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The Aliens' Walls

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Visionary Alpha

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-03-2012 4:35 AMIn [u]Aliens[/u], there was a secreted resin that was said to be left behind by the xeno-morphs, and it looked like walls they built. What was this, anyone? What was its purpose? In addition, I notice that in [u]Prometheus[/u] the walls look a lot like this. Could the xeno-morphs on LV-426 have carried some memories of those places, such that they wanted to make their new surroundings remind them of "home"? And in [u]Prometheus[/u], is it more of their secreted resin we see all along the walls, suggesting the presence of hundreds or even thousands of them?
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OvomorphMember3 XPDec-03-2012 4:49 PMI did notice that too, someone on here said before it was what they used as a hive around the Queen. But Aliens was not done by Ridley Scott so it might just look the same. Maybe a Xenos characteristics are the same as Engineers, they too having a Queen, and hiving there surroundings?
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Indy John

OvomorphMember0 XPDec-09-2012 11:19 PMIN Alien and Aliens you almost never see xenos in bright light, even semi bright light. With all of the talk of the Prometheus Engineers wanting to send a s***load of goo to create Xenos on earth maybe humans could defeat the xenos and use them on earth as a secret weapon. I don't recall the Aliens' movies or of AVP presented xenos in light.
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