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Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant - Prometheus sequel by Ridley Scott

Alien: Covenant

The Alien: Covenant & Prometheus Movie Community

Introducing Alien: Covenant The Unofficial Animated Series!

Introducing Alien: Covenant The Unofficial Animated Series!

It is finally May 1st and after weeks of hard work and planning, we can finally debut the secretive project we've been teasing. Introducing Alien: Covenant - The Unofficial Animated Series!

This project has been a join effort between myself and forum member and resident animator Jason Cardona, but many of you will know him by his screen name, Centauri. Jason and I have compiled a ton of theories and speculative posts made by fans of this community and will be bringing them to life through animation! For more on the series, keep reading!

What is Alien: Covenant - The Unofficial Animated Series?

This series is a fan appreciation initiative. We are formulating webisodes based on the theories YOU post in our forums! We decide on a given topic, like for instance, "what happened to the Deacon on LV-223" and then we research and compile as many points from as many fan theories as we can and formulate a coherent plot. From there, Jason produces storyboards for the concepts and then animates them!

You, the fans, create the stories. Your posts in our forums and news articles are what fuel this series. The focus of this series is to bring to light the many engaging and thought provoking concepts members of the Alien fan community have come up with while awaiting Alien: Covenant!

Where can I watch new episodes?

I have opened up an official page here on Alien-Covenant.com, located at: www.Alien-Covenant.com/series/ where fans can view the latest episodes and find links to forum topics and other resources related to this series!

[Watch the first Episode HERE!]

When will new episodes be released?

Our schedule is currently set to release a new episode on the first of every month for the next 5 months. Each episode will factor in a number of fan theories to bring something new and exciting to each installment.

The episodes are also non-linear, meaning they will not follow a specific order. Each episode will address different theories.

How can I get my theories featured?

Simple, post in the forums! We read hundreds of new posts daily. Share your thoughts and speculations and you might notice your theory featured in a future episode!

Is this an official production?

No. This series is not endorse by, or affiliated with Twentieth Century Fox. This is a strictly, 100% fan produced project, inspired by the Alien and Prometheus films.

This series is also NOT monetized - meaning it is completely free for anyone to view and we do not earn any revenue from your views. 

This also means Jason is donating his free time and resources to bringing these episodes to life, and for that we thank him tremendously!

Can you support the project in other ways?

Yes! Though, not directly supporting this specific series, you can pledge your support for Jason and his future works! Jason does have a Patreon page set up where by fans can donate to help support Jason's work and aid in the maintenance and accumulation of necessary hardware and software required to create films and mini series like this one.


This has been a project in the making for some time now and Jason and I are extremely thrilled to unveil it to you today. Going forward we look forward to creating new episodes and new series based on what questions and answers Alien: Covenant provides! As long as there are fans willing to discuss and analyze the many questions Ridley Scott has presented to us, there will be room for more episodes in this series!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

If you're a fan of Alien / Prometheus and would like to discuss Alien: Covenant with other like-minded fans, be sure to join in our Alien: Covenant forum! Ranked the #1 Prometheus forum back in 2012 and hosting a community of over 34,723 members, it's a great place to discuss the upcoming Prometheus sequels, dissect details from every trailer and engage with other fans just like you.

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PerfectOrganism937May-01-2017 12:23 PM


F-in' cool! I've been waiting my whole life for an Alien Animated series. Hats off to the artist! Cool stuff!

ChrisMay-01-2017 12:25 PM


I know, SO many have wanted an Alien animated series hahaha Happy to know you like it! Jason does fantastic work.

Godzilla: King of the MonstersMay-01-2017 12:31 PM


The only Alien movie I've ever seen is Prometheus, but this is a damn good job on the animated series! I'll be watching these episodes from now on.

Necronom IVMay-01-2017 12:33 PM


This is awesome! Always wondered what became of the deacon, now I will find out :)

I wonder if the deacons fate ever will be explored in the future? Can almost hear Ridley saying "the question no one ever asked, what happened to the deacon..."

Dark NebulaMay-01-2017 12:34 PM


This is really well made, I love it.

Can't wait to see more.

AtiMay-01-2017 12:36 PM


So much work! Congratulations! When I had watched his Terminator project, I felt that he would create something special in our Alien Universe. Thx!

K.KingMay-01-2017 12:44 PM


Brilliant! If you keep the influences strictly to Alien and Prometheus without ever including the Cameron launched franchise(s) you have mined originality and gold!

claudiusMay-01-2017 12:47 PM


i love your work,i love the episode 1 of alien covenant,i would ask you if you want to make a clip or episode series for one of the most prolific serial killer from california that wasnt caught ,he raped 50 womens and killed 6 couple without been caught https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_Night_Stalker ,i am a member of scified and also member of 3 message board (http://earonsgsk.proboards.com/)s active with 3000 members who debunk who the killer was and why wasnt caught,i love mystery,if you want to help us as the case neeed more publicity ,i am sure the message boards posters will donate as we did with 2 relative of victims ,we donate 5000dollars in 1 month that them to make a trip to crimecon and to promovate more the case.thx

LoneMay-01-2017 1:13 PM


This is absolutely fantastic!

Jason you know how much I love your work, you have an utterly amazing talent, this project is the perfect showcase for it.

