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10 things we know about Alien: Covenant so far!
Scified2016-06-30 16:18:25
Written by Chris29,339 Reads19 Comments2016-06-30 16:18:25

With just under 400 days to go before the USCSS Covenant touches down in theaters worldwide, we currently know very little about Alien: Covenant's plot and secrets. However recently, new details have become apparent that have ignited discussion and debate with fans of both Alien and Prometheus. Fan theories and spoilers aside however, this article will detail what we actually know so far about Alien: Covenant. As new details arrive, we'll be sure to expand this post with later installments.

Alien: Covenant takes place 10 years after Prometheus.

Taking place roughly around 10 years after Prometheus, Alien: Covenant will take place sometime in the year 2104. Prometheus ended with David and Shaw leaving LV-223 in 2094. To help compare, during the events of Alien: Covenant, Alien's Ellen Ripley will be about 11 years old.

Weyland and Yutani have merged and fund the Covenant mission.

Officially released images of the Covenant crew jacket revealed to us that Weyland and Yutani have officially merged to form the Weyland-Yutani corporation by the time Alien: Covenant takes place. Perhaps the Trillion dollar hit Weyland absorbed after the Prometheus mission failed required them to merge with another company in order to stay afloat? More recently, film crew sweaters were spotted sporting the iconic "Building Better Worlds" Weyland-Yutani tagline as well.

Michael Fassbender will play more than one David.

David 8 is the only survivor of the doomed Prometheus mission when the crew of the Covenant eventually find him on a remote Alien planet. The Covenant crew will also be accompanied by a second David Android. However, we're not sure if this is an eigth generation David model or a later model. We also don't know if the new David will have similar motives as David 8. What we do know, going by a recent movie still is that this new David will have brown hair instead of blonde.

There will be more Aliens.

The fate of LV-223's Deacon has yet to be revealed, but we know Alien: Covenant will introduce us to some new and familiar Aliens. The Facehugger, Chestburster and "Big Boy" (as Ridley Scott refers to it as) will all be re-introduced at some point in Alien: Covenant.

There will be a terrifying Chestburster scene.

Ridley Scott teased early on that there will be an iconic Alien birthing scene in Alien: Covenant; one he insinuates will out-do the burster scene in his 1979 original Alien.

Katherine Waterston plays Daniels.

Despite rumors of her character's connection to one of the Alien series' main characters, what we know for sure about Katherine Waterston's character is her name - Daniels. The only image released showing off her in character and on set insinuates that Daniels will face some big challenges throughout the film and will likely be one of the film's primary, strong, female leads, like Sigourney Weaver's Ripley and Noomi Rapace's Shaw.

Noomi Rapace is back as Elizabeth Shaw.

Despite an apparent lack of mention in the film's official plot synopsis, Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw will be given some screentime in Alien: Covenant. Only recently was her involvement announced, following repeat interviews with the film's cast and director, which originally led fans to believe Noomi's role had been completely written out. Regardless, many are pleased to hear of her return. Perhaps her involvement was meant to be a surprise?

We discover Paradise, but nobody is home.

If you're expecting a vast kingdom run by Engineers on a lush planet, you'll be severely disappointed when you see Alien: Covenant. According to the film's official plot synopsis, David 8 will be the only inhabitant of Paradise upon the Covenant crew's arrival, as mentioned above. However, we may get a few flashback scenes explaining what became of the Engineers and their home world. Leaked set photos suggest something major caused mass hysteria and chaos for the Engineer population. Beyond our own assumptions however, little is actually known for sure why Paradise remains a barren wasteland and what became of the Engineers which once inhabited it.

Alien: Covenant is one of three sequels Fox has planned for Prometheus.

Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are planning a serious expansion of the Alien franchise. Building off of concepts introduced in Prometheus, Alien: Covenant will act as a semi-sequel to Prometheus and a semi-prequel to Alien. Interviews with Ridley Scott as well as John Logan, one of the film's writers and last to revise the script, have suggested that Covenant will lean closer to concepts more familiar to those of Alien instead of Prometheus. However, that's not to say the expansion of the franchise's mythos won't continue to be explored. What we really know is, Alien: Covenant will focus heavily on the Alien and the creation of such a being. The what and the why of the Xenomorph's purpose will be explored and somewhat explained, while leaving many questions unanswered. Given that this film will act as one of three planned sequels, fans should expect there to be quite a number of open-ended plot points.

Fox will not be showing a trailer for Alien: Covenant at this year's Comic-Con.

In an attempt to preserve the film's secrets and quality from piracy, Fox have decided not to debut footage from Alien: Covenant at this year's Hall H presentation at Comic-Con. We expect a teaser debut may occur closer to the Fall or Winter of 2016, but likely not before then.

There are still so many things we don't know about Alien: Covenant, but that only makes this process of waiting all the more fun. Fans from around the world have contributed some great theories and discussions right here on Scified in our Alien: Covenant forum. As filming continues and as we near the release of the film's first teaser trailer, we can only expect the number of questions we have to grow exponentially. Alien: Covenant is clearly one of the most highly anticipated and most actively discussed upcoming films we're covering and we can't wait to learn more.

Have a theory, question or comment about Alien: Covenant? Share it in our forums as well and join almost 30,000 other fans of Alien and Prometheus! Be sure to also check back often for more updates and the latest news on Alien: Covenant, right here, on Scified!

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Patient Leech

MemberFacehuggerJun-30-2016 5:02 PM

Cool article. I like focusing on what we know for sure and not endless speculation! But then again I also like to remain semi spoiler free, heh... so I should dip out... but I can't! It's too exciting! I will avoid trailers, though. Might treat myself to a teaser, but definitely will not watch any full trailers before I see the film.


MemberDeaconJun-30-2016 6:10 PM

Indeed good post and we have been shown a few things in leaked images such as the destruction or serve Damage to the Covenants Drop Ship or Ship itself.

We see Daniels is sitting in a Corridor and what seems to be be a Fire, and there was a Giff that showed a explosion on board the ship that could be the same area as in the one shot of Daniels.

Ridley had let a few clues go too and i think we can add those here as being more Factual and not Speculation.

Here are some interesting things...

Fassbender will be playing Two Roles, David 8 and a Doppelganger which we can safely assume is part of the Covenant crew and (Brown Hair Fassbender) but is this a Android, a Human or some other related being i.e Replicant or Synthetic Construct... thats the interesting Question.

Shaw is not in the Synopsis and so she must not be discovered first by the Crew, she is either in hiding or incapacitated some place.... She will play a smaller Role, which was then retracted.... but it appears she would be playing a small role but now with Rappace Officially being  cast member its a case of does she interact with the Covenant at some point? Or only in a Flash Back?  What role does she play? Alive, Dead, Evolved?

Engineers are not mentioned either..... but the crew of the Covenant will uncover something Evolving on Paradise that they (we can assume Engineers) created and why they created it (the evil Biology) how will we find out, do we see alive Engineers interacting with David, prior to Covenant, or after? Or just Flash Backs...  we get to see that one set where we saw many and like 80+ Bald Ancient looking Humanoids in a scene of destruction, looking up at the sky or God?  are these Engineers or related.. and surely its a Flash Back?

We will be seeing what appears to be the Traditional Xeno, in all its Life Cycle but is this a event post Covenant arriving? or prior or even a Flash Back from Eons ago... the movie is going to hint How,When and Why the Xeno was created.. and we know its connected to Prometheus Movie and those Engineers who was creating something Horrid thousands of years ago.

The Covenant Name, could that be more than just the name of the ship.... and Ridley had hinted at Paradise Lost Poem Connections but this was after Alien Paradise Lost and prior to Alien Covenant name change.

