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Disney is locking away all Alien films in its Vault
Scified2019-11-03 13:59:58
Written by Chris71,510 Reads6 Comments2019-11-03 13:59:58

Disney is reportedly adding all of the Alien movies to its vault, a new report by Vulture suggests. Disney has been well known for vaulting its own iconic film properties as a means of increasing demand for its titles - a tactic not many fans are fans of, but a tactic which will soon be undone with the launch of its streaming service, Disney+. However, Alien and other Fox properties will still be locked away in an effort to combat independent theaters and chains from profiting by screening those classic films. It is suggested non-profit theaters will still be allowed to screen Alien movies, though:

In August, Rachel Fox, the senior programmer for the Rio Theater near Vancouver, tried to book the original Alien to play alongside the upcoming Alien making-of documentary, Memory: The Origins of Alien. Disney told her that the title was unavailable, even though Alien has had one-off screenings in theaters all over North America throughout 2019, the movie’s 40th anniversary year, and is being shown via satellite in hundreds of theaters by Fathom Events this month.

Disney officially declined to comment for this piece, but a film distributor with firsthand knowledge of the company’s policy says it is directed at theaters that screen first-run Disney and Fox content alongside older titles. The distributor said that screenings of vintage Fox films would still be allowed at nonprofit theaters such as Film Forum in New York and Segundo’s Old Town Music Hall, and in some other venues, including outdoor screenings in public spaces and at museums and cultural institutions (particularly ones dedicated to cinema, such as the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York, and the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago).

Despite Disney adding the Alien films to its vault, no additional news has yet been released regarding any upcoming / future Alien films. Last we heard, a script was currently being written, however that was back in the summer and since then, it's been radio silence from Disney.

On a lighter note, an Alien TV series is reportedly in development at Hulu and will look at exploring and expanding the Alien cinematic universe.

As we learn more about Disney's plans with Alien, we'll be sure to keep you posted!

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MemberDeaconNov-03-2019 6:47 PM

I think that kind of SUCKS!

I do WORRY will attempt to Monopolize the Franchises it Obtained from FOX, if it produces more Movies and TV Series on say Alien and Predator and then LIMITS these to ONLY be watched via Disney Streaming Services that would SUCK!

I am still Very Concerned about the Franchise under the CONTROL of those at Disney!  I wonder what kind/style of Content and Movies they would WANT to release in Future in Context to ALIEN.

I dont think they would want to EXPLORE stuff like how RS had intended with Prometheus 2, and the Back-Lash over Alien Covenant i would NOT be surprised we got some kind of Re-boot Prequels...  Queens and Ripley links etc.

I would NOT be surprised if the Franchise goes into a VAULT!

So they can then REMAKE the Entire Franchise... with maybe a Ripley Cast by someone else?   And to REVOLVE around Xenomorphs and Queens..

If they then Re-Make the Space Jockey maybe we would get some 15ft


MemberTrilobiteNov-03-2019 9:37 PM

It seems obvious the franchise is vaulted until Disney figures out how to monetize its new property. It feels like a dog in the manger attitude- the property is theirs, they don't know what to do with it or might not even care now, but they sure won't let any other people have a crack at it.


MemberPraetorianNov-04-2019 12:03 AM

Greedy Disney Bastards!

Ganimes V.8

MemberFacehuggerNov-04-2019 1:30 AM


Disney always steals movies and properties,Alien is a horror movie,not a childish movie.


MemberDeaconNov-05-2019 3:19 PM

To be fair i think maybe we need to give Disney a Chance!

I Fear they would look at what will please the MOST Fans and what would make more $$$$$   And so i would think most of the Projects would be HEAVILY based on similar things that a lot of the Comics and Novels have, and so would cater more for like a ALIENS and be more like a Blomkamps Alien 5 idea or say like a Jon Spaights Alien Engineers only with more Xenomorphs.

They may be interested in Exploring LV-223 and the Black Goo but i dont think they would STEER FAR from showing us Monsters that are more closer to that of the Original Franchise and so something Occasionally like the Neomorph may be as FAR disconnected to the Xenomorph as Disney would be willing to go.

I think they would have a HIGHER interest in the Ripley Family Saga, than Weyland Company Founder and David etc, i also dont expect them to go much depth as far as Engineers...

So it will be Eggs, Xenomorph, Queens, Ripley's,  WY Conspiracy and Greed, Colonial Marines, with the AI/Synthetics and History of the Company and Engineers being something i DOUBT they would explore much.

Oh i expect the David had created the Xenomorph Curve-ball to be Totally Canned!

But i am hopeful DISNEY will prove me wrong ;)


MemberXenomorphNov-06-2019 6:02 AM

Well this is coming from a company that tried to trademark Cinco De Mayo

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