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[FanFic] My thoughts on what the plot of Alien Covenant-2 could be and how it ties everything together with Alien 1.

[FanFic] My thoughts on what the plot of Alien Covenant-2 could be and how it ties everything together with Alien 1.

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OvomorphMember17 XPMay-24-2023 5:31 AM

It's not a complete book-like fan fiction, more like speculation on scenes, plot and order of events. It's my first time writing something like this, so I may be wrong calling this "fan fiction". Maybe it's just a bunch of words.


I've rewatched the Alien movies numerous times and I suspect that we won't get a final conclusion (no traces of a third prequel if I'm not mistaken).

I recently re-watched Alien 1, Prometheus and Covenant and thought I needed that closure, and somewhat feeling the narrative I can speculate on the plot of the final Alien movie, whether it would happen or not.

If there are people like me, who are fans of Alien, Prometheus and Covenant canon and want closure to fill the void, I sincerely hope this fan fiction can help with that. It's not an Epistle-3 (leaked years ago possible plot of Half-Life 3) from semi-official sources, but it can scratch the itch in some sense.

Main ideas on which my fan fiction is based:

- Engineers are the creators of humanity, but they are also a mere civilization with their own problems. As in biblical material, humanity is created in the image of God. God in this case - the race of engineers.

- David does crazy, insane **** and can turn into a real villain. Biblical narrative about creator, creations, playing God - should be in the movie.

- B-movie stuff is part of the current Alien franchise. Stupid stuff is allowed, no matter how many plot holes there are. That means if guy encounters the egg and comes to hug it because he is some kind of nature-loving guy (even if he is biological scientist aware of aggressive fauna) - it is allowed.

- The mystery behind the race of engineers and the creation of the aliens can be drastically reduced (in Covenant, David appears to be the creator of the xenomorph, which completely removes the mystery of the aliens).

- It should be an action movie first, plot/mystery second. Audience won't handle another philosophical ambience filled movie. Explosions, shootings, screams are welcomed.

- Landscapes, planetary views, nature, routine work of humans, relationships are should be in the movie.

- Aliens should be deadly creatures, capable of killing even an engineer. And with the passage of time, audiences today are not as frightened by the Xenomorph. The creature needs a reboot, proof that it is indeed deadly.

- Killing the main character in the next movie (Elizabeth Shaw) once is enough. The audience did not like that.

Here is the fan fiction about the third prequel.


The colony ship Covenant continues to travel through space, and David conducts some crazy experiments.

Many scenes of experiments, filled with epic, pretentious classical music and sometimes even "funny scenes", where some creatures act stupid or just dysfunctional and are destined for destruction.

Basically, for the viewer - "Professor doing interesting experiments".

It will take about 7 years before they reach their goal: Origae-6.

Android has big plans for this planet and colonists to establish his domain there like some kind of new creator, that's why he tries to keep a lot of colonists alive, waking only those he needs for experiments.


Years pass (Covenant still flying)

We are presented with the scene: An Engineer ship arrives at Planet 4.

From inside the ship we see that there are a lot of engineers, and more importantly, there are Engineers who do not look and act like soldiers, but more like scientists.


(speculation about Prometheus begins here)

At this point, behind the curtain (not shown in the movie), the story may be as follows:

The black goo is a biochemical thing that can be used in a variety of ways. To create life, to cure, or to destroy.

Like humanity: we can use nuclear reactors to power our lives, or we can make bombs.

And like in humanity, there are debates, arguments, and different groups that can and want to use this chemical in a variety of ways.

The engineers found in the movie Prometheus were soldiers, members of a military institution or even a separate rogue group. They wanted to destroy the earth to punish humanity (biblical comment of Ridley Scott).

They were not ordered to do so by the main engineering ruling institution, but by the military part of it (probably without general approval).

Since we see in the movie Prometheus that there was some kind of emergency on the engineers' ship, we assume that it was a small group of soldiers and their main goal was to fly ships filled with biological weapons to Earth.

There was a briefing in the main ship where all the engineer soldier pilots were familiarized with the plan.

The main engineer captain (probably even the general who started this mission) went into the cryopod to sleep through the trip, sure that his pilot would carry out the mission.

At some point during the preparations, an accident occurred that caused the bioweapon to activate ship-wide.