I have the feeling it could lead to so much more for you. Sir Ridley, FOX are you seeing this?

I always wanted to see little D-Can again, so thanks!

Can't wait for more...

Davefried81May-01-2017 1:26 PM



KingKaijuGojiraMay-01-2017 2:19 PM


Cool. It's always good to see stuff made by the fans for the fans.

ChrisMay-01-2017 2:37 PM


So glad you guys enjoy it! We're planning quite a few episodes so be sure to share whatever theories come to mind in the forums. 

Blackwinter-witchMay-01-2017 2:55 PM


You guys are absolutely AWESOME!! I have never encountered anything even remotely like this anywhere else on the web!! I tip my hat and offer my applause to you!!

It's Shaw!May-01-2017 3:10 PM


This is insanely amazing! Both the idea and the result. 

It's like a gift I never even knew I wanted, and it's awesome! I was also curious about the deacon. And now again after the ending of the episode. 

Congrats and thank you!

Blackwinter-witchMay-01-2017 3:22 PM


Just watched episode 1...OH man!! Loved it, in and of itself, and again I applaud and offer my sincere appreciation of your work!! Also, it's pure Muse-fuel for my brain, and for that I extend my appreciative Thanks!.

SeraphimMay-01-2017 3:25 PM


This is awesome!! Thank you for your hard work. Can't wait to see more!

MonsterZeroMay-01-2017 3:41 PM


Wow! So cool! 

Ridley would love this...Hope someone shows it to him.

airshaft_surpriseMay-01-2017 4:56 PM


This is so good, i can't wait to see more, bravo!

Jeri.theSOBMay-01-2017 5:37 PM


very well done, beautiful illustrations 

BigDaveMay-01-2017 6:31 PM


Great Job, have to applaud this work especially how busy you both would have been with other things...

I could pop down a short story that could maybe be used as a Comic ;) 

Think we can get a team together, i certainly can help brain storming of ideas ;)

This is a great job guys, i love the Mural...

I was going to finish off my Prometheus re-write where we indeed get to see whats behind the Prometheus one... and it was a little like some of those frescos in this Animated Effort buy you guys.

Roger55May-01-2017 7:59 PM


Great work! ):

BANNEDMay-01-2017 8:07 PM



TacomorphMay-01-2017 8:41 PM


This animated series is going to be AMAZING! I'll be contributing to Jason's Patreon account as soon as I get my monthly budget in order!!!


IngenieroMay-01-2017 8:45 PM


Thank you Jason Cardona, Chris, and anyone else who produced this animated series. What a gift and I look so forward to the next in the series. 

CentauriMay-01-2017 9:37 PM


Thank you everyone!! thank you Chris for your hard work and support!   To all: I hope this is just as fun for you as It is for me.. you are ALL the dna of this! holy smokes! 15 more days till the movie!!! :O  :)

Blackwinter-witchMay-02-2017 12:55 AM


NICE!! I did notice the Upward-dripping slime/condensation....just like was seen in ALIEN!!! REALLY cool that you included that!!!

IRaptusMay-02-2017 1:42 AM


This is truly amazing!!! Well done!!! Hopefully FOX takes notice of the great work on this site!! So many talented people

NycroMay-02-2017 4:05 AM


Really digging this, well done!

LegendeVMay-02-2017 6:06 AM


Deacon appuie sur la pierre verte et fait sortir un xenomorphe inconnue fociliser du sol !!!

Diacre, bon étranger?
Xenomorph mauvais étranger?
Un duelle Deacon vs Xenomorph?


Deacon presses the green stone and brings out an unknown xenomorph focusing from the ground !!

Facehuger vs Deacon   !!

Deacon good alien?

Xenomorph bad alien?

A duel Deacon vs Xenomorph?

Jim PillsMay-02-2017 6:35 AM


To Jason and Chris a well done, beautifully made, slow burner.


ChrisMay-02-2017 7:34 AM


So glad you all enjoyed the first episode and the concept of this series! As Jason mentioned, you guys are the DNA of this series, it's a heartfelt thanks for your commitment to this community and an appreciation for your ideas. 

Can't wait to show you guys episode 2!

DsparilMay-02-2017 8:04 AM


....and let's see how long til Fox screams copyright infringement.

123EngineerMay-02-2017 9:17 AM


Wow thats just great! Keep up the good work! The idea behind the series is just awesome :)

LegendeVMay-02-2017 10:36 AM


I wonder why and how did the Deacon go or go to reach the green crystal, a sixth sense?

3davids and a xenobabyMay-04-2017 7:14 AM


Bloody great~!

Blackwinter-witchMay-22-2017 4:29 PM


REALLY looking fwd to Ep 2!!

In the meantime, been busy with a short-story tie-in to ALIEN: Manticore where this Ep was given much more than a mere 'nod'. :)
It's almost finished, and I anticipate getting it converted to PDF and installed on Google Docs, as well as Scribd so folks can download and read it at their leisure.

It IS a stand-alone story all by itself, but without the existence of this Ep and the talents of you guys behind it, my story would have far less depth.

In short, the short-story exists because of this Ep. :D

Also, will be mentioning you guys in the Dedication, of course.

jdvyneJun-11-2017 1:55 PM


More episodes please! Great work!

sosseJul-25-2017 10:58 PM


so good - when will episode 2 come ?

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