to get your answers that you came all this way for??

you know the rest he insults David by telling him that they made him because they could !!


you know the rest and then and only does he spike the drink - but i am sure he was certain that would he go for holloway for the reasons i mentioned above.


Watching prometheus on the dstv explora that my sister owns (which allows you to record it when it is aired and then watch as many times as you like-with the subtitles on - just to show i didnt get this from illegally downloaded stuff).



MemberXenomorphSep-29-2014 7:14 AM

If i am correct about the temperature being minus 270 degrees centigrade it would mean that an outbreak outside the temples would be rather impossable as i assume that at that temperature i t would completely destroy the agent/ virus. With the storms they had on the planet lfe outside the temples would be very unlikely (naturally occuring anyway). 

so i would assume that worms and spiders are alive in those temples for some time but they are not indigenous to the planet. 

then janek was right when he said that they simply created and tested at smal scale their before going to other planets to test it at larger scale. so the suits ar e decontaminating.

wow this lindeloff is a clever bloke.


i am begining to believe again.

so oduodu so are now saying that ridley had brought in lindeloff and that he was behind thus ?


dunno ....

but it took him 8 scripts do make that decision.... (or was it 5 scripts that spaihts wrote ??)


just doesnt look like that was initial idea ......


one other thing 

when david speaks to weyland while he is in his cryo pod he says:

"fortunately not"


in reference to what i dont know.......


perhaps weyland wasnt in need of organs yet........

another last thing:

there is a video on the weyland industires site hosted by one andrea bishop.

i cant find it now on the website ?

is she related to charles bishop weyland 


MemberXenomorphSep-29-2014 7:32 AM

sorry chris posted this ages ago about andrea bishop.

but heres the youtube video



MemberXenomorphSep-30-2014 7:17 AM

thanks Svanya


MemberXenomorphOct-01-2014 5:59 AM


So lets say that Weyland sends an android manned mission. What would be the speed of that vesel around 2073 (say 12 times the speed of light ? a round trip of say 68 light years would take about 6 years if lv 426 is roughly the same distance as lv 223.) assuming they spend 3 months there before returning. That would make 2079 . The david 7's had problems with their behavior.

Might it be Yutani who was behind that trying to ensure that they couldnt use the David 7 model for such a mission. When was David 8 released ?? cant find that info.

Say around 2075 when WEYLAND went into cryosleep. So a mission returning from lv 426 would have to be returning around about say 2081 ??

My point ?

So was the androids able to return an egg to earth ?? or did someone prevent hem form doing so (lik Yutani or something else ??)

and if they were able to return a xeno egg would they be able to employ it on a human ? Or would the egg die after leaving the stasis field ??

my money is on the data being transmitted back to earth before they lost contact with it but showing enough so that they could understand roughly what was on lv 426 and the juggernaut..

So in 2089 when shaw and holloway discovered the starmap that was 35000 years old and weyland realized that was the same star system that lv 426 ws in and seeing it was able to support life that would be a logical place to go. The android mission probably did pick up the planet lv 223 but as the crew of the prometheus found out there were no signals or signs of activity eminating from it and they were probably a few lightyears away anyway.

So they got the mission ready in two years and went.

Shaw sent a message back to earth warning them not go there that would have reached earth roughly by 2096 ??

So assume that by 2100 at least two missions were embarking for zeta reticulli 2 one from Weyland and one from Yutani. But where were each going ?? Weyland Industries knew bout both planets but Yutani still had to figure out lv 223 was so important and assume that Yutani knew about lv 426 more or less the same as Weyland after also receiving the signal form the android manned mision before Weland lost contact with them.