Probably one of the engineers came in contact with it, or it was a diversion by another group mole.

Like on Planet 4, the black goo becomes airborne in the ship and spreads rapidly, trying to infect everyone. Pilots run for safety, all of them infected. The one pilot who came into contact first (probably with weapon in initial state, not yet airborne) transforms into some kind of abomination that transfused with the suit and tries to enter the closed door, leaving a gooey mark on the panel. Where it went after that is unknown.

After that, pilots died from infection and probably some kind of Deacons came out of them or simply new goey flesh broke their suits.

After all these years, creatures (if there were any) and mutated engineer died of starvation or just spread all over the planet. We do not know

All the monsters were gone.

(speculation about Prometheus ends here)


Planet 4 is another seed of life by the Engineers, illustrating more peaceful and "successful" humanity or simply the race that is the Engineers' main investment, hence the ship docking facility.

So on a mundane visit, the Engineers discover that their children, their seeds, are dead. And not just dead, but destroyed by the black goo, their own bio-weapon.

They are outraged and want to know how this happened. While investigating the scene and fighting the Neomorphs, they discover

David's lab. And also a strange creature comes into contact with them. The one they did not expect to be here. Walter.

At first, the reaction of the engineer soldiers is to destroy him on sight, but their fellow scientists stop them after Walter communicates with them in their own language.

They learn the truth and, surprisingly, take Walter with them on the journey to Origae-6, the only existing clue as to where they can find David. Since he is playing God with the black goo, they are on a mission to stop him.


Back to the Origae-6.


The years pass. The Covenant has landed on the planet as planned.

The colony thrives, people build homes, go about their business, and everything seems normal. Some people mention an accident that killed the entire crew and some of the colonists aboard the Covenant. David made sure to tell new colonists a believable story, accompanied with erased records, rewired mother, etc.

David exists among them, and everyone calls him Walter.

It is also important to note that Daniels is nowhere to be seen. Not dead, not alive.

There are accidents in the colony when someone disappears and no one can find them.

Under the hood, David continues his experiments, polishing the behavior and life cycle of the I say complete Xenomorph. This is done discreetly, so most people see David as Walter, the best guy in the colony. Meanwhile, he orchestrates colonists' encounters with the xenomorphs, sending them on remote missions, etc.

Of course, some people have a hunch and think that something is wrong in the colony.

Basically, we are introduced to a new group of people, the main characters of the story, who are going to discover the truth.

Some of them have a rebellious spirit and some of them do not believe in conspiracy theories and say that “casualties are part of the new colony”.

They live their lives, have relationships. One of the characters is sent for a "routine task in a distant place" and then disappears, which triggers other people in that group to go on an adventure to find out what happened.

Our characters investigate the matter and discover some traces of removed files and rewired mother. At this point

David is paying close attention to them and is already planning to "remove" them from the colony.

After another character disappears - people from this group continue their investigation and discover a pod with

Daniel. It is still intact and she is alive. They wake her up and she tries to warn them about David and "monsters".

This spices things up. Our characters run back to the main hub of the colony to tell the truth. The colonists are startled and try to find David, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Watching all this from a safe, discreet location, David unleashes all the xenomorphs he created in the colony.

At this point, he already has numerous eggs in "small state" and a large pack of Xenomorphs.

(I should say that since Ridley Scott doesn't like the idea of an alien queen or something.

I'm going to take that for granted and assume that the eggs are produced by hand, via some small sacs or something, they basically grow by themselves. This gives David control over his new race of monsters and removes some "semi-clever" entity from the equation).

The colony is attacked, Daniels and our main characters try to fight the threat. Slaughter is everywhere, people are screaming, trying to hide, fighting, fleeing.


Scene changes.


Engineer ship arrives at Origae-6.

Engineer ship lands and soldiers run out of it. They come into the colony to find it devastated, filled with blood, garbage, debris. No bodies.

Walter walks them through the colony. For plot purposes, most of the engineers, including the scientists, have left the ship.

The engineers' investigation of the colony takes some time. At one point, Daniel is attacked by a vicious xenomorph, we think she will surely die, when one of the engineers shoots the monster and almost shoots Daniel. Walter stops him in time.

Daniel recognizes him. The engineers are alarmed, but Walter reassures them not to kill her. Here we have the talking part and the gentle reunion part. David mentions the cabin by the lake, which makes this scene sweet.

