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Ancient of Days Alien Videos

Ancient of Days Alien Videos

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OvomorphMember10 XPOct-26-2023 7:40 AM

This is just a brief excerpt/snippet from "Alien Becoming" (editing of this part is incomplete). I've chosen to craft the upcoming "Becoming" project in the style of a do***entary, more precisely, as a direct narration or a soliloquy by David. The entire story will unfold from his perspective. Expect a lot of glitchy footage and his reconstructions of past events projected on screen. It's all still in a crude form at the moment, but I hope to complete it before "Alien Romulus" comes out. I envisioned my version of David to be closely related to Lawrence of Arabia, both simply figures involved in a much more complicated scheme of things. Although David is aware of this process unfolding... As other have observed, the ‘precise function of science fiction, in many ways, is to create the boundless infinite stuff of sublime experience, and thus to produce a sense of transcendence beyond human finitudes’, then David is the consummate spectator of this SciFi epic narrative unfolding all around him. He is indeed an archeologist like Shaw - an archeologist tasked with excavating the Future. His aesthetic appreciation of the sublime transforms the desert of LV_233 into a transcendent space wherein he begins to heed the insistent call of his own soul. There is NOTHING in the DESERT and NO MAN needs NOTHING. David is litterary NO-MAN - and he needs NOTHING. That is what I will explore... and that NOTHING is at the core of this project. *AOD*


Big things have small beginnings.

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