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BREAKING: New Alien movie officially in development at Disney / 20th Century Studios!
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Written by Chris157,299 Reads19 Comments2022-03-04 19:05:48

FINALLY! After much anticipation it has finally been announced that a new Alien movie is officially in development! According to Variety, the new film which is in addition to the upcoming Noah Hawley Alien TV series for FX, will be directed by Don't Breathe director Fede Alvarez with Ridley Scott attached to produce the film!

Currently, Alvarez is also working on the film's script, suggesting that the previous script Ridley Scott alluded to being written years back, has been scrapped.

Variety confirms the new film will be an entirely new take on the Alien franchise and will be "disconnected from the narrative of the three Alien films".

Unfortunately it sounds like the David story arc left open-ended by Alien: Covenant will remain a mystery for the foreseeable future. But, perhaps a new take on the Alien narrative will borrow from Ridley Scott's established prequel visions.

Will the title be Alien: Awakening? We'll soon find out.

As we learn more about the new Alien movie we'll be your prime source for all news and updates!

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MemberNeomorphMar-05-2022 3:38 AM

They can have some about androids, but that shouldn't be the main-focus. Give me something about the Engineers. Even though the prequels included many disappointments, at least they gave us the Engineers.


AdminEngineerMar-05-2022 5:28 AM

Agreed. I really hope we see the inclusion and exploration of the Engineers again, but part of me thinks we'll be moving away from that angle with this new standalone film... 


MemberXenomorphMar-06-2022 11:45 PM

Great news! I hope to see more of David.

And I also hope it will be set in space, not on earth.


MemberPraetorianMar-06-2022 11:52 PM


I don't think they are continuing David's story, sounds more like a soft reboot of sorts or rather an interquel that focuses on a new characters. I hopefully around the 2180's


MemberXenomorphMar-07-2022 4:26 AM

Xenotaris, unfortunately for David's disciples, it seems you are right, the new film is allegedly not connecte to the previous ones. 

According toTHR

"Álvarez’s take is being kept deep inside the studio’s chest cavity, but sources describe it as unconnected to the previous movies.

According to sources, Álvarez is a rabid fan of the franchise and casually pitched a take to Scott many years ago. The idea remained implanted in Scott’s brain until late last year, when he called Álvarez out of the blue and asked him if he was still up for it. Álvarez didn’t have to be asked twice."



MemberFacehuggerMar-07-2022 7:06 AM

sad David's not coming back. 

a new take would be interesting though, and somewhat I prefer the Space Jockey being a mystery forever. But I still want the new film involves the original Alien universe and timeline. 


AdminEngineerMar-07-2022 9:12 AM

Indeed Jonesy, I always preferred the Jockey being a mysterious alien being - not an Engineer bio-suit. If the Jockey is even still a part of the new storyline, I would be happy with a reinvention of that mystery. I'd be even happier if the Jockey turned out to be a different being the Engineers worshipped - Lord knows there's plenty of examples of how that could tie together in these forums hahaha.

Part of me is rather disappointed though that we won't be getting a proper conclusion to David's story.


MemberDeaconMar-07-2022 9:41 AM

Its a case of TIME will TELL....

I had heard Prior that there was Supposed to be WORK on a MOVIE and NOT a TV SERIES in the Works for a 2022 Release, but with the Pandemic i Guess stuff gets PUSHED BACK... also maybe the STORY back then has been Modified/Re-wrote?

Only that it was NOT a Continuation/Connection to RIPLEY and her Story or the Prequels but something NEW and Different.

Its Good News that we will FINALLY see another Movie but as of NOW we can only GUESS if its SET as CANON or NOT to either the Original Movies or Prequels.


MemberDeaconMar-07-2022 9:49 AM

Regarding the space Jockey its Revelation is just something that Happens with Movie to Movie....

ALIENS.... Darn It!  Space Bugs and Queen...  this is NOT what was Planned Originally!

ALIEN 3.... What!  They Killed all the CAST OFF!

PROMETHEUS..... No Way! is the Engineer the Space Jockey they are WAY too Small!

ALIEN COVENANT.... The Xenomorph is Created by David... thats IT i am DONE!

