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Unused Alien: Covenant Proto-Facehugger & Alien concepts by Dominic Hailstone
Scified2017-09-27 09:30:54
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Dominic Hailstone is one of the other credited concept artists who worked on Alien: Covenant and during the film's early pre-production phase he provided some fantastic concepts for a variety of Alien creatures. Unfortunately some of his ideas went unused, but since Covenant has released on home video, Dominic has taken to Facebook to debut some of his work as well as insight to some of the unused scenes which would have accompanied his concepts.


The following is Dominic's rendition of what the Proto-Facehugger was once going to look like. The entire biology of the Xenomorph was to be explored and evolution heavily emphasized throughout the Prometheus sequel's original story. But, that process was somewhat glazed over and rushed by the time the film became Alien: Covenant. Dominic explains a little bit about this concept below:

In the scene one of the actors had to pick this up then throw it. Then it had to open -- so it had to be robust and small, but also be able to fold up and lock in a closed position.

The shell was copied from a pillbug as I was convinced it would be impossible to replicate something that precise through trial and error given the timeframe. The legs were also jointed so they could fold up inside the body and not get in the way. It was a total headfuck but my favourite thing I worked on during the production.

David's Alien "Pets"

One concept we heard a lot about leading up to Covenant was the idea of David having created a plethora of pets by splicing the local wildlife of Paradise with his altered Engineer pathogen (the Black Goo). This concept was never really explored greatly in the film film but was slightly referenced in David's lab.

Alien (when the film was titled Paradise, back in 2015)

The following is an early Alien design Dominic created for the Prometheus sequel back when it was still titled Paradise in 2015. Back then, the storyline was fairly different to what it eventually became.

What do you think of Dominic's work? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Dominic Hailstone

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-09-27 09:30:54

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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphSep-27-2017 9:56 AM

The proto facehugger is disgustingly beautiful.

The last 2 armless aliens with long legs kinda reminded me of one of Giger's paintings.

Interesting stuff.



MemberFacehuggerSep-27-2017 11:47 AM

The pillbug would have been cool, along with more details on the evolution of the xenomorph, but alas, 'Alien: Covenant' happened.


MemberFacehuggerSep-27-2017 4:02 PM

Another reason Covenant was a mistake. They should have followed Prometheus to explain all of this.

Lady Anne

MemberFacehuggerSep-27-2017 5:12 PM

Awesome designs, I really love them. Wish we could see even more and know it's been hinted that in the next film we're supposed to I guess go back and actually see what David did - oh that we could have spent more time learning what David was up to in Covenant rather then poetry classes and flute lessons - So much flute!

[*snickers* Sorry couldn't help myself lol BTW if interested & enjoy a good laugh, watch ScreenJunkies 'Honest Trailers' of Alien: Covenant. It's quite amusing lol. But I digress apologies!]

These are so interesting looking and from a scientific standpoint, sorry can't help it lol I'm a scientist, love seeing the evolution as it were of all phases of the xenomorph. Would love to see his attempts of a Queen.

I'm still a bit unclear, and hopefully one of you here can explain it better to me, of David's comment "Their waiting for Mother" - as I thought Shaw was "Mother"? We've got an egg so umm, there's a mother involved somewhere yes? Unless David is trying to present himself as being a sort of hermaphrodite in a way. Yes, I understand he's got a serious "God" complex and all of that and that he'd I guess been using Shaw's reproductive organs to achieve his "Mighty Works" but that in itself again goes back to Shaw = Mother. So yes, please, if someone could untangle that for me thank you so much in advance! Or is it he's just, obviously, off his rocker, so the comment is of no real significance. Oh, and yes I get the whole Ohram being "Mother" too - sort of, but why would he alter the protomorph later into a basically larval stage when here it comes forth fully developed?! Sorry, just one of the questions for me that sadly seemed to be lost on the editing room floor - like a lot of this movie unfortunately.

Ridley Scott is, has been, and will always be a kind of hero of mine. His movies have always intrigued me with a few exceptions - hey no one can knock it out of the park every time, I get that! However, of late he seems to have become lost on his "quests". He started out with a clear direction but took a left turn at "I've reached 80 and I'm asking the bigger questions all humanity does at this/some stage in our journey through life, the 'What comes next?!' questions.". Which now has been placed into the universe of Alien, awkwardly and inappropriately insofar as the cannon of this series.

