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(Spoiler Warning) New Alien TV series character details leak online!

(Spoiler Warning) New Alien TV series character details leak online!

Scified2022-03-19 20:49:10
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With production set to begin on Noah Hawley's Alien TV series next year, plot information and character details continue to find their way online. The latest leak which comes to us from Reddit and corroborated by other sources, gives us insight to the characters running the series' new "evil corporation", the Prodigy Corporation! Unlike the Weyland-Yutani Corporation whose interests seemed to revolve around exploration and exploitation of the Xenomorph, mankind origins and military applications of extraterrestrials, the Prodigy Corporation is fixated on the expansion of Metahuman technologies.

This new leak provides details on character names and roles within Noah Hawley's Alien TV Series:

Boy Kavalier – a very young man who is the CEO of a company called The Prodigy Corporation. This company is at the heart of the series, with their experiments and creations leading a new wave into metahuman territory.


Atom Ein – Boy Kavalier’s advisor. He is older but understands manipulation and the way to help achieve larger goals

Like Weyland-Yutani was for the Alien film series, Prodigy will be at the center of the Alien TV series. How the Xenomorphs come into play we're still uncertain as the series seems to lend more heavily towards the evolution and transcendence of mankind and their technology, rather than discovering crashed Alien Derelicts.

As we learn more about this series we'll be sure to keep you posted!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-03-19 20:49:10

The future of Alien

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

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6 Fan responses to (Spoiler Warning) New Alien TV series character details leak online!


PraetorianMember4185 XPMar-21-2022 12:49 AM

so the metahuman plot is true after all


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-21-2022 7:39 AM

I am concerned as to HOW this will Connect to the Prequels and Alien Franchise.... is the Xenomorph just going to be used as Fan-Service?

They have to be Careful as the Emphasis away from Xenomorphs and on David had been something that BUGGED some Fans.... they could RISK the same with these Meta-Humans.

Saying that with a TV Show you can get away with such things as you have the RUN-TIME to Explore such things, so if Prometheus was a TV Series then i dont think the more Screen Time on NONE-XENO related things would have been a BANE of Contention as much.

At least the TV Series Time-Line is more known, and it seems it will likely take Place between 2095-2100 which is NOT so in the Near Future as they stated.... which made me Dread its gonna be 2050 kind of Time-Line.

Will the TV show be Canon?  Will it Mention either Weyland or Yutani?

With ALIEN we had the Special Order 937 and we was always wondering HOW this came about and HOW MUCH the Company had known about the Xenomorph.

At the TIME of Prometheus what we was left with (looking at RS comments) is that the Derelict/Eggs were on LV-426 and the Event is Related to the OUTBREAK on LV-223 and so it would be WISE to ASSUME a Mission to LV-223 after the LOSS of Contact with the Prometheus would LEAD to the Special Order 937

With the U-Turn of Plot with Alien Covenant then its more Clearer that Special Order 937 had came in Response to the Advent Message that David would send the Company.

The TV Series being SET like BEFORE the Covenant Mission had got UNDER WAY... where we would see Xenomorphs like 5-10 Years before the EVENTS of Alien Covenant... and these Xenomorphs will be on Earth...... makes Davids Advent and Special Order 937 kind of MUTE!

So we have to WONDER/WORRY as to HOW the Xenomorph is Encountered.......

The Prodigy Corporation basically seems to be working on a Blade Runner Replicants meets Universal Solider kind of PLOT....

Enhanced Humanoids...... and so its a PUZZLE to HOW/WHEN and WHY they would Encounter the Xenomorph?

We know we will get a LOT about the Meta-Human Plot, it could seem these Superior Beings are Created for a Purpose but then would be LOOKED DOWN on as the Replicants were in Blade Runner, so we could see a Potential Revolt by these beings who become the A.I Threat...

But then its LATTER in the TV Series that the Xenomorphs come to be.. and so its a case of HOW!

I can only come up with ONE way this could Connect the Franchise.... this is because to ME it seemed the LV-223 Engineers are Essentially the Meta-Versions of our Engineers, so maybe the Prodigy Corp goes to LV-223 and Discovers those Engineers are Genetically Enhanced and they WISH to Replicate this with Humans?

Thats NOT to say THIS is what we will see.... i will say this is WHAT i Speculated that Alien Covenants Sequel may have been about..... David using the Human Embryos to make his OWN like Metahumans.

And so the Black Goo/Engineers Secrets could LEAD to such Artificial Evolution/Enhancements but maybe a Consequence is that the GOO will eventually Evolve to Create Xenomorphs as a Consequence.

And i SUSPECT that THIS is HOW it will all TIE together...

Black Goo comes from Ancient Xenomorphs, the Engineers Experiment to Enhance themselves, these Enhanced Engineers then USED it to Create Deacons to USE on Humans and maybe Engineers before things went to POT.... then David begins to USE the Stuff to Create all Sorts but the Pathogen will ALWAYS go and EVOLVE to Eventually Create the Xenomorph.

HOWEVER..... i would also NOT rule out that instead of LV-223 that the Company would Uncover a Sunken Engineer Ship or Outpost on Earth and this is where things KICK START from.

NOT a FAN of this IDEA... but i can see it being USED as the Connection and HOW we get our Xenomorphs in the TV Show.

