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MemberDeaconFeb-09-2022 9:36 AM

With Shooting of the FX ALIEN TV SERIES to begin Next Month there has been a LOT of Speculation about WHAT this SHOW will be about and HOW will it FIT into the Canon with the Original Quadilogy and Prequels.

However..... I suspect that we will be getting a Alternative Alien Story/Franchise.  In effect a kind of Reboot.

How would you React if THIS was the Case?

I would say ONE Positive is that the TV Show would be FREE to Explore the Xenomorph with FREEDOM to NOT go and Affect the Canon or Conflict the Original Movies.

The Comics and Novels and Video Games have Benefited from having FREEDOM to Change things so that Each Story does-not Directly Connect to another... would this WORK in a LIVE-ACTION format?

There have been Examples of a Reboot/Alternative Story with other Franchises on the Big Screen, which Include say Batman and Spiderman, and we could also go as far as Planet of the Apes and Dune.

So can we have and ENJOY a New Spin on the ALIEN FRANCHISE that is NOT in anyway Connected to the Originals while still being able to ENJOY those Classic Versions?

Or do you Expect or Demand that the TV Show should 100% Connect to the Movies that came before it?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

13 Replies


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2022 9:49 AM

NOT a lot is known about the TV Show.....

We do know the TV Show will introduce us to the Xenomorph in a SLOW BUILD UP, where we will be introduced to some of the HORROR of ALIEN that then becomes more a ACTION like ALIENS.

The Action will take Place on EARTH (or the Most Part).... it will also be SET in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE... which seems to Indicate we are looking at a TIME-LINE before ALIEN and also the Prequels.  But we can ONLY go and Speculate as to WHEN this is.... but a 2040-2060 Ball Park would be a Good Guess.

We know the Xenomorph will be Encountered at some Point, but we can ONLY go and Speculate as to HOW/WHEN, but it looks like they would be Discovered on/in some kind of Structure (Ship/Temple?).  This Location does have more of a Engineers Juggernaught Aesthetic from Prometheus than the Derelict from ALIEN.  The Location also appears to be Partially Flooded which could indicate its Discovered under Water on Earth.

With the Xenomorph being called a Threat from our Ancient Past, would seem to Indicate its Discovery will be from some Submerged Chamber that has been LOST for a LONG TIME.

It seems the Xenomorph will come from a Traditional Looking Face Hugger and its Embryo Stage it seems to be Fully Formed like from Alien Covenant.... i expect that the TEAM working on the TV Series may TRY and Re-Imagine the Xenomorph but i DO-NOT expect them to STEER too FAR from what we are Familiar with.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-09-2022 10:06 AM

The other Aspect which seems to be the MAIN FOCUS will be about the IN-EQUALITY of the Human Race, dealing with the Rich Corporations who see the Working Class and Poor as Expendable.

We will see some Military Aspect at Play too... which will include TWO of the Main Characters.

The TV Show will deal with the THREAT that A.I can pose... However we do-not know to what Degree this will be...   A.I and Robotics will become a IMPORTANT thing within 25-50 Years, and a Self Aware/Sentient A.I could become a THREAT.... but i dont think the TV Show will be going Too Deep and become like a TERMINATOR.

A.I beings could come in Many Forms... from more Mechanical Robots, to Synthetic Humans, but also from Cyborgs. I think also we may be shown stuff to get us to QUESTION.... what really is A.I is it just a Circuit Board/CPU in a Synthetic Body?

What Little we know about the PLOT does seem to indicate we have a Female Lead who has her Consciousness/Soul Transferred into a MALE BODY... and i think this is where the TRANS aspect will come into Play in a Subtle way.  This MALE BODY is a Military Solider, but more than that.... it would seem this BODY is a Synthetic/Artificially Created/Enhanced Humanoid.  And UNLIKE the Replicants from Blade Runner i would Suspect these Humanoids are Partially Synthetic and Organic.... a CYBORG of Sorts.

I suspect the PLOT will tell about the Creation/Engineering of Humanoids that will be USED as Slaves/Servants and Military and so we are looking at a similar Plot to Blade Runner.

I suspect these Humanoids either were ONCE some Humans, or they are so Advanced that they can Develop Human Emotions but they will be Treated as NONE-HUMANS with NO HUMAN RIGHTS.

I Suspect the Female Lead will take some PITY to them and Lead them to a Revolt against their Creators.

At THIS POINT... it may seem to NOT be a ALIEN TV Show and may UPSET some, but the Xenomorph will COME into PLAY but WHAT ROLE it will have is UNKNOWN at this Point.

ONLY that it would seem some Greedy Corporation will Discover the Organism and intend to Exploit it to their Benefit.... maybe as a Counter Measure against the Uprising of the Cyborgs?

Only TIME will tell but i am NOT sure how People will feel about a ALIEN VS CYBORG set like 75 Years before ALIEN....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-09-2022 3:33 PM

I'll give this series a hard pass, although I do like the androids of ALIEN, I think the show should be about the ALIEN first and foremost otherwise the show needs to be renamed to SYNTHETIC or CYBORG



MemberPraetorianFeb-09-2022 3:49 PM

Also the comics loosely followed the films in terms of regarding them as core canon or at the very least ALIEN and ALIENS are considered canon in all video game and comic adaptations.