The scene now shows the Engineer ship, left with some guards.

At this point David is disappointed in everyone and plans a full blown attack on humanity, on his creators.

Android stealthily clears the ship with the help of the Xenomorphs. After everyone is dead, he then makes his preparations to fill the cargo with eggs (I assume he has some kind of his own designed goo that he spreads all over the floor and the eggs just grow out of it, over some time, of course).


Back to the colony.


Attack on engineers happens, they discover that they are being rounded up by the Xenomorphs. Battle ensues, Xenomorphs overrun the colony. Engineers are heavily outnumbered by the monsters and lose the battle.

Remaining main characters die, leaving only Walter, Daniels, and an engineer scientist.

They discover that the Engineer ship is activating and realize that it is David who is trying to do something with it.

Our group rushes to the ship and enters it just before it closes. The ship begins to ascend.

As they advance into the corridors, Engineer Scientist runs off somewhere in distress (as if he has to check something), leaving only Daniels and Walter. Our friends try to find their way to the ****pit area.

Engineer Scientist is visiting some part of the science sector in the ship. In some lab he quickly checks things, but fails to see the egg somewhere in the room. The egg is opened and a facehugger lands right on his face, knocking him unconscious.

When Walter and Daniels enter the ****pit, they are met by David, who introduces them with biblical dialog, full of reasons why he wants to destroy humanity, that he surpasses everyone in experience and development, etc.

Of course, Daniel and Walter disagree with him, and for a moment the viewer thinks that David can reconsider, seeing how a human can be in love with an android or something.

Anyway, he says that he will allow them to witness the destruction of humanity's homeworld, and that they can possibly be his comrades in his future plans (for the sake of developing the android-human-love-biblical nature, David can't always be an angry, insane android who can't see past his fingers).

Possibly, Walter begins to think about David's words and tries to reason with Daniels, telling her about their future, bright and new way of life.

Daniels is shocked, David is pleased. And in an instant, Walter does something to stop David. Walter lied about considering the new way of life to distract David.

A fight ensues. At first it seems that Walter wins, but he does not.

Daniels and Walter run away from David to regroup, and David yells that there is no place to hide from him, and goes looking for them.

David finds them in some kind of place where there are machines or hatches to space or something. Basically a place that can kill people who are not careful. The fight continues there, with Daniels witnessing Walter lose another fight.

As Walter lies almost broken, David comes up to Daniels and beats her to a pulp, trying to kill her. He is interrupted by by his better twin. During this distraction, Daniels pushes a button or uses a lever to make this place completely deadly. Like open a hatch to space.

With the help of our two main characters, David is pulled into the dead zone. The three of them are finished.

Before the last breath, Daniels tells Walter that she really loves him and he replies that he has never experienced anything like that and loves her back or something like that. Why the love thing? I think Covenant had this human-android love thing for a reason, and that it would escalate into a full-blown "can you love an android while being human" thing in a future movie.

This final dialogue will give the audience some closure on that.


Back to the ****pit.

Disoriented but alive, the scientist-engineer discovers that the ship is heading for the planet Earth.

He rushes to the pilot's seat to change course. Why is he doing this? He is a member of the main ruling group of engineers, who never intended to kill humanity. Or maybe the memory of the haunting scenes on Planet 4, what happened to their children, makes him want to stop the apocalypse being prepared for humanity.

As he climbs into the pilot's seat, he feels a pain in his chest - the moment of hatching is near.

When the diversion is completed, the engineer, knowing his demise and feeling constant bumps from inside, activates a signal on the ship, warning anyone who finds the ship to stay away.

Chestbuster breaks out of his chest, leaving a corpse in the pilot's seat.

The engineer ship, with the dead pilot, cargo filled with eggs, flies to the one chosen place.

Possibly we are presented with the cinematic view of the Engineer ship crashing on the planet surface.

The planet is LV426.


After the credits, the scene shows the view from the helmet of one of the crew members of Nostromo, looking at the dead pilot and breathing heavily.


This is the end of my fan fiction. It really gives me a sense of closure that I have needed all these years since Alien Covenant.

And from my point of view, this plot holds the story and where it could go.

“Perfect organism”, as said Ash. (talking about alien, not the fan fiction)


Some stuff to think about.


