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DeaconMember10416 XPSep-16-2021 4:48 PM

Its been a WHILE since we had Alien Covenant and as the Movie is a Prequel that would have had Sequels to Eventually take us to the Back Door to ALIEN (LV-426)

It seemed we would GET our Conclusion but it could take 2-3 Movies.  But Alien Covenant did-not do WELL at the Box Office and any Sequel has been Placed in Limbo!

If we EVER had a Continuation to Alien Covenant then WHERE do yo think we should have GONE NEXT?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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PraetorianMember4251 XPOct-12-2021 12:58 PM

"Regarding the Comics... i have Read some and they FUN for bit of like Alternative Popcorn... i think they DO kind of Conflict the Franchise though..."

That maybe so however most of the original comic series was written and published before ALIEN 3 or ALIEN RESURRECTION were made. The comics offered to explore the verse beyond what the film makers wanted to take the series and heck most of the original alien comics were far better at story telling then that of the weaker films (looking at you Alien 3, Resurrection, AVP 04, and Requiem, Predators, and The Predator).



NeomorphMember1691 XPOct-12-2021 1:16 PM

Since I've no interest in Raised By Wolves I would probably have ignored Covenant 2 if that would've been what it would be about. To clarify: I've no interest in what an android would do if it would be all about it.

About David being the creator and the cake and eat it. I understand what you say but that's no excuse for making it like that. They should have done it better than that, more alien/unknown.

Prometheus should've had better characters and kept a lot of the cut scenes in.

If ADF did a better job than the movie depends on the idea of what they should've done in the movie. From what I've heard (interview on AVP-podcast) I would've preferred his version compared to what we got,

The queen is old, I think that there are better ways to do that. I'm fine with the Engineer evolving David's version.

We got terramorphing in Aliens so based on that there could be other planets where humans live.

As far as responding to the OT I'm not sure. I have some ideas about what I would like to see. This far they've done interesting environments, so that would be an interesting thing. Maybe they end up on a planet and they terramorph, but it looks very different from what we've seen this far in the franchise. Eventually there are monsters there that the Engineers have put there just in case humans settle there and since the Engineers have had enough of humans it's like putting bear-traps just to be sure.

Maybe they find an interesting environment that they go and look around in but then sh-- start to happen because of things that the engineers have done, so maybe they will have to fight against both the Engineers and their monsters. Make the reasons to why it's happening smart and not like horror-tropes like Rosenthal being decapitated. Keep David as a cameo at best or even better, write him out of the story completely.

To have Engineers in it they could be afraid of what humanity has done so they send their troops down there and if we will have some androids in it maybe they would be like enemy androids so humans have to fight maybe engineers, androids (to a much lesser degree) and the monsters. If we would just be able to keep two enemies against the humans I would say keep the Engineers and the monsters. Androids could be in it if needed, but they would be like some sort of Jabba the Hutt thing in Star Wars 6, be there and be a part of the movie but not be the focus.

As far as the themes are concerned, I would suggest that it would be about dealing with disappointment. Not to say that humanity is doomed but that disappointments, sorrow and loss are parts of life, but it's how we deal with it that counts.

These are random ideas, maybe I'm not very good at explaining them.


PraetorianMember4251 XPOct-12-2021 1:39 PM


I actually canonized ADF's Alien Covenant in my fanfiction Aliens versus Predator Universe (AVPU for short)



DeaconMember10416 XPOct-12-2021 6:11 PM

"I am sorry but I hate when Science Fiction does this, Humans naturally evolve on Earth so anything that evolves else where on a different planet can't possibly be human"

I was looking at this in Context to the Dilemma they had after Prometheus, we have David a Robot and Dr Shaw a Human who are OFF to Find the Engineers Home-World so we can ASSUME..... you maybe Cant have a Movie with just Engineers a Robot and a SINGLE HUMAN... and so this is in PART where they had to Consider bringing in more Humans... which means from Earth which LED to the Engineers World being MUCH closer to Home.

The Writers seem to FORGET the Premise of the Prometheus Plot about our Creators.... Mankinds Evolution was at the HANDS of these Engineers who would come BACK from TIME TO TIME and they would NOT ONLY go and Teach us New Things but they would Genetically Alter us too...  I think its Possible they could TAKE a Number of Humans away to then UPGRADE and then Bring them Back but they could ALSO maybe TAKE some of them to another Place.... or Certainly before we was Destined for Destruction, maybe the Engineers would have came (IF NOT already done so) down to TAKE some Humans Away to other Places.

If we look at this as Possible then it would GIVE us a Good Reason to WHY they would Destroy what they had Spent so Long in Creating/Evolving.  If you wanted to WIPE the SLATE CLEAN because some Humans had Began to Misbehave... you go and TAKE some Human Children/Infants or even some Adults, and you have those Adults Produce a Good Number of Infants then you DISPOSE of the Adults and you have say 20 Human Infants aged between 0-5 Years Old... you can Send them to a New World and Raise them to Follow your Ways, they would NOT be as Corrupt as HOW we see Mankind had gotten too.  ONCE you have these Non-Corrupt and Innocent Children then you HAVE NO NEED for the Humans on Earth... you Wipe that World Clean!

