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Production on Alien: Covenant 2 begins this Fall!
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[This post was published as an April Fool's Day joke for April Fool's Day 2018. However despite no actual Covenant 2 production start date has been confirmed, the plot details and news roundup used as reference in this piece are accurate and legitimate sources of information.]

Despite worries that the potential acquisition of 20th Century Fox's film assets by Disney last year would somehow harm the continuation of Ridley Scott's Prometheus saga, the highly anticipated Alien: Covenant sequel will begin production this Fall! Beginning September, 2018 Alien: Covenant 2 will gear up to begin filming with location scouting taking place as early as this July! Ridley Scott is expected to helm the third Prometheus sequel, but confirmation regarding his involvement has yet to be announced.

Currently, the only confirmed cast to be returning is Michael Fassbender with Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride's re-casting currently unknown.

In terms of plot direction, back in January 2018 Ridley Scott explained that he was "in tune" with where Alien: Covenant 2 would go next and it would apparently involve "replacing" the iconic Xenomorph which Scott attempted to re-introduce in Alien: Covenant. Speakig to The Hollywood Reporter back in November 2017, Ridley was quoted saying: "...But I think the beast has almost run out, personally. You’ve got to come in with something else. You’ve got to replace that. And so I was right, I was ahead of the game."

Alien: Covenant concluded with David having impersonated Walter, put Waterston's character Daniels and McBride's character Tennessee to sleep in cryo before commandeering the COVENANT vessel - complete with 2,000 hibernating colonists and embryos. The film ended with David relaying a message to the Network - explaining that the ship was back on course to Origae-6. We are left to assume that David will arrive at Origae-6 and unleash his creations on the uninhabited planet - creating an "army" of Xenomorph-like monstrosities. However, will this plot direction be explored in the Alien: Covenant sequel? It's uncertain as previous to Fox's acquisition talks with Disney, Studio execs were already toying with the notion of expanding the Alien franchise into various spin-offs set in the same universe but unrelated to the current ProemtheusAlien: Covenant storyline.

Another aspect of the Covenant storyline are the Engineers - who are also expected to have a more prominent role in the Alien: Covenant sequel, according to Ridley Scott. Back in June 2017, Scott explained that in Alien: Covenant 2, the Engineers will return to investigate what took place on Paradise and will discover what David had done. This will lead to what we can only expect to be a head-hunt for the deranged Android. This is what Scott had to say regarding Engineers in Alien: Covenant 2:

"There will be three or four different players coming in to investigate. One of which will be the Engineers arriving back to find their planet decimated. I think those ships come and go on regular intervals. I see them as the gardeners of space. Where we go next is obvious. We’re gonna actually go to the planet."

With all that said, it seems like there are a multitude of avenues the sequel can take - will it address what happens to Daniels? Or will she meet a similar fate as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw? Will David create an army of Aliens and face off against an army of tactical Engineers? Or will the next film completely disregard Prometheus and Alien: Covenant altogether?!

As we learn more we'll be sure to keep you updated. Until then however, let us know where YOU want to see Alien: Covenant 2 go next in the comments section below!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2018-04-01 07:34:05


MemberChestbursterApr-01-2018 7:42 AM

 Sorry Chris, don't want to be rude or an a$$-hole, but where is the source of the news?

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphApr-01-2018 7:43 AM

Hmm, this sounds...

*looks at the today's date*

oh, bloody hell.




MemberChestbursterApr-01-2018 7:47 AM

 ok, joke's on me ... idiot!


MemberChestbursterApr-01-2018 7:48 AM

 sorry, I was talking about me, I'm the idiot.


MemberFacehuggerApr-01-2018 7:56 AM

You got me I actually thought that this was not a prank, kinda wish it wasn't too


AdminEngineerApr-01-2018 8:04 AM

I know, I'm sorry guys. I'm just as hyped for any news on Covenant 2 as the rest of you. The information regarding where the sequel might go is legitimate, but in actuality we do not have an official production start date. 

However, I thought this would be a great April Fool's post if anything to re-ignite discussion on the matter and hopefully spark some excitement to light a fire under Fox/Disney to get moving on this sequel!

Remember, back in May 2017 Scott did say "Covenant 2 would begin filming within 14 months" - that would place us at July, 2018. So - assuming plans haven't changed too much, a Fall 2018 or early 2019 could be a possible start time frame for the Covenant 2 ball to get rolling.

This post is both an April Fool's gag, but also a statement of wishful thinking haha. Finger's crossed it turns out to be somewhat true!

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphApr-01-2018 8:26 AM

Was scrolling through the FB when I stumbled across this article that was posted 2 days ago by Screenrant, how did anyone miss this?



AdminEngineerApr-01-2018 9:21 AM

Hahahaha good one ;)


MemberOvomorphApr-01-2018 9:59 AM

Remember, they sold off the props from AC.  The beast is cooked.


MemberTrilobiteApr-01-2018 11:17 AM

Good ones!


MemberChestbursterApr-01-2018 12:48 PM

HAHA. The old good joke.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterApr-01-2018 4:54 PM

This is NOT funny and I am upset.

