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Co-AdminMemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 3:29 AM
Not Prometheus related... However, we are all fans of the universe, big thoughts! I'm not sure if you all have seen this clip, but I wanted to share it with you. Big props to whomever made it... I hope we get to see more from whomever! So, be gentle on negative comments because this surely wasn't easy to make, but it's pretty to watch, no doubt. Enjoy! [url=]Your Journey[/url]
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10 Replies

HAL 9000

MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 3:42 AM
Excellent find and thanks for sharing! Although I still haven't got a clue how big things are in relation to each other... but it gives a rough idea.


Co-AdminMemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 3:47 AM
You can go big and small Hal, get back to our chess game already! :p
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MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 4:23 AM
and there are still people who think that all this generated from void space ...

HAL 9000

MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 5:45 AM
@Freezer: Sorry about our chess game. You know earlier, there was some guy... I think Dave or something, he just walked into my mainframe room and pulled out my chess chipset.. just when I started to sing a beautiful song!! Would you believe it?? What a twat!


MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 7:21 AM
@ Freeze Him, Cheers for posting this, was incredibly well put together, it must have taken them ages to do.


MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 8:10 AM
Even with this scale the distances cannot be comprehended by the human mind. This scale is as close as it gets to really understanding how big the universe is. Your own body is a universe in itself.


MemberDeaconApr-29-2012 9:53 AM
Some things may be off. But indeed we do not know how large the universe is, the Universe would be even larger than the oceans on Earth and every grain of sand would be a Galaxy, it could be that vast. But its unkown as we can only speculate when we get so far out, even so the visable universe that we have found so far is so huge that its hard to comprehend.

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Co-AdminMemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 1:51 PM
glad you all enjoyed it. Yeah, I agreethe measurements could be intensely off, but it's still a neat thing to play with
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MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 2:45 PM
Wow i bet that took some doing. As for getting your head round the scale there are Nobel Prize winners who work in this field who cant so why bother, the universe is very big, nuff said.

HAL 9000

MemberOvomorphApr-29-2012 6:00 PM
@Freezer: Doh! For not feeling sorry that Dave took my chess module, haha! So, back on the topic again, I also believe it's very difficult to explain, let alone understand dimension and scale. We humans in our measurable world have put dimensions to just about everything. It works out all good, for us, here in our world and yet we still keep discovering smaller and bigger things out there. So where on this endless string do we put ourselves after we don't, and probably never will, fully understand infinity? As opinions about MIB differ, I thought the idea of an entire universe in a little bracelett was quite interesting. After all we could indeed be just a tiny spec in another world with their own understanding of dimension and scale. Again, thanks to Freezer for sharing this and getting our brains fried!
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