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Alien: Awakening

Alien: Awakening

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Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 3:38 PM

What are you guys hoping to see from the next chapter? What do you think will happen? From what Scott said, the Engineers will see what havoc David wrought on Paradise and will be back with a vengeance. I'm hoping to see Origae-6 and hopefully with David's experiments it'll turn into a hellish Giger nightmare. I also want to see him evolve the Xenomorph more into what we see in Alien79 as well as the results of his experiments aboard the Covenant. Do you think the Engineers will be walking into a trap?


I also hope we get to learn more about the Engineers and their culture, why they do what they do and how exactly. The mural in Prometheus is of a Deacon and I want to see that more explored or do you think we should leave it to mystery?

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

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Jul-30-2017 4:16 PM

' you think we should leave it to mystery?'

No, we shouldn't in my op. I would like to know more about everything. The questions you ask should be answered in the next/last(?) movie, no doubt.

I hope it will be a movie which gives everything the fans want. I hope it wull satisfy every group of the fandom.

September is so far away, I would like to know the official plans now, but I'm sure before the Japanese release they won't tell anything about the future of the AU.


Jul-30-2017 4:26 PM

Honestly, I am trying really hard to not want anything specific.

I LOVED Covenant. The people who were unhappy with Covenant I think it's because they wanted something very specific and didn't get it.


When I walked into the theater to watch Covenant for the first time, I had a completely open mind. I knew it came next after Prometheus but I hadn't seen any trailers and I didn't have any attachment to or expectations for it, I just saw it on a whim.


Somehow, with Covenant everything just clicked for me. It was like...the best movie I ever saw. The very next day I re-watched Prometheus. Ultimately, I went back to the theater to see Covenant four more times. Bought the novel. Re-watched the whole Alien series and loved it way more than ever. 

I'm not going to walk into the theater expecting to recreate my Covenant experience. I don't think people should be expecting to recreate their "Alien" or "Aliens" or "Alien 3" experiences.


I have seen some really amazing ideas for the next movie, both here and on Reddit, but I'm trying really hard not to get too attached to any of them.


What if you walk into an art museum hoping to see a really specific painting you've only ever imagined in your mind? You're definitely going to be disappointed. I just want to sit back and enjoy the art with an open mind.


Jul-30-2017 4:38 PM

'Somehow, with Covenant everything just clicked for me. It was like...the best movie I ever saw. The very next day I re-watched Prometheus. Ultimately, I went back to the theater to see Covenant four more times.'

VivisectedEngineer - Wow! :) I remember you told that you had seen five times, but I'm forgetful, and I'm surprised every time you mention.


Jul-30-2017 4:41 PM

Lol, Ati , I actually tried to see it more than that. I was driving to the edge of my city to the only theater that was still playing it.

On the 6th time, when tried to see it, the ticket attendant (who'd become a bit familiar with me and my obsession) somewhat smugly told me that Covenant was "gone forever" from the theater. T_T


Jul-30-2017 4:46 PM

:D :D Awesome!

But August 1 is here... ok, almost... so you don't have to wait much.


Jul-30-2017 4:56 PM


August 1st!? August 1st!? I thought it wasn't coming until August 15th!? WHAT'S THIS ABOUT AUGUST 1ST!?

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 4:57 PM

VivisectedEngineer I totally agree :-) I'm just trying to keep interest in the sequel alive lol 

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Jul-30-2017 5:04 PM

@Lawrence of Arabia

That makes sense. Well, trust me, my interest in the sequel isn't going to die down. But, once it gets closer to the release date I'll probably disappear from the forums for a while, so I don't form any expectations.


Also, do you have any idea what Ati is talking about with August 1st?? Did she make a typo or is it actually possible to see Covenant before the 15th??


If so, I'm calling up all my friends right away and bribing them with pizza to come over to my place for a back to back Prometheus - Covenant viewing.

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 5:14 PM

@VivisectedEngineer Ati is talking about the digital release which is August 1st. I'm highly considering picking it up as well since the 15th is so far off lol

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 5:15 PM

Is Ati a she? I assumed a he.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Jul-30-2017 5:19 PM

@Lawrence of Arabia

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Does that mean my Youtube pre-order will be available August 1st!?

If not, then how do I get the digital version on August 1st!? You can bet your bottom dollar I'm watching Covenant on August 1st if there's a way!!!