I really got excited over the news of the sequel being filmed until I got to the comments.  This joke just went to far, that's all.  To me, this isn't something to joke about. 

I went from thinking it could be years before the sequel even gets started to the thought of watching it maybe Dec. 2019!  

Regardless of the joke, Fox should've made a deal with Disney that Ridley Scott's final prequel should continue as planned with all the freedom Fox gave him after the A:C feedback.  To me, that's fair.

How could Fox let Disney completely mix things up when things were on a fairly set schedule?  Why wouldn't Ridley force a deal between Fox and Disney before he retires.  I mean, it took around 5 years for A:C to come out after Prometheus.  Does Ridley really think he's got another 7 years in him at the age of 80?  He doesn't look like he exercises.  Plus, from his tweets posted on this forum, I think he likes to drink too.  I pray Ridley gets to finish what he started with the freedom Fox gave him.


ModeratorPraetorianApr-01-2018 7:37 PM

Damn it! I hate April Fools lol. especially with the whole time zone thing, I get to cop it all twice.

hahaha good one though!

Still some solid news on the future of the franchise would be nice

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerApr-01-2018 8:15 PM

The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of the existence of the trap. Lol, got me.......I can go the rest of my days being thankful we did get Prometheus. Covy, I'm still trying to grapple with


MemberTrilobiteApr-01-2018 9:00 PM

Always suspect news on 04/01. I wasn't quite awake and believed it at first. That was smooth, Chris.


MemberOvomorphApr-01-2018 9:35 PM

Not amused.

**** this site.


MemberXenomorphApr-01-2018 9:50 PM

It breaks my heart to read this only as an April Fools'.


MemberOvomorphApr-02-2018 3:44 AM

I'am checking this site for some news like everyday since covenant release, so that was a really bad joke.. 


MemberFacehuggerApr-02-2018 7:33 AM

Oh was a joke...Wow I feel dumb since I just told everyone at work 30 minutes ago :/


MemberFacehuggerApr-02-2018 8:56 AM

Man, that's cruel.


MemberOvomorphApr-02-2018 2:49 PM

This is Not funny !!!!


MemberOvomorphApr-02-2018 6:57 PM

It’s April 2nd now.  People are still believing and sharing this.  Time to change the title or something to make it clear that this is a joke.


MemberTrilobiteApr-02-2018 8:11 PM

This was actually sort of mild compared to some 04/01 jokes last year. Changing the title due to shelf life opens the gate for everything past including Prometheus predictions.


MemberDeaconApr-03-2018 6:10 AM

LOL.... i missed this.... bit of a Cruel Joke... but i dont see the Big Fuss, clearly its a April Fools....  now if it was not April Fools then indeed it would Technically be Spamming and Click-Baiting etc... but its just a April Fools Guys ;)


MemberDeaconApr-03-2018 6:27 AM

HOWEVER..... it allows us to debate the Progress of the Next Movie.

I think we can Safely Assume that FOX/RS had a lot of confidence in Alien Covenant, they appeared to Listen to what they thought were concerns with PROMETHEUS, they looked at a lot of Criticism, mainly around the following.

*A Alien Prequel, that Did-Not reveal the Origins of the Xenomorph

*A Alien Prequel, that never had any Xenomorphs or related Action, only the Zombie Fifield, Hammerpedes and Trilobite which were not XENO Enough.

*Too much Emphasis on Dr Shaw's Quest to find out about our CREATION and reveal our CREATORS are the SPACE JOCKEY Race.

*Disappointments regarding the Engineers compared to what the Space Jockey appeared as.

So with those things corrected in Alien Covenant they thought they was onto a WINNER and surely would expect At-Least the Returns that PROMETHEUS made but with maybe less Critical Reaction (like RS said they want Aliens, i give them £"$%£%^ Aliens).

During the Marketing for Alien Covenant, it appears that RS/FOX were aware where they would take a Sequel, and it would appear a lot of Ground-Work had been laid out....   With Drafts being nearly Finished, Production to begin maybe last Fall or by Spring with SHOOTING to be under way in the Summer of 2018, with a Release sometime in 2019 to Tie into the 40th Anniversary of the FIRST MOVIE.

But ALAS.... The Box Office and Reaction to Alien Covenant was not what they expected... at this point its Safe to Assume that FOX wanted to Gauge the Reaction World World and then after Box Office and the run up to DVD/Blu-Ray Release they would surely Gather Together to discus WHY the Movie Did-Not do as well as expected.

They would need TIME to assess, what went wrong? what needs to be Fixed, which is WHY Ridley Scott started to make comments about with Prometheus he was ahead of the Game... Thus indicating that giving Fans Xenomorphs was not the route to take.

THEN.... we had the Disney Take Over Talks which would have Put Any Plans on HOLD

And with the Take-Over Complete we are now in a STATE of LIMBO it appears IF/WHEN Disney decide to make a ALIEN movie they would want to make sure they get it RIGHT... and so they are in NO-RUSH

I think Alien Day  April 26th could be a Day to Watch as far as what FOX (under Disney) do as far as Marketing, Special DVD Releases or what ever, and i think its HIGHLY Optimistic to expect any NEWS on the Project.

