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New Still....if you zoom in, is that...

New Still....if you zoom in, is that...

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Mar-19-2017 11:31 AM

Zoom way in....beside the one pixel, theres a shadow.I think its SHAW!  :)

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Mar-19-2017 1:22 PM

Oi Rogers...that's my line! LOL


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Inquisitor Fifield

Mar-19-2017 1:38 PM

i dont know which cluster of shadowy pixels you are looking at..

that obviously is a model 2088 weyland arms storm rifle with 33 caseless bullets left in the mag


Mar-19-2017 1:43 PM

You sure there's 33 bullets left IF?


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Mar-19-2017 1:50 PM

They look like unbullets to me! ;)


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Mar-19-2017 1:58 PM

"Zoom way in....beside the one pixel, theres a shadow.I think its SHAW!  :)"

You mean the black spot on her neck?  Defo black goo induced cancer.


Mar-19-2017 4:09 PM

Shaw, CARRYING an "ungun"...definitely. Enhance, brighten, and amplify...EASY to see. So she ISN'T "David Doo doo" after all...


Mar-19-2017 4:32 PM

There's definitely at least one ungun in there too.


Mar-19-2017 4:32 PM

@Lone...sorry buddy...I stole your line but had to do it.  We were overdue for an "I just saw Shaw"  thread


Mar-19-2017 5:48 PM

Are you people blind!?



Mar-19-2017 6:08 PM

It Sure is.... pardon the pun ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-20-2017 7:01 AM

@Edgy - genius!  Good work


Mar-20-2017 7:13 AM


Lol @Edgy name 

Look at that face....

That's what happens when you're stranded on a planet for 10 years, she has become a savage cave woman who will jump out of the shadows to viciously bite her victims.

(Maybe it's an effect of her being forced to watch Lawrence of Arabia every day for 10 years straight)


Mar-20-2017 8:06 AM

But she has managed to keep up her regular dental appointments 


Mar-20-2017 8:13 AM

Neomorph!!! You crack me up!!!

              "Bees have hives, man" 


Mar-20-2017 8:18 AM





 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



Mar-20-2017 8:53 AM

“That's what happens when you're stranded on a planet for 10 years, she has become a savage cave woman who will jump out of the shadows to viciously bite her victims.”




I would prefer that to what we got in Prometheus.


Mar-20-2017 9:15 AM

Lol..that pretty much sums up all our discussions on this forum..


Mar-27-2017 11:34 AM

Now SteveRogers1973..., we talked about this, I am starting to detect a dab of sarcasm here.


Mar-27-2017 11:42 AM

Ingeniero: LMAO at that picture. It seems obvious to me that the perfect organism that the Engineers were trying to get was something similar to Crusty the clown.


How about a clown-morph?


Mar-27-2017 12:14 PM

@Ingeniero - me sarcastic??  Never!


Mar-27-2017 5:42 PM

I agree Thoughts_Dreams, black goo clowns scare the xenomorph. 

SteveRogers1973, really good stuff.


Mar-28-2017 11:23 AM

Nope Stevo cannot steal my job.  Sarcasm is my realm.


Mar-28-2017 12:42 PM

Rick/Ingeniero - we need some new stuff to chew on.  All kidding aside - I'm really surprised that the viral marketing or whatever the crazy kids call, has been so quiet.  They started out strong with the Muther stuff and some Walter videos and now its just fizzled out


Mar-28-2017 1:51 PM

SteveRogers1973, I agree. The delay in released material does seem insensitive.

Doesn't the Alien: Covenant post production team recognize what we do as art?

Can they quit thinking about themselves for a moment and send us something to analyse with our signature irrational focus exuberance?


Mar-28-2017 4:05 PM

It's OK Rick, you're still my hero. I'm still laughing about what you found in the temple images.

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