The Point i am making is with EVERY addition there would ALWAYS be something that Does-Not go and Please every Fans Expectation or Wishes.

However..... YES i think they could have Given us the Space Jockey as another Race who are Connected to the Engineers a say 12 Foot Humanoid..... but ALAS.

Will the New Movie or TV Series go and ATTEMPT to SHOW or even HINT that the Space Jockey is NOT a Engineer?  I doubt it with Ridley Scott connected to the Project (not that thats a BAD thing).


MemberXenomorphMar-07-2022 2:57 PM


New soundtrack...set photos to exited about...then the trailer....tons to look forward too!


Going to be interesting to see who they cast as the lead.


HOPEFULLY it's not on Earth...that would suck.


AdminEngineerMar-07-2022 6:36 PM

Agreed ^ if they have the setting be Earth I'll be extremely disappointed. The series will be set in Earth enough, this movie should introduce us to a new environment, a new planet or space station.


MemberDeaconMar-08-2022 1:39 AM


It depends on HOW it Connects.... the TV Series is a Concern for me UNLESS its a Alternative Take like say how we have the SPIDERMAN Movie Franchise and then the AMAZING SPIDERMAN Movie Franchise.... TWO Alternative Takes....

We have to LOOK at where is the Movie going to be SET and HOW it Connects!

1) Is its going to be ANOTHER Alternative Story? (something Novels and Comics often do).

2) Will it Connect to the TV Series so the TV Series Acts as Direct Canon/Prequel?

3) Will it Connect with the ALIEN Franchise but IGNORE the Prequels?

4) Will it Connect to the WHOLE Franchise which Includes the Prequel?

NOW when i say Connect i mean as in the EVENTS of the above have Occurred.. so for Example... within Context to the MOVIE then the Derelict in ALIEN etc has HAPPENED.... or if does-not Connect maybe then there is NO Direct on LV-426 as we get a Alternative Take?

Time will Tell.....

Now by being NOT Connected to the Previous Movies what this Means at the Minimum is that we will NOT be getting a Continuation of the Ripley Story or Ripley 8 and likely we wont be getting ANYONE who is Connected to her...... And it also means we will NOT be going to where David is OFF to and WHAT he does NEXT.... but likely we WONT go to Planet 4 either.

We SIMPLY cant be sure if other Events are Canon though, for Example the Existence of LV-426, LV-223 and Planet 4 and the Engineers including their History with Mankind etc.

The FRANCHISE had HIT a PICKLE... with Prometheus by Virtue that it WAS NOT going to Directly Answer the Question to HOW/WHERE/WHEN the Eggs got on LV-426 and it NEVER had any Xenomorphs.....

But Prometheus had Expanded the Limited Universe..... it had OPENED the Door to be more than about Xenomorphs... the BIGGEST PROBLEM came when Powers that Be... thought that a SEQUEL would have to GIVE the Xenomorph and Origins etc..... and WELL what a MESS that Followed (The Plot was OK but David could have Created a ULTRAMORPH and not indicated in the Original).  But i dont want this TOPIC to become about that Debate...

My Point here is that the POWERS that BE had Concluded that Fans are MORE Interested in a ALIEN Movie that gets back to WHAT the Franchise was about.... Xenomorphs and so they had to come up with a WAY to Bring them back!

The Problem is they are CLUELESS as to HOW to do this and this Included Neil Blomkamp and Walter Hill/David Giler as the TWO kinds of ALIEN V they had Planned would have the Xenomorph which is FINE... but they also thought you have to have RIPLEY.... NO you Dont!


MemberDeaconMar-08-2022 1:55 AM

So we come down to XENOMORPHS and the ALIEN Franchise....

The STORY kind of Reached its Conclusion with ALIEN 3 (bare with me).

*If there was something to be Salvaged from LV-426 then WHY would they go after Ripley? 

The Answer is having known she is Gestating a Queen they have a 100% Viable Source, where as LV-426 would be a Unknown and Greater Risk.

Ripley goes ahead and Sacrifices herself into the Furnace and THUS the Company has NO Xenomorphs....