We can only just wait to see what RS says latter in the year after some Interviews on some of his Projects, as maybe RS could be Quizzed and Answer about the Franchise... i feel RS may give us a few hints to what he had Planned, but i am not sure what State those Plans would be in for the Foreseeable Future.


MemberDeaconApr-03-2018 6:36 AM


And i feel had AC done better, we would have been well on our way for a Sequel to maybe concur with a April 26th 2019 release.... i feel Disney would be better to take advantage of the 40th Anniversary by having a Movie come out that Directly connects to Alien...  This movie may have to be one that By-Passes what ever Shena****ns David gets up to with the Covenant Crew, much like Alien Covenant By-Passed any Shena****ns David and Dr Shaw get up-to Post Prometheus.

Thus we arrived 10 years latter...

I feel a Direct Alien Prequel set 10 years after Alien Covenant would be the BEST SOLUTION where we arrive in the year 2114 (or about) the Covenant should have arrived and been at Origae-6 for over 2 years, it gives us about 7.5 years until the Events of ALIEN

But Alas you can understand Disney not being in any rush, and the likely hood of seeing a Alien Movie by April 26th 2019 is unlikely.

I think APRIL 26TH 2019 will be a Pivotal Point as far as the Future of the Franchise, as this 40th Anniversary would be a GREAT way to Market the Franchise Plans with a Announcement for the Sequel or another Alien Movie...    If we get NO-NEWS or Announcements by Alien Day 2019 then i guess we can WORRY about the Future of the Franchise.


MemberChestbursterApr-03-2018 6:53 AM


Hasn't Scott said that T and Daniels (don't like either of them) will return? Introducing a completely new cast in the last of the new Trilogy is stupid, so a 10 year-shena****n is not that viable, unless you don't movies with weak characters.

And the most discussions generated by this movie were about  a dead character... wish'em well.


MemberDeaconApr-03-2018 7:19 AM

This is where they HAVE Written themselves into  a Corner.. one reason maybe AC did not fair well was because there was NO depth to Characters, Prometheus set up a opportunity to explore these Characters and Elements.

1) Dr Shaw.... her Faith, and what Revelations would finding our Makers Reveal about her Faith and how would these TEST her. Her Quest is for Answers to Creation, Why and then Why Destroy us.

2) David... now free to Peruse his Agenda, with the knowledge his own Creators Existence/Creation is not important and our Creators are not Special or Divine...  What Quest would he be on... surely Thirst for Knowledge and Power.

3) Engineers.... and explore how these beings connect to Mankind and what the Purpose of our Creation is, WHY LV-223 and how is Pulling the Strings above the Engineers.

4) What connection do the Engineers or their Hierarchy have IF any with the Xenomorph, how does the Xenomorph connect to LV-223 and what was all those Frescos and Murals about.

Sadly ALIEN Covenant only invested in Number 2/4 a Synthetic and a Synthetic Creation made by the Synthetic... so we had no Real Continuation or Expansion on Human or Humanoid Characters from Prometheus... the Engineers and Dr Shaw, brushed aside as merely Pawns in Davids End-Game... with fainting limited Scenes to show what became of them.

Alien Covenant sets up a Continuation to Daniels and Tennessee, and also what becomes of WALTER however the Reveal at the End of AC does not Bold Well for either of the Surviving Humans.

So its a case of ONCE again will a movie that does not bother with Human Characters and only use them as Plot Devices for the Pursuit of showing us Davids Agenda... will this work?

The Problem they have is introducing NEW Character will only really work if some of these Characters get to make it to the 3rd Alien: Prequel. Or of Daniels or Tennessee play a important role in the next movie, and by that i dont mean Important as for Plot Device.... but actually have Screen Time/Plot with them for at least 1/3rd of the Movie.

This could mean TWO movies, but if the Next One Flops with leaving us Hanging on the Cliff Hanger that required a 3rd movie to Connect the Dots to ALIEN

Then a Disappointing Alien Covenant Sequel could leave them DEAD in the Water.


MemberDeaconApr-03-2018 7:28 AM

I think they maybe have to give us a ONE Direct Movie to Tie into Alien.

But open the Door for another Alien Franchise movie that is set at the time of Alien as well....  So the Next Movies Path will lead us to ALIEN on one path... and then lead us to explore another Alien Movie set between the Alien Covenant Sequel and Events after.

So we get the Answer to the Space Jockey ===> 2122 and Alien

But also sets up (continues to use Characters from the AC Sequel maybe even Daniels) to give us another movie Set in the same Time-Line but away from LV-426.

A continuation that can carry on using Characters for 1-2 more movies that by their END we will see WHY the Company has NO choice but to Pursue the Derelict/Hadleys Hope in ALIENS.