Weyland and Yutani eventually end up with roughly the same info by 2102. would they kill each other in outer space ??

after comparing notes(someone got facehugged and birthed a xeno and the goo is broken down xeno virus or at least has very similar traits to xeno dna) they realize that combined they have a far better chance of success and merge somewhere in 2107 – 2110.

they decide that in order to go ahead they need a live xeno to study and examine. So that they can reverse engineer the black goo as well as for the purpose of plausible deniability. The nostromo was big and it would be very hard to contain a xeno and not kill it or be killed . The perfect place to get someone facehugged ad frozen as the xeno only lived for 3 days after being fully grown.

I assume that WY knew this from previous experiments and if they were caught bringing it to earth without permission from the united nations they would loose avething as their investors would pull out.

Hence the nostromo and lv 426 in 2121/22.

If there was the substance that the engineer drank at the beginning of the movie on lv 223 they still would have needed a xeno to see how it works.

perhaps lv 223 was destoyed who knows........

Not perfect I agree but something …......



MemberXenomorphOct-02-2014 12:11 AM

Unlocking the origin & design of the Space Jockey !.



The article on which this thread is based is found at


Seems Ridley was very much involved with the creation of the Space Jockey. 


Thanks Dave


MemberXenomorphOct-02-2014 7:09 AM


is this weyland industries viral video suggesting that it is by nano technology that shaw healed so quickly ??


 was the injections she gave herself filled with nanites ??


MemberXenomorphOct-03-2014 1:03 AM

Record keeping

It makes the movie more intriguing for me. But you make a good point that people will most likely never visit the weyland industries site and have an in depth look at it. 

It was after watching the above mentioned video that I wanted to know: where did these guys get this information??


I google the text that they showed in the video and got to the weyland industries website.


I am satisfied with all the so called plot holes being solved.

Future technology will be nano/nanite based and if you read between the lines you will eventually realize that these people grew up on earth around 2060 - 2070 and nano tech is probably commonplace for them.

The main mystery remaining is what happened to the engineers.

Not likely to be solved. They purposefully choose a planet where infection outside the temples were very unlikely due to temperature and lack of running water. So whatever happened inside those temples.

The ampule room was purposefully kept closed and the atmosphere was rigged to preserve and keep the goo inactive.

Whatever happened happened elsewhere and i suspect it was the cargo hold.

And perhaps sabotage

Remember the water was - 12 degrees. Perhaps the purpose of the cold water was so that it would kill the virus. Thereby keeping the engineers safe. I assume that they added something to the water so that it wouldn’t freeze at -12 degrees. 


Who knows?


THAT MYSTERY WILL REMAIN and hence the over ambiguous nature of all the elements(heap of dead engineers - cry pods seemingly face hugged - xeno deacon like creature hunting the engineers - what burst out of the heap of engineers) - it simply not solvable and perhaps for the better.

Like the space jockey was that might be a good thing say until 2044 when everyone will again need a new direction.



And then why the engineers wanted us dead to recreate life on earth


But to what end ??


So just to make the point: it was the spectragraphs did the checking of the atmosphere ??

i assume it was from the info they provide and as they have already scanned large sections of the temple there was overiding evidence of something generating an atmosphere.

which is why enter David 


After Shaw says wait we dont know hat is on the other side.



after Holloway asks him if can read the hieroglyphs


And all the tech in the world cannot save you from that.

yes the spectragraph did scan the room but the ampules started secreting the agent well after they left.

So this was a very critical bit of information.

so who broke the protocol ?


who should have advised the crew not to open the door ?


who refused to elaborate on the writings outside the ampule room ?


who has the ability to translate basically any language ?


who studied the ancient langiages and was able to take what was known from the ancient proto languages since he has unlimited memory and had a very good idea of what was going on ??


the only way he could ensure that the pyrimids arent properly scanned and investigated was to get everyone inside that room.


who scanned shaw and asked her if she was sexually active ?


he asked the question And only then did he initiate the scan expecting her to be pregnant.

he probably knew what the agent was doing all along after reading the hieroglyphs.


this a hal9000 moment with an ending also warning not to come there


Ridley a fan of  space odessey 2001 ?


i believe so ............

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