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More concept art for Noah Hawley's Alien FX TV series leaks online!
Scified2023-04-26 14:29:17
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Alien Day 2023 has provided us with some hype-worthy content from the world of Alien and its upcoming projects! Following the exciting tease by Fede Alvarez earlier today from the set of his upcoming Alien movie (Alien: Romulus), we have another update regarding the other Alien project currently in development - the Alien TV series by Noah Hawley being developed for FX! The folks over at AvPGalaxy have been sitting on some exclusive concept art by Weta, who are handling visual effects for the show.

As they report, the concept art is from early on in the series' development and may not reflect scenes or locations from the show's final cut, however the artwork itself is rather interesting nonetheless. Read on for their description of the images as well as a look at the artwork! Be aware, the follow contains SPOILERS!

The first piece depicts Wendy within an urban forest, wielding blades as a Xenomorph stalks her through the trees. Next up we can see another angle of the USCSS Maginot Weyland-Yutani starship crash, something we shared artwork on last fall. Prodigy Tactical Response, a PMC unit of the Prodigy Corporation rushes to view the crash from their rooftop recreation area. Lastly, we have a view of the crashed Maginot’s cryosleep chamber, being explored by Prodigy Tactical Response soldiers Hermit and Idoya.

What do you think of the leaked concept art? Sound off below!

Thanks to AvPGalaxy for sharing these!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-04-26 14:29:17


MemberPraetorianApr-26-2023 7:41 PM

not a fan of the person wielding two swords about to fight a xenomorph, it doesn't fit in the alien universe


MemberOvomorphApr-27-2023 5:32 PM

Yeah I agree with Xenotaris, swords don't feel like they fit

Lord Dya-Reeyah

MemberOvomorphApr-27-2023 9:45 PM

Agreed. In the future, why are people still using weapons that require very close-quarters when engaging in mortal combat with the deadliest creatures ever?  Only good answer I can think of is something like Frank Herbert's Holtzmann Shield tech


MemberPraetorianApr-27-2023 10:19 PM

But shield tech is absent in the alien-verse. Humans aren't that advanced in the ALIEN series, this isn't Star Wars or Star Trek were everyone and their mothers have laser and phaser weapons. The humans of the Alien-universe still fire metallic bullets just guided with computers. 

So wielding swords to kill a freaking xenomorph is frakking dumb, you'll get its acid blood all over you. The only reason the yautja (predators) wield mostly melee weapons against the xenomorphs is because their entire society has a death wish. Humans are smarter than that, humans typically prefer range over melee because our society evolved away the need for melee combat. 



MemberNeomorphApr-28-2023 8:09 AM

The sword thing looks like something that could have been in Star Wars. Put into the context of Alien it just looks… odd and something that I don't think would be very useful when it comes to fighting a Xeno. I try to keep an open mind about this and hope for the best.

As far as the quality is concerned the pictures look good. The last one reminds me a bit about the ship from Covenant, I think that's where they tried to shoot a monster and **** got messed up. Eventually it was Faris that did the shooting, but I could be wrong. Please let the Hawley thing be better than Covenant, and Prometheus.


MemberPraetorianApr-28-2023 1:24 PM


Sadly, judging from what Hawley has being saying, its going to be worse, much worse.


MemberDeaconApr-29-2023 8:39 AM

"it doesn't fit in the alien universe"

It depends what you mean, the Weapons of the ALIEN Universe do-not have to be Limited to what we had seen in ALIENS... but you make Good Points regarding the USE of Swords vs a Xenomorph... at Close Quarters your risking SPLASH DAMAGE from the Acid Blood.

But WHAT we have to remember is that WENDY is NOT a Human in the Traditional Sense but a Genetically Engineered... Super Human.

The Concept Art is not CLEAR... but the Figure does have Feminine Attributes. Which could mean its more LIKELY that the Child's Soul/Memory are in a Genetically Enhanced Female Body. So the TRANS Element would be as such, i had Suspected earlier on it could be a Human Girl Soul in a MALE BODY.

Still engaging a Xenomorph in this WAY is NOT ideal.... but then WHO KNOWS as to what kind of Enhancements the Enhanced Humanoids have, if they can REGENERATE like Ripley 8 then they could HEAL any kind of Acid Wounds if they are NOT that Serious....

But if this is the case and Wielding a Pair of Katana, then this could easily become like a WOLVERINE VS ALIEN.... which i dont think is a Good Idea.


MemberDeaconApr-29-2023 8:48 AM

Looking at the 2nd Image would seem to Indicate that we will Deal with some point in the TV Series that will see a WY Ship Crash into a Area/City that is Ran/Owned by the Prodigy Company which will RESULT in a Exploration of the SHIP. I suspect that WY would want their Ship back, but the Prodigy Corp may be like Finders Keepers... especially regarding the Xenomorph.

The 3rd Image we have a Chest Bursted Cryo-Pod, so we have someone who had been Infected by a Xenomorph and its likely the Xenomorph in Question would lead to the Ships Demise and eventual Crash!

Earlier Concepts had indicated inside some Ship/Outpost we see Eggs and these Eggs are NOT like Contained in Storage Containers/Glass... so they likely got there as a Result of a Xenomorph.... this is maybe NOT going to be via a QUEEN.. which could END UP as not pleasing some...

If it was a QUEEN the its a case of WHERE has she GOT too and i think to THROW IN a Queen so Early on would not be a Good Pay Off... and so it could be we would see the EGG MORPH?

But then its IF the Earlier Concept will make it to the TV Series.


MemberPraetorianApr-29-2023 9:02 AM

This TV series sounds more and more like were getting an ALIEN RESURRECTION 2: the Series


MemberDeaconApr-29-2023 9:32 AM

I think that beyond some Bland Characters that Alien Resurrection had a LOT to it if we looked BEYOND what it seemed to SHOW....

When looking at the Xenomorph as a Bio-Weapon as in you DROP some Eggs some place and Watch them Exterminate the Population... i think that this is NOT the Best kind of Weapon that Humanity has... or even the Engineers.. especially the Engineers.

The Xenomorph makes Little Sense in this Context vs the other Options...

It HOWEVER makes Perfect Sense if we look at the David the Creator Angle, but this is a SORE SUBJECT for many.

And so for me i think to Genetically look at the Xenomorph and WHAT can be Gained by its Survival Traits is the BIGGER PAY OFF... and a LOT of this would FIT in with the ENGINEERS main Agenda (which is NOT to KILL Humans) and Peter Weylands (which is NOT to use them as Killing Machines).

The QUEST for IMMORTALITY so to Speak...... RS had said he felt the Xenomorph could Regenerate... but that Conflicts the Franchise, depending to WHAT kind of Degree.  In Context to the Movies the Closest we have seen to IMMORTALITY is via David 8 and Ripley 8 and so i think such things are something that gives more Reward than trying to Obtain and USE the ALIEN as a Killing Machine but such PLOTS are something that may NOT go and be Everyone's Cup of Tea.


MemberPraetorianApr-29-2023 10:58 AM

I was hoping Alien Resurrection would have been forgotten but nope. Its the movie that killed the stand-alone alien franchise prior to Prometheus. They could have expanded the franchise beyond Ripley but they squandered this with AR and its stupid plots.

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