MemberNeomorphFeb-10-2022 4:59 AM

I would be alright with it being a spin-off or if it would throw away the David as a creator of the monster thing.

“I would say ONE Positive is that the TV Show would be FREE to Explore the Xenomorph with FREEDOM to NOT go and Affect the Canon or Conflict the Original Movies.”

This could be a good thing, I’ve said a lot of times that they need to expand the alien-verse with new things, this is an opportunity to do so.

Comics and novels don't affect the official story-line so those are other things. I think that you can do spin-offs that introduce new things, if the owners feel that they can be used for the official projects then fine. You got to have an interesting story and well-written characters.

“Or do you Expect or Demand that the TV Show should 100% Connect to the Movies that came before it?"

You've already mentioned Batman as an example with different versions so Alien could work. There is a risk with following the previous things and that is that you’re tied as far as creativity. If you shall try to expand things and introduce new things then you got to be free to think outside the box so to speak. We've already have David, WY, the Engineers and so on. Even though there are things in it they got to expand on it. Star Wars has the Mandalorian, X-men has the Wolverine movie, and so on. Those are not in the official time-line but they are in the same universe, the same thing can be used in the alien-franchise and be used to introducing new things. All alien-things don’t need Ripley, David, or the Xeno in it to work.

Hopefully it won't be too much about androids, cyborgs (think Robocop) could be interesting. We've had androids before, but not cyborgs.

People are in it for different things but to see a Xeno for the 100th time gets old. Using Xenos again and again is less of a problem to me than to focus on androids, and have mostly weak human characters.


MemberPraetorianFeb-10-2022 5:22 AM

 I mean we watch ALIEN for the xenomorph, for the people who want to get rid of the xenomorph would be like asking a Godzilla movie with no Godzilla or a Jurassic Park movie without dinosaurs or The Walking Dead with no zombies.

If this TV series ends up sucking, at least if it was disconnected from Core canon. Then we can simply ignore the TV series, which is sad but hollywood doesn't care about actually expanding the core lore and only care about spinoffs



MemberNeomorphFeb-10-2022 8:50 AM

“I mean we watch ALIEN for the xenomorph…”

The monster (original Xeno) isn't a bad thing but I think that people have their lists of what they are most interested in. My point is, some people might not have the monster as the core-interest even though it might be on their list. Yes the monster got to be well-made but I'm more interested in the human characters and their journey, the monster comes after that. Prometheus tried new monsters and yes I’m fine with it excluding the Xeno because there were things to replace it even though not all of them were successful (Zombie-Fifield for example).

“or The Walking Dead with no zombies.”

You can try to make different versions of Zombies, they were called walkers in The Walking Dead, but they still the same type kind of. 28 Days Later called them infected, they didn’t really have that name. Maybe this comparison isn't exact, but it's fairly on point. I'm not against seeing new versions of Zombies and not against different versions of the monster.


MemberPraetorianFeb-10-2022 9:28 AM

Fifield wasn't a zombie, he was becoming a Beluga-head, in ALIEN: Engineers he would have full matured into a Beluga-Head its just in Prometheus he was in the early stages.

New versions of zombies are still zombies or walkers, my point is it would be like replacing Godzilla with a different creature.



MemberDeaconFeb-14-2022 10:05 PM

Regarding the A.I i think as we are talking the FUTURE we will see A.I but as FAR as what kinds and HOW MANY are shown, who knows?  I think a Interesting take on the A.I would be......

1) If we have a Method of Human Consciousness thats Transcended to a A.I like in the Movie Transcendence.... where Dr Casters Conscious is UPLOADED to a A.I Network, does this make him NONE-HUMAN?

2) IF the A.I is a Synthetic/Robotic Body (or Partially) that is Connected to AT LEAST a Human Brain/Brain Stem, where some Computer/Chip and Hardware is Connected to the Brain to ACT as a Interface so the Brain can have its Signals Transformed to Signals that can OPERATE the Artificial Limbs.....  Robocop 2016 was Pretty much like this.

Maybe the Main A.I in the TV Show will be a Combination of the TWO?

But the Emphasis has to be NOT to MUCH on A.I/Robots.... as Human Characters are Paramount.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-14-2022 10:26 PM

As far as the XENOMORPH!

Well Yeah most people think of them when you think of ALIEN.... they come Hand in Hand... so i get the Point that Xenotaris is raising.

Its maybe WHY we dont have a Movie called.....  XENOMORPH VS YAUTJA

People are more Familiar with ALIEN and PREDATOR.

However with the ALIEN Franchise its a case of WHAT constitutes the ALIEN?

Was the DERELICT also not ALIEN? was the Space Jockey also not ALIEN and IF the Xenomorph was a Created/Engineered Weapon by them then would anything else they have Created also NOT be ALIEN?

