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PraetorianMember3453 XPFeb-10-2022 10:15 AM

Has anyone read the additions and retcons introduced from the ALIEN RPG by Andrew E C Gaska? Gaska is currently in charge of the everything ALIEN-verse related so basically the ALIEN RPG is a sort of ALIEN BIBLE.

So far only the ALIEN movies are considered canon, so no Predator or AVP. Most of the books published by Titan Books and a few dark horse comics are considered secondary canon unless stated otherwise. But without further ado, the ALIEN RPG.

The ALIEN RPG initial starting date is 2183, which is 4 years after Aliens and Alien 3. The cinematic mode stories Destroyer of Worlds and Chariot of the Gods reintroduced several Prometheus and Alien Covenant monsters.

The black goo infected Fifield and Holloway are now classified into two variants of mutants. Fifield was slowly developing into a neomorph-like creature called a Beluga-Head had he not been destroyed on Lv-223.

Halloway was becoming an Anathema, his body would have eventually break down into airborne variant of the black goo. Both variants would have enter an aggressive stage called the Abomination, we've seen Fifield enter this stage.

The cir***stances of the planet 4 xenomorph had been altered to where David merely created his own variant of xenomorph called a praetomorph. Its chestburster stage is renamed to an Imp to differentiate it from a regular xenomorph chestburster.

Several xenomorph off-shoots from other expanded universe materials have been canonified, such as the Alien 3's Bodyburster and ALIEN: Kidnapped's Goreburster. Even Praetorians and the Empress are now CANON.

Also the Alien Roleplaying Game expands the universe beyond to just xenomorphs, androids, the engineers and their creations. Now we have three human government factions in the forms of the Three World Empire, the United America, and the Union of Progressive People. As well as a plethora of several mega corporation.


Core Rule Book
Chariot of the Gods
Destroyer of Worlds
Colonial Marines Operations Manual
Heart of Darkness

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DeaconMember10325 XPFeb-14-2022 10:45 PM

I think this Canon is the RPG Games own Canon where it draws in Various Canon from the Movies and Modifies it a Little

And so in Context to the RPG Game then YES all the Events of the Movies had Happened... but this is NOT to say that within the Movies Canon, that all the Events of the Board Game had Happened.

THEY did have Various People work on a BIBLE for the Franchise... One was supposed to be being WORKED ON before the Change to Alien Covenant (at the Time of and after the Dark Horse Fire and Stone Comics) and then another was being worked on AFTER the Events of Alien Covenant as a Source for Future Movies and Games, Comics to work with.   These BIBLES may had been Very Different in some cases to the Andrew E C Gaska works.

But it seems that Games/Movies made within the Last 3 Years do Reference from his BIBLE.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3453 XPFeb-15-2022 1:38 PM

Oh I thought he became the overseer of ALIEN canon



PraetorianMember3453 XPFeb-19-2022 11:24 AM


What are your thoughts on the ALIEN RPG?



DeaconMember10325 XPFeb-20-2022 1:19 AM

It seems that in 2018 then Andrew Gaska and Paul Elliot went about to Produce the Concept behind the RPG Game, by coming up with some Background to the ALIEN Franchise, to FLESH OUT a lot of things..... it seems the Source Material for their Ideas that they Created has been USED for Comics/Novels from 2019 to a Degree.

And so their WORK may be used as a Reference Point from NOW ON.. but this does-not mean that any TV Show or Movies will FOLLOW what they have Explored/Explained to the BOOK/LETTER.

And so Producers/Directors of such Project have FREEDOM to go and Change anything they want..... although the Executives at Disney or WHO they assign to WATCH OVER any Projects will have the Greatest Input/Say.  So IF they agree with what Gaska and Elliot have ADDED then thats what will go into a Project but if the Director/Producer has a IDEA that something is Explored in a Different at to Gaska and Elliots Ideas and the Executive for Disney prefers what the Producer/Director wants to do then thats WHAT we would get.

David Giler and Walter Hill used to have a LARGE Roll/Say in the ALIEN Franchise, but they seemed to ALSO have their OWN Idea on HOW to Expand and Go Forwards with the Franchise that looks to be DIFFERENT to what Ridley Scott had seen as the WAY to go.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10325 XPFeb-20-2022 1:22 AM

"What are your thoughts on the ALIEN RPG?"

It seems Interesting, however i have NOT read it, and i have not really looked in Depth into it.  Maybe ONE DAY i may Purchase it for Source Material to Read what FLUFF etc they have.  But i doubt i will ever PLAY the game.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember3453 XPFeb-20-2022 11:53 AM

I'm currently working on a campaign that draws heavily on the dark horse comics and video games, which shares the same universe as my fanfiction the AVPU



OvomorphMember39 XPMar-02-2022 9:30 AM

looks interesting, don't forget to share it when it's finished


OvomorphMember63 XPMar-18-2022 9:09 PM

Andrew Gaska remains the Alien canon expert. He is currently the consultant used for the books and games as well. Its not just the RPG canon. And its just my opinion, of course, but I would hardly call it "fluff," especially as Disney is looking to consolidate the lore going forward.


PraetorianMember3453 XPMar-22-2022 3:07 PM

I'll take ALIEN RPG canon over what Noah Hawley and Marvel has in mind for the series



PraetorianMember3453 XPJun-09-2022 4:13 PM

The new expansion is called of Heart of Darkness and by the look of its cover will feature the Deacon from Prometheus. The previous book, Colonial Marine Operation Manual included two lines of black goo mutants based on Holloway and Fifield



PraetorianMember3453 XPJul-18-2022 5:29 PM

so the Deacon-line are now just called Protomorphs

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