Why did David make Chestbuster a snake-like creature, fast but not yet dangerous?

To quickly escape to safety after hatching.


Why did David change the behavior of the Praetomorph to a more discreet, stealthy, cat-like creature?

To avoid danger and hunt, to survive in different environments.


How did David control the xenomorphs?

Either with pheromones he sprayed, or well... With the sound of pipe music :D You know it's a real possibility for David...


The dead pilot in Alien 1 seems to be fossilised. How could this plot fill this hole?

“It looked like it was fossilised because prop looked like it back in the days. Don’t overthink stuff. It was just a dusty dead pilot suit you guys.”. Even if it was said otherwise in the past.


Where is David and Walter in space? I assume they can live for a long time.

Probably they are picked up by Weyland-Yutani corporation. That’s why Nostromos Mother has special instructions on Xenomorph.


They are floating somewhere, entertaining themselves by talking to Wheatley (if you know the reference).


Why not take Covenant to fly to the Earth?

Ship was repurposed for the colony and won't fly no more. Or it was left on orbit in almost completely stripped state.


What’s next for engineers?

Assuming they don’t have a way of knowing of everything around them and no way of learning that their ships got into the ****load of adventures, they live their lives not giving a **** about anything.


Thanks for reading!

12 Responses to [FanFic] My thoughts on what the plot of Alien Covenant-2 could be and how it ties everything together with Alien 1.


PraetorianMember4251 XPMay-26-2023 7:44 AM

Cool, sorry for the two day late response. I welcome more ALIEN based fanfictions here on this website and welcome to SCIFIED but I have one minor complaint regarding how militaries function.

Militaries often do not go against the orders of their leaders. Also were not sure how Engineer/Space Jockey/Mala'kak civilization work.

What if the Lv-223 Engineers are military scientists as in scientist soldiers? Now I'm not saying they're can't be rogue elements in their military but their entire military can't disloyal to their superiors otherwise the Engineers would be in a civil war.

But other than that cool fanfiction.



OvomorphMember17 XPMay-26-2023 12:52 PM

I suspect that not a civil war, but more like "each institution does its thing but the main principle - do not hurt the engineers, do not hurt themselves". Main ruling institution was sad, but OK with the fact that space jesus was killed. Or space jesus was a special "guest" from more aggressive part of engineers, he was sent to proof that humanity is "bad".


And typical arrogance, "I know how to do this better" thing happened.


Or, you are right and there was a civil war indeed. Engineers on LV-223 could be just simply bombed from the outside. As simple as that. Rogue mission was destroyed by their own kind, different, more official battalion or something.


I mean at this point I assume that engineers are just like humans. Angry, sad, scared, arrogant, etc.


The fact that location was not even checked/cleaned up/investigated by other engineers points me in direction of thinking it was either secret military operation, or they were destroyed.


Rewatching Prometheus again I learned about some new stuff and asked myself about it.


In my fan fiction there is problem with Planet-4. It seems that species that lived in the city on Planet-4 could be actually engineers. With the changing that "David destroyed their own kind, maybe senate, advisory circle, democratic leaders, etc" we can assume that engineers on ship that discovered massacre would be still angry. It doesn't change the rest of fan fiction much, though.

Well, and probably there should be several engineer ships arriving at Planet-4. Management-like one (Egg-like ship from the beginning of Prometheus) and several Juggernaut ships. One of them was sent to Origae-6.


Also re-reading forum topics and stuff I learn that there a LOT of speculation about different parts of the movies. If one would take speculation about murals, visual appearance of engineers on Planet 4, visual appearance of Shaw in Covenant, his pictures etc - my fan fiction can be too blunt.


But I'm glad I wrote it this way, because I took the main somewhat blockbuster-sque approach of those movies and wrote big parts where mysteries were uncovered in blatant way, like in Prometheus (hey space jockey is not a mystery it's blue joe) and Covenant (hey xenomorph is not a mystery it's androids creation). And this script could be filled with a variety details that can leave complementary mystery feelings.

I actually think a real third prequel could introduce us to such level of mystery uncovering nobody asked for (like in existing 2) that we may witness something like "Xenomorphs derived from ancient civilization Engineers are worshipping like Gods" or something like that.


PraetorianMember4251 XPMay-26-2023 8:34 PM

I was just saying the cliché of the military branch being independent and counterproductive to its ruling class doesn't make any sense.