...Also, I guess I don't actually know if Ati's a she..."Ati" sounds like a girl's name to me, but I think also I tend to assume everyone's a "she" unless there's some specific indication to the contrary.

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 5:24 PM

@VivisectedEngineer You bet your fur? That's what the kids always say (It reference) lol I would assume your Youtube pre-order would be the 1st. I'm going through Amazon myself lol

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Jul-30-2017 5:54 PM

Actually, I don't want to see the derelict/SJ crash on LV 426. I want at least some mystery. Watching Alien would lose some of its mystery that way.

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-30-2017 6:06 PM

I want to know it all lol I can see where you're coming from because then it's up for speculation but it's been 35 years. I want to know why it crashed there and what the space jockey's goal was.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Jul-30-2017 7:08 PM

VivisectedEngineer - LOL, I put the digital HD release date Aug 1 everywhere in the topics, I'm sure some members hate that I did so, but now I can see it can be useful. :)

I Moon Girl

Jul-30-2017 7:28 PM

I hope there is more Engineer's and hopefully we get to learn more about them.

The main thing I want is the following...

I want the Xenomorph to be scary!!!  The Xeno was never scary in A:C.  If anyone disagree's, than I am jealous because I wish it was for me.  I watched the original Alien after not seeing it for a long time before Alien:Covenant came out and I screamed uncontrollable one time in the movie.  I loved it after I stopped screaming!!  I definitely had a big grin on my face.  Good stuff.  Alien: Covenant brought nothing like that even close.  The problem isn't the Xeno.  The problem is how the Xeno is presented to us.  I don't know who's fault that is, but it's a big problem for the franchise.  The Xeno was scary in all of the Alien movies (except Prometheus, since there wasn't one).  I either screamed or wanted to turn the movie off because I was so scared.  Alien3 was the weakest of them all actually, but the Xeno in Alien3 was scarier than any Xeno or Neomorph in A:C.

So, if the Xeno is scary again in Alien:Awakening, I am happy.  If there are Engineer's and more info on them, I think we may have the best Alien movie ever!  Maybe?


Jul-30-2017 8:26 PM


Lol, ok ok. I guess I just had it in my head that it wasn't coming until the 15th so I just skimmed over all your posts about it.


Oh man...this changes everything! You have no idea how exciting this is! This is like a miracle has occurred! This means I get to host (at least one) Covenant viewing before summer vacation ends! I need to get on Facebook and message all my pals.


Thanks for the link! ...Does this mean my youtube pre-order won't be available on the 1st? That's fine then, I'll cancel the Youtube one and order through Amazon instead.


...Come to think of it, maybe I won't cancel my youtube order. I'll just order one extra digital copy of Covenant in honor of Dr. Curt Connors . I think he'll like that.


Jul-30-2017 8:31 PM

@ I Moon Girl

Well...I thought the xeno was pretty terrifying in the Ricks and Upworth scene. ...You didn't think that was scary?


Also, you have to admit, the neomorph was pretty terrifying, right? I think it was actually scarier than the xeno...maybe...because it was more human-like. Kind of fell into the uncanny valley.


That startling scene where it suddenly appears next to Rosenthal as she's dressing her wounds...nightmare fuel.


Jul-30-2017 8:32 PM

Lawrence of Arabia Maybe a compromise could be a heavy implication of the crash but not actually showing it. If they show it I can get over it I suppose. The main thing is to join it up with Alien and then move on however it will develop.


Jul-30-2017 10:29 PM

Well I don't know if I welcomed here, but for me this whole story died with Shaw, so I don't care what will be in Awakening and I think that it is inevitable that in the end David will be killed by the Xenomorph.  


Jul-31-2017 1:17 AM

I agree with DK, seeing it take off would be enough for me, I want to keep some mystery in this.


We don’t need to see where they keep their clothes at the Nostromo and we don’t need to see exactly how the monster bursted out of the SJ.


Red0guy, no worries there are many people here and I like to read what people have to say about tings.


Jul-31-2017 8:27 AM

Ordinary people with a huge problem to face, that's what I liked so much in Alien, Alien 3, Prometheus and Covenant. So, as I am not a Marine/Company Scientist person (not an "Aliens"/"A:R" fan), and loved the Engineers so much, I hope to see those giants again dealing with David and his creations, and maybe some fortunate crew members who managed to survive that long, long trip with a mad android.