But doing so has to be Tricky so as to NOT get caught up with Continuity Flaws...  but ALAS Re-Introducing the Returning Engineers would open up such a thing.  But this is whats needed, as long as by the END the Door is Shut or some Explanation to why there are NO  Engineers or interactions with them or related Xenomorph's at the Time of Aliens and Beyond.

Unless RS Plans would have been to Ret-Con ALIENS so his War of the Worlds can take place.


AdminPraetorianApr-03-2018 3:28 PM

You bâtard, lol!!!! I just realised this was an April Fools prank, sigh.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterApr-03-2018 8:16 PM

This is what they should do...

Stop worrying about what the people want and make an ALIEN movie!

I understand that money needs to be made, but when there is less money being spent, it's hard NOT to make money.

I guess to get a movie as great as Prometheus looked requires some extra cash to spend.  Still, I think Fox and Ridley are to worried about money.  The story keeps changing so they can get more money, RIGHT?!  Where's the story that makes the Alien franchise ALIEN?

I guess FOX (and now Disney obviously) are focused on taking a amazing franchise and capitalizing it to make as much money off of it as possible.  I think Fox, and I think Disney will follow (as we can take evidence from the new Star Wars), is to worried about money.  Greedy people are in control of the franchise.

Was the original ALIEN weighed down by greed?  I think ALIEN was about making a movie!

I mean, Prometheus did fairly well, money-wise, did it not?  Why would the story get changed, but for the desire to make even MORE MONEY!?  Now everything gets on hold because the vision is now lost and all the corporate want is MORE MONEY!  It's all about money.

I don't think this is new news though.  Greed is a part of the original 4 as well.  Still, Prometheus came about because Ridley Scott just loves the Alien franchise and feels like he had the right direction to go after ALIEN.  Finally he got to tell his story in 2012.  I'm glad it was told.  I'm glad we got Alien: Covenant too, but I just wish this corporate greed wasn't taking control of the WHOLE story.

Aren't these prequels supposed to be coming from Ridley Scott's work?  Fox wants to make money and that's understandable, but hasn't the greed just gone to far?

WHERE IS THE STORY?!  The fans are looking for answers, yet everything just keeps on changing...



MemberDeaconApr-04-2018 4:49 AM

I certainly think MONEY is a important Factor when it comes down to Movies especially anything thats going to cost $10M or more to make, you are going to want to return double that as BARE Minimum 

Your comments I Moon Girl do ring home quite well...

"Stop worrying about what the people want and make an ALIEN movie!"

I think this comment highlights exactly what went WRONG with the Prequels, a number of Fans expected that Prometheus would be a Literal Alien Movie, where we would see Xenomorphs, and clues to their Origins and Creators...  Alien: Engineers pretty much delivered this... HOWEVER it was kind of Flawed with Characters and basically was written much like a Low Budget Sci-Fi Flick.  But the Bare Bones was there to work off...    FOX/RS Felt when they discussed the Draft, that maybe its a Good Idea to have a movie that sets up sequels to Explore the Engineers/Creation Back Story and then Felt (Do we need Xenomorphs?) and so Lindeloff came in and was told to Tone Down the Xenomorphs and give a different story that would be more along the lines of a Space 2001 than a Straight Up Alien Movie.

Sadly a lot of Fans were Disappointed about the lack of Xenomorph DNA in Prometheus and HOW we still never got any ANSWERS to at least HOW/WHEN/WHY the Xenomorph was Created/Discovered.

So Faced with a bit of Back-Lash and then seeing a Great Interest in Blomkamps ALIEN 5 we can assume that FOX feared a Prometheus Sequel that never gave us the Xenomorph, Face Huggers, Eggs and how they was Created, would not attract Fans to see a Prometheus 2..  We can ASSUME a lot of why Prometheus did well was because some Fans thought Prometheus would be a ALIEN movie with enough Answers to those Questions or would Set-Up a Sequel that would Answer them.

So its likely FOX felt that going the Prometheus 2 route to Steer Away from the Xenomorph and Origins of the Beast, would not attract or make the Money that Prometheus did when Fans Read the SYNOPSIS and discover this movie would be no more ALIEN than Prometheus was.

So with Blomkamps Alien 5 gaining interest from the Fans, it appears FOX/RS decided to give us a movie that would give us the Xenomorph, that would explain WHO/WHEN/WHY it was created and set up a Sequel/Sequels that would maybe drive us to the Space Jockey and Back Door of ALIEN.

For them HOWEVER Alien Covenant Financially did not do well, not compared to how they thought, they must have felt they TICKED all the BOXES of what many Fans Did-Not like with Prometheus  and i would not be surprised if FOX had assumed Alien Covenant would make $400M+

This now brings us to a STICKY SITUATION as they Gave Fans the Xenomorph, they Gave Fans something different (Neomorph) they Began to Answer WHO/WHY/WHEN but the decision to make it a product of DAVID is something that appears to displeased more fans than those who warmed to such a Curve-Ball 

So they have to work out WHY AC disappointed. Was it how the Engineers was dealt with?, was it because of how Dr Shaw was? But for the Alien Fanboys its a case of a Movie Marketed to Scare the $"%£^ out of us and teased to be a bit of ALIEN Horror, with a bit of ALIENS Action when the Movie Lacked in both as those kind of scenes were very brief...   And so we are left with Characters who maybe we could not connect to and a Story that appears to be Driven more by David/Walter than anything else.

