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Is Romulus near LV-223? Prometheus connection?
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AdminEngineerMar-21-2024 1:38 PM

Anybody notice the rings of the planet the Romulus station is orbiting? I may be jumping the gun but the rings look awfully similar...

Prometheus - LV-223

Alien: Romulus - Undisclosed


Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4
11 Replies


MemberOvomorphMar-21-2024 1:46 PM

i saw a interview with Fede where he said he wanted multiple films to connect.
So it wouldnt be to far fetched for this to be close to Lv-223.

I guess Weyland-Yutani still had the coördinates to the planet :p

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Cerulean Blue

MemberFacehuggerMar-21-2024 2:28 PM

This looks to be an eerily similar Gas Giant?  Maybe close to LV-426 due to the time frame of Romulus supposedly being between Alien & Aliens?  Terraforming crews have been good eating for the Xeno!  HAHA!!


MemberPraetorianMar-21-2024 5:34 PM

Wait wasn't the gas giant called Calpamos? Lv-426, Lv-223, and an unnamed moon orbits it



AdminEngineerMar-21-2024 8:08 PM

I mean, if a company paid “a trillion dollars” to send a crew to a specific location and they never heard back or recovered their ship, they would certainly follow up and investigate… Not too far fetched at all. But also yes, LV-426 and LV-223 are adjacent moons to the same planet. Would make sense for Weyland-Yutani to set up shop nearby their only known location for harvesting the Xeno / Black Goo materials for their medical research.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberFacehuggerMar-22-2024 1:47 AM

interesting, I love how this movie is connected with all the prequels and sequels. The timeline is getting more amazing  


MemberXenomorphMar-22-2024 6:26 AM

Yes. Hopefully it's in the Calpamos system. Makes sense.

Robots probably built the station with material from the systems asteroid belt ( or the rings )

Or the station was transported by a Nostromo type towing vehicle?

The less humans or synths that know about the station the better.



MemberPraetorianMar-22-2024 5:27 PM

Well I'm going to split hairs here but the system is called Zeta Reticuli, its a binary system with two stars (Zeta Reticuli I and Zeta Reticuli II). Calpamos orbits Zeta Reticuli II.

By the looks of the screenshot, those are definitely planetary rings.

I think the use of the Bison-class Star Freighters (the same class as the Nostromo) is the more likely explanation. 

However if its not in the Zeta Reticuli system, it would be interesting if Lv-426 is not the only source of the xenomorph. Since Fede Alvarez has been reading up on the old Dark Horse ALIEN Comics, we might see xenomorphs crop up on several alien worlds. If he is ever given the greenlight to do ALIEN sequels.

I would love to see an ALIENS EARTH WAR trilogy made into a movie series or hell I would rather it be the plot of the ALIEN tv series than what Noah Hawley is cooking up with his transhuman cyborg-centric plots



MemberChestbursterMar-26-2024 4:29 PM

My guess is that those rings belong to the gas giant Calpamos, which makes sense location-wise as the events in Romulus unfold between the first two films, the latter both taking place on LV-426, one of Calpamos' moons. 

Calpamos and its three moons LV-426, LV-223 and an unknown moon.

The gas giant and its rings and one moon vaguely seen from LV-426. 


MemberFacehuggerMar-27-2024 12:50 PM

I am still curious who exactly sent the "warning" signal to the Nostromo. It was never explicitly mention in the movie.   


MemberChestbursterMar-27-2024 1:38 PM

The only thing I can think of is the derelict ship still transmitting an automated repeating signal on all frequencies a long time after the space jockey died. 


MemberPraetorianMar-27-2024 4:08 PM

I always assumed it was the dead Space Jockey that activated the distress signal

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