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Weyland-Yutani Agenda

Weyland-Yutani Agenda

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David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-20-2017 5:12 PM

With the death of Peter Weyland, his daughter and the loss of the classified mission of Prometheus, it would seem all would be lost, but it is not. Yutani has entered to saved the day. As Yutani comes into the merger with Weyland, they too would want to know the out come and whereabouts of the Prometheus. Along with that, how much data did Weyland have on LV-422 and 426. There was speculation that Weyland had intercepted the transmission of crashed ship on LV-426 but that remains unconfirmed. Now that Weyland-Yutani has come under "new" management, it would seem they are very much still interested in David and Shaw, I mean after all, Shaw did leave a message saying not come to the destination. It would also be noted that they would have the concordance of the last known whereabouts of the Prometheus. 


Now we see 10 years later the colonist crew sent into deep space with 2,000 colonist on board. Then, all of sudden they are awoken to a distress signal sent from Shaw or David. Of course, we are talking a number of years and changes in the company as the years pass but, but they the company remain fixed on this "organism". 

Is the Covenant actually commissioned as the Nostromo, to gather the oraganism and bring back David at all the crews expense. There is certainly more with the company and who are running it. Certainly, a lot of behind the curtains things going on. I have always been interested in who (an android perhaps) is in charge of the company and keep the continuity of looking for David and his perfect organism. My mind is filled with ideas and theories. What are some of yours?

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XenomorphMember1261 XPApr-20-2017 5:33 PM

David 7,

Here is a Post: Corporate Behind the Scenes I made back in 2012 addressing corporate knowledge of what happened at Hadley's hope and what was taking place on the Nostromo prior to self destruct.

Ingeneiro - made a similar Post: Yutani knew of the Prometheus mission

If you want some ideas.  Read these posts.  Your head will go Holy Sh*t: 

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPApr-20-2017 5:34 PM

Thanks! I will look at them!



PraetorianMember3378 XPApr-20-2017 5:41 PM

If there are more movies before Alien - Covenant, I hope one of them will cover the story of a 'rescue team' sent to LV-223. I don't need a full movie - ten minutes are enough. :)

(No comic stories with predators, please.)


DeaconMember10193 XPApr-20-2017 7:15 PM

I do find it hard to believe  that the company would send the Covenant (expensive mission) and 2000 Colonists purely to obtain and allow David/Walter to infect all of them.

This would not make sense at all... unless the company are super Evil lol....


You have to logically assume that the company will not just Write Off what happened to the Prometheus Mission and Weyland, at some point they would surely send something to investigate even if its a bunch of Synthetics. With Skeleton Human Crew.

Its easy to wonder what happens after Alien Covenant as far as contact back to the company about what happened, but we have no idea how far the Covenant is, but its safe to assume the Covenant takes up to 5 years to get to Paradise or where ever they land and find David and Hell Breaks Loose.

And with the Nostromo going to LV-426 about 18 years latter, and the Covenant only traveling up to about 5 years to where they encountered the Horrors in AC, it does leave that Question about could the Company find out about what went down?

Not to Mention Shaws SOS, surely this would be picked up? What happens to this SOS 28 years after when the Nostromo arrives at the near by Moon of LV-426

So Yes there has to be the potential the company knows something well someone does at corporate level by the time of Alien.

But its only since Prometheus and its Viral Marketing that opened up this debate more to them knowing something.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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