So for them its how do they get out of the Corner they backed into?  the series RS wishes to tell, appears to be to steer away from too much Xenomorph and to be about Creation and AI and Philosophy a TWO movie Venture that would introduce the Engineers again, plus other players and the Xenomorph in what may give us the FINALE of the DERELICT

Setting up a TWO movie Route, where the First is more David, less Xenomorph is a RISKY investment, because even if the Budget is $150M for TWO back-to-back movies.  If the First does not attract or please the Fans, then its going to be a HARD TASK to claw back interest and money with the 2ND movie (2nd Sequel to AC)

If they go for a ONE movie Prequel, Fans are going to expect it to Answer the Derelict/Space Jockey, some Fans may hope that David is not the Creator and a lot of Shoe-honing has to be done from Covenant to Alien and with the Set-Up from Alien Covenant regarding Daniels, how do they use her Character now?  If they give us ONE movie and introduce NEW Characters with the Plot that Ends up with the Space Jockey then how do Human Characters fit in a ONE movie story and be able to give us depth to them?

The only Solution has to be a VERY well done 2.5 hour movie.


MemberDeaconApr-04-2018 4:57 AM

I will add that DISNEY would be looking to make Money, and they WILL-NOT give the Fans a SINGLE Movie to please us..

They would be looking to do a Movie that is a Platform to continue with other movies so they have a Franchise they can make $$$$$$$ from Merchandise and Toys etc.

So they would weigh up if the Cost of doing this, would Yield that Marketing Merchandise Machine or if they should PASS

So Under Disney i think they would be more likely to give us a XENOMORPH Fest.. Maybe even be tempted to introduce a Ellen Ripley or even Amanda Ripley into the FOLD.

I think Disney may feel a more Alien 5 aka Blomkamps kind of Story would be right up the Fans Street as far as making Money... I would also not rule out them considering a AVP Reboot either.

Actually a Blomkamp Style to a Degree that ties with a Movie Sequel to Alien Isolation is something that COULD work and i could certainly thrash out a 5 Page Synopsis and Plot for such in little time.


MemberChestbursterApr-04-2018 5:58 AM


I'm curious however if they really end up making a final prequel what boxes will they think... 

In 3 weeks maybe will have some news...


MemberDeaconApr-04-2018 7:58 AM

Indeed hopefully... i think if we dont get nothing by April 26th 2019 then we will just have to not BANK on anything for a while.

Reading into Alien Covenant and the Sequel... with the clues and Ridley Scotts comments we are shown a pattern of what MAY be. (this could be completely different IF/WHEN Disney decide to make a sequel)

Ridley Scott has indicated the Xenomorph is a Creation of David's when making Alien Covenant, the aim was to show WHO/WHEN/WHY more than HOW, he said the Purpose of AC was to begin to reveal this, WHY would someone make such a Terrible Thing, and it Felt like a Weapon and Bio-Mechanical and AC would start to answer these.

He had on set revealed that the movie would show us WHY/WHO would create the Beast, as it felt like a Weapon designed to Kill Humans, and if we thought it was the Engineers... we are DEAD Wrong.

After Alien Covenant, RS had said the Path of David as Creator was more interesting to him, as it shows what a Out of Control AI can and up doing, and with David its a case of once that AI Genie is out of the BOX we are in Big Trouble... Once you have a AI who is Sentient, thinks for itself has a dislike for Humans and this AI then is allowed to Create for himself, then we are in Big Trouble.

So he felt the Out of Control, AI with a dislike/hatred for his Creators, getting its hands on the Horrific Bio-Weapon of our Creators, and then having Free-Reign to use and experiment with this Bio-Weapon and his Motives for doing so are more SINISTER than a actual Alien Organism that goes around Raping and Killing people.    (Having David discover the Engineers Technology is like the Toddler Finding the Matches/Lighter and then finding some Petrol/Gasoline..   its not quite this word for word but i think this is the kind of thinking behind RS and his Direction).

Now we move onto the Sequel....

And Ridley Scott has said he felt he was ahead of the Game with Prometheus, and that the Sequel would be more about AI rather than Xenomorph....  (this does not mean its all about DAVID and will have NO Xenomorphs).

RS had mentioned that the Replicants were also a Form of AI, so we can not think of AI as merely a Robot..... so AI can be opened up to be explored in a manner of ways....  Are the LV-223 Engineers thus AI compared to the Planet 4 ones?

RS had also mentioned, that David will be off to the PLANET... we have to assume Origae-6, but he could mean LV-426/223 he had also said that there would be 3-4 incoming parties that would come to investigate (has to mean where David goes).

Eventually the events will Tie in to ALIEN and he mentions that ONE of the parties will be the Engineers who return to Planet 4 to find the place decimated and thus will likely be trying to find the Culprit, which we can assume means the Engineers will return and at some point would also be on their way to find David.

