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un-gigerish space jockey

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MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:20 PM
I can't wait to see the movie, I always thought the mysterious derelict and the space jockey, the whole giger look was always more interesting than the alien. but something has been unsettling me since I saw the first picture of the space jockey set. the walls didn't look bio-mechanical enough or looked like a pale imitation of giger (even though Ridley said like giger only not so giger). what was it then that was wrong? the cavernous walls looked slick and as if metal shapes had been welded into the pattern, not slimy, diseased, boney, worm-like and like oily metal from the original alien, look closely at the original pictures, the new David picture confirms my suspicions but I still want to see it [img][/img] look at the simplicity, slickness and lack of detail now look at the back wall of the original and the bone shapes [img][/img] compare the detail of the space jockeys [img][/img] they aren't the same and this is my only gripe, Im still excited just my expectations have been a little deflated as if his craft has become a little less detailed over the years. oh well, Ridleys feeding us a new sci fi movie and I shouldn't be biting the hand that feeds me
23 Replies


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:23 PM
Its called legalized artistic piracy. Taking the ideas of another and using it as a foundation to build your own. Alien was Giger's movie, this is R. Scott's movie. James Cameron is also a master of this. The Terminator is his version of someone else's story (as is Aliens obviously). Science fiction is one long string of legalized artistic piracy (as is actual techno-science).


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:29 PM
I see what you're saying but giger is working on this and I really want to see a giger movie again, thats what sets alien apart from the rest


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:31 PM
If the original derelict on LV-426 is as ancient as has been suggested, the differences might be the result of the building civilization's design aesthetic changing over time. The culture that built this new Juggernaut might have moved past the whole bone-deco style in much the same way as human culture isn't as crazy about codpieces as they used to be.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:32 PM
He's making murals, and is having some past design elements used for certain things again (the mountain), but he is not designing the new aliens or the engineers sans space jockey suits. Alien is a flash of genius that can not be revisited only exhausted until it has no more momentum from its original explosion. Heck Giger's not perfect either, Species was extremely corney.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:46 PM
Gotta agree, it's all a bit too plastic, styro-foamy and light looking, as opposed to the heavier use of hand crafted plaster, paint and the usage of bones. It might look different in the film though. But if the trailer is anything to go by it's looking a bit slick at the moment, I'm guessing the story is key this time around.

gameover man

MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:47 PM
how about you see the film before you say that its un-gigerish.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 3:54 PM
@fishkettlebanana, Welcome to the forums! I checked out your portfolio. You are an amazing artist and we were not born that far from each other. I especially like your Lennon Commission piece and I am a huge fan of Jules Verne (naming my last son 'Jules'). I feel you are right-on in regards to your premise. The SJs (Alien vs Prometheus) don't jive and it would have been better served with Giger's hand in the re-design. Great post! Something I've been thinking about myself but have been waiting for the right post to express such.

Id Rather Be Eatin Something Else

MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 4:16 PM
The picture below the 'Derilict' SJ image from Alien, maybe the snap shot was before the 'chair' accends upwards and outwards to the 'upper chamber-come silo'. so the bone-looking effect that you speak of may yet be 'up there' The picture with David in is simply explained to me by inference... He is inside the 'Temple Mount' part of the complex which is fashioned out of materials that are slightly different than that of the 'Derilict'. That is simply down to different construction methods and materials for both its over all asthetic and construction value. Thats all as far as I acn see. I'm certain that apparant discrepancy will simply be explained in due course.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 4:17 PM
I read somewhere that the change to a more mechanical vs. the original, very organic look, was deliberate....but the lighting in both of those shots is brighter than what we saw in "Alien" or will see in "Prometheus" and it's a different ship which presumably isn't quite so ancient.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 4:40 PM
I still feel the organic with a hint of mechanical functionality is extremely inspiring. It leaves the viewer with an uneasy feeling, of not really being able to relate on a primordial level. I kind of agree that the current set design beautiful, but too structured and predictable. That is the key to Giger's work, the unpredictable nature of is presented. The greys, the sick sheen of all the surfaces, and the sexual undertones.


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 4:45 PM
It's a different ship. And artistic license to make something look cheaper than the original craftsmanship? I don't buy it. Different ship, different chair.

the coming

MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 4:59 PM
they don't make sets like they used to


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 5:47 PM
@fishkettlebanana: i understand your point. at the same time, keep in mind that perhaps the reason the derelict looked the way it did in ALIEN, was possibly due to it aging / wear or the alien craft we see in PROMETHEUS is different from the one that is in ALIEN...(?) i have a bit of an issue with the design of the Jockey's bio-suit helmet, it looks a bit too snuffleupagus to me. so i fooled around with Photoshop, and did some (crudely executed) modified versions of the Jockey's bio-suit and helmet have a look [url=]here[/url]


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 5:52 PM
Shardy, I totally agree. Some of the Internet-inspired SJ drawing were terrifyingly good. like this chap:


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 6:00 PM
Also new SJ is smaller and shorter then the old one. Mr. Scott couldn't keep Giger's proportion cause when Weyland get inside the suit he could be lost in it before lost in space


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 6:23 PM
excellent photoshop manipulation sir I know I am criticising Scotts work but I'll still be worshipping at the temple of moving pictures in 31 days time he is still one of the most thoughtful directors out there


MemberOvomorphMay-07-2012 6:24 PM
double clicked update sorry :-(


MemberOvomorphMay-08-2012 1:11 AM
My theory based on the previews is that all of the interiors slowly become organic through the coarse of the story. As the crew discovers the room with the BIG HEAD all of the eggs seem to be metal cylinders which i believe evolve into the eggs that we are familiar with in Alien. There is also a shot where they show the ceiling changing shape into a very Gigeresque organic form as well as the shot where David is tripping out on the "dancing nugget" on top of the egg while he discovers the clear slimy goop that seems to be forming on it's own. It will evolve into what we are familiar with and we will sit in awe and druel all over ourselves!!!


AdminPraetorianMay-08-2012 1:48 AM
@shardy; No one has seen the movie yet, maybe the shots we have seen of the suit are incomplete. Perhaps the suit has more morphing to do once the wearer is fully inside it. @LV 223 WRECK; How do you know Weyland gets in the suit? No one has seen the film yet.


MemberOvomorphMay-08-2012 4:22 AM
It's the dream of Weyland. He said "we are gods now" but not we are only he wants to be a deadless supreme being so make alien DNA injection himself by David also routes ship to Earth and gets in the chair of Titan and tries to make a Godlike landing on Earth. may be....


MemberDeaconMay-08-2012 6:35 AM
Ridley wanted to tone down the Organic Look from Alien he wanted it to be Bio Mechanical but in Alien it was more Bio Looking than Mechanical. Off course this difference still leads others to think we are looking at two different species and races and not that its just a re-design.

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MemberOvomorphJun-08-2012 4:22 AM
I agree, this is definitely a substantial and sadly, inferior re-design. I'm sorry Lindelhof, but the original space jockey from alien was clearly never intended to be simply a suit with a regular large guy inside - how disappointing. Alos, if you follow the protrusion (trunk) from the head of the original space jockey, it goes right down past his chest. In prometheus it stops by his chin. Disappointingly, I think this is a manipulation to fit Lindelhof's story. The nightmare world of giger, has been reduced to Star Trek! Why was Giger not given more creative control of prometheus. His designs haunt us for years, but he's not designed a single new creature in prometheus? what a superb opportunity, lost.
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