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Prometheus: The Lesser Known Deleted and Alternate Scenes
Scified2016-08-03 08:20:34
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I wouldn't normally add anything Prometheus related to my blog but in this case, I'm making an exception. I've been asked if I would do this by a couple of people, so I thought I would do it for something to do. I'm not a mega fan of Prometheus, but It's not a bad film either. I find it a lot better than Alien Resurrection and the AVP movies.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the deleted and alternate scenes not featured in the deleted scene's section of the Prometheus DVD/Blu ray. Most of these scenes have been taken from trailers and various makings of and behind the scene's documentaries. Some of the pictures in this article are low quality. Without a copy of the shooting script, it will be difficult to write up much about the scenes featured.

Please note that I will be adding more to this as I go along or as more scenes are found. Eventually, I will get better resolutions of certain pics and update them.

Scenes may not in order.

Elder Engineer Speaks:
Just before the elder engineer hands over the ceremonial bowl, he says a few words to the engineer whose about to sacrifice himself. Thanks to Avpgalaxy user Crazy Shrimp informing me of this scene.

Halloway and Shaw:
Holloway walks up to shaw and says, "You're smiling." This takes place right before Shaw takes Holloway into the cave to show what she has discovered.


David Crying:
David is crying at what we think is the movie Lawrence of Arabia. He's also drinking milk.


There's a shot of Janek holding a Christmas tree saying, "Ho ho ho!". This shot is missing from the deleted scene in which Janek is messing with a Christmas tree during breakfast.

Millburn and Fifield:
After Millburn sits down, he shakes his hand and complains his fingers are still numb. Millburn then says "Then I've never been out this long before so". Fifeld replies "No one's been out this long before". Millburn then responds with "Alright".


Shaw and Holloway:
Before the mission briefing, there's a shot of Shaw and Holloway talking to each other. Shaw says, "They’re gonna think we're crazy." Holloway replies, " Yeah. They're not if you keep it scientific." A shot of Fifield saying, "It's a star map", and there's also an alternate shot of Shaw saying, "Not a map an Invitation."



Holloway and Shaw:
After the mission brief, Shaw begins to storm off. She is angry at Holloway for not fully backing her up. The scene takes place just before David collars the pair to meet with Vickers.


Prometheus Has Landed:
There's a shot of Janek on the bridge when he says,"Prometheus has landed."

Sweetest Air:
After Holloway has removed his helmet and sampled the air he says, "That's the sweetest air I've ever tasted."

Alternate Tomb Shot:
Instead of finding a green crystal in the 'Head room' Holloway finds a ceremonial bowl. Same type used at the beginning by the engineer when sacrificing himself. I think this shot is better.


David Smiling:
There's a shot of David smiling while observing the black goo oozing from one of the vases. Also, some behind the scene footage of him smelling (?) a piece before looking around.



Changing into what:
There's an alternate shot of Vickers saying, "Changing into what."


Shaw Crying and Praying (?):
There are extra shots of Shaw crying and clasping her hands as if she might be praying. The crying shot came from a Japanese trailer.


David and Mr Weyland:
There are some shots of David in which he appears to be giving Mr Weyland a pill (?) alternatively, something to swallow.

Shaw and Janek:
Shaw turns to Janek and says, "I came here for answers, I'd rather die with those answers than leave without them."


Mr Weyland and the Mercenaries:
It is believed that originally the Fifield attack took place while Weyland the team were heading out to see the living engineer. Furthermore, during this scene, it is Shaw that runs over Fifield with the RT Vehicle.


Kill everything!...
There's a shot of Janek shouting, "Kill everything you copy." This may take place during the Fifield attack, but I'm not certain.


David and the Engineer Suit:
David stops and takes a look at one of the engineer suits.

Vickers to Janek:
After realising Janek is about to fly the Prometheus into the Juggernaut Vickers turns and says "You were a terrible lay by the way". Thanks to Avpgalaxy user MrSpaceJockey for informing me of this scene.

The Engineer:
After the juggernaut has crashed and ground to a halt the Engineer piloting picks, himself up and heads out to find Shaw.


The Engineer reads a book:
As the engineer peruses Shaw in the life pod the engineer browses through some books scattered on the floor. Thanks to Avpgalaxy user Gash for informing me of this scene.


Well, that's it for the time being. If you can think of any scenes, I've missed please contact me with images if possible, and I will add them to the list. I'm only interested in scenes not featured in the Deleted scenes section of the DVD/Blu ray. 

Written by xeno_alpha_07Published on 2016-08-03 08:20:34

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MemberFacehuggerAug-03-2016 8:32 AM


MemberFacehuggerAug-03-2016 8:42 AM

there was an underwater scene filmed at Ciudad De La Luz Studios, never released though or any photos unfortunately... cup of coffee and a biscuit sir?


MemberFacehuggerAug-03-2016 8:46 AM

No Thanks, had enough coffee and full on biscuits.  Never knew or even heard of an underwater scene!  I'll look into that one thank you.


AdminEngineerAug-03-2016 8:46 AM

Fantastic article Xeno_Alpha! Super informative, really enjoyed this.


MemberPraetorianAug-03-2016 9:59 AM

Thank you so much for posting this!!!