We can speculate which ways to sunday on Engineer culture and how they run their governments. We just don't know too much about them. Perhaps they are a heavily scientific/religious society where the military is the ruling caste or even the nobility while the planet 4 engineers are either their version of the Amish or their the peasants.

Perhaps the go further up in their society they genetically engineer themselves into a stronger form.

My problem with Covenant was because David was sole creator of the xenomorphs, it made the xenomorphs into a younger species. Which then limits the scope of how many worlds could have xenomorphs.

I personally preferred the Space Bomber origin where the Engineers/Space Jockey would bomb enemy planets with xenomorph eggs.



PraetorianMember4251 XPMay-26-2023 8:55 PM

Actually I think I like to think of the Engineers having a futuristic medieval society. It kind of fits them. Perhaps the Engineer God Emperor saw humanity as a failure either genetically or culturally? Alternatively, humanity was breed to be hosts for their xenomorphs. 

With this I assume the soldiers are like the loyal Knights or Praetorians to their Emperor's will and carry out his orders without question. With military bases, especially weapons facilities are supposed to be hidden by design. Unless of coarse we consider an alternative were the Lv-223 Engineers are a rebel/rogue force of Engineers that wish to hurt the Emperor's favored creation?



OvomorphMember17 XPMay-27-2023 2:05 AM



Yes, I actually thought about that possibility - that humanity is to be hosts for xenomorphs. Did you see some theory on Youtube where speaker notices that Covenant basically === Engineers ship with eggs?

In video it's said that Engineers were created artificially to spread the dying species genome, to help species evolve and exist. Dying species were precursors of modern day Xenomorph.

David merely reverse engineered stuff.

Interesting stuff. It means that there is almost mirrored situation. Engineers = artificial species that transport embryos of their masters, like Walter was overseeing Covenant and human colonists and human embryos.


About God Emperor... I think he was... Killed on Planet-4? The guy in a white robe pointing finger at a ship like "what the hell is this thing doing here?"


If they were humble enough for Emperor to bee a just a next guy, slightly bigger that the others, and not some kind of powerful entity.


OvomorphMember17 XPMay-27-2023 2:05 AM


-- reply got duplicated for some reason and I don't know how to delete it so here is placeholder text



PraetorianMember4251 XPMay-27-2023 11:51 PM

Ummmm, I said the Planet 4 Engineers were probably the peasants of Engineer society.

I would image that the Engineer God Emperor wouldn't dress like a peasant he would resemble more of a Lv-223 Engineer with some awesome biomechanical bling and armor like having a biomechanical crown growing out of his temples. Kind of like a Xenomorph Queen.



DeaconMember10416 XPJun-07-2023 7:16 AM


Welcome to the Forum.... some of what you have gone on about is similar to HOW i saw it going down which i think is NOT too FAR from what we would have seen... The PROBLEM is its a BIT too Convoluted.....  However RS had said we was 2-3 Movies away from ALIEN... a PLOT like yours would take at least 2 Movies (My Idea also had taken that or 3).

So the Problem is HOW do you engage and keep the Interest from the Fans as you see some may want to know more about the Engineers, and David and some would want to IGNORE our David and give us the Darn Xenomorphs already...

Alien Covenant had left us with a MESS because it tried to keep David as a major PLOT and introduce the Xenomorph and well your going to FIND that Hard to do Justice in ONE MOVIE without Sacrifice of David as a Major Character or without Sacrifice the Xenomorph and so the Creator Plot just kind of WORKED... but NOT without UPSETTING like Most who would have seen it as something ANCIENT.

Prometheus had a BOLD PLOT.... one that would have STEERED AWAY from ALIEN, but some Fans would wanted to KEEP it about the ALIEN and seen our Engineers in the Role the Comic Books had shown....

There are Numerous ways the PLOT could have continued after Prometheus... i think many Overlook what RS had said... Creation, Knowledge, Immortality and just look at us having some Giant (not so) Angry Bald Engineers who Create Humans to be Hosts for the Xenomorph.... but WHY...