For myself at least, the Xenomorph's have no concern of or for philosophical ponderings. They have and will always be neutral in that department which is why I feel they've appealed to so very many people - there's no undercurrent of religious motivations driving them, therefore no need for people to get caught up in biblical principles no matter what slant a person's takes. It's goals are primal, steadfast, and sterile - it's what makes them as Ash said, "the perfect organisms" because their only goal is continuation and safety of the hive, all acting as one towards one goal, the further propagation of the species - period. It's perfection lies in its beautiful simplicity, again at least for me. But, Scott really threw a curve ball when he decided to make it about "faith" and "God". Which to me only accomplished destroying the purity of the Xenomorph - by making it seem you could lift its foot and find a sticker with, for lack of a better term, 'Made In (Pick A Country - or Planet in this case)' stamped on it! So perhaps at least being able to see the evolution as it were of them would have filled in a lot of gaps and got things better on track.

Although admittedly, after watching two movies of quite possibly the dumbest scientists and crews in the history of imagined space travel I'm quite apprehensive about the next installment, at least as a scientist myself, being any better - yes, yes I know, Star Trek they didn't wear helmets either and very valid point but hey it was a TV show!

Here we're supposed to believe they'd just spent 8 - 10 years researching the galaxy for a liveable planet to colonize, found a pretty much perfect match, but missed one basically 10 miles down the road but found the one 8 light years away?!?! Then we're just going to skip on down there, with just a curseorary check of conditions from the shipboard computers, with no protective gear, frolic in a wheat field - that oh yeah shouldn't be there in the first place, while touching everything and sniffing EVERYTHING?!?! And I thought they were beyond stupid in Prometheus! Wow!

Again my apologies - I've gone WAY off track sorry! Oh and please know - These are just my thoughts, and in no way meant to imply there's anything wrong with Scott/anyone asking the bigger questions especially at this/that stage in life. We all do it. I'VE DONE IT! I was just talking in relationship to these movies we love so very much. Lady Anne ^^ö^^


MemberOvomorphSep-27-2017 6:24 PM

I too would have liked to see way more detail regarding the alien evolution, but I immensely enjoyed the David story. The poetry and flutes were absolutely awesome, though I'm not sure how many actors other than Michael Fassbender could have pulled it off even half as well. Remember, the android issue/story has been a key part of the Alien franchise since the very beginning. Exploration of the character of Ash was a central issue in Alien (1979), no less important (and interesting, I might say) than that of the endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species.

The android theme in Covenant actually reminded a bit of the andoid theme in Star Trek: Next Generation. In fact, in Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) Data meets his brother too, and only of them can survive.

Given the richness of the Alien universe and the many issues that could (and should) be explored, perhaps the only truly satisfactory solution would be a TV series -- rather like Star Trek. The movie format simply doesn't do justice to the detail (in terms of both width and depth) that Alien fans crave. With a weekly 45-minute instalment, so many avenues could be taken and parallel arcs investigated -- androids, xenomorphs, neomorphs, Engineers, other species visited by the Engineers, Weyland-Yutani, terraforming, ...


MemberOvomorphSep-27-2017 6:45 PM

Grimm I like where your head is with the TV Series idea but because of the graphic content and film nostalgia having the language , violence and themes and character elements it has as well as just needing a budget big enough to support special effects good enough for fans to appreciate and good enough to represent the species it would only work well on a HBO or Cinemax style format without that it would fall short of expectations both within TV and the universe itself HBO could work considering there relationship with Damon Lindelof having work with them as well as TV in general many times but it would probably go way of a miniseries and if it worked they could bring it back as needed and as it is welcomed kind of like the open reservation they have with Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm but it doesn't need to be a season after season situation


MemberPraetorianSep-27-2017 11:40 PM

Yet more incredible, innovative concepts which lend even more weight to just how disgustingly beautiful this sequel was originally going to be!

What a waste, at the very least we need a tome solely devoted to the unused concepts and David's lab work designs, by all of the artists involved.

It must be incredibly frustrating for Sir Ridders to have had the rug pulled out from under him. 

The picture that's gradually been painted for me is that this sequel was going to blow everything else out of the Universe, just as I had expected! So sad.

Please FOX, give my favourite Alien director your fullest support next time round!


MemberDeaconSep-28-2017 6:43 AM

Interesting Concepts.... the last one from 2015 does kind of look a little like how one of the so called Prometheus Pandemonium  2014 creatures was going to be as far as how it was explained to me and what i described to Chris back Early 2015 ;)

As for the TV Series, i think it would be interesting as there is quite a lot that could be explored in the Expanded Universe.

*Weyland and Yutani Companies (what Technologies and Rivalries they had and i think the Prequel Novel will touch upon some of this).

*You have the Androids and could cover instances where previous or future models have flaws and rebellious tendencies, we see this with David but also it happened with the Autons (Call AR)

*We could explore the Marines a bit...