And if we are to see 2-3 movies that lead to Alien and the Space Jockey, we have to ask is the Space Jockey a event after Prometheus... or prior.... some fans think it would be after...

But the timeline of 18 years and surely 3 movies more to cover more Xenos, and not cover the Engineers but to cover the survivors of Alien Covenant on two more Xeno fest movies until we get to a movie about the Space Jockey?

I dont buy that... not when we would have a Alien 5 and then maybe Alien 6 ... how many Alien movies with Xenos and Ripley in do we need to see?

And so i hope that needing 2-3 more movies and thus 5-6 hours more screen time surely should not be about Xenos and not cover the Engineers?

Not when the Beast was Cooked?




MemberOvomorphJun-30-2016 7:15 PM

Alien covenant definitely will connect Prometheus to Alien,there won't be any other movie from Ridley Scott after this one.

what we going to see is basically same as other two with minor changes.

movie will start with images of covenant spaceship travel trough uncharted part of the galexy.

crew members as usual are bunch plumber ,mechanics ,electricians with mysterious crazy robot.

they get infected because of the robot.

all the crew will get killed except one to tell the story or warning.

at end again as tredition of Alien and Prometheus,the robot will be beheaded.

lots of new questions without answer.

David 7

MemberFacehuggerJul-01-2016 6:39 AM

Im sure that the "terrifying chestburster" scene will be a sex scene in which he or she gives birth driving the climax of the love scene. It was talked about b4 with Prometheus but not done.


AdminEngineerJul-01-2016 10:06 AM

@Halloway, no it's true Fox are planning to span the Prometheus saga into a new quadrilogy. There will be 2 more sequels after Covenant within that universe. I suspect Covenant will lead more closely into Alien, leaving the other two to act as more so expansions of the Engineer mystery.

@David007, that's correct! Could've made for a very nasty scene for sure. Although that scene reminded me a lot of The Thing though.

Patient Leech

MemberFacehuggerJul-01-2016 3:32 PM

If that's the chestburster scene it'll be a little disappointing because we already know about it.. lol. Most lay-people won't, but we Hardcore fans know about it.

David 7

MemberFacehuggerJul-01-2016 4:09 PM

All depends on how he shoots it. He also could have abandoned the idea for another scene not talked about. Either way, it will be hard to top the original.


MemberXenomorphJul-01-2016 4:51 PM

Speaking of Alien: Covenant being filmed in 3D? Not that I think Ridley would use such a gimmick(a chestburst in 3D). 

Patient Leech

MemberFacehuggerJul-01-2016 5:15 PM

Good Question, MonsterZero. But if Ridley does it it won't be gimmicky. I felt like Prometheus used 3D right.


AdminEngineerJul-01-2016 5:25 PM

Prometheus did utilize 3D and it worked well cause most of the film was very dark. I don't believe they're filming Covenant in 3D. Seems to be a fad that's blown over now.


MemberOvomorphJul-01-2016 5:58 PM


MemberNeomorphJul-02-2016 5:25 AM

"What we really know is, Alien: Covenant will focus heavily on the Alien and the creation of such a being. The what and the why of the Xenomorph's purpose will be explored and somewhat explained, while leaving many questions unanswered."


That is the way it should be I think. What is interesting about the Xeno is that a lot about it is unknown. When it is unknown it brings a mystery about it and I like that.


MemberXenomorphJul-02-2016 6:55 AM

Still no set photos of a Juggernaut? Wonder what happened to it? A cargo full of black death and 10 years on Paradise. Did they crash it...Maybe ran out of fuel....Shaw took it(though can't imagine Shaw being able to fly it)?


MemberOvomorphJul-03-2016 3:25 AM

Good wrap up. Re David's hair colour and remembering the hair bleaching scene, I can't remember his hair being as short and dark in the Viral adds both online and on the blue ray. I suspect that there may be multiple Davids perhaps each with slightly different hair to distinguish between them. Just a thought.