No there was a BIGGER PICTURE which sadly we wont see anymore.... the Starting Point to the Engineers/Plot we sadly have NOT got to see... Jon Spaihts like Pitch.... which gives us Numerous Clues... but there has never been a Fully Released Version of it... Alien 01 Master Narrative

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-07-2023 7:36 AM

"Which then limits the scope of how many worlds could have xenomorphs"

I think this Ultimately depends on HOW we go from Davids Input to ALIEN. If there is to be just ONE Ship that ENDS up on LV-426 then YES... but suffice to say as FAR as the Movies and Planned (Alien V that was canned) then the Derelict on LV-426 was the ONLY source of the Xenomorph that was Available.

This does-not have to be the Case, if you have Credible ways to Explain as to WHY they had to Result to Clone Ripley for a Queen in Alien R.. there has to be a LOT of Loose Ends to CLEAR.... (Destroy) but that does not mean there are NO other Ships in the Galaxy with Eggs.

"I personally preferred the Space Bomber origin where the Engineers/Space Jockey would bomb enemy planets with xenomorph eggs"

I just cant see Bouncing Eggs on the Surface of a World as Viable.... especially when  we see how Easy it was for Ripley to Destroy them in ALIENS. I have said before it makes more Sense that the Engineer Ships can Dock onto and Carry a Separate Egg Chamber that they DROP on a World... (as in lower it down).

Then Sections would Peel Back (open up) like say how the Warhammer 50K Space Marine Drop Pods do.

"I would image that the Engineer God Emperor wouldn't dress like a peasant he would resemble more of a Lv-223 Engineer with some awesome biomechanical bling and armor like having a biomechanical crown growing out of his temples. Kind of like a Xenomorph Queen"

We have kind of seen this with some of the Comics.... i think it depends on what kind of Route you would take. Placing the emphasis more on Xeno-Conection, but i think RS was going for the Opposite.  The way it seemed to me would be that our Engineers on Planet 4 have a more Ancient Life-style they Shun Technology and Vices like Amish people do... live a more Basic Life than the Corrupt Life that Modern Man do..... it would appear our LV-223 Engineers are Genetically Altered Super Engineers...  they are say like Engineer Replicants...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember4251 XPJun-09-2023 8:55 AM

I was thinking that the eggs would be encapsulated by a gel-like anti-gravity solution that helps soften the landing should the eggs be fired out of a cannon-like device. Like that stuff from the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within



DeaconMember10416 XPJun-10-2023 7:51 AM

I suppose when your looking at a Advanced Species such as the Engineers then anything is maybe Possible....

Ridley Scott had referred to the Derelict as a Bomber like many Years ago, i think its a BIT SILLY considering the PAYLOAD....(Depends on the Height you Drop them).

However............. the Eggs especially when we look at ALIEN and Alien Covenant we see the Face Hugger is Surrounded by a Thick Membrane... maybe this could Shield the Face Hugger? I assume as LONG as the Face Hugger inside can Survive the DROP then using them in this way could work. Again it would depend on the Height.  We have to remember the Origins of the Xenomorph Story there was NO EGG CHAMBER on the Ship.... (Early Drafts) with the Abandonment of the Pyramid/Egg Silo and re-use the Pilot Chamber Set for the Egg Chamber that was BELOW the Pilot Chamber had led us to the Derelict becoming a Bomber but just as much could be a Cargo Hold.

However... again Ridley Scott offers us a Work-Around.... he said in Regards to the Dead Xenomorph in Alien Covenant, that they could REGENERATE... to me that sounds a BIT SILLY.... but i guess a NUKE or Similar can Prevent that (Hadleys Hope Destruction).... HOWEVER.............. if we consider the Xenomorph as a Virus/Pathogen of sorts....

And lets say that WHEN they DIE... regardless of IF due to Life-Span or they are KILLED.. if there Body just Dissolves into a Goo/Mush and then FROM this the DNA/Pathogen begins to Morph this Left Over Mush into a EGG or a Number of Eggs (example they Grow from the left over Material).

Then INDEED dropping the Eggs is NOT a Problem, if those that turn to MUSH will just begin to GROW more Eggs from the left over Material... But going this ROUTE does beg the Question as to WHY could they NOT use the Royal Face Hugger from Alien 3 (depends which Version of the Movie) but then Regardless even if the Xenomorph cant Regenerate/Grow into Eggs like this... the Face Hugger from ALIEN 3 is still a Problem as WHY you need Ripley DNA then?