Jul-31-2017 8:35 AM

engineer backstory I believe is what we need more than anything. theyv been held back so far and they need let loose but they cant be shown to be easy pickings like the other 2 movies have portrayed them. they should be bad ass and lets see ridley bring back the 12-15 foot giants from the derelict. these could be older generals per say of the military and the ones wev seen are say our equivalent of say grunts who join when they were teenagers but are now seasoned, tough and capable warriors. other than that I don't care. im a huge fan of the franchise but I got myself so hyped for AC and left so disappointed that I refuse to let it happen again. im not expecting anything from awakening so hopefully ill be thrilled with what we get

I Moon Girl

Jul-31-2017 5:29 PM


The Neomorph was cool.  It acted very primitive in it's actions; whereas, a Xeno likes to set traps.  Still, just because something is cool doesn't mean it's scary.  I liked the Neomorph and it kept me thinking and it kept my interest, but the Neomorph was NEVER scary.  It was just unpredictable.

Also, the Ricks and Upworth scene in the shower (I assume that has to be the one you were talking about) was not scary and I don't think it could be scary.  That scene, to me, seemed like a copy of Michael Myers and Halloween movies (or Friday the 13th too).  The people who have sex die, and the virgins survive.  That shower scene was excessive and almost ruined the whole movie for me.  I swear, if I would've saw normally censored parts in that scene, I would have to say Ridley Scott is listening to much and not making a good movie.  Actually, I did see a Upworth's breast for a second, but I guess I'll let that slide.  At the same time, the shower scene is a part of the story.  I don't know how else Upworth and Ricks wouldn't know there is a problem on the ship unless they were fiddling around in the shower with music blasting.  I am not saying the story couldn't be different, but the shower scene in the movie was probably one of the better ideas that the writers came up with.  It must've been, since it was in the movie anyways.  After watching a part of that scene in the trailers, I was really upset.  I am glad that it didn't ruin the movie in the end though.  

The Xeno in the shower was not scary.  The Xeno was more cool looking hiding in the shadows and watching it's prey before the strike.  Then, it's second mouth goes through Ricks mouth.  That is some cool stuff, but that WAS NOT even close to being a scary scene for me.

The part I screamed uncontrollably in Alien was a part where I predicted what would happen, yet I still screamed.  That's good directing there!  Ridley Scott did good in creating fear in Alien and Prometheus, but he failed in Alien: Covenant.  Plus, he said in an interview, "This movie (A:C) is going to scare the $H!t out of people."  This upsets me now, since Alien: Covenant wasn't scary.

Don't get me wrong now, A:C maintained a level of fear throughout the movie.  I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time, yet there was nothing in that movie that made me scream uncontrollably or made me want to leave the theater.  I did experience those moments of great fear in Alien, Aliens, Alien:Resurrection, and Prometheus.  I can't remember Alien3 much, but I do remember there being scary parts; I just can't remember how scary.  Maybe I should sit down and watch it some day?


Jul-31-2017 6:08 PM

I think we need to look how they wanted 2 more movies to Alien and then the 3-4 parties of which one is a Engineer party.

Then look how AC had to basically give us a Build Up to the Covenant Crew their mission, the disaster that leads to the lose of 47? of the Colonist and then going down to Paradise and all the Hell that Broke Loose.... Right until

David and how he saves them and then the David scenes were used to try and bridge the Prometheus Gap and clues (inc the Bombardment Scene) and then Davids scenes also to introduce us to the Xenomorph

Then we have the Xenomorph Scenes.

Look how all of these struggled to be done justice within 2 hours or so...  Now imagine trying to cover the Covenants Journey to Origae-6 which takes 7 years... do they cover this duration.. does David head to Origae-6 but keep the Colonist in Cryo-sleep?   Does he wish to then establish a Colony first before he unleashes the Xenomorphs.... how would Daniels fit with all this?

So surely David would experiment on a few at a time?  Do some Colonist accidentally wake up during the Journey?

Dos Origae-6 already have a Colony Set up and if so how does David play in this when he arrives, how much experiments has he done on the way and how does he conceal them?

He only has 2 Face Huggers so a Question is how do they Procreate. If its via a Queen then this is stepping into the Cameron's Route which i think RS will not do, and then this provides a threat to David.