The other thing RS mentions... is WHAT kind of a World would David Create?  This tells us the next movie is not planned to be based or show much of David conducting many Xenomorph experiments in the Covenant all on his own...

The Fact that he also said its more AI than Xenomorph means we wont see David simply create Thousands of Eggs on the Covenant, arrive at Planet 4 or where ever and then await the arrival of the Company.

Then we have the Advent.... this shows that David has signaled to the Company about what he has been doing, where he had been (Failed Prometheus mission) and that he NOW has control of the Covenant.  He has Catalogued a lot of his experiments and WARNED the Company if they should pursue his Experiments... his Creations will rule the Galaxy

By the time the Company Get this Message, they would have a good idea where David is going, and that his Experiments are related to LV-223 and maybe they could even work out roughly the area of the Galaxy where Planet 4 is... or at least where the Covenant had been affected by the Nutrino Blast or at very least WHERE David was when he sent the Advent Message.

These Clues paint a rough picture of the next movie, or TWO, and i have a few times pieced together a likely Plot which i have used to begin my very broad Synopsis/Plot on my TWO Alien Covenant Sequels which will be called.

Alien: Ascension and Alien: Absolution


MemberNeomorphApr-05-2018 8:39 AM

April fool’s joke or not it is interesting to discuss this. We have not heard anything about a starting date of when they will shoot it.

If they are smart at Fox they should analyze why Alien Covenant was a bit of a disappointment.

They could ignore both T and Daniels, none of them were very interesting. Unfortunately the characters is where Alien Covenant really messed up, it started with Prometheus.

Hopefully they will do something interesting with the Engineers. I am not interested to see another David movie.

"So its a case of ONCE again will a movie that does not bother with Human Characters and only use them as Plot Devices for the Pursuit of showing us Davids Agenda... will this work?"

It will not work for me, I do not want to watch a movie like that. My interest is is the human journey, not a mad robot. If that is what we will get then if they make it a trilogy we will have one decent and two crappy movies, well done (obvious sarcasm).

They should not retcon Aliens because it is a lot better than the prequels.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterApr-05-2018 7:27 PM

Ridley Scott was right with Prometheus.  Apparently Fox agreed after Alien: Covenant.  Now that Disney is in control, who knows what could happen.  Ridley Scott deserves to finish his story, his way like Fox now believes after Alien: Covenant.  It's just d@mn frustrating that everything just keeps getting reworked.  I wouldn't mind if it turned into a great movie, but after seeing Alien: Covenant, they just need to stop.


MemberTrilobiteApr-05-2018 10:40 PM

LOL, even Acidglow on Youtube fell for this...

Alien Covenant sequel to begin production - Alien Awakening


MemberDeaconApr-06-2018 8:32 AM

@I Moon Girl

I agree, i think in trying to Tie in AC with Alien, because Felt Fans was not pleased with the lack of Answers in Prometheus and NO Xenomorphs has led to what we got in AC and the flaws it raises.

In Hindsight.... those at FOX needed to look at the Clues that Prometheus had set up, the whole Engineers Agenda and Purpose, and with AC we are given what RS is referring to the Engineers Homeworld as being something on our DOOR-STEPS the Facts now are if the company have the Co-orinants  of Planet 4,  then even by the time of ALIEN ships like the Nostromo could reach/find the Engineers Homeworld within a year, and if we go to the year 2179 then Human Ships could get to Planet 4 in a few Months and Origae-6 in less than a few Years....   THIS REALLY NARROWS down the whole Engineer Story.

The Engineer Navigation System's have Galaxies, so Traveling though-out Space is easy for them and so LV-223 to Planet 4 and both to Earth is merely a stone throw for the Engineers in fact maybe far less.

THEY could have had David Arrive at the Engineers World that is Many Many Thousands of Light years away....  Far Beyond any Scope of Mankind ever getting there even at the time of the Technology in the Sulaco.

What about Human Characters?

SIMPLE... Ridley Scott said the Sacrificial Scene could be anywhere it does not have to be Earth, and so these Engineers seeded many worlds... and so we have to ask is EARTH the only Place where Humans are in the Galaxy?

The BSG Franchise showed that there are Humans in the Galaxy away from Earth, and the Re-imagined Series with its Prequel Caprica shows Earth is not the only Place with Humans.

So RS could have took us to a place on the FAR side of the Galaxy and introduce other Species of Humans, they could have explored the Engineers also in a place Far away from Earth, and even given clues to Alien and the Xenomorph this way.

Leaving the only contradiction to the Alien Franchise as LV-223 and what becomes of this place in the years after Prometheus and until Alien.

Going the Route of AC has Shrunk down the Potential that Prometheus had opened up.... but AC had to do this if they wanted a sequel to Prometheus to DIRECTLY and eventually link to Alien.


MemberDeaconApr-06-2018 8:42 AM

I will add....

Going the route as above, where David arrived at a place THOUSANDS of Light Years away... maybe even Hundreds of Thousands... would allow RS to explore his Engineers, Creation, many other Races...