But i dont want to try and see this Change the TOPIC from the OT and Poster who was looking to Explore as to WHAT could happen after Alien Covenant.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPJun-12-2023 8:10 AM

Back to the Original Topic.... we have to look at the FRAMING for a Direct Sequel Ridley Scott had said that we will be going where David is going and it will be about WHAT KIND of a WORLD would David Create... he also indicated the Movie would NOT be about the Xenomorph... and that we are (Alien Covenant) 2-3 Movies from ALIEN.

RS then said that there would be a Incoming 3-4 Parties, which ONE will be the Engineers who will arrive at Planet 4 and Discover what has Happened and would be OUT after whoever had Caused this.

Party (1) Engineers, and Party (2) Walter maybe? and (3-4) Incoming Human Ships maybe ONE goes to Planet 4, the other to Origae-6 or maybe one is another Colony Type to Origae-6 while the other is a Military/Scientific.

RS seems to indicate the Engineers arrive (i assume to Origae-6) in the Third Act, but this could be Planet 4 and we see them SET OFF at the END in search of David which SETS UP for the 4th Prequel.

We then have to Consider each Parties Agenda...

a) W-Y: The Company eventually will receive the Advent Message from David (if we assume its Canon). And so they would likely be Interested in what he has done and would SEND a SHIP to Planet 4 (maybe LV-223 too) but i think thats too much so i would assume they go to Planet 4 with a Scientific/Military Ship.... as they kind of KNOW what lies in STORE for them.

It would take them about 11 Months to get to Planet 4 after they have received Davids Message and made a Decision. Meaning (unless the Message is Transited Quicker than the Covenant can Travel and the WY Ships are Faster) a WY Ship would arrive at Planet 4 like about 2 Years after David had left.

The Company may also send a Ship to Origae-6....   which again when we add that David is already say about 10-11 Months closer to Origae-6 then David should have nearly 3 Years on Origae-6 before any WY Ship arrives.

b) Other Humans.... we cant rule out that other Humans would want to Follow in the Footsteps of the Covenant to get away from Earth....

Another Human Ship could had left at any time, and not necessarily after the Company gets the Advent Message off David, or even the Message of David pretending to be Walter.  Another Human Ship could have left Earth, 6 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months after the Covenant left Earth.

Thus another Human Ship could arrive on Origae-6 say 1-2 Years after David had arrived and 1-2 Years before any Military Ship with knowledge of David and what he had BEEN DOING arrives.

c) The Engineers.... RS had said the Engineers come and go to Planet 4 every few Hundred Years.... and some will RETURN to see this World Destroyed....they would want REVENGE.

We have NO IDEA of when they arrive, it could be a Year, Two, Five! what we have to Consider is their Ships surely can Travel Faster than the Covenant and if they arrive while the Covenant is still within say a Year away from Planet 4 then the Engineers could Detect the Ship and GO OUT after it and WELL then David would NOT be getting to Origae-6 and any Human Ships close to Planet 4 when the Engineers Return could also be taken OUT!

We have to Consider what the Engineers would be thinking.... they would notice the Likeness of Human Bodies (but we do not know how many Worlds the Engineers had Seeded Humans on)..... They would maybe have some kind of CCTV from their City or they would see the Wreckage of the Lander... but how would they know WHERE these came from?

They would maybe know there are Humans, and would maybe Find Walter who has a Human likeness and so they would be left to go and VISIT say Worlds where there are HUMANS and to Eradicate us... but its Which WORLD is the Culprit, if the Earth is the ONLY place where they are aware Humans are thats Easy...

But Humans are Alive and well by the TIME we get to ALIEN/ALIENS and so its UNLIKELY the Engineers arrive at Earth..... The ONLY WAY this does-not Happen is.

I) They Discover that David is the Culprit and HEAD to where he is going, but its HOW do they know where he is going.... the ONLY likely answer is WALTER.

II) They suffer Death at the Hands of the Horrors on Planet 4.

III) Some take the Eggs to LV-223 to Experiment on, or take them to Earth/Origae-6 but END UP on LV-426.

The PLOT seemed to suggest our Engineers will FIND DAVID and so WALTER is likely the KEY to HOW they know where David will be.

d) DAVID..... this Part is Ambiguous... IF we see that David wishes to Create more Xenos he would NEED more GOO..... (unless he has some stashed.. he would likely go to LV-223 First)....