Logically David would indeed secure a area of the Ship where he can unleash a number of Colonist and infect Daniels so these Colonist are then attacked and Egg Morphs by the Xenomorph.

Ideally if the Xenomorph has a limited Life Span, so David can Quarantine the Xenomorph and then keep say 5-10 Colonist in that area and then after a Period of Time David has a Dead Xenomorph (No Threat) and 5-10 Eggs.

But its how does he keep these Secret...

The Logical Answer is he then infects 5-10 Colonist One by One and places the Infected into Cryo-sleep.... Thus putting the Chest Bursting on HOLD.

While he then Gets rid of the Eggs and Xenomorph and Face Huggers and covers up all Evidence of this event as best he can.

Have some explanation about the events of the Covenant Mission, going as far as to explain a Virus Outbreak that cost the lives of the Crew but he had kept it contained, but that a certain Section of the Colonist Area is Off Limits and Quarantined.

And so David could then proceed to help the remaining Colonist to set up the Colony, David explaining its best to awaken the Colony Sections in smaller numbers...

No need for 2000 to be awoken, when say hundred or so could be awoken to set up a Colony and the awake more and more until we have a colony thats set up to support a few Hundred or Less.

Then David can introduce those infected Colonist from Cryo-sleep Especially if David reduced the Oxygen so they was in a kind of Coma... then he infected them... so they have no Memories of what happened.

Then these Colonist Chest Burst and run rampage on the Origae-6 Colony.

Then you look how much screen time this done well would take instead of a rushed job like Covenants Plot after they discover David.

Then we have to introduce another Human Faction, a incoming Ship? 

Then the Engineers, and do we see them on Paradise First etc, they discover what David did and set off...

So indeed with all elements to play, its hard to see how they handle this without having to try and condense it all down like Alien Covenant.

Unless we get a really fast rushed pace effect like some of Alien Covenant, and also as far as answering Questions regarding the Engineers i think there would be such a limited time to really do much of this too.

However i have a few ideas... which i put in another thread and i will post my reply again here next.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-31-2017 6:09 PM

Smaller Budget means things are cut... but does not mean we cant get a VERY GOOD Movie....

Now it seems RS may be taking us to Origae-6, this is what he has hinted at, its also seems like David would be playing the Role of Walter to the Unsuspecting Colonist.  We have to ask why would David need to go to Origae-6 and remember this journey takes 7 years.

Ridley Scott hints at a number of parties... which the Engineers are one, after they return to Paradise/Planet 4 and find it decimated.

Now Alien Covenant got criticized a bit, because of the lack of detail and connections to many aspects, both Questions/Connections to Prometheus and more detailed explanation of the Xenomorph Origins and Xenomorph Screen time.

The movie simply had to try and cover to much for such a short Run-time, now if this was a stand alone movie where the Covenant Crew just happen to arrive at that Planet on the way to their destination and detect a more suitable one, and they arrived at the aftermath of Davids Bombardment but they are not introduced to David until the end...  so if AC was split into TWO Parts.... so the most of the movie covers the Neomorphs instead, then they could have given more detail etc.

So Alien Awakening...

If Part of the Plot is to show the Engineers arrive on Planet 4 and discover what has happened, its a case of how much time do they dedicate to them going down and exploring the aftermath of Davids Actions, how long they spend on this place will take into account off the RUN-TIME.... also even if we dont spend long there... they would still have to Build Sets etc again.. Unless they kept them but still setting them back up for a Small amount of Run-time is expensive.

Covenant Journey.. if we assume we arrive at Origae-6 at some point, how do they showcase the 7 years and what David has done in 7 years?  They cant surely introduce us to Daniels and McBride again as Daniels knows.. and so we cant see these Character awake and awaken more Crew and then see a bit of a struggle between them and David and unleashing the Xenomorph etc....     Not if then we get them land on Origae-6  and then show us scenes set on Origae-6 with colonist, David and Xenomorphs never mind the other parties.

This will again take up a lot of Screen Time...

The more Screen time devoted to Humans and Xenomorphs the more we get into ALIENS and like AVP movies territory and Ridley Scott was not a Fan of the Shoot-em ups as he called them?


Sadly has to be a Aftermath Flick again... which Alien Covenant was the Aftermath to David and Shaw arriving at a Engineer Populated World.

