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Radical Theory: Alien TV series hybrid synthetics are predecessors to the Engineers from Prometheus / Covenant!
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AdminEngineerJan-10-2022 10:31 AM

I just thought of this radical and wild theory concerning the Alien TV series and how it might blend with the rest of the Alien universe. It's quite a far fetched leap so I'm going to try and explain and break down my theory as best as I can. The theory presently, without any additional information to go by is: The Transhuman Hybrid Synthetics of Noah Hawley's Alien TV Series are the basis and eventual predecessors to the Engineers found in Prometheus and Alien Covenant!

First, what we know for sure

Given the new plot details, we know for sure that in the Alien TV series, a rival tech conglomerate to Weyland-Yutani, called Prodigy Corporation is heavily invested in creating Synthetic beings which operate using an assimilation of genuine Human consciousness. This differs from the Synthetics of WY, since those, like David, Walter, Ash, Bishop, etc... all operate on an A.I. system - a computer algorithm.

Prodigy seems to be more interested in blending the organic with the inorganic, the real and artificial essences of life whereas Weyland-Yutani seemed to want to keep these things separate. Perhaps to avoid a robotic revolt? Even though that didn't work out so well either.

Wendy, one of the main characters in the Alien TV series will be one of these Hybrid Transhuman Synthetics - a robot body with a Human mind, the mind of Hermit's sister who presumably died from cancer when she was 10. The new plot details reveal:

She learns how to live and control this new body under the tutelage of “Synth” scientist Kirsh and human scientist Dame Sylvia. Wendy eventually becomes a leader to the hybrids and creates the path for a new era of enhanced beings. Wendy, once she reaches full development, will have super strength, speed, and agility combined with the limitless courage of a young mind. Wendy is not only a new being, but a tool of monumental value to the world.

There's a lot to unpack in that paragraph alone, but you see it mention Wendy becoming a leader to the Hybrids. So we can assume these Hybrids learn of their superiority and break off from their creators in some form or another to create their own caste.

Notice the final sentence: Wendy is NOT only a new being, but a tool of "monumental value" to the world.

Second, what we also know for sure

What we also know for sure is that the Alien TV series takes place on Earth many years before the events of Prometheus, Alien Covenant and the rest of the film series. The film series has also more or less exclusively focused on the dealings of the Weyland and Weyland-Yutani Corporation with little mention of other rival companies like Prodigy.

We also know that Humans have acknowledged the existence of Synthetics throughout the entire franchise - Synthetics are commonplace in the future and are present in every film, albeit a tad dialed back since the David / Walter iterations - due to their affinity to create their own destiny and overthrow their creators. But, we NEVER get any reference to Hybridized Transhuman Synths. Not even referenced in banter between crew mates, or even talked about by the Synthetics themselves. Does this suggest the existence of Prodigy Synthetics is completely scrubbed from history following their inevitable revolt? A mistake from the past, like David, and a corporate cover-up leads to their deletion from common knowledge throughout the franchise?

Thirdly, What Prometheus taught us

The opening to Prometheus shows a sacrificial Engineer seeding a planet with his DNA, spawning new life. Prometheus never confirms this planet being Earth despite the scene meaning to imply Engineers created Human Beings. It also never states when in time this event takes place.

Later in the film when David encounters the sleeping Engineer on board the Juggernaut, the Engineer reacts violently and angrily.

Android Rivalry?

When the Engineer admires David for a moment, his facial expressions almost look like that of sadness and condescension, as if conveying through expression that David is a lesser being, an attempt at what the Engineer is or has become. The fact the Engineer rips David's head off is a show of dominance rather than defense - as David really posed no threat to the Engineer physically. Nor did Weyland as a frail old man. Yet, the Engineer kills him with the head of his created robot to boot.

The Engineer seemed offended more than anything at the sight of Humans and an Android. He immediately hops into the Pilot's Chair and sets a course for Earth to deliver a payload of Black Goo. A vengeful vendetta against Earth, but why? Why does any organism seek to destroy another? Usually it's for territorial purposes, or to defend themselves or to colonize and control. The Engineer was not going to colonize, he was going to destroy. That suggests the Engineer felt threatened by the advancements in Android technology and what Humans were attempting to create - a rival to space domination the Engineers currently held.