It could have answered what LV-223 was, those answers Dr Shaw wanted, and given clues to what transpired on LV-426...

David could end up going to a World the Engineers had sucsessfully delivered its Bio-Weapon, or reveal that another attempt was sabotaged and ended up on another Moon/Planet where we see Xenomorph or similar Organisms....  Which when we discover HOW/WHY/WHEN these ended up on this Distant World.... we get the Answers that reveal that a similar Mishap lead to LV-426 and thus we get the Answers with out even having to go to LV-426

Exploring this kind of a Story, set on the FAR side of the Galaxy, also allows for FOX/RS to make Sequels to this Prequel Route where a Returning Engineer Ship could enter back towards our side of the Galaxy in Hundreds of years after Aliens...

RE-INTRODUCING the Xenomorph back into the Franchise and allowing for a NEW Xenomorph Related Franchise that is set after the events of Alien Resurrection and does not Conflict or Contradict anything.

Then open up Ridley Scotts WAR OF THE WORLDS

The Engineers, their Hierarchy and History, the unlimited scope of Humanoid Races are all something Prometheus opened up, and our Space Gardeners could Travel Millions of Light Years to many Galaxies.

Our Galaxy is MASSIVE... but the sequel to Prometheus has now confined everything Engineer/Xenomorph to a Tiny Area local to Earth within less than Hundreds of Light Years away....



MemberDeaconApr-06-2018 9:03 AM

What we can take away related to the OT...

Is that during the Editing/Cutting Room for Alien Covenant, and during the Process of making the Advent Viral..  Ridley Scott had a Plan, he had a Story of where the events of ALIEN: Covenant would eventually lead to ALIEN it appears this Plan would have required TWO movies to Shoe-horn HOW/WHEN/WHY Davids Creations end up on the Derelict in Alien.

At the point of Release of Alien Covenant, its safe to assume RS had the broad strokes to how we get from AC to Alien... and that the FIRST stage in this had been worked on even prior to AC release, and it appears some changes had been made prior to AC and in light of AC.

But as of the Release of AC, RS had Logan writing and we can assume nearly finishing the Draft that would have allowed for SHOOTING of the Sequel to had began in the Summer of 2018, we can safely assume they had the ideas of where this sequel would also end up as far as a 3rd Alien: Prefix movie Prequel would go

If we Do-Not get nothing regarding any Prequels by Alien Day 2019 i think Disney could be wise to give us a Teaser, by releasing a Broad Synopsis of Logans Alien Covenant Sequel as far as what it entailed as of  SUMMER 2017

With the Disapointment of AC at the Box Office and Critics of it, and impending Disney Take Over, out Prequels are in a State of Limbo and who knows how far different the Story will be explored by the TIME and IF Disney decide to explore it.

If they dont... then i really hope we get a release of Logans AC sequel Draft at some-point, to see where this Franchise was heading

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterApr-07-2018 4:04 PM

BigDave said"Which when we discover HOW/WHY/WHEN these ended up on this Distant World.... we get the Answers that reveal that a similar Mishap lead to LV-426 and thus we get the Answers with out even having to go to LV-426"

I like this idea because it is plausible and it doesn't interfere with the original Alien any more than Prometheus does.

I think this could be a route taken for the prequel finale.  It could also be interesting to maybe explore the idea that maybe a fellow Engineer got a huge ego and tried to play God (like David did in Alien: Covenant) and led to similar events.  Of course, in our story we follow David.

I think it's a plausible theory since the Engineers are a much older race than humans.  I wouldn't be surprised if a group of Engineers got together to play God and go against the typical "seeding worlds" route and instead had a deep hate for their leader and sought to destroy him/her/them.  I could imagine that some Engineers would not like the whole self-sacrificing idea.  They may have when they joined the world-seeding group, but once they thought about it and learned of the ways, they instead decide against self-sacrifice.  Instead of returning home for certain reasons, they decide to end the world-seeding all together and try and destroy their leader.  Or maybe the Engineers are born into the world-seeding group.  They could be bred to seed worlds.  Obviously this could create conflict in a human and I'm sure the same would go for an Engineer.

Maybe that is what happened on LV-223?  So, maybe we're watching David discover what is going to happen to him before he ever realizes that he wants to kill his leader/leaders/creators.  I think that could make people watch Prometheus again just to soak in the irony and to watch what "happened" on LV-223, in a way, through David.

David can't stand up to a group of Engineers.  If the Engineers come back in the finale, I think we can count of David getting his head ripped off and crushed like a ****roach.  The Engineer in Prometheus obviously didn't understand AI or he would've done that.  He was in a hurry though and he thought he could easily get away, so the headless David couldn't stop him.  Prometheus space ship did by self-sacrifice.  I would think that maybe the Engineer would stop and think, "Those humans killed themselves to stop me from killing their home world.  Maybe they're not so bad."

In Prometheus, that Engineer had his mind made up.  Nothing was going to stop him from flying off LV-223.  That is until more luck came into play.