But this means we could indeed give a very ALIEN type movie, with a Bit of ALIENS thrown in?


I think we have to have it that most of the Movie takes place Long after David has arrived on Origae-6 i also think if they are on a Budget we cant have it that Origae-6 is set up as a Colony as David has to deal with Daniels etc and the Colonist, which he could do and have him give some excuse to Daniels Death and then have it show us that Origae-6 is set up as a Outpost and Colony as they start to build it up.... Then David unleashes Hell on them..

But this makes no sense for Davids agenda... why go along with the Colonist, help them start to set up the colony and after they have partially set it up, then unleash the Xenomorph?

Nope a Aftermath Movie set prior is much greater, unless Origae-6 has a Colony set up, maybe a smaller starter one and David unleashes Hell on them?

so its tricky for how to cover this....

Here is how i would TACKLE THIS..

We can at the start or near, or as a flash back have David Narrate to us what he has been up to, show him and have him explain his continued work on Genetically Engineer the Xenomorph and have him in a Lab with Specimens, and Bodies, and maybe Show Daniels with her Chest Opened up like Dr Shaws was... If they want to add more to Budget and Shooting time then also cover in a few scenes what happened to Daniels.

But we are then shown what David was up to to a degree... which could be him talking about continuing his experiments.

Then we get to a Scene.. where Accidentally some Cryo-Pods in the other Parts of the Ship open up, and a few Colonist awake and try to contact MUTHUR who is not responding they explore their Section and all seems fine until they explore another Section of the Ship, where they then discover it is in a more Derelict looking shape like how Hadleys Hope did in ALIENS... They then explore deeper and find the Xenomorphs like Cocooned Resign Hive like Material and wonder what the Hell has happened... before they discover some Dead Bodies and then another group goes off and discover a Egg and gets Face Hugged

They latter find this Person out cold and rush them back to the other Section and Seal off the Doors to the infected part. Maybe the only persons to discover the bodies are the other group whom two become ill. And are discovered passed out, while others are missing... but show the viewer the finding of the Egg and Face Hugger Scenes and a Xenomorph attack from the Dark Scene.

We can then get to a Chest Bursting and have the Survivors Frantically try to Fend off the Xenomorph, while also awaken other Crew.  Then they make a drastic attempt to escape to the surface of Oriage-6

Where they then find the Colony Partially set up, and find David all alone, or better with a few Colonist going about their business as David informs them there was a infection and outbreak and explain the Covenant Mission from a point of view that gets him off the Hook...

The Colonist Told that some of the crew was ill and taken into Cryo-sleep, some died... And Walter (which David pretends to be) managed to Quarantine and Rid of the infection.

Head to Origae-6 and begin the Colonization, only for a few more to be infected from the first Batch of Colonist.  and that Walter (who is David) managed again to contain and rid the infection which he would say was a Virus and find a Cure.

Where he then had to awaken the other Clean Colonist to continue the Colonization and then infected Sections, Walter/David said he Quarantined the Ship and Sadly most of the Colony Cryo-Bays are on Lockdown.  But he managed to Get a Clean Section Group to carry on the work on Origae-6... these Colonists Buy Davids explantions.

In reality David infected and experimented on the Crew, Section by Section, he then put some infected Crew into Cryo-Sleep and then he began moving the Colony Resources to the Surface, and took a few Colonist he kept in Cryo-sleep and awoken and gave them some similar excuse... these Colonist he used to start to Build the Colony.

Then he used them to create Xenomorphs... where he then set up a Area either on the Planet or the Ship to host them, and then bring down a New Batch of Colonists to work on the Colony feeding them his excuse and story.

But its when the escaping Colonist who land on Origae-6 to discover David/Walter and a group of Colonist working on the Colony, that those on Origae-6 get a bit fishy about Walter/Davids Story..

In reality David had began experiments but then due to deploying to Many Infected Hosts the Xenomorphs ran rampant and infected a whole Section changing it to a Hive...  David had then Quarantined that Section and Locked it down then continued to deploy the Colony Resources and  awaken groups to do his work.

But now the colonist find out what Walter was up to, and maybe discover a storage of Embryos where some do not look right...

