Alien: Covenant
Excitement over Alien: Covenant

Excitement over Alien: Covenant

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FacehuggerMember164 XPMay-14-2017 11:10 AM

This is probably the most excited I've been for a movie in a long time. I was very excited for Prometheus too but this has to be much higher anticipatation and excitement. Someone on the forum said he was so excited for Prometheus that the months leading up to the release felt like years. This hasn't gotten that intense for me but it has been very exciting. I'll officially see the movie opening day on Thursday May 18th at 7PM.. I'm happy this is the last film that I am dying to see. I have mixed feelings for the Blade Runner sequel but I am excited for The Last Jedi. So its nice to finally be able to check Alien: Covenant off my movie watching list..I hope the film is amazing and everything I want it to be. I already know what's going to happen. So yes I spoiled myself and hopefully it doesn't ruin the film for me..Only 4 more days!!!!

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FacehuggerMember104 XPMay-14-2017 11:15 AM

Same here!


FacehuggerMember146 XPMay-14-2017 10:58 PM

Enjoy, Jem. Go in and watch it with a clear frame of mind and sit back and enjoy.

Do not analyse the movie as you're watching it otherwise you may as well wait for the DVD. 


Ian Oz

OvomorphMember17 XPMay-14-2017 11:54 PM

You may want to see it more than once. I enjoyed it better the second time around.

BTW, are you not excited for "War for the Planet of the Apes?"


NeomorphMember1541 XPMay-15-2017 12:12 AM

I also have mixed feelings for Blade Runner 2049, because the original is my favorite movie ever. But apart from that I am exited for the next Alex Garland project which is called "Annihilation". Not many know about it but it might become the next "Arrival". In other words it is adult sci-fi for a thinking audience.


OvomorphMember18 XPMay-15-2017 12:32 AM

I'm excited for AC too. I had the same excitement for Prometheus, but ended up not going to the theater and just waited for the Blu-ray instead.

I pretty much know what's all going to happen in AC, but I'm  sure I'll still enjoy it. I couldn't help myself. I had to read the spoilers.

I found this forum a couple months ago, and started lurking around. I found myself checking it everyday (several times a day) so I figured I should join the group. It's been fun reading everyone's thoughts and theories!

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