This is what the Prequels had Attempted to SHOW.... however, there was just NOTHING that was Connected enough to the Xenomorph, and the Engineers never looked ALIEN enough so that Displeased Fans... and then we had the POWERS that BE go and give us Alien Covenant to introduce us to the Xenomorph which was a MISTAKE to be Honest.

I felt the Engineers Plot meant we could EXPAND the Franchise and it could be ALIEN by Virtue of our ALIEN CREATORS and what else they had Created. The Prequels (Idea) had STEERED AWAY from the ALIEN: Prefix to Expand on the Universe without the Fans having to EXPECT to have Xenomorphs.

However by having a ALIEN: Prefix then you will be Expected to have the Xenomorphs (like AC).  However you could have New Monsters that are Similar but NOT a Xenomorph and still apply the ALIEN: Prefix.... as long as these Monsters have more of a Connection to the Xenomorph than say the Deacon was.

So you DONT have to have the Vanilla looking Xenomorph that Originate from LV-426 for example.... but you cant Diverge too FAR as it will UPSET some Fans.

But YES if your making a ALIEN Movie or TV Show then you have to have a ALIEN in it and the ALIEN has to be Very Close to the Xenomorph to make a Connection (you can Branch out with Hybrids and Mutations latter).... unless you Begin with them and Evolve to the Xenomorph.

They  HAVE to be a PART... and you cant have a SLOW SLOW Build Up to get to them for Example you need to see something Related to them by say 3-4 Hours into the TV Show.... and ONCE we have the Xenomorph lets say from EP6-8 this DOES-NOT mean you have to have them in EP10,11,12,13,14,15,16 etc

The Walking Dead does-not Feature the Zombies in EVERY Episode so you can have a Break between to cover something else, but then you have to then go back to something Related to the Xenomorph even if thats Experiments on them etc.

Walking Dead is a Good Example as it Does-Not work purely on the Horror of having to Escape Hordes of the UNDEAD.... there are other THREATS... (Humans are Nasty).  But you still have to have the Zombies now and again... but the MAIN thing is Well Created and Executed Characters and Story.

Good Examples..... ALIEN and ALIENS... kinda Bad is Alien R and Alien C and well AWFUL is AVPR!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberDeaconFeb-14-2022 10:37 PM

Regarding Fifield he was a Toxic Avenger lol

But indeed there was a Number of other Ideas/Concepts which included the Beluga-Head and if we look at the Earlier Drafts it was CLEAR that Fifield was being Mutated into a Xeno-Human Hybrid.

The Black Goo became Confusing though they NEVER gave it much thought in its Execution, were as the Earlier Drafts with the Scarabs was more CLEAR.

It will be interesting to see WHAT they do with the Xenomorph as i have always worried if you Continue to SHOW like Hordes of them over and over, then you can Dilute them down to being like Zombies... or well Starship Troopers Bugs!

So it would be Interesting to WHAT becomes of them by say Season 2 or Season 3, lets look at the Walking Dead... can a ALIEN TV Show really go on for 6+ Seasons with Xenomorphs being in the Seasons for like 40%+ of the Time if they will be Portrayed as we have seen them so FAR in the Franchise?

*Where did these Xenomorphs come from?

*Were they Created/Engineered and by Who and Why?

*Is there any Potential to Re-Engineering or trying to Utilize the Xenomorph with Experiments?

These are Questions that the Prequels had to Various Degrees attempted to Cover...

NOW with the TV Series likely being a Re-Boot i feel that for the Longevity they have to go and Tackle those 3 Questions in their OWN way... because if we NEVER had the Prequels then there is ONLY so much you can do with Oh! look a Egg, Face Hugger, Chest Buster and Xenomorph and then WOW a Queen!

Before you would maybe have to Cover those 3 Questions...... and i feel the same has to be said for the TV Show.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPraetorianFeb-15-2022 6:45 AM

Xenomorph relatives and modified off shoots are by me, since they still are xenomorphs. Kind of like the different godzillas



MemberDeaconFeb-16-2022 11:40 PM

Yeah kind of i think it  depends on HOW you look at the Origins/Connection which has been Quite Vague.  But to even IGNORE what other stuff the Engineers had Created with the Black Goo or its Origins etc.

Then the Xenomorph itself could be Evolved either Genetically by Experiments or via some kind of Natural Evolution of its Species itself.

We have seen Numerous Variants of Monster Concepts for the Movies some look FAR LESS like the Xenomorphs from ALIEN/ALIENS than others.

It seems maybe the Xenomorph in the TV Series may NOT be the Black/Grey color that we see from Alien and Aliens but more like the Runner from Alien 3

Maybe it will look a LITTLE DIFFERENT but i dont think it would be TOO FAR away from the Xenomorph like say the Newborn, Neomorph and Deacon are.

The differences could be SUBTLE like below.

They will LIKELY come from Eggs (or we will eventually see Eggs) but we may be given a DIFFERENT way of Procreation rather than be shown a Queen. The Face Hugger seems to be Nearly the Same as what we are USED too, but the Gestating Xenomorph is more like the Runner from Alien  3 and Protomorph from Alien Covenant.

HOWEVER...... Design could Change by the Time that Production is Finished (under way at the Moment).

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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