The Biomechanical Essence

Biomechanical - a blending of organic and inorganic materials. The Xenomorph and its family tree are supposedly creations by the Android David and Engineers (temple murals suggest) is a blending of these nano-tech particles (Black Goo) and biological creatures.

With the mention of Wendy being close to perfection and a super being, we can assume Prodigy is successful in their attempts at blending Biological and Mechanical aspects to one another. The Engineers had super strength, were massive super beings themselves. Physically, they were designed to be as close to perfection as possible. Coincidence?

Their white skin, devoid of oxygenated blood to give it color, instead hosting a black fluid as their "blood", very akin to the Black Goo nano tech used by them for transforming worlds into new beings. Makes me wonder and have always made me wonder if they too, were super beings, a transcendent amalgamation of technology and living tissue.

You can see the connections between the two and the way Wendy is described in the latest plot leak.

How does it all fit?

I theorize, for now, with limited info to go by, that Wendy becomes aware of her superiority and develops a similar motivation that David did - to continue her own new hybrid species, overtake her creators and build a new world for herself and her kin. It's a repeating theme and due to this we can assert that like the theme, these moments in history keep repeating as well.

Prodigy creates Wendy. Wendy develops super like powers that accelerate her development, placing her on top of the food chain. Without dependencies like food and water and oxygen like Humans do, she sees no need to be shackled to the confines of Earth and attempt to branch out, bringing her Hybrid kin with her. Prodigy obviously sees this as a threat to Humanity and attempts to stop her, likely killing Hermit maybe? To create a vengeful vendetta against Humanity which is passed on through generations of "Engineers". Wendy is the original Engineer, a proto-Engineer if you will. She and a handful of her brethren escape Earth and flee to the darkest corners of the galaxy to advance themselves, their technology and populate worlds with their own seed to combat the colonizing efforts of Man.

Weyland-Yutani are aware of this failure and see the damages this hybrid technology can cause and swear off attempting to recreate it themselves - leaving Androids robotic only. But, they know these super beings exist and make it their mission to discover a means of protecting themselves against them. This inspires their pursuit to understand and know of the Xenomorph - a weaponized creature that they could use against the Engineers in a time of war. They use their own Androids as fodder and tools rather than devices to advance their own lives.

Weyland is the final dot

Weyland was obsessed with immortality (a topic this series will touch on based on recent comments by Noah Hawley). Despite the failure of Prodigy tech, Weyland knows of what transpired and their ability to transplant a Human mind into a body that never dies. Weyland's obsession leads him to create an Android with fewer security precautions in an attempt to expedite his exploration - he was looking for the Engineers, so that he could assimilate and join them!

To be continued...

It's a long winded explanation, I know. I'm sure there are plenty of details I'm missing that could lend credence or disprove much of what I've said. But that's where I open up this theory to you! Do you think I'm on to something? Or totally out to lunch? How else could this theory be linked? I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks! Let the speculation begin....


Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4
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MemberPraetorianJan-10-2022 2:00 PM

One problem with this fan theory, the Last Engineer was 2000 years old! They engineered humanity after all. Humans nailed their ambassador Jesus to a cross. Entire ancient earth cultures were influenced by them by imprinting the image of gods in our psyche. Also the engineer language is the basis of European language! So how could 21st-22nd century humans create beings that existed long before we developed synthetic life? hmm?

Also in a deleted scene the last Engineer only attacked David because Mr. Weyland demanded immortality, David was only acting as a translator so the Engineer could understand Weyland's questions. The engineer attacked david because he felt insulted by his presence that their creation (humans) would make creations of their own (androids)



AdminEngineerJan-13-2022 11:55 AM

Yeah I was totally ignoring the translated dialogue between David and the Engineer, figuring it could easily be ret-conned with the series if they choose to do so. But for this theory to work it would require the Engineers to have the ability of bending / warping space time, which isn't totally out of the realm of possibility.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberPraetorianJan-13-2022 11:06 PM

Wait the creation can't be more advanced than the creators also this fan theory ruins the whole the theme to Alien: Engineers/Prometheus

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