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The Problem of Continuity in 'Prometheus 2' and 'Alien 5'
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Written by Chris9,729 Reads5 Comments2015-07-13 18:32:45

It's common nowadays that cinematic franchises have more than one film on development at the same time. The obvious example being pretty much all Marvel films, hundreds of which seem to be in rolling production for the last decade. The Alien franchise has now grown to become one of these enterprises with 20th Century Fox working on both 'Chappie' and 'District 9' director Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien 5' and Ridley Scott's much anticipated 'Prometheus 2'. With Alien 5 following on from the success of the original four 'Alien' series, even starring Sigourney Weaver in the lead role as Ellen Ripley, and Ridley Scott's production continuing the 2012 prequel to the series, there is a dangerous potential for contradiction. 

Combatting contradiction

The 'Prometheus' sequel has been in semi-development for much longer than 'Alien 5', but it is Blomkamp's film that has been grabbing all the headlines. While Blomkamp was out promoting his poorly received recent film 'Chappie', perhaps wanting to avoid awkward discussion, many interviewers and journalists chose instead to focus their conversation with Blomkamp on the latest installment in the 'Alien' series. Blomkamp, perhaps sensing the hostility towards 'Chappie', was only to happy to oblige.

Blomkamp running ideas past Scott

Blomkamp revealed in many interviews that, as Scott is producing Blomkamp's film, the two have been in discussion about how the two films can co-exist happily and "not tread on each other's toes", so to speak. In an interview with Empire magazine, Blomkamp revealed that his discussions with Scott had already forced the script for Alien 5 to be altered. When it became clear that the plot for Prometheus 2 would have a direct bearing on the plot for Alien 5, Ridley Scott was obviously triumphant in the ensuing discussions and Blomkamp was persuaded to change the script:

"I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping 'Prometheus' a little bit. 

However, Blomkamp also revealed that Ridley's role on the movie as a producer has been invaluable and encouraging. 

"One thing that makes me feel good about it is that Ridley is producing it. He likes the idea of what I want to make."

Both productions working closely together

The closeness of the tie between these two movies was revealed in the artwork that Blomkamp released online of plans for the look of 'Alien 5'. In the art work one of the Engineer ship designs from the original 'Prometheus' could be made out, so it seems very apparent that the two have been conversing from an early stage of production. The acknowledgement of Scott's film by Blomkamp is an exciting prospect for many fans that feared, mainly after the bad reviews of 'Chappie', that Blomkamp might not be up to the job of directing a movie in such an iconic franchise. They will be settled down by the obvious influence of veteran director Ridley Scott's insistence on putting his mark on the latest installment. As well as assurances that the new Alien movie won't break with the conventions set forth in 'Prometheus', loyal fans, of which there are many, were also put at ease by Blomkamps recent assurances that 'Alien 5' won't undo the events of 'Alien 3' or 'Alien Resurrection'. At the same time, however, Blomkamp has said his movie won't be 'tied' to the others in the franchise.

Filmmaking still important to Scott at 77

With Ridley Scott handing directorial duties to Blomkamp, as well as turning down directing the 'Bladerunner' sequel there had been speculation that the acclaimed director was beginning to wind down, perhaps for health purposes. However, in an interview with the Telegraph, he put the speculation to rest saying, as long as he has his health, that filmmaking was still just as important to him in his later years as it always has been:

"Apart from my health, my children and my relationship, the meaning of life is being able to work and do what I want to do...People say I'm a workaholic but I'm not. I just love working. I adore it."

Despite being 15 years past the average retirement age in the US, Scott seems to have plenty left in the tank. With no sign of the great director seeking to stop directing just yet, fans can expect more classics from him.

Which film costs more?

Calculating the cost of a major Hollywood production is a tough task these days as there are so many things to factor into the budget. However, fans who were not impressed with the offering of Alien 3 blamed a lack of funds in the budget. This might prompt more spending to ensure Blomkamp's film is received better. With CGI being discredit by many, we can expect to see more live-action stunts and organic special effects for this one, which for obvious reasons, including the increased cost to cover the cast and crew, are far more expensive than their safer computer-generated counterparts. Insurance costs alone for a cast of around ten on a high risk film can reach over half a million dollars, with cover for key stars costing up to quarter of a million dollars. Judging by Blomkamps track record, we can expect to experience a sense of realism with the effects which will be welcomed by fans. The fact is that cheap CGI just doesn't cut it any more and, although we expect to see elaborate special effects in both movies, we expect that they will be more believable that Alien 3. 

Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 in good hands

Most will agree that Blomkamp's discipline in running ideas past Scott regarding 'Alien 5' is heartening. It's also encouraging that Blomkamp's dedication to the production is clearly evident. Prometheus 2 will come first, in 2016, with Blomkamp's film being released a year later in 2017. Only after both films are released can the inevitable scrutiny of the continuity of the series properly begin.

- Article courtesy of Gemma Cains

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MemberDeaconJul-14-2015 7:10 AM

It certainly will be a interesting time when more information comes to light on these, there has been rumours that Blomkamps movie has recently started Production and maybe this is Pre-Production?  He only started work on his Alien 5 Story while working on Chappie and then he had a number of Concept Art to go with his ideas.....  Fox saw these and decided to Green Light the movie, and Ridley has got involved in Production so as to make sure the story that is told does not contradict anything he wishes to cover in Future Prometheus Movies and Scotts vission for the Alien Franchise..

Prometheus 2 is the movie that has been worked on longer as far as Ideas of where the movie is going and then 15 drafts submited based on the ideas that Scott and Fox had, of which as of October 2014 they had finally had the final draft they are pleased with... but its all gone quiet now..

Hopefully once The Martian is released Ridley would spill a few more beans as far as his next projects are concerned but with Rumours that Alien 5 could be released in 2016 and Ridley working on Prometheus 2 and Bladerunner 2 it could be that his next project after The Martian could indeed be Prometheus 2.

Its been a long wait but i feel by this Fall we should start to get more News, and it could be only a 18 Month Wait before we see both Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 released.


MemberDeaconJul-14-2015 7:22 AM

As far as any Contradictions...... i think Ridley would have made sure the following points are not going to conflict as far as Ridleys view and how he wishes to explain or explore these from the Time Line of the End of Prometheus 2094 and 2179 (assuming Alien 3 and Alien 4 will become alternative universe or dreams).

1) How the company gets its hands on a Engineer Ship, where and when... (do they recover the Derelict or a Ship from LV 223 or even David and Shaws Engineer Ship).

2) What connection Alien 5 will show with Engineers, regarding History, any interaction since 2093 and Engineer Technology, and what this Technology leads too.

3) What becomes of LV 223 between 2094 and 2179, what is there to salvage from LV 223 prior and after the events of Alien.

4) Anything that hints to the Origins of the Xeno DNA or how it works or is evolved and connected to the Engineers and their Ships and the contents of the Bio Weapon Urns.

I think these are the 4 main points that could contradict Ridleys plans for Prometheus 2, the Engineers, the Xeno and connections...

But as Blomkamp said just one Thing that was Bugging Ridley, then i think it logically has to do with how the company gets its hands on a Engineer Ship....  so for example if Blomkamp had it that the Ship was taken from LV 223, be it another ship (which there is many) or the crashed one from Prometheus...

If Ridley had a way to explain by the end of Prometheus Franchise that there is nothing to salvage from LV 223 by the time of Alien/Aliens then this would contradict Alien 5 if Blomkamp intended to recover the ship from LV 223.

This is not to say this is the case, we dont know if Blomkamps idea was to recover the Derelict after Aliens in which case this would not contradict Prometheus or LV 223 which would then mean its what the company are able to do and find with the Derelict Technology and Xeno DNA that would contradict with Ridleys vision.


MemberOvomorphJul-14-2015 10:25 AM

I'm can't wait for the sequel of Prometheus. Please Ridley, start!


MemberChestbursterJul-14-2015 6:13 PM




MemberFacehuggerJul-17-2015 7:47 AM

It's always great to hear any news updates about Prometheus 2, but there is no way it is coming out in 2016, if it hasnt even started filming yet. Probably Alien 5 will be released in 2017 and Prometheus in 2018, which sucks that it is so long, but them's the breaks!

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