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I guess someone can refresh my memory

I guess someone can refresh my memory

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May-23-2017 7:52 PM

I think this was already discussed but I can't find the topic.  If this is the mural that was shown in Prometheus, then how can David be the creator of the monsters?

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May-23-2017 8:13 PM

If Scott wants a coherent story, then David being the creator of the xenomorph would be impossible (unless he means that David re-created and perfected it). The engineers were wiped out on LV-223 and some were found chestbursted (2000 years before David). The most logical path would be that one juggernaut escaped with its deadly cargo and crash landed on LV-426. That would mean that the eggs were already (re-) invented by the engineers. The "perfect being" on the mural must be ancient. Whatever modifications David did to this "supreme being", it can't have anything to do with the eggs that the crew of The Nostromo encounters on LV-426.


May-23-2017 9:24 PM

One thing I won't criticize the movie for is this.  It's clear that whatever David is creating is simply a recreation of something ancient.  I don't know where the xenomorphs in the original movies come from, but what's clear in this movie is that these aren't the originals.  They aren't the same creation however superficially similiar they may appear.

It's possible - even likely - that the xenos we see in the original movies aren't related to David's creations at all.  At least I hope so; it'd be terrible to find out the entire series is about the creation of a human-made android with daddy issues.  This David/Walter arc is giving me heartburn. 

I guess we'll find out for sure if they make the next sequel.


May-23-2017 9:46 PM

Yes. In regards to the mural, they only displayed the central figure of it in Prometheus via flashlight. The parts depicting facehuggers and all were not shown.

This leaves them the room to suggest it was merely a neomorph that was shown. Seems to be their general method too. Film everything, then cut out whatever would force them to commit


May-23-2017 10:52 PM

QueenElizabethShaw they were though in the wide shot as holloway walks up to it you see the lower section of the mural.


May-23-2017 10:59 PM

Good point! Maybe the mural depicted a creature that anyone would or has come up with? A warning or prophecy? Upvoted because you brought up a question I have not considered or seen.

Movie fan

May-24-2017 8:04 AM

@ Waltermorph

I agree, I made a topic about it

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


May-24-2017 8:53 AM

Haven't seen it yet but don't mind being spoilered. Does the movie clearly state David created the eggs? Just asking.

Just in case it is not, David could've visited the LV426-derelict and took some eggs from there. This has been discussed before but was dismissed by the fact that the juggernaut apparently goes to "warp" at the end of Prometheus. Why warp when your destination is a neighboring moon?

Just letting my thoughts roam...

Eine Theorie die nicht auf Etwas solidem basiert ist für gewöhnlich nur Geschwätz.


May-24-2017 9:24 AM


The movie pushes that David created the eggs that you see. It does not specify whether he was following an engineer blueprint or if it was an original creation. Considering the Frankenstein element, I think Ridley wants to make David the original creator, but Ridley is also very clearly open to market influence. If enough people bitch, I could see him making David one who recreated something that already existed.

Scott has already implied they leave these films ambiguous so that they can read the audience and cater accordingly.



I do get that you could kinda see the rest of the mural briefly, but it was not showcased. I have no doubt in my mind that Scott will take advantage of that if he so desires.


May-24-2017 1:47 PM

Yeah, it's certainly heavily implied that the eggs we see in the movie were David's creation.  They are pretty clearly, however, not exactly like the eggs we see on the Derelict.  Even the facehuggers themselves look a bit more primative.

This will either be explained as artistic expression, or that there are recreations of something more ancient and pure.  There is much that happened in that 10 years David was alone that we don't know and likely won't be explained, which leaves open room to speculate on just how much he got to know about the Engineers.


May-28-2017 9:37 AM

I been away from this site for a couple of days since I have been enjoying Fleet Week in New York City but I have talked to a couple of fans in the series and how Prometheus has taken this film on a different tangent in regards to the Alien origins and plot holes.

A buddy of mine made some interesting points.  Now he asked, why didn't the Alien that came out of Kane did not stretch in the manner that it did in Covenant and then said; "all these what ifs, I do not find enjoyable".  Its like if Parker should have ignored Ash and attempted to stab the baby xenomorph regardless of the acid perhaps going through the hull or why didn't Newt take the Marines back to the Alien ship since it was shown she saw it in the Director's cut.  He thinks that all these types of discussion detract from the real tone of the movie and just makes excuses of poor execution.

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