We then have 200 Years where the USM Company then Successfully gain a Specimen via Cloning of Ripley.. (A Plot that is NOT Plausible..... NOT how it was Presented).

What we have is a 200 Year Ball Park between Alien 3 and Alien R where we have to Assume....... There was NO other WAY to Obtain a Specimen!

HOWEVER.... this does-not have to be the Case... as LONG as after such a Discovery/Events something HAPPENS to Completely Eradicate..... EVERYTHING so there is NO Specimens.....

So you have the Following OPTIONS... for a MOVIE...

A) LV-426 and the Derelict.... has the Destruction of Hadleys Hope lead to the Derelict and its Cargo being Completely Destroyed?

Maybe some Eggs have Survived but there is some Radiation which means Mutations... the COMPANY could then ATTEMPT to Extract and Obtain a PURE Strain in the Process....... to be FAIR.... this is MAYBE what the Blomkamp Plot could have been about.... but also the RED HARVEST Project?   Who knows?

B) The Facehugger (s) from Fiorina "Fury" 161!

If you can Genetically Obtain Xeno-DNA from Ripley then SURELY you can gain it from a Face-Hugger or at Least some DNA that can be USED to Create something of a Hybrid?

C) Regardless of the Derelict and Eggs Origins.... can we ASSUME that the Derelict was the ONLY such Ship to have such a Cargo?  Did the Space Jockey place ALL THEIR EGGS into ONE BASKET?

And so (C) is the BEST kind of Source to go and MAKE a NEW Movie that does-not Directly Connect or Affect the others....

THIS is without going into the Prequels... as they OFFER a EVEN LARGER Source for more Xenomorphs and the LIKE.

Which when i look back at what i have SAID.... it Puzzles me to the PLOT of the TV Series.... WHY OH WHY! (Time-Line mainly).


MemberPraetorianMar-08-2022 4:46 AM

Do you think that any of the directors besides Cameron even watched an ALIEN film?


MemberNeomorphMar-08-2022 5:23 AM

Hopefully none of the old characters will be in it, or be tied to it. No Ripley, no Amanda or her cousins, no Shaw, and no Daniels. When you get away from old characters it seems that you open it up for new possibilities, you don't need to be like “oh this must be connected to X so we must do this and that”. As far as the planets are concerned, like BD mentioned, you can make new ones. It's not the worlds that have been the problem.


MemberDeaconMar-08-2022 5:32 AM

"Do you think that any of the directors besides Cameron even watched an ALIEN film?"

Thats a Interesting Point......  throughout the Franchise and Including Books, Games and Comics the Creators/Teams who WORK on them.... sometimes DO-NOT have as IN-DEPTH knowledge or Experience of the Franchise.

A Good Example is John Spaights.... when he worked on what would become Prometheus, it seemed that HE was NOT like 100% Familiar with the Canon and Time-Line with Regards to some Aspects.

I Doubt he was the First to do this and he Wont be the Last.  so its a Question of HOW MUCH do those working on the TV Show and New Movie know about the Franchise in Depth?  How Often have they seen the Movies etc?


MemberOvomorphJun-02-2022 6:49 AM

I personally really want david's arc to be completed. we as an audience atleast deserve that much. they can start reinventing after that. You cant just leave something behind like that, or idk if its just because i watched prometheus and covenant back to back just now.



MemberOvomorphAug-13-2022 7:44 PM

I agree with RuhanS, Ridley Scott needs to be allowed to finish what he started, Prometheus and to some extent Covenant were very entertaining films and the story needs to be completed.


MemberDeaconSep-30-2022 7:42 AM

I think the David Arc is FINISHED.....

I suspect a NEW Canon would arise that would PUSH those Movies with David as something to FORGET that Happened.

I think a Decent Writer could FIX the Problems, and Warrant to get us at least  NOVEL that would Cover what becomes of David and what links the Prequels to ALIEN but i cant see this EVER happening.

As for the Movie.... its all Quiet at the Moment the Emphasis could be to Concentrate on the TV Series First and then GAUGE the Reaction of the Fans. I dont EXPECT to see a MOVIE before 2026

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