But i think doing a TV series about the Engineers may not work, unless it covers some kind of Future Interaction or Distant want, with Flash Backs showing Engineers interacting with Mankind in the past.. or even other Humanoids in other parts of the Galaxy.

But again i am not sure FOX would risk this....  the other ideas as far as a TV series that covers a W-Y kind of Story that has nothing to do with the Engineers or Xenomorphs could be explored i guess... it would not need massive Budgets and i guess the POTENTIAL for a TV Series like this or even just expanded Novels will depend on how Fans take to the Covenant Prequel book by ADF that covers the W-Y Company and the Events prior to the Covenant ship leaving Earth.

HOWEVER... I think FOX may still be reluctant because they may think the Franchise has to be about the Xenomorphs which we have seen done over and over... and i think a TV Series about Marines and Xeno's will just completely COOK the BEAST


MemberDeaconSep-28-2017 7:02 AM

"Their waiting for Mother"

People took this as being Ambiguous, could it mean MUTHUR as in David and W-Y are in cahoots or at least David and AI behind the Machines are, and have set all this up so that MUTHUR can bring Hosts to where David is...

I cant see it being anything to do with Dr Shaw...

The way i see it is Davids comments are merely regarding a HOST... a Human Embryo is what Evolves from a Fertilized Egg Cell, it evolves into a Embryo that REQUIRES a Mothers Womb to allow it to grow and then for the MOTHER to give Birth.

It appears those Eggs are the most advanced form of Davids Projects however, he simply has No HOSTS left to test it on.... so those Eggs are awaiting in that Catacomb for a Host, which is why David transmitted the Dr Shaw feed to TRAP Eventually a Human Ship to come and explore the Signal.

So these Eggs, which have Face Huggers require a Mother to incubate its Embryo and thus i feel the Waiting for Mother is just that the Face Hugger Xeno Embryos require a Host to Gestate and grow and then give Birth to the Xenomorph.

"I've reached 80 and I'm asking the bigger questions all humanity does at this/some stage in our journey through life, the 'What comes next?!' questions.". Which now has been placed into the universe of Alien, awkwardly and inappropriately insofar as the cannon of this series."

I do think this is something that put some off, and the Philosophy etc is something that interested others, its a BOLD Plot to incorporate the Space Jockey Race with Gods and Creation.

But i dont think the plans was to be going too Biblical Literal here... the Bible/Quran and Torah are not the only Religion or Mythos based on GOD and Gods.... there are many.   and as far as Literal LIFE and GOD we have in General these TWO Answers.

1) There is a GOD, or a Place where our Souls go to when we die, and GOD in this sense is a Divine and Powerful somewhat Magical Entity.

2) Life just Evolved from a Event from the Ancient Past, the Big Bang and we have no SOUL we are a part of Evolution, we are Born and we Die and that is it.

So here you kind of have the Dr Shaw/Dr Holloway Flip-side.

What these Dr's both agree on and what their findings are showing is a 3RD Outcome.

3) That we are Created as is most life by a Ancient Alien Race, that have interacted with us and who we persevered as GODs and where all our GOD Mythos came from...    This backs up Holloways Ideas, but for Dr Shaw she ponders if these beings who are who we interpreted as GOD's are actually in some way more closer to GOD, or are they just a Ancient Advanced Species... in which Case Dr Shaw is still asking.. who CREATED Them.

I think its this 3rd Theme that is the basis of Prometheus and while it throws some Biblical themes around, i dont think the idea would have been to show us some GOD who is like God of the Bible... not at all.

I think its a case of the Question is there a GOD, or no GOD or are we a process of Evolution....

The Answer to this is YES on Both Accounts.. BUT the actual truth about the Very Top of the Hiearchy Chain of Original Creation (so expending beyond the Engineers) is totally nothing like what the Biblical GOD is, and i think would not be a GOD as in the Literal Magical Sense.. but something VERY SINISTER

Where the Creation of Mankind and the Seeds/Roots to where we came from are FAR from some Magical GOD Creating First Man/Woman to Look after and Protect and Grant Eternal Life...  

The TRUTH could have been something very Bold and Twisted and Sinister and i for one was looking forwards to finding this out.


MemberDeaconSep-29-2017 2:45 PM

Back to the Concept though, i think its a interesting example, and i actually like it.


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2017 5:41 AM

Alien Paradise, should still be a Film, dealing with what happened on The Planet and Shaw and the Xeno Types created. No offense, but I wanted everyone on the COVENANT dead... it's to the point I'm rooting for the Xenomorphs unless Shaw or Ripley shows up...sorry

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