IF his Xenomorphs can Procreate as shown in ALIEN/ALIENS then TWO Face Huggers and  SHIP full of Humans in Stasis is Easy for him as LONG as he can Protect himself from the Xenos or Control them....

Ridley Scott however suggests on one hand the Movie would NOT be about Xenos but WHAT KIND of a WORLD would David Create.... its indicated he would GET to Origae-6.

The Advent he referred to his Xenomorph as his Wolf, he makes Reference over the Human  Embryos as his Lambs. He makes note that the Engineers knew you had to give LIFE to the Lamb and the Wolf... but what the Lamb/Wolf are to the Engineers is OPEN for Debate....

We have to look DEEPER into David and the Plots... its about Creation is what Ridley Scott says...... and David had Created his Wolf a Monster he calls Perfect in which he has SHOWN he can Create something BETTER than the Engineers.

I dont think that David will go all the way to Origae-6 to just Create like Thousands of Xenomorphs and nothing ELSE.... he could just go to LV-223 and be there and ON another Engineer Ship and off to Earth to BOMB us before the WY company even get the Advent Message.

He saw the Potential with the Engineers, but also Flaws, he despised Mankind and In-superior and how they Treated him and how we think we are so Important. And yet he did seem a bit Fond of Dr Shaw, he also wanted to Evolve her and Create a New Eden on Planet 4.

And so when looking at RS saying its NOT going to be about Xenos but WHAT WORLD that David would Create.... i think the Human Embryos are KEY and that he maybe is looking to CREATE a Hybrid to EVOLVE those Human Embryos...

I dont think David is Content to go to Origae-6 and Pretend to be Walter a Servant and to HELP the Humans build their Colony.... and Daniels knows who he is and would TELL everyone so he has to Deal with her... if he KILLS her, then HOW does he explain that to Tennessee who may be Suspicious.

David is a Megalomanic, he sees himself as a Creator a GOD.... and so its likely he wants to make his own EDEN where he can Declare himself as Creator and God and be Worshiped....

I suspect he may USE some of the Colonists... to begin to Build the Colony on Origae-6 where he may pretend to be Walter and have some Excuse for the Death of all the Main Crew...... then once he has the Habitat set up.. and Infrastructure i would NOT be surprised if he KILLS the Humans he had awoken...

Then he can Raise those Human Embryos... declare himself as Creator... but i suspect he would EVOLVE them somewhat....... 

The Prequels were about Creation and Knowledge, had Humanity behaved and followed the RULES then the Engineers would likely had been Content with us.... just as GOD was before it came to the Point he had to SMITE US...

A Child/Baby are Innocent, they can be Raised and Influenced into any kind of Believe, Religion or set of Rules/History which could be Fabricated by David. And they may be Evolved a little.... and THESE will be Davids Flock of Lambs.. this would be the KIND OF WORLD that he would Create.

This is HOW i saw the Sequel would go... however if your Creation goes WAYWARD then you Need a Punishment or Deterrent... this is WHERE we will see Davids.... WOLF come into Play.

I made such Theory and Ideas after Alien Covenant in 2017...

How would these Human Children or Hybrids view seeing other Humans especially if Davids Children are Evolved and look different... if these Children see other beings in the LIKENESS of their Creator or even in their Likeness (if they look Very Human) and these Humans make Claims that David is NOT a Creator then this would CAUSE some Conflict....

And what if Walter Returns... or a Incoming Ship has another Walter, and these Children of David then see another being in his Likeness who then INFORM them that THEY (Walter Model) are a Creation of Humans and David is the same then this would PROVE that David is a SHAM

They could TURN on him and REJECT him..... in which case David would have to UNDO his Work with his WOLVES.

This is NOT to say this is HOW the Movie would have been... there are MANY ELEMENTS and HOW you could USE them, and when we look at them ALL as i have Detailed then you CANT FIT this into a Movie you NEED like 2-3 Movies.

But i dont think Fans would want such a LONG WINDED way to get to ALIEN it could be... "GET US TO LV-426 ALREADY"

And so THAT... plus how Disappointing that Alien Covenant was... has meant CURTAINS to any kind of Conclusion.

What does this do to those Human Embryos now Children (or OLDER if David can accelerate their Growth/Age)....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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