MemberFacehuggerAug-03-2016 11:00 AM

Good stuff.  Does anybody have the alternate footage of Fifield, which resembles a xeno rather than a zombie?

Or the out-takes of Milburn and Fifield that make more sense than what was shown. 


MemberDeaconAug-03-2016 3:18 PM

Nice Topic.... yes there was a lot that was cut... a lot of it was Christian Symbolism... other Scenes would have made some theories easier to come up with (Why the Space Jockey Suits)  but there are reasons some Scenes was cut.... a lot of the Engineer after the Crash Scenes had to be cut was because they decided to go with a re-shoot of the Shaw vs Engineer Scene.. after  Ian Whyte had Full Burn Make up on... and so by picking this alternative scene... a number of other shots had to be cut.

i will attempt to tackle these scenes over time lol.


MemberDeaconAug-03-2016 3:28 PM

I will start with a Quicky regarding the ELDER ENGINEERS

Indeed there was dialog between those Engineers, the Scene you mention there is a scene with dialog.. which translated the Elder Engineer says something like "Let your body become the dirt. Your blood become the waters, and may your soul become their way back to us"

This sugests a purpose for the Sacrifice and if their means US, then it implies that indeed at some point we was created to interact with them... but this may not mean the LV-223 Invite... it could be for a time when they visited us on Earth.


Is that this scene was even longer... it would have had closer and longer scene of them walking to that point as about 4 Elder Engineers had a lot of time in makeup and these would not be for mere distance shots...

Also.... the biggy..... The Actor who played the Sacrificial Engineer Daniel Twiss... had to learn some Ancient Language to have a dialog with a Elder Engineer.

This means it was a Two Way conversation...  there is not a single shot of this anywhere though....

And Interview has been removed.... but it did have him saying he had to learn some Ancient Alien Language for a few lines in the opening scene.


MemberDeaconAug-03-2016 3:32 PM

Diz the only footage was the CGI Fifield... which i am sure you have seen?

There was two alternatives they abandoned at the Production Stages though....

The ones on the left are Fifields.... top one is based of the Concept work....

As far as other scenes with Milburn and Fifield.. i am not sure... but the Draft explains some stuff that would have made the experience with them more believable  (Getting Lost, and Space Cobra Petting)

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterAug-03-2016 9:37 PM

Regarding Fifield.

The question of Fifield's look is relevant to the big one what is the Black Goo?

In Ridders commentary he refers to the change being made to deal with the aesthetics, the outcome of the first approach took you out of the movie at a technical level. Thats important for two reasons:-

1) He was not dismissing the overt Alien look on story telling grounds but basic movie making ones. So the idea if you bathe in B G you undergo a radical change directly toward zenofication has not been rejected. This maybe important 2nd time round.

2) With the reintroduction of the big beast and the welcome emphasise on discrete use of practical effects in Prom I hope that the early shots of the creature (elements thereof) will be practical. Nevertheless those shots of the Engineer striding across the landscape show the risk of demystification.          

Regarding the Opening Scene

I think the choice to imply the long scene without dismissing it at a story telling level gives us the best of both worlds. For me Ridders call on the cut their was spot on but for those whom can not make out whats going on from the non verbal communication and were curious sure have their answer. It will be interesting to see if in Cov. whether he opts for the same approach when explaining back story or uses David to explain it through narrative, the chances of the latter have increased with the absence of Damon on the keyboard. 

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteAug-03-2016 9:37 PM

XENO_ALPHA_07 - How very fantastic! An underwater scene? What, I wonder, could that have entailed? Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)


MemberDeaconAug-04-2016 8:37 AM

I am not sure on the Underwater Scene.... that was from Spaights draft.

All i do know is they did Pay for and Book time to use the Ciudad de la Luz  Water Tank it was booked and paid for...

They planned to use a near by beach too...

So this set was likely for the Weyland Yacht dream Scene... that was in Lindeloffs Draft... When David talked to Weyland in his Cryo-sleep

I am sure Ridley used the same set for Exodus: Gods and Kings as the facility is used often for scenes that require large waves... it is essentially a Large Wave Machine. 


MemberFacehuggerAug-09-2016 5:22 PM

Excising the Elders was a good choice. The mystery of the sacrifice scene was enhanced, along with the underlying theme of a cold, indifferent universe.

The teardrop vehicle departs before the deed is done, either its occupants are unmoved or it is in fact empty and leaving of its own volition. Plus the Elders add terrestrial notions of aging and ceremony that would dilute the sense of merciless otherworldliness.

Xeno, there is also a scene of the Juggernaut Engineer speaking to David. I do wish that had been left in, only because I like his voice!


MemberOvomorphSep-02-2016 10:32 AM

Great post! Few i hadnt seen before so thanks for that.

I do remember (perhaps on an early trailer) a scene where David is reading the hieroglyphics at the entrance to the ampule room. He reads it..then as if he is struggling with the thought.. "ok this is dangerous...should i open this or not". 

Struck me that this was an important omission for such a short cut??

Then again...maybe i dreamt it! Ha.


MemberOvomorphFeb-18-2022 5:52 PM

you forgot about this one

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