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The Xeno influence still appears today!

The Xeno influence still appears today!

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Jan-29-2019 2:40 AM

We can still see influences of the Xeno in Sci Fi today. In this case, we can even see a nod to dorsal tubes and even Fifeld if you squint just a bit!

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Jan-29-2019 8:16 AM

They did a good job with it. Not much character development to speak of (it was like AC in that way) but it was a really short movie but I still enjoy it for what it was. I understood that she cared about her daughter so that was a part of her personality but the rest? I don’t know.

It felt like a mix between Resident Evil Apocalypse the way it was shot and The Walking Dead. Maybe I am wrong but that is what it felt like.

A plus that we see it from her perspective.

Thanks DK


Jan-29-2019 1:59 PM

I'll give this a look,Thanks dk!

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Jan-29-2019 2:54 PM

There are lots of good shorts on Dust- I was only being specific with Xeno influence for this particular short.


Jan-30-2019 11:24 AM

Only had a quick check to look the Effects/Alien in Question, and indeed there is a bit of Xeno-Virus Aesthetic there, but it does remind me more of the Warhammer 40K  Genestealers (which took influences off ALIEN) and to be fair numerous Video Game Aliens and some Sci-Fi have used a similar Aesthetic as we see in the Hybrids in this Video.

It does remind me a little more of a Genestealer Hybrid

Within Context to the ALIEN Franchise i think there is plenty of Potential to explore Xeno/Human Hybrids be that a movie set within the Franchise but not directly connected to the Prequels... or indeed we could ponder what kind of a World David would Create if he can Merge Traits of his Xenomorphs with the Human Embryos

I certainly dont imagine Zombie Fifields though ;)

Something that combines these below... but retains about 75% Human DNA/Aesthetics.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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