Ulf Claesson

OvomorphMember11 XPMar-22-2022 7:15 AM

Well, that officially killed any interest I might have had in the show. And unless Disney go ahead with Covenant 2, I am done with any future Alien projects. I loved Covenant and Prometheus (and time will prove me correct) and to leave those plot threads dangling would be a crime.


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-22-2022 8:08 AM

I think its TOO EARLY to be Writing it OFF just yet.....

I think the ALIEN Franchise has been in a MESS since after Prometheus as Prometheus had NOT really Satisfied those who Expected a more ALIENY Movie with HOPES of seeing the Xenomorph or Similar and having the ORIGINS answered a Little More.

Prometheus had OPENED the Franchise up, and was NOT intended to be a Direct Prequel or Answer the Eggs Question.... which the REAL PROBLEM had became the Movie just NEVER gave some Fans any CLOSURE.. on that Subject. (Derelict and Eggs).

I was FINE with this as for ME there was enough Clues to have a Good Guess and some MYSTERY is always Welcome.

But the General Audience and a Certain amount of ALIEN Franchise Fans will be EXPECTING any ALIEN TV Show or a Movie to have the XENOMORPH.

And so its going to be a CASE of HOW MUCH of a Distraction is this other PLOT going to be and HOW MUCH of a Emphasis/Role are these Meta-Humans and Prodigy Shena****ns going to TAKE UP..... if this DOES-NOT go and ENGAGE the Fans would they LOOSE the Interest when we get to the XENOMORPH reveal... and HOW MUCH of a ROLL will they get?

It would be LIKELY the First Season will be about 10 Episodes Long (but it could be between 8-12) with a 45 Minute Run-Time.

From whats been indicated so FAR it seems we may have to WAIT about 4 Hours into it before we get our Xenomorphs, but as SOON as we get them it would Appear they will PLAY a Considerable Role/Screen Time.

Where surely about 60-70% Into the Season it will become Action and Effects Heavy with enough Xenomorphs to Please the Fans who like a more ALIENS kind of Flick.

Its a Case of would the First 30-40% of the Season do enough to ENGAGE the Fans?


DeaconMember10416 XPMar-22-2022 8:36 AM

Looking into that PLOT...

It seems we will get to see some Rich Corporate kinds who have LITTLE CARE for their Employees and Especially the Blue-Collar and Working Class.

It seems that the MAIN FOCUS will be on the Prodigy Corporation who in PART will be Working on the Creation/Engineering of Enhanced Humanoids...

These Humanoids will have Super-Human Abilities but i think these will be more like HOW we see Ripley 8 is Superior to a Normal Human rather than them having Various like X-Men Super Powers.... (No like SUPERMAN if you would not as far as beings as Powerful as Kal-El).

It will Feature normal like Synthetics too.... it could be we will see these Synthetics and Meta-Humans being Treated as NONE-HUMAN like we see the Replicants are in Blade Runner.

It would seem that ONE of the MAIN Characters will be  a Military/Security Guy (JD Hermit) who had lost his Sister when she was 10 (Marcy) but he Discovers that ONE of the Meta-Humans who identifies as (Wendy) actually has his (JD Hermit) Sisters Consciousness uploaded to her (Wendy) Meta-Human Body.

Now its too Early to Speculate if this WENDY is going to be a MALE so we have a Male Aesthetically who Identifies as a Female (Consciousness) or we have a Very Masculine looking Female Aesthetically (think Vasquez ).

We have a Synthetic who is Tasked with Teaching Wendy, and Attempting to UNLOCK her TRUE POWERS who has some Sinister Agenda/Motive against the Company and Mankind.

This would seem the Future Threat Aspect (a A.I with its own Agenda and Objectives) who are Tasked with Mentoring these Meta-Humans...  i guess this would be like a David 8 being tasked with Tutoring over Roy Batty (but if BOTH were Female).   

It would seem that Wendy would Object to HOW herself and the Meta-Humans are being USED and so we could see her Lead some kind of REVOLT.... but it could be the Synthetic Kirsh and maybe others would be USING this to their Advantage to take Control over the Meta-Humans.

This may seem a OK Plot but i Worry it would seem a None-Alien kind of Plot... and so after like 3 Hours of this i think Fans would WANT to be seeing the Xenomorph.

The Question is WHEN/HOW/WHY the Xenomorphs would come into PLAY?

Are the Corporation using the Black Goo or Xeno-Dna to Create these Meta-Humans?

Are the Xenomorphs Accidentally Created at some Point or Evolve from the Prodigy Companies Experiments?

Are the Xenomorphs Created as a Response to the Threat of the Synths and Meta-Humans or by the Synths to deal with the Meta-Humans or Humanity?

Or are the Eggs Discovered, or are known of (USED for Experiments) but then someone... be that Humans, Synths or Meta-Humans then Decide to UNLEASH the Xenomorphs in some CONFLICT that we will see OCCUR between SYNTHS, HUMANS where META-HUMANS will PLAY some Role and then the Xenomorphs?

We can ONLY go and Speculate at the Moment but i think their Discovery will lead to a OUTBREAK due to some PARTY deciding to USE them for some Nefarious Agenda.

Which brings the BIGGEST CONCERN is that THIS would surely CONFLICT with the Franchise and Especially the Prequels!


PraetorianMember4185 XPMar-22-2022 3:04 PM

Noah Hawley knowns the ins and outs of the ALIEN franchise... yeah right.

This metahuman plot sounds like a bad idea, I would rather they reintroduce the Yautja in to Alien canon. 

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