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Michael Fassbender says he would love to play David again in a sequel to Alien: Covenant!
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Written by Chris21,416 Reads5 Comments2019-06-03 06:57:44

Michael Fassbender has become the face of Ridley Scott's expanded Alien universe. Starting with Prometheus, Fassbender established himself as the curious android prodigy David. In Alien: Covenant, his more cynical and maniacal ways began to show. Not only that, Fassbender also portrayed the role of Walter - a newer model of the David android. Playing two versions of himself was no easy task, but Fassbender delivered a magnificent performance, as usual, so it's great news to hear that he would be up for reprising his role as David in an Alien: Covenant sequel!

Recently while promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fassbender spoke to and revealed that he "loves the character [David]" and would love to reunite with Ridley Scott for a third and potentially final Alien prequel, after their efforts together on PROMETHEUS and COVENANT.

However, like everyone else who was involved with Covenant, Fassbender has not received word yet of a sequel entering production.

Although we do know Disney and Scott are currently discussing options for a new Alien film, until a concrete script has been ironed out, Fassbender and other potential cast members will be left in the dark.

Big thanks to Lone in the forums for the heads up!

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MemberDeaconJun-03-2019 7:21 AM

Sadly i am not sure we would see a Return of David... maybe only as ....

A lot of Fans are not pleased about his Character... some Felt.

*He should not be the Focus of the Prequels and too much Screen Time is Devoted to him.

*He was responsible for KILLING our Engineers and Dr Shaw, but the Engineers could still Return.

*His Character Arc was not to everyone's taste and he seemed to be a Genocidal Megalomaniac

*He Created the Xenomorph to the Disbelieve and Dismay of most.

However... you could still CHANGE his Character a bit, maybe we have to Remember  "if we are KIND it will be a KIND world"

But if we only go by Alien Covenant and the Advent then it would just Paint a Picture of David only wanting to get to LV-223 and use the Place as a Test Facility to Turn those Colonist into Thousands of Eggs... until incoming Humans and Engineers Turn up!

I personally would NOT mind seeing him again, and i would not mind if the Next Time we dont get much about the Xenomorph, but this could be a Distraction as it will be expected to GET to the Xenomorph and Derelict and i cant see most Fans interested in SITTING through say 70% of a David movie or a WHOLE Movie before we get to the Xenomorphy Part.


MemberOvomorphJun-03-2019 8:41 AM

I strongly hope that the scriptwriter will turn David's role from the current antagonist to a protagonist one.

Most viewers consider David as a negative figure at this moment. The scriptwriter should put a spin on his character.

David may carry out several experiments with plants, animals or embryos during long journey to Origae-6. He should not harm any humans.

When the ship arrives he will wake up a the pioneer group and the main crew (20-30 people only) according to protocol. This pioneer group will do the preparations on the surface for landing the main ship on the planet.

He may be accused by Daniels but David will point out how he had saved her life, more than once.

We can expect an ugly confrontation between the humans and the engineers in Alien Awakening. The humans will be badly defeated at the end.

David tries to protect the humans unsuccessfully and he will punish the engineers for their deeds by infecting them with the result of his experiments.

David may be the sole survivor on Origae-6 and will continue to create life that transforms the flora and fauna of the planet.

At the end of the film the badly damaged Covenant either on orbit or crash-landed on the planet still has nearly 2000 colonists in stasis.

The Weyland corporation asks the support of another company to save the stranded colonists.


MemberOvomorphJun-03-2019 8:52 AM

If the studio decides to extend the story of Alien Covenant, Michael Fassbender will have to play David again not only once but twice.


MemberDeaconJun-03-2019 2:32 PM

"I strongly hope that the scriptwriter will turn David's role from the current antagonist to a protagonist one."

In some way, maybe......

David has not got a taste of Creation, he has seen the Failures of Mankind and the Engineers, maybe he sees beyond them as a Failed Species, but looks at them as a Failed Creators/Leaders.

So maybe David now has a God Complex, but from Prometheus and the Crossing and some parts of Alien Covenant we get the Picture that David has been affected by how he was treated..  what he said (as Walter) to Daniels may be something to consider...  "if we are KIND it will be  KIND world"  he seemed to drawn to Dr Shaw a lot because she was KIND, as he said she showed him more Compassion than he ever had from Mr Weyland or any Human.   When we look at the Trailer Song Nature Boy we could see this FIT with David from Prometheus and the Crossing.    The Closing Lyrics...

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return"

I know some may look at David as a being with No Compassion or Love and a Good Point would be WHY would he had Killed Dr Shaw or Tried to Rape her... this is Ambiguous but its likely he had more than PLATONIC Love for her, which was not Reciprocated and lets say he NEVER took Rejection Well..  So he is Unstable thats for Sure.

David seemed to have a Wonder for his Child (Orams Chest Buster) he was upset and seemed to have Compassion for the Neomorph that Oram had KILLED... did this Influence our David to decide that Orams lack of Understanding or Compassion warrants the FATE that David had led him to?

David appeared to have a dislike for Mankind and the Engineers, in part because he sees the Wickedness in their Ways and Flaws, and how they treat their Creations.  There could be a lot of Depth behind his Actions... but maybe its just me Interpreting things Wrong?

So we can ASSUME that David will have ONE Agenda, that is MASS Produce his Xenomorphs using the Colonist and then maybe aim to use a Engineer Ship to deploy them (Faster) but if this was his Intention, then going to LV-223 and using another Juggernaught to Bombard Earth would be the BEST way about this and then from the Ashes..  continue to Create just as he did with Planet 4.

Ridley Scott claimed the NEXT Movie would be about AI, and "what kind of a World" it is that David would Create/Build and NOT about Xenomorphs.

So IF he is KIND then maybe it would be a Kind World... its those comments and the things i bring up in this Topic that lead me to come up with ideas for a Alien Covenant Sequel which i was to call Alien Ascension, which was kind of my Interpretation of what RS may do NEXT...

Months after i debated this... we had RS announce the Raised by Wolves TV Series, which some Elements of this are Pretty Much what my Alien Ascention covered, which was my Interpretation of what Ridley Scott could have meant by his comments.

So by that we could maybe WONDER... if David was to Create/Evolve his own Humanoids (Human Embryos) would he be a KIND Creator/God and Teach his Creation Well and about Certain things...

But then what Happens when Humans Turn Up, that then Reveal that David is a Creation Himself and what he has been Teaching his Creations about his Origins, and his Creations Origins is a LIE... what happens then?

Rebellion, Rejection?   We know how David deals with that... but then is this NOT how Gods Deal with it too?

So i think we could potentially give David a New ARC, have him as Kind and Compassionate with his New Creation, until it becomes Corrupt and the he has NO Choice in his Next Action.

And we can then see him Upset with Tears in his Eyes because of what he has been Forced to do. (like in the Bombardment Scene in AC).

But some could see those Tears as Crocodile Tears and that David is just a Mad as a Box of Frogs, Genocidal Maniac 

I think its going to be HARD to revisit David and Please every Fan and i think quite are lot are NOT so interested in him, even if we TRY and change his Character.

We are NOW doing a ALIEN Franchise Prequels, and it will be Expected to be about and Conclude with the ALIEN.


MemberDeaconJun-03-2019 2:34 PM

"David has not got a taste of Creation"

I mean NOW lol  Typo! and i cant Edit my post

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