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Did you notice the Battle Damaged Xenomorph?
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AdminEngineerMar-28-2024 8:19 AM

If your increase the exposure and contrast on the Xenomorph movie still from Alien: Romulus, you can see there's a significant scar on the right side of its head! Given that there seems to be no acid blood dripping from the wound, suggests this is an old wound which healed. This begs the question... does this Xenomorph get injured and heal during the events of the film? Or is it damage from a previous battle? And with who? It doesn't look like a bullet wound... 

What do you think? Perhaps a battle with a Neomorph (like the unused scene from Alien: Covenant)? I'm half joking... 

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4
12 Replies


MemberChestbursterMar-28-2024 9:47 AM

Very observant!



Could it even be the original big chap who's awakened and recovered? That'd be my primary guess. According to the leaks it was in rough shape but not dissected right? A wild guess is that 'Ol Chap wakes up during or after the process of extracting the black goo, and goes on a killing spree. 

Or, a new xenomorph emerges and I guess it's then either damaged by hazardous  environment or a glancing shot from an upward or downward angle (vent shootout maybe)

Those are my two cents!


MemberXenomorphMar-30-2024 6:21 AM

With all those facehuggers running around there must be dozens of Xenomorphs on the station? Probably half the stations crew were burst.

I can't imagine the original 'Big Chap' surviving. They must of had time to research and produce the facehuggers. If Big Chap woke up and killed the stations crew...then where did all the facehuggers come from? Maybe it egg morphed the crew?


MemberPraetorianMar-30-2024 7:28 AM

Time will tell


Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMar-31-2024 8:12 AM

I don't see any wounds, but I have to say that a close shot of that Xeno looks great. Fairly similar to the classic Drone. 

According to the scoops, the Big Chap is barely alive, and not in good condition to fight or do anything. I wonder if we will see him in a test tube.

All those Facehuggers and Xenos were created by scientists who experimented with Big Chap. We know Facehuggers have some minor changes such as darker in color and have hooked barbs on fingers. I wonder what special design features will the fully-grown Xenos have?

V Scooper said that these aren't even the biggest surprises, which makes me even more excited for the film.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


MemberXenomorphMar-31-2024 1:15 PM

I'm wondering how they are going to get out of this. Getting their hands on the Xeno ( or being able to manufacture the Xeno/facehuggers!) so early in the timeline is odd. You'd think they'd have uploaded or shared their data...rendering the later movies kind of behind the times. Why clone Ripley if they had the data in the 2140s?

Their gonna have to do some serious 'blowing up stuff' and scrubbing the history.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMar-31-2024 2:14 PM

I guess the film will end Alien (1979) and Alien: Isolation style of self-destructing the spaceship/space station. And all the data gets lost and people who knew about the Xenos perish. 

I was never really a fan of Ressurection's way of bringing Xenomorphs back by cloning Ripley. I don't know what went behind the scenes of the Resurrection, maybe they had other ideas, but the studio went "You have to somehow bring back Ripley" so they went with that direction I guess.

There are other ways Xenomorphs can be brought, the space is huge after all. In Aliens: Dark Descent miners on the remote moon of Lethe discovered an underground biomechanical city full of Ovomorph eggs. 

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams."


MemberChestbursterMar-31-2024 3:56 PM

"I guess the film will end Alien (1979) and Alien: Isolation style of self-destructing the spaceship/space station. And all the data gets lost and people who knew about the Xenos perish."

That's a plausible theory @Dark Nebula because it rids W-Y and/or survivors of any evidence of what was conducted at the station. Either that or the station falling into the nearby planet's (Calpamos?) atmosphere and disintegrating is my guess. 

Speaking of self-detonations, that gif of Wesker and Tyrant in your previous post reminds me of all the self-destruct sequences in the Resident Evil games. With a few exceptions it's practically synonymous with the series! And mutations. My favorite VG series btw! 


MemberPraetorianApr-01-2024 12:21 AM

Same here, Resident Evil is one of my favorite Video games of all time, especially the older games.

We need a Biohazard/Resident Evil discussion forums. I'm a Biohazard/Resident Evil Lore Buff



MemberChestbursterApr-01-2024 4:22 AM

@Xenotaris good stuff!! I grew up with the classics, so many fond memories.. :) 


MemberPraetorianApr-01-2024 10:11 AM

My favorites are the original Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis



MemberChestbursterApr-02-2024 12:50 AM

Right on! My favorite is the classic RE2 (I have one new and sealed, black label) followed by RE4. 


MemberPraetorianApr-02-2024 7:49 AM


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