Besides i think the Engineers could Very Well have had Humans Settle on more than Earth.... but i AGREE that sometimes its Interesting to see other ALIEN SPECIES who have NOT a LOT in Common with Humans or Nothing at all and Appear Very ALIEN.... well the Prometheus Plot had LEFT ALL of this OPEN to be Explored.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10416 XPOct-12-2021 6:45 PM

"That maybe so however most of the original comic series was written and published before ALIEN 3 or ALIEN RESURRECTION were made"

Certainly and they had Freedom at the Time to do so, when ANY of the Comics that Came Out before say 1993 then they had Creative Freedom to Explore Various Possibilities, they was NOT to know for Instance about the Prequels that would be made like 20+ Years Latter.  The Movies that Followed would Mainly Steer Away from the Canon of the Comics and even the Comics are NOT always Canon to Each Other.... but thats the FUN thing with the Comics they GIVE US a WHAT IF and a HOW ABOUT THIS.... and Sometimes they have some Interesting things that are Somewhat Borrowed in Future Movies.

I have to Look at Reading more of the Comics, as i do Hear some have some Interesting Story Lines, i have NOT really Read many.... and NOT for like 15+ Years.  I am always Welcome for Recommendations ;)

"About David being the creator and the cake and eat it. I understand what you say but that's no excuse for making it like that. They should have done it better than that, more alien/unknown"

I think this (Alien Covenant Plot) WAS-NOT the Ideal way to Explore things... the Cake and Eat it Comment is Mainly that the Studio could Give us some of what we Want, but then Likely NOT everything we would have liked to see and i think NO MATTER what they had Done, you would have some Fans who would be Displeased.

"Keep David as a cameo at best or even better, write him out of the story completely"

I think that you could LEAVE THAT as a Mystery... maybe something a Book could LOOK AT..... with the Time-Frame i think its Getting more UNLIKELY as the Years go by that we would have a Continuation to where David is going due to Fassbender Aging and maybe losing Interest.

I think doing a ADF is just the LAZY WAY out of it... they may as-well just Reboot the Prequels.... I think you have to TRY and GIVE some Credit to what the Prequels had done and UPLIFT them.... but LOOK at what had Gone Wrong.

What we have is that David had Started the Process of the Xenomorph, if David had NOT been Put back together then we would have had NO XENOMORPH.. a LOT of People do-not LIKE THIS.. but this is the Direction they Took, some People Totally HATE what JC had done with his Queen and Hive Mind Xenomorphs.

The Xenomorph is NOT YET what we see in ALIEN... and RS has said that it has some EVOLVING to do.... as of 17 Years before the Events of ALIEN the Indication is that there is NO EGGS on LV-426.

At the Present Time of the Prequels (Ending to Alien Covenant) the EGGS are on Planet 4, and ALL that David has is TWO FACE HUGER EMBRYOS.

These Xenomorphs have NOT YET been Evolved to WHAT we see in ALIEN/ALIENS and they ALSO have YET to get on the Derelict Ship which will Eventually get to LV-426

So you have EGGS on Planet 4, the Engineers will RETURN to Planet 4, you Need to see those Eggs Mass Produced and on a Engineer Ship which then has to be in the Vicinity of LV-426 before the Space Jockey Event.

To get from A-Z you do-not have to GO were David is going!

The Engineers are Genetic Engineers, some of them became Fascinated/Obsessed in Creating Horrors.... we can ONLY go and Wonder to HOW they would React to seeing WHAT it is that David had Created!

In Prometheus the Engineer did seem Intrigued with David, but then saw a Foreshadowing of the Pit-Falls and Hubris of Sub-Creating.  The Engineer took Offense to the Demands of Peter Weyland and Decided to KILL him with the HEAD of his OWN Creation....

Upon the Discovery of WHAT has Happened to Planet 4 the Engineers will be VERY VERY ANGRY.... they will want REVENGE!  They would Surely know that HAD they Destroyed Mankind on Earth then the EVENTS that had Led to the Destruction of those Engineers would NEVER had Happened.

So JUST as the Engineer had Used Davids Head to KILL his Creator... the Engineers could see Davids Xenomorph as something they could USE to KILL OFF all the Humans and then GO LOOK for David.....

IF you have it that the Engineers eventually take some of the Eggs to LV-223 where they then EVOLVE the Xenomorph and USE IT as a Blue-Print to then Create what we have in ALIEN.... and then they MASS PRODUCE and LOAD these on the Derelict and maybe OTHER SHIPS and then OFF THEY GO!

We know the FATE of ONE such Mission.....

You then have Demoted David to merely the MIDDLE MAN... you also IGNORE where he has Gone/Going, and you have the SET-UP for ALIEN... but then you also have it OPEN that there was MORE than ONE SHIP that was Loaded Up...

Where were these other Ships going?  Did they MAKE their Mission?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember4251 XPOct-12-2021 11:17 PM

" I am always Welcome for Recommendations ;)"

Okay, well my personal favorite was the Earth War Trilogy (Unofficial name): 

Aliens Outbreak (Book One)

Aliens Nightmare Asylum (Book Two)

Aliens Female War (Book Three)

I recommend the Anniversary Editions since those where the ones before Dark Horse Comics went back and changed Ripley, Hicks and Newt to Android Ripley, Wilkes, and Billie respectively to maintain movie continuity. Then you have the novels based on the comics which uses the edited versions names. 

The subsequent comics after that mostly maintained a loose continuity until they rebooted the original Alien/Predator Expanded Universe back in 2012 with the Fire and Stone comics.

Aliens Theory of Alien Propagation

Aliens versus Predator (1989)

Aliens Genocide

Aliens Rogue

Aliens Labyrinth 

There is more but it would be easier to just buy the Alien, Predator, and AVP Omnibus

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