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Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 to take place after Prometheus 2 and also be produced by Ridley Scott
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Written by Chris5,568 Reads9 Comments2015-02-21 15:02:01

Following the announcement of Neill Blomkamp's untitled fifth Alien movie, some new details have surfaced regarding the film's timeline, release date and production info. According to insiders close to the project, via Variety, Blomkamp's Alien 5 (working title) will be produced by Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott and his production company, Scott Free. Also, according to the report, Blomkamp's Alien movie will take place many years after the events of Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus sequel. Originally, based off of Neill's concept artwork, the setting for his Alien 5 supposedly takes place between the events of James Cameron's Aliens and David Fincher's Alien 3

Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie will also be completely separate from Prometheus and Prometheus 2, though will take place in the same Universe. Unlike Scott's Prometheus 2 which aims to get away from the "Alien" or "Xenomorph" creature itself and expand the franchise, Blomkamp's Alien 5 will likely revolve heavily around the Xenomorph and iconic characters such as Ellen Ripley.

Sigourney Weaver has expressed great interest in returning to the franchise and reprising her role as Ripley, but no official word has yet been released on whether or not she will in fact be cast. Given her immense support and enthusiasm towards the project and Blomkamp, who she worked with on Chappie as well, it's unlikely she won't be involved in some capacity.

Would you like to see Sigourney reprise her role as Ripley in Alien 5? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: Variety

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MemberOvomorphFeb-21-2015 3:20 PM



Now can we put a stopper on those unfounded rumors that Prometheus 2 has been 'stalled'?


MemberFacehuggerFeb-22-2015 5:34 AM

GustavoHR, I understand the impatience of fellow 'Prometheus' fans, but I never understood why anyone would think it stalled without any official word on the subject.  Sometimes, being impatient can lead to negative thoughts that have no basis.

On another note, I didn't think there was a chance 'Alien 5' would be released BEFORE 'Prometheus 2'.  And the fact that Scott's producing it is all the better!


AdminEngineerFeb-22-2015 11:34 AM

Yeah, not sure where the assumption came from that Prometheus 2 had been stalled. We've gotten updates on its progress every month now for almost a year straight. Both projects are alive and well as far as I know. But yes, it is exremely good news to know that Scott willbe producing Alien 5. There shouldn't be any continuity errors between the franchises.

Major Noob

MemberOvomorphFeb-22-2015 2:21 PM

Not to be overly sour, but so far the only reason I'm excited about this is because Ridley is producing.

That whole "oh, I was just having really expensive detailed concept art made for the fun of it" seemed like a marketing ploy from the very start, and then there was " I don't know if I ever want to do a movie again" followed almost immediately by " well I guess I'm doing Alien" like oh, ho-hum.

I haven't seen any of Blomkamps movies so I can't say how I feel about him as a director, but as a self-promoter he seems a little shallow.

As for Sigouney, I don't know, the question of "why do we need another Alien" is a good one, "why do we need another Alien with Sigourney in it" is even better. No disrespect intended, there would just have to be an amazing storyline to make this worthwhile, no matter how you slice it, and only one of the paintings I've seen so far is interesting, the one of the Derelict, or one of it's brethren, apparently rotting. But even in that one the scale is off. And the one of the slug-like facehugger? Please, don't do that. 

From Alien films I want a higher level of storytelling, top drawer creative personnel and world class monster design. That should be the Grail for every one, out of simple respect to the original. But it never happens. The most interesting concepts were actually in Resurrection, but ham-handed by Joss Whedon into something crass. Oh well.

There is such a deep well of unmined potential in the Alien story, but I'm just not getting a feel for that from the new images so far. Looks, somewhat, like more of the same. Well, we'll see. I know I'm being critical of something that does not yet exist, but I guess I'm discovering stronger feelings about Alien than I thought I had! Ok I'm done.


MemberOvomorphFeb-22-2015 11:42 PM

strapping into my Montauk chair and clicking the binural alpha waves on brain mush infinite repeat. We got to go back! to LV 426....would make great title of the next movie?  we desirest to see how far the rabbit hole goes down the Derelict.  I thought in a shimmer of light in the pool of time that BladeRunner 2 would be first but hey I'm not complaining! Time Paradox LV-426 Derelict older than LV 423 depot.  If derelict came from there then time travel and worm holes from the future to the past.??? **** !  Here we go again, snorks engaged!


MemberOvomorphFeb-23-2015 5:37 AM

Didn't they all ready blow it by showing the dragon in Prometheus 1?

So they showed the dragon, and now they will back out and put dragons in another movie? It doesn't make since when they clearly made Prometheus a pre-sequal.


MemberOvomorphFeb-23-2015 6:43 PM

unless we revisit the whole cloning thing (which would have had to happen between 1 and 2) how would it even make sense to have sigourney in a movie that takes place between 2 and 3?


MemberOvomorphFeb-24-2015 4:21 AM

Really excited at the thought of A5. Would love to see a story line with Hicks, Ripley and Newt, a few years later. There are many ways this could work. A3 a fantastic Cryo Dream. An off track Sulaco could end up travelling via a worm hole or black hole altering the time line or the Cryo units could malfunction, keeping the trio alive albiet in stasus but ageing, kept alive but asleep. Awoken some 15 years or so after A2. I think this along with Prometheus 2 could be a great way to wrap up this timeline in the Alien Universe.


MemberOvomorphFeb-24-2015 7:06 PM

It appears she'll be having her beast medium rear. :O

I find it mildly amusing that Neill will be the first director of an A L I E N movie (including the AVPs); that was still baking in the oven when the 1979 film was originally released.

And Ridley himself should be back behind his Red Dragons by the Fall.

Thanks Chris!

Bonus link:

A L I E N S Official Movie Magazine


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