I'm getting a bit off topic here, but I do like how Shaw is shown to be a religious character and at the end, there was a lot of luck falling in Shaw's direction.  It's like God was looking out for her in a way.  I guess that is why she still believes at the very end when she puts her necklace on.   


MemberOvomorphApr-08-2018 9:20 PM

Interesting idea from I Moon Girl, I think its about time we learned more about the Engineers than the 2 dimensional creatures we've seen so far.  Remember that the whole point of RS pursuing Prometheus was to know more about the Engineers.  We really have seen much about them, their motives (other than what RS tried to explain in interviews), etc.  After all, I don't care about David in the least.  In fact, I think its safe to say we know all there is to know about David.  Now its time to know about the silent partner in this story.  Just my opinion but I'm not interested in a psychopathic robot again.  In reality, I don't know if anyone will tell the story of the Engineers at this point but we can only hope.  


MemberChestbursterApr-08-2018 10:48 PM


How would that work if they killed the character which mediated between the audience and the Engineers for a cheap shock?


MemberDeaconApr-09-2018 9:53 AM


There are many ways to look at Prometheus, its Philosophy was very good, and to me it did seem to be covering a lot about Creation, Rebellion by Creation, then Retribution by Creator that leads to their Hubris... then the Creation then Sub-Creating of their own and REPEAT

It was always interesting to ponder at what Layer/Hierarchy are the Engineers and so its easy to see maybe a pattern had occurred prior to even the Engineers.  Prometheus is just so WONDERFUL in the a,ambiguity of it all, especially the Full Scenes as they painted a bigger picture....

The Last Engineer seemed to have Pity on David, but realized he had to be dismembered, it gave me the impression of WHERE those LV-223 Engineers, Engineered Super Engineers, and like Replicants to their Hierarchy, Superior to their Creators and they Rebellled against their purpose, over thrown their Creators... so in David the Engineer sees a reflection of himself... but he knows what his own kind/faction had done against their Hierarchy and Knew he had to destroy David.

Another few things the Full Scenes show is that maybe that Engineer Sabotaged the Mission?, he appeared to be very interested in Dr Shaw, but when he saw how Weyland was behaving he realized Mankind is still a Selfish and Wicked Race.... but left us wondering did he CHANGE his mind about our Destruction?  The Actual Pilot Room Construction Plans and Schematics have his Cryo-Pod as the HERO CHAMBER while the other 3 are Chest Busted...  a Hero for who?   US?

Also we can look at how he was interested in Dr Shaw, and even after the Crash, he could have easily killed her... but this Agenda to Kill was dominant in the Theatrical Cut.... The Deleted Scenes could get us to THINK more, and wonder WHY would a Engineer be so interested in Dr Shaw?

If these Engineers were created like David or Engineered for a Purpose and they could not Create themselves (Procreate) or if their Race had lost that ability, it would give a good reason for being intrigued by Dr Shaw, it would also give a good reason for Worshiping the Deacon Mural as it allowed a Engineer to Give Birth to Life..   It also allowed us to ponder was the Sacrificial Scene a chosen route to eventually Re-gain Female Humanoids to Procreate with.

But the Theatrical Cut limits the Scope a little.


MemberDeaconApr-09-2018 10:04 AM

The kind of idea i proposed would have been the route i would have taken.... by having David and Dr Shaw Travel VERY Far from Earth, the Franchise revolved around a distance of less than 40LY from Earth, Alien Covenant has opened up the Door for Locations to be within 9 years travel from Earth with what ever Technology the Covenant has, as far as FLT Travel.....  to me this is TOO CLOSE to our Door Step...

Having the Engineers World being 1000's of Light Years away, helps to cover Plot Holes like WHY not Engineers Returned....   We could have gone to a World where we are introduced to Humans, as we are shown in Prometheus, can we assume EARTH is the only World with Humans? or Humanoids?

We could have gone to a World, discovered Humans and not Engineers and reveal these Humans Overthrown the Engineers, maybe they kept some Engineers as Captives/Slaves... it would then show us INDEED why the Engineers attempted to Eradicate Mankind.

It could have introduced us to Xenomorph type Organisms, showed us clues to how these are created and by doing see we would get enough answers to WHAT leads to the Xenomorph on LV-426... without ever having to go there and contradict anything.

WASTED Potential.... Limited Creative Talent Unfortunately.

The route as above, could have been EPIC... we get to have Human Characters via Virtue of discovering that EARTH was not the only place that had Mankind.... 

Traveling SOOOOO FAR away from LV-223/426 would be easy in Engineers Ships, and explain such distances would be out of reach for Earth Humans in the Alien Universe...

We could have expanded on this idea, by having it lead to some of these other HUMANS set off for Earth, and arrive after the events of Alien Resurrection or even hint prior and maybe these HUMANS came to Earth to Dominate over Humanity on Earth.

HOWEVER.... by Having the Engineers Home-world on our Door Step, limited what could be done, and offers contradictions and in-continuity errors. It also means they have to Shoe-horn events to Alien.

So Sadly a Wasted Potential...

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