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Upcoming space horror: Europa Report (2013)

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Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 1:33 PM
Upcoming film - The Europa Report (Sebastián Cordero) which stars Sharlto Copley (District 9) is a new addition to the horror/science fiction genre: Synopsis so far: Six astronauts journey to Jupiter's fourth moon - Europa, in search of extraterrestrial life. [url=]for more info click here - trailer also included[/url] Also check out the films viral site [url=]here[/url]
7 Replies


MemberOvomorphNov-15-2012 12:28 AM
Interesting!, seems like hard science fiction style, anyway I have my fingers crossed for the horror film as many of you.


MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 1:47 PM
Lookin' good - thanks Oneironaut.


MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 3:35 PM
Great plot for a movie. We have wondered for decades about potential life under the ice sheets of Europa. Hope this movie lives up to its potential! Thanks Oneironaut!


MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 3:36 PM
what a strange movie!, is something just "2001 Odissey" and "Moon". Lookin good. Thanks.


MemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 4:02 PM
interesting. hope its good (a little concerned by the ostensibly horrendous CGI. still...not enough to really go on).

Cerulean Blue

MemberFacehuggerNov-12-2012 4:26 PM
Sharlto has lost the moustache?

NCC 1701

Veteran MemberMemberOvomorphNov-12-2012 7:18 PM
Keeping a eye on this one ,,Thanks Oneironaut 717 lots of cool shots in this one [img][/img] [img][/img]
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