MemberDeaconJul-03-2016 3:50 PM

Yes it would be logical that you would be able to customize the Hair Color and Style and Eye Color and even Skin Tone.

So that you would somehow have some degree of personification to the Androids....

If we assume in 20, 40, 60 or 100 years time we can create Synthetics like David or even slightly less realistic then you can be sure they would come with a variety of Face Options and Hair/Eye Color Options and Hair Styles etc.



MemberNeomorphJul-04-2016 2:04 PM

I think having 3 Ripleys fighting the same alien species to be too ridiculous! Coincidences are thoroughly avoided in the whole series! Unless....Unless... Weyland Yutani put Ellen Ripley on Nostromo to L-V 426 for a reason...


MemberDeaconJul-04-2016 3:31 PM

Or it could be them not having a idea, and just go with the Ripley plus Xenos sells the Franchise.

Like Arnie with the Terminator


MemberFacehuggerJul-11-2016 2:17 PM

I have been following this franchise since I saw the first Alien movie, in Japan of all places, back in 1979.  It was a stand-alone project, that has morphed into this whole story-line, albeit with some goofy twists and turns.  Much has been discussed here about A:C and where it's going; the Prometheus story line vs the classic Alien one; the creatures vs the Engineers; Ridley Scott's vision vs James Cameron's.

My take on all this.  You started with a basic creature film.  Giger's artwork took it to new levels.  The Space Jockey was just a set prop; now it has become a whole story line in and of itself, via Prometheus.  A:C is an attempt to tie these disparate strings together into a coherent story line.  How this is done, what ingredients, from which movies, are thrown in the stew pot is the question.

Personally what I'd like to see is a coherent timeline to explain an alternative version of our creation, and possible other worlds that were also created, and the nexus or intersections in time and space between these civilizations.  We have gotten bits and pieces, hints and allegations, but nothing like a straight-line history of events.  Some seem to like this approach but I find it very aggravating!

As far as I'm concerned, re-do the entire story line, update the FX to current standards, weed out the unwanted storyline branches, and craft a coherent story that doesn't have to attempt a patch work quilt of conflicting themes. 

I found the opening act of Prometheus absolutely fascinating.  I watch it again and again.  To me, that is the crux of the issue.  Who were our creators?  What else did they create?  The infinite combinations of the "black goo".  The classic Alien life-form in all it's stages is but a single species in this galactic Lego set, being played with by the gods.  But it would appear that their creation(s) have turned on them, and their fate is unknown. 

The classic Sci-fi mantra has been to get off the planet, in order to insure the survival of our race.  Could it be just the opposite?



Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerAug-01-2016 2:11 PM

This thread got me thinking about the goo and the SJ/Engineers as well.  In particular, what we do and don't know about them?  I know these topics have been covered elsewhere (and I like a lot of the ideas/theories) but thought this thread could be a good place to put my thoughts down.  Here goes . . .

Goo = some kind of mutagen/genetic accelerant.  But is it sentient, created in 'a lab' by engineers, part of, or come from, a living being?  Could be other possibilities as well . . .

Engineers/SJ = We do know they seem to have had a hand in creating life/humans, as well as the Xenomorph, the latter seemingly causing an apocalypse on their home planet; and they use the black goo (or variants of it) in this process.  Were the Engineers race created in similar ways to humans etc i.e. by a more advanced species?  With the black goo? I'm not sure I go for this idea but think they may have had more of a caste type system?  I'm also curious about their apparent use of sacrifices; they sacrifice an Engineer to 'seed a planet'.  Appear to have (wittingly/unwittingly?) used Engineers to create original Xenomorph, and possibly eggs?  It also seems the xeno's life cycle shares this attribute also! I do wonder if this ties in with the Prometheus myths and other similar tales that, in particular, BD and MJ have some interesting ideas on?

Be very interested to hear other peoples ideas on the above.

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