David then has to Fight them off, and leaves for a Cave System, and they follow him, only to then come across Eggs.  Maybe David instead captures some of them... (colonist) or they only get fishy and those on Origae-6 believe David and maybe he makes out those other Colonist from the ship are up to no Good and the Bad Guys.... but then during a conflict between the Colonist, some discover the Cave and get infected.

Towards the End, David and the Xenomorphs get the upper hand and but then a Engineer Ship arrives....

David could then Face Some of them... and Talk to them and we get Translations... where they inform him they had arrived at Paradise/Planet 4 and know what he did and are here to Stop him....could even go as far as to David ask how they knew where he would be and the Engineer could say we managed to activate your brother and he informed us of your destination.....  Then  just as they are about to kill David he could be protected by some Xenomorphs.

I THINK this could Work.... we would see the Xenomorphs attack from the Dark and not show them too much.... We would not need to visit Planet 4 in order to find out the Engineers had come from there after discovering the damage David had done.

This would logically have to lead to a sequel unless the movie runs for a extra 40 Minutes...

This would indeed uncover 3 Parties... but to uncover a 4th would maybe in a way have it instead of the Colonist Awaken on the Covenant have a Company Ship come in and dock with the Covenant, maybe some dock with the Covenant while another Section head to the Surface.

And have this incoming Human Ship crew be the ones who then discover the horrors on the Covenant?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-31-2017 6:17 PM

@I Moon Girl

The neomorph was not scary to you? You are much braver than I am then! The neomorph reminded me of a cat...and cats creep me out as it is.

Shortly after seeing Covenant I went to go visit my temple's cow, and there were these two new kittens on the property. They reminded me of tiny neomorphs with little pointy tails, darting and climbing around acrobatically and they just...grossed me out! And the neomorph's weird growling noises when it ate Karine's face grossed me out!

Which part in Alien did you predict would happen that made you scream uncontrollably?

A while back, I had two friends over and we watched Prometheus. Right after the hammerpede jumped out of Milburn's mouth the pizza guy knocked on the door and we all three screamed uncontrollably, lol.


Alien 3 is pretty good! It's very different because it's in a prison instead of being set on a spaceship. ...The Bishop scene is pretty grim, but it's actually very good horror writing, I think.

Ripley jabbing those long probes into his ear and head... Bishop's continuing good-natured self-deprecation. The casualness of it all. Just seems like a glimpse of an ordinary hum-drum day in hell.

Yeah. Re-watch Alien 3. It's pretty good.

I Moon Girl

Jul-31-2017 6:44 PM


The pizza guy story is funny. :)  Good stuff!

The part in Alien is when Dallas was in the air-ducts trying to find the Xeno.  I thought the Xeno was going to get him.  Then he's all like, "Okay, I'm ready to come out now."  Still, I couldn't help but assume the Xeno was going to get him.  As Dallas descends down a vertical air shaft, I just knew the Xeno was going to be behind him.  Still, the movie was filmed where it was so dark so that I could barely see Dallas.  Then, Dallas's flashlight starts to turn to his left as Dallas starts turning left.  AND THE FLASHLIGHT SHINES ON THE [email protected][email protected]!!  I saw that and I just screamed!  I just knew the Xeno was going to be there.  Still, I didn't know for sure since I didn't write the movie and since I haven't seen it in awhile at the time I watched it.  I watched it maybe a couple weeks before Alien: Covenant came out.  Alien is an awesome movie!  I just wish I could watch it without knowing everything I know now!  I can't remember the first time I watched Alien very well.  But, of what I can remember, the first time I watched it, there were a lot of scary parts in that movie.  The main reason being that the Xenomorph, the Facehugger, and the Eggs are all of mystery.  That is one reason why Alien is a classic.  It's horrifying and mysterious.  Prometheus is kind of similar to Alien, but just not as scary.   

Alien is some Good Stuff!  I mean, good stuff!!!! I love those kind of movies after I have already watched them.  During the movie, maybe not so... but definitely after!


Aug-02-2017 8:21 AM

So my theory, and i posted a thread detailing why I believe this is that Walter is not gone and will make an appearance in Awakening. TLDR of my post is this, there was no final blow seen for walter and we know he has self repair systems... not to mention we have confirmed that engineers return to the planet.... im betting the info he can provide on what david did, and where he is going will be valuable to them, and he wants to get back in space to stop him before he can twist and use daniels.

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