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Alien vs. Predator released in theaters 18 years ago today!
Scified2022-08-13 10:59:16
Written by Chris7,130 Reads5 Comments2022-08-13 10:59:16

Feeling old yet? Today marks the 18 year anniversary for the theatrical release of Paul Anderson's Alien vs. Predator! Back in 2004 this monumental clashing of cinematic sci-fi titans was met with a mixed bag of criticism. Do fans feel the same way about it today? Is there hope for the combined franchise to find new opportunities under the Disney banner?

Back then, the PG-13 rating, questionable designs of the Predators, current day Earth setting and a number of other details were bones of contention with fans of both franchises but today, 18 years later many seem to have found a new appreciation for the movie and regard it higher than when it released initially. With the likes of AvP: Requiem and The Predator having soured tastes more recently, many fans regard Alien vs. Predator a bit higher now by comparison.

With the Alien and Predator rights now owned by Disney and their rebranded 20th Century Studios umbrella company and with multiple projects in the works for both properties, we beg the question - will another clash between these two titular movie monster icons ever be revisited under the new banner in the future? 

While we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, we are noticing a significant amount of effort and consideration being given to both the Alien and Predator franchises since the changing of hands. Dan Trachtenberg's PREY has proven that there still is plenty of life in the Predator franchise and many are praising that prequel as the best in the series next to the 1987 original. Noah Hawley's Alien TV series and Fede Alvarez's new Alien movie both have acquired capable filmmakers to handle those projects. It appears Disney have every intention of maximizing profitability but also gaining audience appreciation for their handling of each franchise.

Alien vs. Predator has always been an attractive opportunity from a storytelling standpoint (the original Dark Horse comic series was perfect) and if done with the same consideration and careful planning as the current slate of Alien and Predator projects, it's possible Disney & 20th Century Studios could reinvent that franchise as well and as effectively as they've done and are doing with Prey and the upcoming Alien titles.

Would you like to see Alien vs. Predator rebooted? Let us know in the comments!

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MemberPraetorianAug-13-2022 11:25 AM

I still hate this movie but not the idea of an AVP reboot movie


MemberNeomorphAug-21-2022 9:18 AM

AVP isn't totally crappy, Lex is alright, although she could have been better. The environment is well done. Unfortunately, the tone is too light-hearted, and most of the human characters are a waste. Weyland acted by Lance Henriksen is well done, so two human characters that are good enough. When the predator character that she ends up with on her side is better done than most of the human characters, you have a serious problem.

“Would you like to see Alien vs. Predator rebooted?”

Not a fan of reboots in general. Come up with new stuff, thanks.


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2022 9:25 PM

Lex is what dragged the movie down though


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2022 9:26 PM

 that and Paul W S Anderson's terrible writing and directing


MemberPraetorianAug-21-2022 9:27 PM

A reboot to the AVP movies to erase this filth is defiantly needed

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